Hearne: KC Gets Short End of WWE Stick on Super Sunday

IMG_3307Who goes to a WWE wrestling match on Super Sunday anyway?

Who goes to a WWE match period, you might counter.

Uh, me.

I actually paid for tickets and took my stepsons – ages 11 and 15 and a comments section refugee – to the Sunday afternoon affair at Sprint Center.

Hey, I’m not exactly alone. Justin Kendall of The Pitch seems to be something of a wrestling buff – although like me, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t take it ultra seriously like The Glaze. You know, jaunts to La Vegas to put his money down.

Kendall wrote a couple pieces about Sunday’s match here, including an advance item speculating that WWE “superstar” C.M. Punk probably wouldn’t be making it even though he’d been advertised as coming.

Now here’s what you didn’t read in the Pitch:

Kansas City pretty much got screwed.

And while the WWE reserves the right to change the match ups that they advertised to sell advance tickets, going 0 for 3 on the main events still sucks. And if you drove all the way in from who knows where and – like me – didn’t catch a brief, early announcement that refunds were available, you had little choice but to grin and bear it.

John Cena Missing in action

John Cena
Missing in action

It’s like this…

Say what you will about the pre-determined outcomes of what passes for professional wrestling, injuries do happen. As do contract disputes.

However arriving at our seats a few minutes after the first match had begun – as did others I’m sure – we had no clue that not a single one of three main matches advertised for the event would come to pass. Nor that refunds were available.

Sunday’s WWE card was to have featured a handicap match between C.M. Punk and a trio of bad guys known as The Shield; lead WWE superstar John Cena battling WWE champ Randy Orton for the title; and a steel cage showdown between a scrappy little grappler guy named Daniel Bryan taking on a crazed Duck Dynasty looking dude who goes by Bray Wyatt.

At what appeared to be little more than a half full arena – the top seating sections were curtained off in black to make it look less empty – it looked like the WWE had scaled things back to save money on a low pay day.

Because pretty much everything else that could be dialed back from a Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown card was missing. The kick-ass fireworks and pyrotechnics, the giant video monitors with live feeds of the matches, the recognizable announcers and referees to name three.

CM Punk No show

CM Punk
No show

There was one benefit that anyone who’s attended a Raw or Smackdown match could probably appreciate; as in practically zero, giant fan held signs in the audience. Apparently there’s something about being a wrestling fan at a televised match that causes people to hand scrawl and hold up massive lame signs the entire time, blocking the view of those behind them.

I don’t get it, but I guess it’s better than texting during a movie preview, right?

So while undoubtedly it was just the luck of the draw – John Cena got his eye poked the night before while wrestling in the same world championship matchup that was to take place here and was unable to perform –  clearly KC fans got the short end of the stick on a very special day.

Maybe that’s what we get for going to a pro wrestling match on a Super Sunday.


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14 Responses to Hearne: KC Gets Short End of WWE Stick on Super Sunday

  1. hot harley says:

    hearne…you should have consulted the WWE authority.
    It was a bad card to begin with.
    although things are starting to return to the WWE they’re still fighting
    some demons in the live arena sector.
    As an expert WWE (an former wwe wrestler myself)….what is really
    needed is for vince to come back.
    He was a show!!! People loved to hate him and now they lack his
    personality..his showmanship…his attitude…and even Stephanie (who
    is quite the looker now…having seen her grow up from a young woman) can’t
    replace vince’s incredible shall we say “acting” ability.
    so next time you spend that kind of money on step sons contact me at
    wweforlife@yahoo.com to get the complete rundown before shelling
    out big money for tickets.
    XXX is coming…I hope vince takes my advice and comes back..
    he is the showman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your friend

    • chuck says:

      “As as expert WWE (as a fromer wwe wrestler myself)…”

      Look, Harley, just because you had an imaginary sexual relationship with Elizabeth Hurley when Bill Clinton was porking her, does not mean you are friends with Bill Clinton.

      Just because your mom bought you this poster


      to put on your wall, in no way means you are actually drawing a check and wrestling for the WWE.

      Hope that cleared some stuff up for ya.

      • jimmy says:

        I feel like an idiot asking this but is the harley that always comments on articles claiming to be Harley Race?

        • admin says:

          Not to worry, Jimmy, but…

          Lord No!

          I hope not anyway, but that reminds me, I should maybe check in on the “good” Harley maybe and find out what he’s up to with his Ozarks wrestling school

      • hot harley says:

        actually chuck…became friendly with the mcmahons
        when a good friend of mine took over their operation.
        They are a hoot…but they know how to make big money.
        Took a regional sport and blew it up…big time.
        And those wrestlers…seriously some of the best athletes
        in the world….thanks to the juice.
        Anyway chuck ..I’ve lived one hell of life and compared
        to yours where you wait on the recliner with the remote
        waiting to spew more hate and vile comments…I ‘d say
        I got it made in the shade.
        you are a l o s e r @!

        • Jimmy Cliff says:

          Harley probably knows the Pope and he showed him some moves to use when he was in the WWE.

          Come on Harley, Chuck is pretty funny, get a sense of humor.

          Your Friend Always, Sincerely,

          Jimmy and the Mrs.

          • Pope Francis says:

            I never had the privlege of knowing Harley when he wrestled for the WWE. I did study under Harley at Bergoglio. He taught me at the archdiocesan seminary, Inmaculada Concepción Seminary, in Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires City, and, after three years, I entered the Society of Jesus as a novice on 11 March 1958.

            Yes, Harley is a Jesuit.

          • Thanks Harley!! No way we would have made it with out you!!

  2. Stomper says:

    Hearne; don’t mean to get off subject on this wrestling piece but my bride told me that with regards to his final appearance on The Tonight Show, you were interviewed on TV yesterday regarding your efforts with Firm Productions on bringing Jay Leno to Kansas City and how it was the genesis of his career on a national basis !! 🙂

    I recall the show and you had arranged for him to ride on stage on a Harley, provided by the local dealership. Don’t recall the name of the comedian that opened for him but he had a bit of a career boost as well.

    You da man !!!

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to deny knowing you and whoever went with you! WWE?
    You know, your complaint is analogous to attending a monster truck run but displeased the Grave Digger didn’t show; you were still at a monster truck run. Embarrassing enough no matter who was on the card.
    …….and as a former monster truck driver myself…(ok, I can’t even type that and keep a straight face….)

    • Stomper says:

      Paul, you can’t get any more “All American” than professional wrestling. Granted, today’s version isn’t anywhere near as good as the old days with Bob Geigel, BoBo Brazil, Cowboy Bob Ellis, The Viking, Dick the Bruiser, Harley Race, and of course, my main man ” The Mongolian Stomper” , but………….

      Just embrace it !!

      • hot harley says:

        hey stomper…there was a guy named the Mongolian
        and of course how could you forget the king of the ring…
        rufus r. jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. balbonis moleskine says:

    First Juggalos, now WWE. Paul is slummin’ it underneath the soft underbelly of American White Trash

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