Hearne: A Snowstorm Worthy of a Proud Mother

imagesDon’t take this the wrong way but…

I’d like to dedicate this nightmarish snowstorm to…KSHB TV weather wonk Gary Lezak‘s mother Kay Rubell, who passsed away last Sunday.

A little background…

To get your head around this concept, you need to understand two things. That the two things Lezak has loved most are his mom and the weather.

That’s not to say he’s lacking in affection for other family members, in his romantic life or for his friends, workmates, etc.  It’s simply that Lezak lives to study and break down storms and the weather and was amazingly close to his mother.

Anybody who has called Gary on his cellphone, knows that what they hear while awaiting his answer is not the typical phone ring, but rather a selection of music from one of Lezak’s favorite artists…or…more often than not, one of his mother’s favorite artists.

Like the Simon & Garfunkle song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

And through the years, Gary kept in constant contact with his mom, who took great delight in her son’s many successes as a bright lights, big city meteorology man

Which brings us to this snowstorm.

Two weeks or so ago I asked Lezak to peer into what passes for his crystal weather ball and give us an idea of what sort of winter lay ahead. As I recall, we’d been going through a spate of balmy temps and I reminded Gary of the fierce snows we had late last spring.

Was anything of the sort awaiting us this year?

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 12.54.05 PMNothing until the first week of February, he told me, and no May Surprise.

When I asked him about the worst case scenario, he said prophetically:

“That we get one significant snowstorm with about 10 inches of snow and brutally cold weather the first week of February.”


Gary knew his mom was on her last legs and we talked about switching his cellphone music back to her Simon & Garfunkle song for those final, however few days.

And just as he predicted that afternoon, she’s gone and Kansas City and Lawrence got our 10 inch snowfall the first week of February.

Gary’s mom would be so proud.

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12 Responses to Hearne: A Snowstorm Worthy of a Proud Mother

  1. Stomper says:

    Godspeed, Kay Rubell.

  2. PB says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but did we really need a pic of Gary after he just stepped out of steam bath?

  3. Libertarian says:

    Bummer for Gary. I’m sorry to hear that.

    Gary MC’s a Wayside Waiffs fund raiser every year. Several years back, he had just gotten word that his dad had passed. Only moments before he was to take the podium. He stuck around, got the event kicked off, then immediately split for the airport.

    I’ve always admired him for his “the show must go on” spirit that night.

    Take care Gary, and remember-the birds still sing after the storm.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hearne thanks for writing this tribute.
    And, let me add, you, Gary and myself took a beating, a brutal one, on a local blog, concerning the story you let Gary do then bringing in to question the tribute piece I wrote on my mom the first of November.
    It was ugly and it was pointless.
    It went on to say I was “bragging” about how many newspapers picked up the story about my mom the first of November and made overt and direct accusations that Gary and I, hosted by you, “used” our Moms for the sake of page hits.
    Let me say this about that; when people are so depraved they have to attack something as sentimental and precious as a tribute to an incredible loving mother, the likes Gary and I seem to have shared, and use it to interject foul, vile comments about the persons mom or the son’s motivation for having written it, I have one thought; not a hell hot enough.
    It’s clear the quality of person my mom was in real life, its clear Gary had the same mom, same relationship. To try to cheapen that in the comments section by any one for any reason is the best study available into the vapid mind of the people making the comments.
    And clearly, they didn’t have the benefit of a loving mom and roll model, or she would have taught them to be a better person than they clearly have ended up being.
    I’m sorry for your loss, Gary; it’s still really fresh for me and I have no idea when I’ll stop picking up the phone to call and tell her something that just crossed my mind.

    • hot harley says:

      youre right paully…anyone who would make comments like that
      needs to be sh*t….pure disgusting….
      for those jack*ffs who wrote that garbage they’re nothing but
      pure human trash.
      for those of us with great moms and dads…who supported us thru
      tough times…who were our best friends…I can only say
      that they are missed every fucking day.
      I didn’t know that you had received that response on your story…
      but its totally disgusting and I wish I could find out who wrote it.
      For both you and gary…its been a short time since your loss and you
      wonder when you’ll stop picking up the phone to wantto call her.
      Well …my mom left 10 years ago and not a day goes by
      that I don’t have the desire to talk with both her and my dad.
      I work with them for 20 years…with them 20 hours a day…and you will
      never stop wanting to call her to tell or talk with her as long as you live.
      As I said in garys piece…we only get one real mom and dad. We might
      get another one…a replacement…but they will never replace the real
      gary…paul…and all those who lost a parent….take care…and remember
      they never leave you. They follow you forever. When you do something
      stupid of crazy…they might laugh or frown. when you do something
      good they will smile. But they will always be with you. Forever!!!!!!!

    • Libertarian says:

      There is no love equal to the love of mothers and dogs.

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