James Brinsfield: And the Worst Super Bowl Ad Award Goes to…Bob Dylan

bob-dylan-just-did-a-chrysler-commercial-at-the-super-bowl-and-nobody-can-believe-itThe worst Super Bowl ad?

Hands down the Bob Dylan ad for Chrysler.

Dylan departed from irony and his poetic ability to make profound statements to swim in the bathos of psuedo-patriotism for the American made (but Italian owned) new Chrysler 200. The car looks great- a euro-tailored design mid-size sedan. Not that it seemed to matter… We saw the car for all of ten seconds.

Instead there was Dylan taking up screen time, looking like a corpse with dyed black hair  and badly lip-synching an over-the-top paean to American virtues.

What in the world was he thinking? 

dylan-super-bowlFor sure it’s great there’s a healthy Chrysler making cars in Detroit that pays good wages to American workers. But the tone of Dylan’s words imbued the worst rah-rah cliches of American grit and jingoistic sloganeering.

He stripped a lifetime of credibility away in less than a minute and came off no better than the parade of has-been artists that Super Bowl ads love to feature.

An ugly, sad moment.

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9 Responses to James Brinsfield: And the Worst Super Bowl Ad Award Goes to…Bob Dylan

  1. Kerouac says:

    “What in the world was he thinking?”

    – nod Dylan himself, “gotta $erve somebody”…

  2. Libertarian says:

    Oh, he was probably thinking ‘ka-cheeeeeng!”

    • mike t. says:

      do you really think he did it for the money??? come on guys. he certainly doesn’t need it, that’s for sure.

      • admin says:

        Lots of people “don’t need” money by the standards of those who have far less and would be thrilled to have even a fraction of what they think somebody like Bob Dylan has.

        That said, having dealt with a number of wealthy people – FYI I was a stock and commodity broker for quite some time – most of those people were not only anxious to hang on to what they have and equally enthusiastic about getting their hands on more.

  3. hot harley says:

    3 million bucks!

  4. chuck says:

    The multicultural agenda on full blast with the Coke commercial. Singing America the Beautiful within miles of the World Trade Center in Arabic. Nice touch.

    Daniel Defense is NOT allowed to purchase Ad Time at the Superbowl.


  5. James Brinsfield says:

    Chuck –

    Keep in mind there is no official language in the US and that there are proud Americans that speak all languages. Be proud of our diversity not critical of our differences.

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