Hearne: Sucky Super Bowl Reminds Scribe How Bad Chiefs Are

Super-Bowl-Seattle-Seahawks-makeup-tutorialHow bad was it?

Comedy club czar turned sports scribe Craig Glazer’s esteemed take on yesterday’s Super Bowl:

“Well, unless you were a Seattle fan or bet a lot of money on Seattle, you’d probably call it the Super Dud,” Glazer cracks.

Final score: Seattle 43, Denver 8

Not that the game itself wasn’t telling.

“In the regular season Denver was never really tested by a really good defense,” Glazer says.”They were kind of like the Chiefs when we won all those games early. I mean, the best defenses Denver faced were Kansas City, New England, San Diego and Houston. And the reality is with the exception of New England towards the end of the season, none of those teams defenses were very good – especially Kansas City.

“And they did not face Seattle, San Francisco or Carolina in the regular season. Teams that had good defenses. Given that, that’s why my prediction was to take Seattle with the 81/2 points on the tease – and you also had to take the under at 54 points – and had you done that, you would have won.”

super-bowl-xlviii-preview-seattle-seahawks-denver-broncos.jpg?w=600&h=425Seattle’s lopsided win calls into question how history may view Peyton Manning, Glazer says.

“The biggest question is, did this hurt Peyton Manning’s legacy,” Glazer says. “Everybody’s trying to dance around that question, but the answer is, it did. No longer can Peyton Manning and his entourage say that he will go down as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Because he absolutely will not have that title.”

Worse yet, “Up against a young quarterback like Russell Wilson, Manning is really starting to look old,” Glazer says. “He looked like an old man. He looked shaken mentally and just did not know what to do. It was the worst I’ve ever seen him, but you have to give Seattle credit. But this game was over at halftime.”

How does all this affect our Kansas City Chiefs?

Erin+Andrews+Super+Bowl+Kickoff+Spectacular+wlEGlv6VVXml“We’re so off the mark that in the short term, I don’t see Kansas City getting into the groove in modern football,” Glazer says. “Which is fast-paced football with a mobile quarterback and a shut down defense.

“And what’s really sad to me about the Chiefs is when you anoint players that are just not that good, like Eric Berry,  Brandon Flowers, Justin Houston and Tamba Hali – guys that are over rated and overpriced – you’re stuck with them and you can’t unload them. Now what do we do? How do we fix that?

“We’re seeing a change in modern football and the Chiefs are not keeping up. The Chiefs don’t get that, they’re old school.”

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12 Responses to Hearne: Sucky Super Bowl Reminds Scribe How Bad Chiefs Are

  1. artemmis says:

    yep..defense wins.. boringly

    kinda perked up when I thought I saw the scribe – CG – in a Chrysler commercial..

    ehh,,turned out to be Bob Dylan

  2. Kerouac says:

    Kerouac said throughout 2013 there were no great teams in the NFL – really not even very good ones. That sentiment mine hasn’t changed. DEN and SEAT were the best a sorry lot, other pretenders SF, NE, CAR / the rest about on par, there best day.

    The Seahawks prevailed (as I suspected they might) via being both quicker and faster – the Broncos looked stuck in slow-motion comparison, an end the season a younger & less injury-impacted SEAT team fresher, appeared. If the two teams played 10 times, suspect it would be a split; Sunday, it was SEAT’s best day & DEN’s worst nightmare.

    I have never embraced a “he (whomever) is the greatest (whatever) ever!” subjective opine…there’s just no way to define it or quantify it, certainly never has been or will be consensus; even were there, would validate nothing & no one is qualified final arbiter.

    I think of Barry Bonds, who in the opinion some is the greatest home run hitter in MLB history, due his stats. He may have the ‘most’ but that is different than being ‘best’. Hr to at bat ratio & total home runs career, Babe Ruth was better all considered – without the steroids a Bonds took, according the preponderance of evidence.

    That he wears no Championship ring does not diminish him individually at all (ditto a Marino, football); the difference is a QB gets more acclaim as well criticism, partly due the fact they handle the ball more often than anyone else.

    I think of RB Emmitt Smith: more yards and tds rushing anyone – that he handled the football/got more opportunities (attempts) suggests he accomplished about what was expected of him, same any similarly talented player would likely, same situation/same opportunities. Never saw Smith (or Marino or Manning or Montana or (insert another) walk on water (Elvis Grbac’s “I can’t throw the ball & catch it too” come to mind 🙂

    Manning? If he were a boxer, his record in preliminarys to title fights & resultant title fights would make him a bum of the week candidate. Marino wouldn’t even qualify to get a fight… which would be ridiculous. Head Coach Schottenheimer were pugilist, he would be known as Chuck Wepner ‘The Bayonne Bleeder’, based on the former’s post-season result. Marty either one of the best ever or just another also-ran, the opines.

    If success be the measure, Bart Starr is my choice. That he – as every successful QB – drove a Cadillac (offense) and his other ride was a Lincoln Continental (defense) is an recipe for success duplicated by many teams if exceeded by none, their opportunities realized with Championship percentage unmatched. If not Starr, than Otto Graham whose winning percentage remains the best in NFL history to this day. The flip side, former OAK Raiders QB Daryle Lamonica has the second best winning % of all-time, but couldn’t beg, borrow, buy or steal an Championship – not due any individual lack his, rather fate and circumstance.

    Upshot: I suspect Peyton Manning’s place in NFL history is secure & when he stands before the pearly gates God of Hall of Fame admittance, “well done good and faithful servant” will be the affirmation and the only tabulation will have mattered.

    * An aside, CG, I agree with your assessment of the Chiefs ‘over-hypes’ on defense; the only one I’d give a bit of a pass/more time to is Houston. Though locals tend put him on a pedestal he too doesn’t deserve, least yet, he is a better player than any of aforementioned others. Perhaps NT Poe too with more judicious use/some rest will dominate in 2014 fr longer than he did ’13, wearing down not as muc by season’s end.

    Last mention: how nice it was not have to suffer the auditory noise SEAT’s Sherman – whether his gums were injured during the contest or a matter him having received a good talking to courtesy his conscience, mother or another, silence was truly golden.

    • Hot Carl says:

      “If success be the measure, Bart Starr is my choice. ”

      If success be the measure, Otto Graham is my choice. Hands down.

  3. chuck says:

    The best team Sunday morning in the NFL was and is, the San Francisco 49ers. They had serious injuries opening the year, which gave Seattle the home field advantage, Barring injuries next year, Seattle becomes a wild card and Frisco smokes the NFC.

    The AFC is very very weak and that is good for our Chiefs.

    • chuck says:

      By the way, no diss to the Hawks, they are the second best team in the NFL, no matter what Parcells said.

      • CG says:

        good points guys. AFC is weak there is no power team, no defense in the league at all, right now. If Chiefs didn’t have to play NFC west, they would have a shot if they improve with receivers and D. Not too likely. Signing Tony G. will help, I’m sure he’s interested in a two year ten million dollar deal…he’s worth it on this team with nobody to catch the ball. With Peyton back we will still be seeking a wild card. This year likely his last, he could be more likely to be injured. This Super Bowl blowout will stick with him next year and bother him greatly. It should.

        • hot harley says:

          having watched seattle heres what I take from the super

          the gm and coach made this team. Using free agents/
          3rd/4th/5th/6th round draft choices…getting a fast
          speedy receiver (harvin) and doing whatever it took
          to get him….taking guys other teams didn’t
          want…a third round starting qb….you wonder how
          other teams could not replicate this with their
          own team.
          carrol and sneider put together this team with
          tape and glue and did an incredible job.
          chiefs…read where mccluster may be gone…they
          are going after a replacement for him who can
          do things..lots of things!!!!
          they need speed!!!! fast/tall db’s….and fast
          good hands receivers.
          cg’s idea to bring tony back wasn’t a bad idea…
          have him retire a chief…..but I don’t think they’ll\
          do that with him…..
          and kc needs to get smith out of the pocket…guy
          can scramble…can run…gives him more time to
          let receivers get open which they need…and make
          him a “play maker” not a conservative/non risk
          taking offensive game manager…..

  4. hot harley says:

    very interesting comment on the super bowl by buck and troy.
    “to make it to the super bowl…you don’t need a game manager”
    “you need a guy who can make plays…third downs…crucial situations when
    they need a strong arm pass”
    that was interesting because all year the chiefs have promoted smith as
    a “game manager”…..and as those guys said…a game manager won’t
    get you to the super bowl.

  5. Kerouac says:

    CG, is that just ‘wishful thinking’ re: Tony Gonzalez or moreso a rumor with wings?

    Would love to see Tony pass Jerry Rice on the all-time receptions lists: a) he was and will always be a Chief, and b) because if the former 49er was able to play until age 42 like he did, #88 is still a relative pup at age 38 and still quite *productive.

    [* even though circa 2014 NFL’s all-time stats have essentially been compromised due ever-ongoing changes aimed at helping offenses (thus skewing down accomplishments the great players yesteryear, 1970’s on back into the earlier parts the 20th century.]

    Gonzalez has yet (if ever would) reach the “I’m just hanging on to grab a record” stage his career. 2013, he had one of his better seasons ever, only 5 times in his 17 years did he have more receptions. Four good seasons/225 catches away from the top spot NFL history, no one is within striking distance Tony stat or age-wise could/would catch him, least brief lifetime known as NFL stat leader any category offensive, usually as fluid an pedestal the rushing waters that disappear daily down the escape hatch Mr. Crapper’s contribution to Harrington’s original idea.

    • CG says:

      Kerouac, I’ve heard from people inside they are talking. Remember Tony is still under 40, in good shape, had two great years with Falcons and really has no solid income coming like the NFL in his future. He tried TV a few years ago, Oprah, a reality show, NFL panel…he was very weak, his reality show lasted a few weeks and was dumped, sure he can be another NFL voice on ESPN 2 for 350 a year…but that pales in comparison to 5 million a year, being a star, KC loves him etc..Tony is handsome and did some commercials, he will get more..but there is much competition for him now…again he did not light it up when he tried before and he is aware of that…he won’t get his Hall of Fame notice for 5 years, so getting 10 million more to add to his life savings makes sense right now. Will he do it, who knows? I don’t. Makes lots of sense though for both sides. Will adding Tony get Chiefs in the post? I don’t think so barring some injuries and breaks from Denver and others. Our defense is kinda unfixable. Those big name phonies are here to stay and they have shown no interest in putting it out there week to week, none. I agree Poe is a future star if he isn’t ruined by Flowers, Berry and crew who are fake outs. Big time fake outs. DJ is gonna start slowing down, as will Tamba, neither reached their top potential but were both solid players. Houston, the jury is out. Flowers is overall average, Berry is a bust, total. I can’t believe how the local media pretend he is ‘THE BEST SAFTEY IN THE NFL” Based on what?

      I think the Chiefs have had one of the NFL’s worst defenses for more than a decade, just bad. No real star, no leadership going back to the end of Marty. Our pass D is the worst ever. Anyone can throw on the Chiefs. No pass rush at all. The phony Tamba/Houston connection..”well if we didn’t get our guys hurt” really they couldn’t get a sack for weeks before they were hurt, no pass rush from either one. Where was the rest of our D on the pass rush?

      Alex Smith is our only building block really. Charles is outstanding but being a small fast back can’t carry you too far. In the end it was Smith and finding some passing targets that got the Chiefs moving late. To no good end though.

      With the tough lineup next season…8-8 would be a good year, they just don’t have the horses right now.

  6. CG says:

    YOU GUYS NEED TO GOOGLE ‘WAS THE SUPER BOWL RIGGED’..Oh man, I’ve had at least ten calls on this one. Right Peyton Manning, worth north of 100 million threw the game and his legacy for what? There are stories that a ref overheard Manning say to the Seattle coach after the game, “when do I get paid?” Sure!!! I do believe NFL games have been fixed, likely and according to Bubba Smith of the Colts, game 3 of the Super Bowl series may have been, why? One money, back then there were no players worth many millions, two to save the league, AFL/NFL the Super Bowl had already had two blowouts, Chiefs and Raiders killed by the Packers, so that one makes sense. The Colts were a much, much better team than the just above average 9 and 5 Jets…so Bubba may have a point on that one..THIS ONE, NO WAY. But read the gossip anyways.

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