Valentine: All Hail Kansas City’s Greatest Sports Team

Original art by Mark Valentine

Original art by Mark Valentine

Congratulations are in order for Kansas City’s greatest sports team…

Over the last 30 years, they have built a dynasty. And when the Atlanta Braves announced that their new stadium will be the design submitted by Populous, a Kansas City based company, I had to take a closer look. This is Populous’ 19th or 20th Major League Baseball stadium.

Now that is a real powerhouse sports team.

In fact, you should not be reading this. Instead, you should be watching a slow motion video with Morgan Freeman stating the amazing fact that Populous has won over 250 design awards for their work in 35 countries. As the impressive images of their stadiums and arenas appear on the screen, Mr. Freeman uses phrases like global dominance and epic accomplishment.

I suppose these kind of videos are usually reserved for the teams and the players, but Populous large event facilities have an enormous impact on the communities that surround them. They are the game changer that starts before the game can begin.

If I was a sportscaster, I’d chase after a coach or a player looking for a good quote. I’d hold my mic up – feeling dwarfed by the giant – and then capture the sound bite, “We unlock potential and generate durable revenue streams.”

Then I’d head back to the studio hoping for an ESPY.

I keep thinking of grand sports related fantasies…but at the very least we should send a camera crew and a team of Clydesdales down to 3rd street to Populous’ offices to film a proper tribute to what may be Kansas City’s greatest sports team.
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2 Responses to Valentine: All Hail Kansas City’s Greatest Sports Team

  1. the dude says:

    Yay, boring cookie cutter stadium designs. Am I supposed to be impressed by boring, uninspired design?

  2. Kerouac says:

    “Progress is the injustice which each generation commits with regard its predecessors” – EM Cioran

    What does it say about those choose retrofit, rather build a new stadium theirs? What further of those would rather die upon their venerable feet, than bow down the flavor of the modern day take a knee?



    Unimpressed alternatives?

    Kerouac would call them his heroes.

    An old muscle car or stadium same, would rather sit in either compared a modern counterpart. Give me Wrigley, Fenway – old Municipal too were it possible KC, to include Toma’s vintage field styling – in lieu Arrowhead original or retrofit, as any these abundantly lacking in charm as quaintness modern shrines a $ign.

    Harumph rumph! (this one’s for you, PB… heh heh heh)


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