Starbeams: Chiefs Grow Best Grass, Kansas Rep Bikini Shot & Paula Deen White Out


Kansas Representative Lynn Jenkins

Hey Colorado,  you may have Peyton Manning, but we have George Toma.  And nobody grows grass like George.


The number of Monarch Butterflies migrating from Mexico to the United States has dropped rapidly in recent years and may disappear altogether.  President Obama blames the Republicans.

Ironically, the butterflies from Kenya are crossing the border just fine!


beattles-arrive-1964Jamaal Charles claims he didn’t suffer a concussion during the Chiefs‘ loss to the Colts. However 2.2 million local residents suffered head trauma from ramming their heads into a wall during the fourth quarter of the game.


A lot of Missouri residents are upset with Kansas Representative Lynn Jenkins for tweeting:  “Happy Kansas Day!  Celebrating 153 years of not being Missouri.”  Me, I was upset that Jenkins didn’t tweet a photo of herself in a bikini.


This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles landing in America.  Little known fact:  “The White Album” was named by Paula Deen.

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