Glazer: Rocky Mountain High Bowl * Super Bowl Cities Legally High

richard-sherman-instagramA week from Sunday will be a Super Bowl first…

 The big talk now is Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, who’s having his 15 days of fame. Which may well continue if the Seahawks win the big game and Sherman makes a couple of good plays against Peyton Manning.  His jersey sales have already jumped into the top 10 along with those of Seattle QB Russell Wilson.

But what we really should be talking about is the first ever Marijuana Bowl. 

That’s right, both Super Bowl cities – Denver and Seattle  – have legalized pot for personal use. So it’s the first time both teams in the Super Bowl are from cities where people can light up to their hearts content before, during and after the game.

Let’s say you’re friends with Tommy Chong  – like me – and he’s a Seattle fan. You could maybe get your hands on one of those super bongs Chong used to sell at his shows before the feds threw him in prison for autographing paraphernalia.  Unfortunatley he would probably still go to prison because he was charged federally in Philadelphia for signing bongs, which is still illegal today.

14chon650Denver fans will be loading up at home high above the rest of the nation.

It should be one wild ride.

Seattle has always been the grunge capital of America. So having a huge smoke out Sunday may not be anything new for Seahawks fans.  Oh and by the way, the game starts at 4:20 West Coast time – get it? – 420.

The only kind of bad news about this year’s Weed Bowl is NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell has put the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium on the East Coast where it is likely to be windy, snowy and bitterly cold.

UnknownWhy did Roger do this? Maybe he was high and not thinking straight.

Roger, we have about 20 warm weather cities for the Super Bowl, put down the pipe.

And for like the 45th year in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs will not be participating in the Super Bowl.  Which is maybe a good thing since Kansas and Missouri have thus far failed to legalized marijuana.

Someone should have told Dwayne Bowe that.   

Some readers think I’m a Chiefs hater. I am not. I’m just a realist.  I think that explains my frustration and disgust with our Chiefs.  Since 1993, which was the last season we won a playoff game, the rest of our division; Denver, San Diego and Oakland, have won twenty-one playoff games.



Worse yet, our division opponents have been in seven Super Bowls.

That includes everyone in the division except the Chiefs.

To make matters worse, in 1993 the Seattle Seahawks were also in our division, so if you’d like you can add their playoff and Super Bowl appearances to that mix.

No surprise the NFC has added Alex Smith and Derek Johnson to the Pro Bowl giving us 10 bowlers – roughly half our starters.  But outside of Jamaal Charles, I can see only maybe Tamba Hali and Derek Johnson (and maybe Smith as a backup).

The rest are a huge joke.

imagesRemember, bad teams always say they’re headed in the right direction.

dbb1695ecdf98c00f626bc28da67639f-how-to-smoke-pot-for-the-first-timeForty-five years since a Super Bowl and 21 since a playoff win – that’s about as bad as an organization gets.

The Chiefs need to smoke a really big bowl.

Lord knows the fans could sure use one.



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25 Responses to Glazer: Rocky Mountain High Bowl * Super Bowl Cities Legally High

  1. Corey Murphy says:

    This might possibly be the most unintelligible, ridiculous and utterly confusing thing I’ve ever read on this site.

    • Steve Kramer says:

      Corey let me help you out: Craig is saying both cities have legalized weed. Both teams in the Super Bowl are from cities that made pot legal and you can party before and during the game with the mean green if you live in those cities or states. Tough to follow huh? I think the only one who is ridiculous is you hater.

      • Corey Murphy says:

        Lol. No, it’s about an already played out topic- seriously, people were making fun of people talking about the weed thing right after the Seahawks won. It’s also about how the author knows Tommy Chong (we care why?), it’s about how the NFL commissioner was high (?) b/c he made the Super Bowl in a cold city, and then for no good reason, the author trails off into a whiny diatribe about the chiefs. So it’s about a whole bunch of unrelated crap.

        Serious question- is the author in middle or high school? I have a nephew in the sixth grade who writes much more coherently.

        • Steve Kramer says:

          Corey. I don’t think Craig was trying to give us anything here but a smile. Craig has written a pretty darn good book and several hundred articles that have been more than interesting. What do you do? Instead of enjoying it, you put him down. Why? I read it, makes sense, all connects to the subject. I am a big Chiefs fan, I had no idea about how well the other teams in our division had done while our team has won nothing in decades. Kinda sad, huh. Thats all. No big deal. I find people like you to be major losers. What have you written or filmed that matters? I just don’t get people like you and their jealousy towards those who get it done. What a sad person you must be chum.

        • >■●\~~•● says:


          You’ll appreciate it more if you go read it at Slanderella’s site. It’ll be unedited, and you’ll be grateful to Hearne turning it into something coherent.

      • hot harley says:

        sorry steve….this piece by glaza was not his best.
        Just a run on piece of writing with really nothing new
        that glaza hasn’t written 100 times before.
        What would have been cool is to see what glaza thinks
        of the Sherman incidient…and the word “thug” and
        how it applies to todays world.
        Sherman is the star…no one cares right now about the
        seahawaks….he is getting all the time and ink…and
        it’s taking steam away from the seahawks.
        I think you were the guy who did the comics of the
        glaza family. Howsthat going. I was one who said it
        was really kind of rough but had some potential.
        glaza can do better …this was a bad article.

  2. Steve Kramer says:

    I see. You got me sister. Now what is it you do?

  3. admin says:

    You’re off base on that last one, Corey.

    Steve is a local comic and has a quite different personality and manner of expression than Craig.

    Nice try

  4. chuck says:

    Actually, that was pretty funny Glaze.

    4:20 — Heh, heh…

  5. mike says:

    So if weed were legal here, would the Chiefs be in the Super Bowl?

  6. CG says:

    Guys don’t get all crazy on this one. It was just a fun bit on the weed vs. Super Bowl, that’s all. Some interesting Chiefs numbers most of you never thought about, I hadn’t til I heard them on 610. At least not to that extent. Otherwise just a puff piece Harley take a breath.

  7. Truman says:

    I am with Corey on this one, “Steve” seems to be too much like Glazer, both arrogant and immediately jump to the personal attacks. Anyone else think they might be the same person? I mean who other than himself would defend Glazer that quickly and harshly. “Steve” actually wrote this:

    “Kinda sad, huh. Thats all. No big deal. I find people like you to be major losers. What have you written or filmed that matters?”

    That is a Glazer slam that he has used too many times for it not to be the same person.
    Sad CG, very sad. At least try to sound like someone else when you are pretending to be someone else.

  8. nate says:

    good call truman. kramer is a good guy but would do whatever glazer wanted him to do. glazer has used friends of mine names on here. it really is pathetic. its a combination of roids, blow, and prescribed drugs. yhen his me me me sheet. really pathetic.

  9. the dude says:

    The two states that legalized pot are getting together for a “SUPER BOWL”.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  10. CG says:

    The great debate: Kramer, is it Glazer…Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! Nate, really? Like who are those people. The only name I use here is CG. Have it your way…Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

  11. hot harley says:

    apparently Kramer and glaza are not the same people.
    Kramer did the cartoon rendition of the glaza people.
    Glaza is the glaza man.
    two different people …but both are trying to stand up for glaze.
    okay…this wasn’t one of glazes best pieces…okay its kind of
    boring…but move on people.
    Kramer did a cool carton of glaze and the family that won
    an international award…was wondering if anything came of it.
    Its just a story…glaze can do better…
    I did like the 4 20 reference….
    no big deal…everyone move on to the next thing….

  12. Kerouac says:

    “Some readers think I’m a Chiefs hater.”

    – they think Kerouac is too; man I hate that…

    “I’m just a realist.”

    – ditto…

    “Since 1993, which was the last season we won a playoff game, the rest of our division; Denver, San Diego and Oakland, have won twenty-one playoff games.”

    – showoffs…

    “Worse yet, our division opponents have been in seven Super Bowls.”

    – and have won four: both DEN & OAK have won 2 each to KC’s 1 all-time; DEN goes for the hat trick in 1 1/2 weeks…

    “That includes everyone in the division except the Chiefs.”

    – KCinderella belongs in a league of its own (I’m not saying they play like a bunch of girls wearing slippers on a diamond, but…)

    “To make matters worse, in 1993 the Seattle Seahawks were also in our division, so if you’d like you can add their playoff and Super Bowl appearances to that mix.”

    – it’s even worse than that: the Bengals have also been to a Superbowl since the Chiefs, and the Bengals were also in the same Western Division as KC in the AFL 1968 & 1969.

    For that matter, expansion Tampa Bay has been in a Superbowl (and won it) since the last time the Chiefs did, and expansion Carolina has already been to one too. Ditto the expansion teams Ravens (born in ’96), Falcons (born ’66) and Saints (born ’67)… even the ‘Show Me’ State’s formers Missouri’s Cardinals (who moved there from CHIC even before that) have been to a Superbowl as ARIZ’s Cardinals (and they probably should have won it.)

    Like I said on an earlier blog, the Chiefs, Jets, Lions & Browns* be the only remaining NFL teams that were around before the AFL/NFL merger 1970 that have not played in a Superbowl since. If we acknowledge the Ravens were actually the Browns merely moved from CLEV* to BALT, the list is whittled down to but 3 NFL slackers: KC, NYJ and DET.

    • CG says:

      I agree Kerouac, you used my SHOWOFF NUMBERS…promoting me of course…to re-prove the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS AS AN ORGANIZATION AND FOOTBALL TEAM ARE HORRIBLE. SIMPLY HORRIBLE, THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING SINCE DAWSON TO REALLY BRAG ABOUT, NOTHING..The Chiefs and the Royals are bottom feeders in pro sports, have been for decades..I’m sorry its just a FACT…I don’t see a Super Bowl in the Chiefs future…they play to keep fans interest and make the playoffs every now and then…overall they stink. Simple as that…haven’t been a ‘good’ team since Marty, NOT ONCE..since Marty..and that’s a sad fact…AND AS ALWAYS I SAY WE DESERVE BETTER, IT AINT’ COMING ANYTIME SOON get pissed now…want to see a SUPER FRANCHISE GO LOOK AT KU AND BILL SELF…THEY ARE NUMBER ONE..AND ALL WE HAVE..MU football is moving up too.

  13. CG says:

    Look I know many readers get upset with me cause I bag on the Chiefs, but 45 years since a Super Bowl and only the Jets and Detroit stink that bad. PLEASE..You want me to put on red and go to the stadium and pretend this is a for real team. I can’t anymore cause they are not. They have been just terrible and yes it pisses me off to watch and listen to our fan base kid itself..”see Charles will be a Hall of Famer and DJ should be on the All Pro team and Eric Berry is the best…” wake up, the team has ZERO greatness and no real leadership and guess what that may soon very soon include Andy…lets see how you feel with 7-9 next year..wake up.

  14. hot harley says:

    yeah yeah yeah glaza…same old b.s…same old negativity…same old
    shouting like you know anything about football..
    you’re just a minor leaguer when it comes to sports…maybe look at some
    stats and numbers before making your claims. Look at the team position
    by position versus other teams in the league…look at the analysis of the
    team AFTER JUST ONE YEAR….JUST 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!! know nothing aboutsports….leave the real analysis and
    stats to the people who understand that stats are everything. You have no
    stats/numbers/facts etc. to back up the simple minded comments you make.
    My dog can pick winner better than you.

    • CG says:

      Harley love you but again WTF. I put out FACTS about the franchise, one of the NFL’s worst as far as playoffs and Super Bowls…again only three teams have not been in a Super Bowl since us, Cleveland, The Jets and KC..sorry two..that’s a fact. The playoff record is a fact since Dawson we’ve won three post season games ever. EVER. One against Oakland in a wild card game, two with Joe Montana in 93 season…that’s it. A FACT..I know you love the Chiefs but you can’t escape that horrible record bro…my picks are a fact and posted before and after picks we are at 58-37 that’s good against the spread…I have Denver at this time – 2 1/2 over Seattle…unless weather gets too raw.

      I love KC. I root for our teams, but damn Harley its hard to argue those numbers..maybe one day it gets better, but when? Royals have a shot this season, we’ll see.

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