Starbeams: KMBC Weather Wonk Exodus, Bieber Bust & Spitzer Divorce

Exiting KMBC weather wonk Lisa Teachman

Exiting KMBC weather wonk Lisa Teachman

Overland Park based Sprint just unveiled a flexible smart phone.  The LG G Flex goes for $299 and has LTE data.  This is great news for anyone who upsets Naomi Campbell.


Meteorologist Lisa Teachman is leaving KMBC 9, less than a month after local favorite Joel Nichols departed the station. Apparantly, management thought “KMBC” were radio station call letters.


Lil Za & Justin Bieber

Lil Za & Justin Bieber

Police raided Justin Bieber‘s home and Justin’s friend, Lil Za was busted for ecstacy.  Police searched the entire home and were unable to find one gram of talent.


Clayton Kershaw will make over $10,000 a pitch in his new contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  In theory, he could pitch an interleague game this June at Kauffman Stadium, and then buy the stadium.

Eliot Spitzer and Silda Wall*******

Eliot Spitzer and his wife have filed for divorce.  We have no idea where he will find love now.


Kelly Urich is large and in charge of the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM
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6 Responses to Starbeams: KMBC Weather Wonk Exodus, Bieber Bust & Spitzer Divorce

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Anyone have the scoop on why Teachman and Nichols left?

    • Nick says:

      KMBC asked Nichols to move to evenings with Busby; he declined.

      KMBC did not offer Teachman a new contract; no word has leaked our way as to why. Teachman posted the exact same message about leaving Jan 7th on both her FB accounts.

      The assumption is the 2 new hires will work for half the money Nichols/Teachman were drawing.

  2. Andrew says:

    This is awful, but I’ve never liked watching her—even though I think she’s a good meteorologist—because I think her eyes are so weird-looking. I can’t tell if she’s cross-eyed or bug-eyed or crazy-eyed, but it’s distracting…surely I’m not alone in that opinion? Still, sucks to lose her job.

  3. Ricardo Entercom, communications mogul says:

    Treetop and Mancow in the mornings now and forever

  4. Fraulein says:

    KMBC, you have made a huge mistake letting Lisa Teachman go and losing Joe Nichols by messing with his timeslot. It was enough of a blow for Larry Moore to retire. Looks to me like the new station mgr is the one that should be packing her bags. (Sarah Smith, President KMBC/GM)
    I can remember Lisa putting in long hours filling in for fellow anchors on vacations or maternity leave. She was someone you could count on to be there when the weather got bad. I wish you the best wherever you go Lisa.
    Joe was a friendly, more mature face that I enjoyed watching too. With Larry’s departure it was essential that you hung onto Joe. I wish Joe the best in whatever he does.
    I will be purchasing a dish soon so I am no longer stuck watching this news station because it’s the only one I can pick up on antenna tv.

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