Glazer: Report Card Time for 2013 Chiefs & NFL Playoff Picks

chiefs-cheerleader(4)The best quote I’ve heard about this past season’s Kansas City Chiefs goes like this:  “Last year they were the best of the worst, this year, they were the worst of the best.”

That’s a fair statement.

Do I think new head coach Andy Reid should be NFL coach of the year? 

Sorry, Chiefs fans.

That award should go to Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera. Granted, both teams lost in the playoffs but the Panthers defeated some serious opponents like the Seattle Seahawks, whereas the Chiefs really had no impressive victories on their resume.

More importantly, you could make a strong argument that Andy only did a good job during the first half of the season when the Chiefs went 9 and 0. However, by season’s end the Panthers were one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL, while the Chiefs were one of the worst. 

You can’t ignore the fact that the Chiefs went 2 and 6 in last half of the season making them one of the NFL’s worst teams.  End of season collapses by Chiefs playoff teams are now a recurring theme. And lest we forget, the 2003 Dick Vermeil Chiefs team that also went 9 and 0 became one of the worst teams in the NFL by the season’s end.

And who can forget Todd Haley’s 2010 Western Division Champions who limped into the playoffs as the worst team? No argument about that one.

kansas-city-chiefs-cheerleaders-26The good news about this season’s Chiefs

Alex Smith who has proven himself a rock solid starting quarterback. With Smith, we finally have someone to build the team around.  Clearly the Chiefs will have to draft two or three receivers in the first seven rounds of the draft since we have none.  Jamaal Charles is an outstanding running back but the pounding he is taking will likely shorten his career.  So we need to find his replacement as well.

The offensive line has improved but needs a top-notch tight end since we don’t have one. 

Offense is Andy Reid’s strength and with a few additions the Chiefs could have one of the best in the AFC next year. 

pg2_a_chiefscheer_200Now the Bad News.

The Chiefs defense continues to be one of the worst in football.  Our secondary is so over-rated I don’t know where to begin.  Our defense has no leadership.  Clearly it’s split between Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali.

As sports analyst (and former Chiefs star) Bill Maas has said, “Losing the big leads the Chiefs have had lately simply shows a lack of desire and commitment to finishing and no leadership.”

I agree.

Pretending we have five All-Pros on our defense is ridiculous. I don’t think we have one.  If I had to name two outstanding players on the defense, it would clearly be Tamba or Derrick.

What would I do? 

Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton needs to be fired for doing a terrible job.  How can you keep a guy like him when the second half of the season your defense was ranked 32nd?  The biggest line of BS on this year’s Chiefs defense is that they had a sack attack.

Both Tamba’s and Justin Houston’s sacks came in the early part of the season, but after game 6 that ground to a halt.  We also need a linebacker who can get to the quarterback.  The number one reason our defense fell apart in the second half of the season is that they put no pressure on the quarterback.

imagesNext Season:

If Andy Reid and the Chiefs are going to be an ascending playoff team, they must reach the playoffs again next year.

Sneaking into the playoffs every four or five years means you’re just an also-ran with a weak schedule. 

Next year our boys get to face the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco ‘49’ers, Denver (twice), the Chargers (twice) and oh, yeah, the New England Patriots.  How’s that sound?

Here’s how it sounds to me; without major changes on the defense and a couple new, good receivers the Chiefs will be lucky to go 8 and 8.  It really irritates me that they named eight of these losers to the Pro Bowl.  It just blows their heads up and gives this team false hope.

I think Andy Reid needs to make a strong statement soon by trading ineffective players like Eric Berry, cutting Kendrick Lewis, and I would try and trade Dwayne Bowe (but nobody would take him unless we could trick Todd Haley in Pittsburgh into it).

34272440.WeWontGetFooledAgainConclusion on the 2013 season:  Another fakeout.

It was fun to go week to week and watch meaningful games all season.  On the other hand, it was painful to watch our Chiefs limp to the playoffs again with the hopes of winning one game, which they obviously couldn’t manage.

NFL Playoff Picks:

Championship Games

New England Patriots (+11) over Denver teased with San Francisco (+9 ½) over Seattle.

PS: I think New England and the Niners may win outright.  Enjoy the Super Bowl.

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18 Responses to Glazer: Report Card Time for 2013 Chiefs & NFL Playoff Picks

  1. rww says:

    Surely the best nfl mind of all time would know that they have an afc coach of the year and a nfc coach of the year. It must be Hearne’s editing.

  2. CG says:

    rww you are right I am a strong football mind. THERE IS ONE NFL COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD, and smaller ones for AFC and NFC…however…in checking online google for ESPN and others, Andy seems to be the pick. Due to the fact he turned a 2-14 team into an 11-5 team. Nice. He is also a popular coaching figure, given his many family issues and being badly treated by the Eagles fans after giving them some great years as he left.

    P.S. Hearne does edit me and often changes a thing here and there to be more to his liking example on this story, which he shortened as he needed too, he changed a line towards the end where I said giving the Chiefs 8 pro bowlers only blows up their heads, meaning not deserved, into Chiefs losers 8 pro bowl awards…I did not write ‘losers’ they are not losers, they are just not best in the game. I do think Charles deserved the award and Tamba and Johnson(who didn’t get one yet this year, might after Super Bowl teams are named) were borderline winners, close…I can see an argument for Alex Smith being 3rd string on that unit and he likely will be named later if they don’t give it to Chargers Rivers…we’ll see.

    Conclusion Chiefs were again more a disappointment than a lift up…due to how they finished second half and the crushing loss to the Colts. Nobody can argue that one..

    • chuck says:

      Glaze. Some very smart guys, bringing down phone numbers, living in big houses, driving big cars, with chicks with big zoomers cashed checks with a 7.5 under over for the Chiefs at the beginning of the season. They blew the doors off of that number. The Chiefs could have blown a 75 point lead with their wives and girlfriends playing and they still had a great calendar year. While I don’t dissagree all that much with your expectations for next year, we really should give Ried and Dorsey a chance to draft and develop. The entire season is what counts at the end, even if it ends ignominiously. Ron Rivera is happy that the Panthers stayed the course.

      We should too. Our eyes are sufficiently jaundiced to keep us from the edge of the cliff next year if things go South.

      • CG says:

        Chuck I never said don’t give them a chance. I just gave out some facts and issues thats all. Yes it was better than years past, but this is a long ways from where we want to be, I think. I believe the Chiefs can get there with some new players to help. I like Alex Smith and what he brings, we’ll see about the rest next year..if we fall to 8 and 8 or around there than this past season will not hold much water.

  3. harley says:

    glaza…whenwill you realize you know nothing about football and you
    change your tune when the wind changes.
    Your phony won loss record is ridiculous and you know nothing about
    football period.
    If you looked at the chiefs 2013 schedule in 2012 you would have said
    they have no chance beating Washington/ny or dallas…but they
    please stop…
    “the chiefs were a disappointment”…wtf are you talking about..
    record tv viewership/more interest thanseenin 20 years…and in the
    first year of a new coach.
    please..please stop!

  4. harley says:

    you were wrong about the chiefs/royals/tigers/ku… much more
    can you find to be totally wrong about?

    • CG says:

      Harley old pal. First off you are right I was wrong about MU…but later saw that and praised them for a great season. When you predict things in sports sometimes you miss, that’s why they have a sportsbook in Vegas. As for the Chiefs I felt pre season they were a 7-9 or 9-7 team…this was off as well, but in reality not by much at seasons end they were a 2-6 team, not so good. You feel because they went from 2-14 to 11-5 they were wonderful…ok…your feelings count, but so do mine…

      as for the Royals I said over .500 not a playoff team, that was correct…KU is the franchise I feel is by far our area’s best, I praised Bill Self and his squad an “NBA” type team. So how is that wrong?

      Harley everyone has an opinion. Me, you, the guy down the street, the guys on radio and TV…guess what nobody gets it all right..that’s why they play the games.

      My football picks are online days before the games, this is my fourth winning season in picks against the spread…we have read about my Vegas trips…won most of those…so to say “I don’t know anything” is kinda lame huh? I talk sports on two blogs, radio and even tv at times…so somebody thinks I know something, sorry you don’t. Harley I forgive you. Remember to each his own.

      What is sad and insane are these comment people who want me to ‘die’ and my friends, damn, what can you say about that. You can see why a fellow might get upset, me in this case.

      • harley says:

        I love this dude….he’s funny…he’s a riot…
        if not for glaze who would b eon these sites?
        I mean at tonys they torture glaze…but he keeps
        say what you will….the guy would be a blast to
        go to vegas with..okay kcc vegas trip!
        he’s Teflon…nothing sticks to him….the dude is
        rolling along….
        oh…glaze saw that kia saltowish girl on leno the other
        night with the photo booth..she’s not only gorgeous
        but the photo booth segment was absolutely hilarious.
        you leave your hands off her!!!!!!!!!
        anyway….good luck with dynamite….heard he’s been
        tailing ann coulter…now that’s a couple for the ages!!!!!!
        luv ya glaze…..keepthefaith.

      • harley says:

        glaze…I agree….the threats …the hate….the vile
        comments about you and the family…..way out of
        but…you put yourself out there in public as a public
        figure and you take the heat with the good. Look at
        the big man …chris Christie….riding along…
        doing great….then boom…he shuts down a few
        lanes of traffic now he’ll probably end up doing time!!!!!!
        if you don’t want those losers saying that stuff….its
        time to pull down the curtain.
        stay cool….and dynamite!!!!!

  5. PB says:

    Weird post. The AP (which is pretty much the standard-bearer for this award) hasn’t picked it’s winner yet and neither has the Sporting News or Maxwell Club. Reid has only won the local 101 version of the AFC-specific COY and that’s probably as much a nod to where he coaches as it is to what he accomplished this season. I suppose it could have went to Belichick for the job he did with an injury-ravaged team, but Reid is far from an outrageous choice due to their historic turnaround, soft schedule or not.

    Besides, the choices for COY (or Manager of the Year) awards are almost always debatable as they tend to pick coaches from trendy, on the rise-type teams as opposed to established winners. How else to explain a 4-time Super Bowl winner like Chuck Noll never winning nor Vince Lombardi during any of his championship seasons. That said, this just seems like another reason for Glazer to pile on the Chiefs rather than making any legit statement about Reid’s worthiness. Tiresome, but just par for the course, I guess.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    No doubt that Bill Bilichick deseserves the COY award. Half his team was not on a rooster when the season started. As much as it pains me to give the devil his due, Bill did the best job of coaching this year.

    Bruce Arians would be right behind him. He won 10 games with Carson Palmer at QB.

  7. Richard Cranium says:

    I haven’t come here in months. I come back and this idiot is still writing? I thought he was expunged from this site. And here he is. Guess I’ll wait another 4 months and see if they can find someone less worthless and a bit more worthwhile than this pile of excrement. Craig Glazer you are a failure at so many levels, but the 1 thing you fail at more successfully than all others is life. Crawl off into some hole with the rest of your
    “friends” and die a totally unfulfilled and disgusting death,you drain on the life-blood of others. I can’t believe there are suffering people in the world that die and your vile existence is allowed to continue. You are a blight on humanity.

    • CG says:

      I’m always curious Richard as to why someone I don’t know would be so damn hateful and want me to die. Why? What is it you think I’ve done that is so terrible and hurtful to you or anyone else. Explain. How do I drain on anyone? WTF are you talking about. Pal I work hard daily to run my business, do my job. I write on these blogs for entertainment purpose only. To write such horrible stuff as you did needs some reason behind it all. Don’t you think. I’m sure I don’t know you or you me. I am just shocked in so many ways that there are people out there like you who act this way for no reason. You sound like a nut job. I’m a blight on humanity. Really, why, how? You want me and my friends to die! Really do you know my friends as well. I’d like to think I have some pretty decent friends, Hearne for one, Tony another and a long list of others from Ted McNight to many entertainers and decent people all over this nation. You need to look in the mirror sir before you attack a man you don’t know and really know nothing about. You think. Have a great day.

      As I remember it wasn’t this a story on the Chiefs? Where do these crazy people come from. My God.

  8. Hot Carl says:

    Glaze, I, for one, don’t want you to die. Far from it, I want you to keep on keepin’ on. Needling you is more fun than poking a bear with a stick. Besides, I often have my kid read your responses in the comment section. It’s a great way to point out how NOT to use the English language to make your point.

  9. Kerouac says:

    “Next year our boys get to face the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco ‘49’ers, Denver (twice), the Chargers (twice) and oh, yeah, the New England Patriots. How’s that sound?”

    – like a lead-pipe 0-7 cinch; only… (read on, below)

    “I (CG) felt pre season they were a 7-9 or 9-7 team…this was off as well”

    – not so much; ‘injuries’ which are always a wild card allowed KC to (barely) beat some teams they would have otherwise lost to. Playing 3rd string/practice squad promotion and erstwhile Walter Mitty’s and ‘Paper Lion’ opposition QB’s like a Keenum, Tuel and McGloin have a way of making also-rans like the Chiefs look legit… alas, they were not, an 8-8 finish would have been a more realistic result their abilities.

    KC even struggled beat the woeful Raiders… ultimately scoring 56 points vs a cupcake does not hide the fact OAK came back to within 35-31 before self-destructing, no bow to any Chiefs superiority, rather, unforced errors their own.

    I’ve already predicted that in 2014 Reid’s Reds will finish between 7-9 and 9-7., either or as opposed 8-8. As always, that being subject injuries (their own as well opposition), could be worse or better, and again the latter no more legit than they were 2013.

    “but in reality not by much at seasons end they were a 2-6 team”

    – exactly… same old KCinderella/different year same slipper; if it doesn’t fit – did not – you must convict, as you did. Thank goodness Royals are set to be 2014’s MLB version of the Chiefs…

  10. P Diddy says:

    Panthers beat Niners 7-6, but lost to Seattle at home 10-6 in opening game of the season FYI

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