New Jack City: Come & Get It, Republicans. Or You Know, Skip It

750px-1976_campaign_button_eSome local special interest groups and media would have you believe Kansas City is still in the running to land the 2016 REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION

They say that the demands being made on the eventual host city are being met here. Others add the word barely when describing KC’s offerings.

Hey but who am I judge?

Other major competitors still in the race for the convention include Denver, New Orleans, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus.

There are OTHER player-hopefuls like Chicago, Detroit, Dallas and Orlando.

Then there’s the self-perceived favorite – Las Vegas – which sees absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t win!

Nevada’s Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki—who also serves as chairman of the nonprofit host committee assembling Vegas’ bid—recently told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that “We have enough hotel rooms, at least THREE venues that could host the event, outstanding entertainment options and vast experience hosting large events. Nobody else can match Las Vegas’ advantages.”

Krolicki didn’t get into the downsides of the competing cities. That thankless, unbiased task was left to Review-Journal reporter Steve Sebelius.

Here’s how he sees it from Sin City’s point of view. 

*   “DENVER—The Mile High City can host a convention. Democrate held theirs in Denver in 2008. But that’s the problem. Any convention held there would inevitably invite comparisons to the hope-and-change year in which Barack Obama filled what’s now known as Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. If the GOP nominee can’t draw a stadium-filled crowd, a Denver convention will suffer by comparison.

* NEW ORLEANS—For a Republican convention? Probably not a good idea. The Democratic city is still a little sore over the whole Hurricane Katrina thing…..

* PHOENIX—In the summer? It’s hotter than Las Vegas, without the air-conditioned casinos….

moneyelephant* SALT LAKE CITY-–They’re Republicans. They’re not dead.

* CLEVELAND, CINCINNATI and COLUMBUS—Nobody has ever associated these cities with any type of fun-having. “I’m going to Cleveland!” just doesn’t have the ring of “I’m going to Vegas, baby!”

* CHICAGO—Has assumed the title of murder capital of the U.S. according to the FBI. Plus former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is mayor and you just know that’s a recipe for trouble.

* DETROIT—The largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of the United States. While it might be tempting to convene there and use the city as a metaphor for failures of Democratic governance, there’s such a thing as too literal.

* DALLAS—A state known as headquarters for Big Oil, big execution and restricting abortion rights? As the noisome phrase goes, ‘bad optics.’

* ORLANDO—A Mickey Mouse convention? When Republicans wish upon a star, it probably doesn’t involve another slog to Florida in the summertime. No offense Orlando, but when the temperature and the humidity BOTH exceed 100, it’s time to move on.

Jimmy_Carter* KANSAS CITY—Outside of good barbecue and a new arena, this city has virtually nothing to recommend it to the Republican faithful.  And there’s bad juju: It was the city in which Republicans gathered in 1976 to nominate Gerald Ford instead of Ronald Reagan for the presidency. Ford, of course, went on to lose to Jimmy Carter.

That leaves beautiful Las Vegas (temporary convention motto: “But it’s a dry heat!”).

Do the right thing, Republican National Committee. Krolicki and his team would never lead you astray!”

So what are Kansas City’s chances to land 2016’s prime time display of Republicanism?

Slim to MAYBE at best.

Then again, I could be wrong. Your thoughts?
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11 Responses to New Jack City: Come & Get It, Republicans. Or You Know, Skip It

  1. the dude says:

    We would have to bus in, fly in and train in a few thousand prostitutes to keep the moral sleazebags happy. Vegas has us beat there.

  2. harley says:

    vegas is not for the republicans. The morally correct upstanding religious
    delegates might not be able to handle the gambling/booze/hookers and
    escorts…but then again…they’re pretty good at messing with all those
    things back home.
    kc…would be nice…but they might be better in Orlando with Disney world.
    the list of candidates they’ll have running in 2016 will fit right in with
    goofy and mickey mouse….and the clowns already in Orlando!

  3. Kerouac says:

    KC getting the convention ranks right up there with us getting the Superbowl, whether here or ‘there’, Chiefs being no help/having no road map at all…

  4. cletus says:

    saw trickster dickster at union station in 68. got a free pass out of school for it.

  5. Stomper says:

    Good piece, Jack.

    I had hoped KC had a pretty good shot but guess I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid from the local special interest groups and media you referred to.

    One potential factor, albeit a small one, is whether the GOP thinks they can get a bit of a local bounce and tilt that state to the republican side. Of all the cities you listed, really only Ohio and Florida were close in 2012 and that might give just a little edge to Orlando or the Ohio cities listed.

    The GOP has a much smaller draw than do the democrats. No way KC could handle a democratic convention but the GOP does fall within our wheelhouse.

    On a side note, as a collector of political buttons, the picture of the 1976 convention button caught my eye. Convention buttons like that one, produced on a much smaller scale and showing Reagan 4 years before he won the nod, are pretty valuable in a relative sense. And I thought I had the only one left.

  6. Jack Springer says:

    Is Steve Sebelius the spawn of evil Kitty Kat?

  7. Craig Thrustmore says:

    Read the bid requirements. The RNC wants the city to basically pay for everything. They want free security, free medical and contingency coverage, free run of the place. It will be an endless sea of brooks brothers suits causing shut down of the entire downtown and midtown area. The city is griping about $6 million shortfall in the budget but they can find $150,000,000 for a train and money to give away to the RNC?

  8. jack p. says:

    Well Craig since you put it THAT way……

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