Valentine: In Support of David Cook & Kansas City


David Cook by Mark Valentine

How sad that Craig Glazer thinks Kansas City is a city of born losers…

I won’t bore you with the list of world class humans that have called this town home. However I will say , Craig, your main general point that Kansas City isn’t a good sports town is just plain weird.

If Triangles had a god, it would have three sides. We all add our own experience to our interpretation of reality, and so if you think Kansas City has Loser in its DNA, consider who has been in control of your own life.

Maybe David Cook is a good working model for this thought.

To many it looks like Cook is washed up. However most of the folks who say that don’t really see how much money “washed up” stars actually make – a lot. More significantly, David Cook has the potential to write new songs, pick up acting parts, land commercials and explore other avenues without having to start completely over from scratch.

Groucho_Marx_-_portraitCook will be considered for anything he wants, because he’s a known. So I wish him success and happiness, and he’s definitely in the driver’s seat.

Back to Craig…

It’s true Kansas City can’t be L.A. because we don’t have an ocean. Nor can we be Denver because we don’t have mountains. But nor can they be us because they don’t have us living there.

To paraphrase Groucho Marx, “It isn’t necessary to have relatives in Kansas City in order to be unhappy.”
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36 Responses to Valentine: In Support of David Cook & Kansas City

  1. harley says:

    the negativity and hate and pessimism of glaza is really becoming horrible.
    he likes nothing about this city…its people…its leaders…its sports teams..
    its business leaders…its people….and because of his pessimism he gets the
    most hateful retorts of anyone on any blog/websitei have ever seen.
    His attitude about our city sucks…everything is bad or wrong….and nothing
    he’s ever done has been to improve it.
    forget what happened 30 years ago..e.ven 20 years ago…this dude is one
    walking talking pessimist with a hate for anything and everything inthis town.
    from the nightlifge (which at 65 he should be playing bingo at john knox)…to
    his negativity about everything in our sports genre (no team is good enough…
    no athlete is good enough…no one is good enough to play on his team…no
    musician is strong enough…no leader has the skillsto lead)….its one constant
    flow of negativity that has gotten old and worn out.
    old comedians know when its time to exit the public stage…athletes realize
    when their time is up…when their attitude can’t match the opponenets…
    we’rex sick of hearing about what he did 40 years ago making comics
    big time (not true…he’s just one of a thousand piecesin the careers of those
    comics that made them successful…just a small small part of their
    careers)….and hence hearne lets him shoot himself in the foot
    with his invalid statements and incorrect stats and opinions.
    we can understand it if the guy makes a small mistake…but his constant
    harping about the schools and institutions and people who have made
    this town really a very nice town gets old…worn out and shabby.
    Then he wonders why people leave these vile statements about him and
    his past.
    we all need to look in the mirror someday. nobodies perfect….but putting
    yourself out for ridicule with these stories that hearne writes (because glaze
    can’t write them) and hearne “always ” gets them wrong when something
    horribe and wrong is said…but glaze has his scapegoat…hearne.
    Hearne tried to tear down cook for playing at knuckleheads. Iwas one of the
    few who immediately stood up and said b.s. to that crap. Cook made more
    money than glaze and hearne ever made (of course when you inherit money
    it makes work seem real simple.)….I pointed out that cook won millions..
    made millions on tour…had his name in front of 100 million people…was
    still able to make music and produce great songs…nothing changed…
    but our silver spooned blog owner found another person to pound on…
    but he was wrong…and eventually came around and apologized for trying
    to take down one of our own!!!!!
    glaze can change. we like glaze…he’s a fire cracker and he’s got some
    great stories to tell….but with the long term pessimism and constant cutting
    down its gotten out of hand.
    we love this town..we love the chiefs/royals/tigers/I even was upset ku lost
    sunday…kstate…that’s who we are and what we are…
    we’re not the conmen of l.a. or the liars and skanks of the drug world…
    we’re hard working people who love out city…our teams…our
    leaders (right and wrong)…our beautiful town that may not have enough
    strip joints for glaza and hearne but which still gives us some entertainment
    and great things to do.
    we may not have the ho’s of l.a. or the young hotties looking for a
    old man with some cash to rip off…
    we’re k.c. ……and we love out town.
    50 below weather….100 degree weather…we don’t care…
    wev are Kansas city and if glaze don’t like it I’ll be the first to give
    Wilson $100 to move the guy out of town.
    thanks…glaze can change…he has to change…lifes too short to be such
    a sad person and bang on everybody and eveytthing in our town.
    we’ve seen enough!!!!!! we’ve read enough!!!!!

    • CG says:

      Well Harley I do write about entertainment. I have written about movies, tons of comedy, sports in a positive way when its there and life in general. All to entertain. I don’t see other stories by one person on this site or Tony’s as much trying to do just that, other than Hearne here. The other writers have fallen off or don’t write as often, not sure why, my guess is once they get comments that are painful too often they lose interest. Just a guess. Paul Wilson is an example.

      Seems a good person. I remember his first stories got lots of praise and positive comments. Once he was around a minute, here came the mean attacks, for no good reason. I’ve learned that’s how all this works unless you are vanilla.

      I like some of Kelly Urich’s stories and jokes, but the response is soft cause he isn’t being controversial much. Just entertaining as he can be when he has time.

      Harley you aren’t Mister loved on here brother. My suggestion is you ask Hearne to let you write an article once a week. See how that goes. I’m cool with that. Remember Hearne at one time wanted me to stop writing here, but latter saw it differently. Many reasons. Tony is thrilled I am on his site and he is very nice about having me there.

      Look I don’t get paid to do this, if the comments are now going to create this false image, as they have before, maybe I should quit. I’m kinda busy with other things. Maybe you guys would rather not have me on here. If so that’s up to you.

      Everything doesn’t have to be a five alarm fire. My opinions are just that, an opinion. I opened up a few years ago with some out of the box stories on crime, my past, sex, Hollywood, politics….a long list and yes sports. Guys I live a life much like most of yours to a great extent. I work 50-60 hours a week, get up early for my job, often do radio and have to be at my job many evenings as well, its a lot to do. As for the wild women and late night b.s. I can’t really be up all hours much these days, I have to go to work early as I said. Sure there are a few gals along the way, but wild drug parties and all that noise, no. We all get older and things quiet down. I had my long period of fun in the sun so to speak, now like all of us baby boomers, its become time to mellow a bit and I have. So Harley if you want to be the wild man go be my guest. I’m not mad at you.

      • chuck says:

        Please, if there is a God, let Harley write a column Hearne.

        Porcine pie holes all across the fruited plains are agape in anticipation of the many pearls.

        Let me be the first to endorse this singular idea!

        • chuck says:

          Harley, a little clarification here my friend, I am in no way encouraging you to say bad things about Minnie Pearl.

          • harley says:

            you chuck have put some of the most vile/
            hateful/disgusting/racist/vulgar comments
            ever seen on these blogs. Your hate speech
            and horrid comments are beyond anything
            ever written on any blog that I’ve read.
            If there is a god…he’s waiting for you…because
            he’s sending you to hell.
            you are a loser!!!!!!!!
            there are not enough words to even come
            close to the vulgar comments you put
            on these sites.

        • PB says:

          Hearne’s head would explode if forced to punctuate a Harley post.

      • balbonis moleskine says:

        the oh-woe-is-me we’re a town of loser schtick is getting a little old and tiresome. You have written that column about 4 times and haven’t really made any salient points other than the Chiefs are a second-tier NFL team and the Royals are cheap.

      • the dude says:

        Yeah Hearne, please make this happen. We want a harlinator article and I will be passing out the torches and pitchforks in anticipation.

        • harley says:

          dude…no need for an article…just read my comments.
          I use facts backed up by documented stats….
          I call b.s….b.s….because some of these writers want
          to run down others without a reason.
          Hearne tried to run down david cook…a guy who
          went from local bars to #1 act in the nation on a
          show with 30 million viewers…you applaud that
          guy…wish him luck cause he’s one of us…and hope
          that he goes far and wide…youdon’t beat him down
          for playing alocal bar…that’s a cheap shot.
          You don’t beat down professional athletes…the top
          athletes in the world every single day…every single
          minute…saying they should be fired. Hearne
          yougot fired from a small time job at star and you
          still carry a grudge against those people and that
          wasn’t your income to pay bills!!!!
          imageine whatthese young players think? all their
          lives working to play in the pros and some freaking
          idiot without any knowledge about football says
          they should be fired? kicked off the team….cleaned
          out? Glaza says this constantly…does he not understand that these kids put their entire lives
          into making these positions possible….hell no!!!!
          he calls our city loserville!!!! or maybe hearne
          does. Hearne never had to make payroll…pay a bill
          that was overdue…and he calls us (his audience)
          losers!!!!!!!!prove it hearne and glaza….
          you’ve got plenty of articles and comments and points
          made dude….but you can’t debatethem with facts
          or information or intelleigent conversation in
          a rational manner because Harley is right.
          Prove me wrong dude…I’ve got more lines in these
          blogs than glaza and most other writers.
          don’t need my own column…debate the facts…
          but don’t call this town losers.
          we have losers (like chuckles)…who preach hate
          and evil and vile and vulgar language…but that’s
          not my people.
          Give me acolumn and not one of you can argue
          with me in a rational manner because you don’t
          know how to.
          the pessimism…the hate…the personal attacks
          (on me/Wilson/glaze) are out of control…
          butthats what hearne wants.
          glaze…write your own stuff or don’t publish it.
          Hearne is making you out to be a fool and an
          idiot with his “interpretation” of what you say.
          We are a great town…great people…and we’re
          passionate about those we support.
          check out the charity dollars given from each city..
          which one ranks #1 in per capita charitable giving..
          glaza…its not l.a. or Hollywood or the cities you
          talk about…ITS KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          DON’T FORGET IT….

          • the dude says:


          • chuck says:

            “you chuck have put some of the most vile/
            hateful/disgusting/racist/vulgar comments
            ever seen on these blogs. Your hate speech
            and horrid comments are beyond anything
            ever written on any blog that I’ve read.
            If there is a god…he’s waiting for you…because
            he’s sending you to hell.
            you are a loser!!!!!!!!
            there are not enough words to even come
            close to the vulgar comments you put
            on these sites.”

            God may or may not love you, but the Devil actually takes an interest. Now, thanks to Harley, we know, that that indifferent god, who “from a distance”, dictates the course of our lives by human proxy waits for me. My sins? Harsh language.

            I’ll do that time standing on my head. I’ll tell smarty you guys all said hello.


          • the dude says:

            And wilsun articles please.

  2. Super Dave says:

    Nice story Mr. Valentine, a breath of fresh air no doubt.

  3. Rich says:

    The only thing I gathered from Glazer’s lamentations on KC is that there’s not enough whores and blow on our streets, features apparently necessary to attract more famous athletes; after all, everyone knows thug ridden sports is what makes a city prosper. This is small minded and crude. And, no, I’m not a religious nut. I’m an atheist who fled the Bible Belt and KC is anything but. That doesn’t mean most of us want to live around humans with the integrity of acid brained horndogs. (Btw, I moved to JOCO 15 years ago and never heard of this Glazer guy until I read this blog. Not sure why his opinions draw such animated responses (good or bad)). It just might be that newer, younger thinking is what’s going to drive this great city forward.

  4. CG says:

    First off I NEVER said we are a city of born losers, ever. Hearne used a HEADLINE saying welcome to loserville in reference to an interview with me about the Chiefs losing again. At no time did I call our city that name, nor think it. As I wrote in a response, “I live Kansas City, that’s why I live here and have been treated great by the media and the people here.” It’s just that since I am a bit more outspoken on issues its popular to use my name as a lightening rod for responses. No matter what I write about.

    The truth is the rest of the media agreed with my assessment of our team..that was the issue. That we are NOT them. We are us. So this entire article is just a cheap end run of a story HEARNE wrote and used a shocker headline to gain more attention..that’s all.

    I will repeat, “I love our city, I was born here, likely will die here. I think Kansas City has much to offer besides the Chiefs or Royals. It’s a nice looking town with plenty to do. Maybe too much to do for its population size. I think our future is bright.” This I have also written many times. Again that story was Hearne’s take on an interview not a story I wrote. However I know its more fun to make me look like the bad guy. I’m used to it. Know what if I didn’t care I wouldn’t point out the things we need to fix and there are many of those as well.

  5. CG says:

    By the way I only met David Cook once, at radio, for the third time…he’s a nice person. I never said one bad word about him. In fact when Hearne went after him I defended the man. He won a national title on the number one show in America, if not the world at the time. How can I not respect that!!!!! The guy is talented. Hey the music biz isn’t what it once was…not David’s fault. Most white acts that hit a homer seem to country acts…or the rare female border line hip/hop rapper chicks…and there are few of those…its a tough, tough biz, always was and now with no records, cd’s, radio plays kinda only live performance and social media…man tough to make buck…I feel for David Cook and hope he does well or continues to battle and wins.

  6. Mark Valentine says:

    Beware of the Hearne edit…I get that, Craig. 🙂

  7. Stomper says:

    Mark, nice effort as it generated some heat. Several interesting points made above that I’d like to spew on.

    1. I’d love it if Harley would write a column. He is a tad acidic in his comments but from a political standpoint, I pretty much agree with all his positions. Despite what some think, he supports his positions with mainstream information. Clearly he is not intimidated by getting attacked.

    2. CG, to answer your question above, no you should not quit contributing. I rarely comment on your pieces but that’s because my opinions on sports and entertainment are worthless and I know it. ( I’m sure many feel that way about my political opinions 🙂 You are not afraid to walk out on the ledge with your opinions and 95% of the time you respond to the attacks with class. I know I couldn’t do that.

    3. I too miss Paul Wilson. I hope he is still considering a place here. I was really looking forward to his thoughts on education as I know he was compiling a lot of reasearch. His offerings were always well researched and well thought out and tended to make those that commented, actually think about what they were going to say. At least with most people. As I have said before, elevated discourse is what I seek at KCC and Paul brought that to the table.

    Mark, I anxiously await your next effort.

  8. admin says:

    What did Hearne do to him?

    What didn’t I do? We’re having lunch here in LA later this week and I can tell from the musicality in his voice that he’s ready to get down and roll in the mud with you guys again.

    At least I think I can tell.

    • Stomper says:

      Great news on Professor Wilson !! Well done HC !!

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Stomper, thanks for your kind words. I’ve taken a step back after losing my mom, a close friend and a year that ended in a frenzy.
        As Hearne indicated, I took off after Christmas, just got back last night. Wrapped up with several days down at Big Cedar in a private log cabin over looking Table Rock. I may do a story on that place, world class accommodations, impeccable service and if you go armed with about $800/day (cigars and wine not included) you can have a spectacular time, as we did!
        I actually drafted up three stories, I’ll be back.
        And no, Craig, I wasn’t run off by comments, I would have never stuck my toe in the water if that was a fear. Now, when things got threatening with my family, I had to wait out some legal maneuvering, but that was accomplished, stories removed from a rival, greasy blog, and a formal apology issued by said blog owner. And, it’s not over yet.
        But that didn’t run me off, I’ve had a busy year, some incredible personal loss through death and simply needed some down time.
        Other than that, it was such a great year, I took a partial bonus payout for a real estate investment and they tax raped me so hard I could have bought a new FIAT with that one withholding!
        See you soon; you have my email, don’t be afraid to use it Mr Stomper.

        • Stomper says:

          Thanks for the mention Paul, great news.

          I was at Big Cedar several years back and it was pretty unbelievable. Was on the company dime, thank goodness. I will say the bedroom I slept in was pretty scary. Must have been about 20 stuffed animals with many not looking too friendly.

          Can’t wait to start commenting on your next post.

          Welcome back !!!

  9. admin says:

    I know you guys are dying for me to chip in my two cents here on David Cook, so here we go…

    Obviously I see things somewhat differently from Mark.

    However he made some excellent points.

    That said, I have mu doubts as to how long he can ride that American Idol tiger if he doesn’t put out something that either gets some critical acclaim or moves a lot of music.

    We seem to be approaching a time when American Idol and similar shows are headed toward the junkyard of time. After all, how far can one go on winning a TV reality show contest against however many other nobodies?

    And as time marches on, chances are he won’t remain the pretty boy his largely female fans seem to be drawn to.

    Will he ever sink to the level of the nobody, lucky-to-get-a-bar gig at Orlandos in Olathe? Perhaps not. And while I think Mark’s points are entirely valid, how much has Cook really accomplished thus far when you stop and add it up?

    At this stage of the game he’s a somewhat well known, somewhat well off musician dude who won a glorified amateur hour contest several years after the show had peaked.

    The good news is he’s still quite young, has everything going for him that Mark Valentine notes that he does and is well positioned to either reinvent himself or catch that next lucky break, unleash that next big hit.

    We’ll see.

  10. harley says:


    From Dawson/Wright/Forson Public Relations:

    From: Harley

    I wanted to thank those who so nicely came out and suggested that I be given
    a column with KC Confidential.
    Although you all know I do love to write and express fact based opinions, my
    time is very limited right now. To write a column requires tremendous
    time and effort and with all the new projects I am working on I have little
    time to be spending on writing a column for this blog site.
    I do appreciate all the kind words and the kind suggestions that I publish
    a column here. As many of you know I had a successful newsletter but because
    of time restraints was forced to use my time in other areas.
    I did have about 250 people plus on my list and I did enjoy being a publisher
    but the time restraints required I spend my time in more fruitful activities.
    Therefore, at this time I must turn down the offer of my own column on this
    site despite the overwhelming positive response it would have in bringing this
    blog more readers and more viable stories.
    I have many many contacts/friends and followers on this and other
    national sites and I will continue to make brief comments about the
    subjects at hand.
    Again…thanks for all the positive support. It’s just not the right
    time for me to be tied down to a column at this time.
    As always thanks to my fans/disciples/and followers and I will continue
    to add my opinions and fact based writings as needed.
    I appreciate Hearne’s continued support for posting my writings after
    he censors them and moderates them. I thank him for providing this
    blog for the outpouring of fair and balanced dialogue.
    Again…thanks for the outpouring of support for my writings and I look
    forward to contributing to this and other blogs quite often in the future.

    As always
    Your friend

    • the dude says:

      Article or nothing but thorns for yoooooou!

      • harley says:

        COME ON DUDE…there would nt be enough time in the
        day for you to read my stuff if hearne gave me an
        entire story…would need about 3 days to make it thru
        the story…and 4 days to figure out the punctuation….

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