Hearne: Scribe to Mudville; ‘I Warned You’

caset-at-the-batThe Scribe’s take on yesterday’s Chiefs loss to Indy?

“Well, I’m trying to think of a nice thing to say,” says comedy impresario and sports provocateur Craig Glazer. “On the plus side, quarterback Alex Smith played very well.”

That’s the good news, folks, now brace yourselves for the bad.

“Now that we’ve seen the entire season and a playoff game, it’s clear that this Chiefs team has not improved nearly as much as their record once indicated,” Glazer says. “To lose a game they once lead by 28 points in the second half is truly unbelievable. That was one of the worst playoff collapses of all time.”

Now some words of wisdom for the unwashed:

“You know, if you’re a die hard Chiefs fan, you’ll say,”Well, we had injuries,’ but that’s a crock,” Glazer says. “What you have to look at is the Chiefs defense is awful. They can’t stop anything. I think we’re kidding ourselves that we have a Super Bowl in our near future because we simply do not have the talent. I mean, I don’t even know what to say about a team that blows a lead of 38 to 10 in the 3rd quarter. What can you say? And you want to get mad at me?”

Chiefs-fansNow a brief confessional:

“Hey, I was wrong about MU,” Glazer says.”There’s a team that in the beginning of the year I felt would be pretty average and they’re a pretty good team. I think Missouri’s got a bright future in the SEC. I’m not saying they’re in the league of an Alabama or Auburn but…”

And now a few words about – you guessed it – next season:

“Well based on the information we have now, we have all these ‘great’ coaches getting paid a ton of money – millions, and our draft was horrible – we just don’t have the players,” Glazer pronounces. “So I don’t think the future’s bright. I don’t think the Chiefs will be a bad team, but whoever’s going to make this team great isn’t here yet. And I don’t know when he’s going to get here – whoever he is. I just think this team has too many holes to advance next year and the schedule’s going to be a lot harder.

All year long we heard about the improvements, but I’m looking at the second half of the season where the Chiefs ended up 2-6. I mean, I’m still in disbelief about what happened in Indianapolis. In the first half I thought the Chiefs were going to beat them 58-10. What they proved yesterday is they just couldn’t do it, not when it counts. There is no joy in Mudville; the mighty Casey has struck out.”

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31 Responses to Hearne: Scribe to Mudville; ‘I Warned You’

  1. CG says:

    When I spoke to Hearne one thing I stressed was the Chiefs, the league, and fans will tell you WE HAVE 8 PRO BOWLERS AND 5 ON DEFENSE..5 pro bowl defenders, best in the NFL, lets see that’s half the defense right, just about…I don’t have words…THEN WHY IS OUR DEFENSE ONE OF IF NOT ‘THE’ WORST IN THE NFL…THE WORST…I don’t see ONE REAL PRO BOWLER..Flowers: NO, BERRY: GOD NO…Hali…at times, Houston at times, Poe at times..but week to week, NOBODY…and thats why this team failed. Our defense has stunk for years, almost any team can make big plays and often on this team…YOU HAD A 4 TOUCHDOWN LEAD IN THE 3RD QUARTER…and lost…

    The offense played well…they have improved…we need better linebackers, a couple of new corners and D backs….time to dump some of these high paid average guys…they are not ever going to be better….ever..AND THATS THE PROBLEM. New coaching couldn’t fix it..don’t give me that 8
    9-0 BS, the D was poor most of that time..against bad teams…all of them had little trouble moving the ball on us…we just made a few big plays and got some breaks…again…after that 9-0 run they went 2-6…and that’s who they are today. It hurts but its true.

    As we say at the end of every season..THE FANS DESERVE BETTER…THE CHIEFS FANS SHOULD BE PISSED AT THE CHIEFS NOT AT HEARING WHAT THEY KNOW TO BE TRUE…COME ON NOW YOU ALL KNEW COMING DOWN THE FIELD AT THE END OF THE GAME WE WOULDN’T GET IT DONE…DIDN’T YOU. They don’t have that wheel in them and haven’t for years..Since Joe Montana..there has been not one BIG WIN. Zero. None…Zip…end of story.

    • harley says:

      theres that negativity ….that pessimism….that everyone hates.
      I watched the game with about 500 people…and not one of those
      people were as negative or pessimistic as you are 24/7.
      no one watching that game thought they couldn’t score.
      You did…becaus4e youre that way.
      everyone where I was at were cheering…hoping….giving
      positive vibes for them to score and win.
      not glaza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mr. pessimistic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • CG says:

        Again my dear friend Harley…I’m not writing to be a FAN. I’m writing to explain what I see out there week to week. I hate to tell you this but if you read the paper or listen to post game even on our local channel with Bill Mass..they all agreed with what I said. Yes they throw some sugar on it, they have too.

        I want our teams to win, clearly, but I can’t just be a fan when I see there are some real problems. I can’t pretend we didn’t go 2-6 second half of the season. We did. I can’t pretend this team is top level when its not. I like Alex Smith, but as I have written all season, the defense continues to be bad. That’s why we went 2-6, not the offense. So if we can fix the D in the offseason and improve our offense a bit with some receivers, hey this team could be much better in the next couple years, no doubt. We need help, and maybe they will find it.

        A footnote. Romeo Crennel is being named Houston’s new Defense Coach. Head man. Really. I give up. Nice man, I don’t see him as the head of any football anything except maybe PR with young players. Speaks loudly to the fact this is a good old boy league and its all just entertainment. One big Reality Show…I guess…

        • harley says:

          guy only haswhat 4 super bowl rings?????????????????
          some are made 5to be coordinators…not coaches…
          but you have the audacity to call out romeo?????????????
          developed the best defense in league….with really
          some no names..
          and you come out and knock him…\a
          again glaza…you know nothing!!!!!!!
          you don’t know anything so go back to
          comedy because we’ve seen no hotties
          for months…..
          you’ve never met the guy….you’re the laughing
          stock of this dtown…seriously give it up!!!!!!!!!!
          you’re writing what you see….you’re blind!!!!!!!!!!!!
          you use no stats…no data..no comparative
          numbers…no analysis ….its just the usual
          regurguitated hate for anything inthis town that
          we are all freaking tiredof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          nothing but b.s…….

        • harley says:

          why don’t you reply to my comments about why
          we didn’t run for 30 minutes in that game…
          because you have no facts/data/or other information…
          just the usualy mumbo jumbo crap that hearne publishes….
          your new name…mumbo jumbo jack!!!!!!!

        • harley says:

          bill maas….that’s your source?
          what does he know…
          listen to dawson….smartest football guy in the
          nation….he says it all….
          maas…great role model!!! but then it glaza’s
          role model…

          • harley says:

            romeo has 5 super bowl rings…you’ve got
            3 toilet rings….
            don’t knock successful people….it makes you
            look stupid.
            3 super bowls with new England….not bad
            for someone glaza refers to as “not good”….
            where did you get that info?
            obviously you do no research or data
            mining before you make these comments.
            even hearne knows better than to ruffle the
            feathers of a guy wearing one super bowl
            ring on each finger…
            foolish statement….

  2. CG says:

    Explain this to me someone..you are in the third quarter..you have a 38-10 lead, some injured guys, looks like a win for sure, a big game next week in Denver(likely) why for God’s sake not start running clock…run, run, run, run and also run down the clock on in between plays…why…SO THE CHARGERS WON’T HAVE TIME TO SCORE 5 TIMES…hello…someone explain why we kept throwing and opening ourselves up to a fumble score…oh wait..that happened…our Quarterback got stripped, sacked and they latter scored a TD….did I miss something? Lets see….38-10, 3rd quarter…start running the clock…but heck what do I know…I mean its tough to hold a 28 point a quarter and a half.

    • CG says:

      Sorry I wrote Chargers, meant Colts…

      • harley says:

        thanks for the apology. Now apologize to all of us
        for the incorrect calls (thousands) that you made in 2013!!!!!!

    • harley says:

      why not run? are you serious? you ask that questions..
      someone please get this guy a nfl stat sheet…someone get him
      the numbers on chiefs running plays…
      glaza says “WHY NOT RUN THE BALL FOR 25 minutes?
      are you serious glaza…lookatthe situation…look at what you have
      in the backfield…
      reid replaced 33 players..60% of the team from last year…
      are you serious asking a question like that?
      I’m on the floor laughing that the “scribe” would ask that questions/////4
      did you ever think that maybe since the #1 running back in nfl isn’t
      on the field…ya got what 2 rookies…and you’ve not had much success
      running the ball….run the ball for 25 minutes?????????????????????????????
      and did younotice that kc took a lotof time between plays throughout the
      rest of the game.
      were you watching the same game 700,000 people in kc were

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    One of the biggest beefs Philly fans had with Andy Reid was his poor use of timeouts and clock management in general.

  4. harley says:

    stfu glazer…
    you were wrong about the chiefs…..you said their offense sucked…but they
    scored well against the indy defense (44 points) without their #1 offensive
    weapon….with the receivers you said were horrible. You couldn’t be more
    wrong on this than anyone on here. A complete losing comment that
    you seem to forget. Oh and that 44 points…few of the top teams Indy who they played
    in the season scored 44 points…so there goomba…you’re wrong again!!!!!! Also..
    indy is the top 14 team in total defense in nfl…notbad to drop 44 points on them
    without their #1 offensive weapon….did yousee the game? it appears not!!!!!
    oh and the san diego game….the team you said had no offense or defesnse…
    well san diego is a playoff team and the second and third stringers basically
    tied the first string of san diego. did you notice that? you didn’t because youd
    rather shoot your mouth off with b.s. than correctly analyze the entire season
    or that game in particular.
    Your 60% is bogus on picks. And your not including the full losson those
    sucker prop teases idiots like you bet on as you should…I call that
    fuzzy math. Vegas lovessuckers like you and you’re just of the other 100,000,000
    million suckers who think they beat vegas with their system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how ridiculous.
    and I won’t bring upthe mu tigers ….glaza says “sec is bad move”…glaza
    wrong like his boss hearne. glaza says “mu got no talent”…glaza wrong
    like his boss hearne. MU becomes top team in nation and what does glaza
    write after being wrong 1000 times on mu tigers “glaza say: mu good team”…
    duhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! you always cover y our tracks after you’ve made
    wrong after wrong after wrong call….yea glaza….I knew that….monthsand
    months ago!!!
    go look at your royalpredictions (wrong again)…but you just weren’t wrong
    you were way off base on everything. ONce they win ….glaza says “I think
    royals gota good team”….duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh glaza. We already
    knew that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ku…kstate…you were wrong across the board there too!!!!
    and allthe sporting kc fans thank you for not jinxing them too. If you
    would have made other wrong statements about sporting kc….shout…you would
    have jinxed them too.
    Sick of your totally negative…pessimistic…low down….and always incorrect
    tatements on this town…our great people…our sports teams…the movers and
    shakers….the people who make things happen….its just gotten so negative
    and disgusting to read you constant harping after harping…after continuously
    trying to dog everything in this town and its people.
    go back to la..la…la…land…..because they
    ve got 10,000 times more con men than kc!!!
    I am getting emailafter email abcout your constant trying to tear down our city.
    If you don’t like it move….you’ve just gotten wayway too negative about our city…our fans…our
    people…our teams (who we support while you just bang on them with
    incorrect stats)….our leaders….the people who own businesses in ythis
    town….everything is so bad in your eyes….
    aqnd we’re all tired of hearingthe same old nag/nag/nag of your b.s.
    see a shrink….take a happy pill and take some anti depressants!!!!1
    hahahahaha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ have av beautiful new year!

  5. Kerouac says:

    The Chiefs need a young QB, which Kerouac has previously addressed (a Manziel or Mettenberg possibilities, my opine.) Smith was good yesterday’s game for the most, but in post season the very good are clearly separated from the great by the results, final (Luck was too, but he is very young whereas Smith is not, comparison. Dawson & Montana/their ilk are not to be found on the current KC roster, hence the need for one, the future.

    Beyond said, KC needs a play-maker at safety, because currently they have a couple of butchers playing the two spots. Berry is a B-U-S-T, period. An undersized LB more so than a DB, that a a player of his limited skill set (he really can’t cover anyone) would be drafted #5 overall and since voted to a pro bowl any is a joke. The guy who sometimes can be found running next to him – when he isn’t being left in the wake of a WR like the Colts TY Hilton yesterday – or whiffing/ole-ing on an tackle attempt, Lewis, is good as gone; perhaps he stays as depth.

    CB is also shakey, starters & depth. Flowers is (at this stage his career) a liability too, better suited inside the slot (where Dunta Robinson is done/fini in the NFL… he can’t tackle – but he makes up for it by not being able to cover either (like Berry he is a pro bowler for sure.) Smith is a big, lumbering CB evokes memories of Fred Williamson, a former KC CB who alternated tween being the toast of the town and being toast on the field. As for the rest the DB’s, cover your eyes, generally speaking. DB Cooper (double entendre) disappears on the field as often the infamous hijacker 1971; he may become reliable/consistent but as of now is more miss than hit…as such, he fits in well with the rest the KC defensive backfield. That guys like HOF’r Emmitt Thomas & Al Harris are coaches affirms the limitations of said guidance; KC just doesn’t have enough talent DB.

    One last thing: the loss (also a loss of poise – CHOKING) was perhaps the price had to be paid a lack of post season experience, Chiefs generally young team. Coaching lack is not the issue, my opine… talent as always is.

    • CG says:

      Yes Kerouac, I agree. Our Defense needs to be torn apart and rebuilt, overall its terrible. Has been for years, there is little improvement if any. Yet we are told we have 5 pro bowlers on D. Right. We have umm……NONE. Its this local and even national Chiefs hype that gets our fans so mislead. Flowers is a joke, agreed, Berry is a bust agreed, I’d keep Cooper and see if he can move up, he has some talent, Lewis is a huge joke…we have no pass rush at all…hmmm….

      Our offense has moved UP. I don’t agree about Smith, Alex. He is one step out from being a top quarterback in the NFL. Lets get him two good receivers and I say he can be a top 7 NFL quarterback, he took over that game when Charles went out and made bad receivers, like Bowe, look good. Speaking of Bowe, I like him as a person, but he needs to go…Haley will take him in Pittsburgh..time for Dwayne to move on….Yes we have lots of holes to fill.

      I am also not sure of our new defensive coach, Bob Sutton, there was little improvement in that bad defense…very little. Our draft was also a joke..so this new expensive coaching staff could be getting big heat next year if the Chiefs continue to struggle and start like 2 and 5…then Andy will start hearing it. Lets hope we get some help next season. I again say Alex Smith is why you won 11 games.

  6. Kerouac says:

    Alex Smith is perhaps ‘good enough’ to win with, that remains to be seen. Alas, he is more a QB in the mold a Tarkenton than an NFL superstar such as an aging but still marvelous Manning, current top-tier guys like Rodgers & a fading former like Brady (Tarkenton never won a Championship, whatever that comparison may engender.)

    Which is why I say KC needs a young ‘star’ to build around…if Smith goes down, enter the mini-world of 5’10-ish David (Chase Daniel), or 6’6-ish Goliath (Tyler Bray) – and pray; talk about scary. A young-gun like Luck (a Mettenberg, for example) or Manziel (who will either be really big or a really big bust; no in bewteen/Romo-esque affect.)

    KC needs to shoot for the sky because with all due respect Smith, his ceiling is limited as is his arm. He is a Dawson/Starr/Griese type (which isn’t bad, several Titles won), or if you prefer an amalgam the better parts a Trent Green and Steve Bono; alas, he’s caught in a modern NFL world that includes more accomplished, talented types like a Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Luck, guys who already won Championships or are still young enough that their future lays ahead of them. Chiefs NEDD to get an young QB – and they need to GET IT RIGHT, be it draft, trade, free agency, whatever – no more Fuller’s, Blackledge’s, Grbac’s, Cassel’s or (my opine) a Smith… odds are, latter is just not going to lead KC to the promised land.

    Smith will be 30, is in his prime & probably as good as he’ll ever be… unlike the rest of the ‘team’ which is in shambles, relatively speaking fat a 45 point de-gutting. And to be contrary to Mick, “time is NOT on their side – no it ain’t.” Alex Smith may not be good enough, shy a team All Stars around him. As limited cap $ are in play, replacing half if not all the defensive backfield, perhaps one/both WR’s & also fortifying OL, DL & the other holes will cost, as will an ever increasing salary for the current players.

    Add in the descent aging types like Johnson, Hali, Flowers on an already quite suspect defense, defections the likes a Jackson/others and no longer having the first pick 2014 draft/rounds they enjoyed 2013 (they already lost their #2 choice in 2014) & no more first dibs on released free agents waiver wire, as well 2014 its more ‘legit’ schedule and I believe Chiefs will be in retreat far as their W/L.

    Then again, the 9-7 Chargers have advanced to round 2 of the post season, while 11-5 KC was sent home… so much for that ‘9-0 start’ & ‘KC has the best defense in the NFL’ R self-flagellation. In the parity-addled world the NFL today, even a Jack can become a King.

  7. chuck says:

    While I am not gonna argue every single point you guys made (Most are close enough.), I would sure as hell not get rid of Alex Smith. The guy was great yesterday. The thing about this team and all NFL teams, is every season a new team emerges. Now while it is true that if you are lucky enough to get Brady in the 6th round, or pick first in a year where Luck or some other reasonable facsimile is available then you will stay at or near the top, most teams (Especialy the Chiefs) are NOT lucky.

    The Pats are showing the way over the last few years, with marginal talent, a great QB and great Tight Ends. The kid the Chiefs took last year in the 3rd round has a chance to be really good I think. He is real prick. The same size as Gronk with James Harrison mind set. The Chiefs would do well to take anther Tight End, try to continue to score 35 or more every game, make the opposition play catch up so the the talent we do have, Houston, Hali and yes Berry can use their speed to rush the passer. This is what Indy did with Manning, those Indy players were always light in the azz and couldn’t stop the run, but rang up sacks and pressures as soon as Peyton got them up by 7. A fast break team, could utilize the players we have and diminish the need for a complet overhaul.

    Kendrrick Lewis must have relatives in Indy or something, god he was terrible.

    In addition, the team was picked, at the beginning of the year, to get to 7.5 victories. Going crazy after every win or loss by this team was just unrealistic. The team is an ascending team guys, it really is. How far it goes, will depend on Reid and Dorsey and this is their FIRST year at the helm. Look at them as a mutual fund not hog bellies where ya lose your azz in one afternoon. They had 31 new players this year on the team and the verdict on the 2013 draft can, in NO WAY be assessed at this early date. Thats ridiculous.

    Congrats to Kero’s Chargers, they looked resolute and loose. Best longshot in the tournamnet right now.

    • chuck says:

      One more point, remember Bob Sanders? He was a 190 lb Safety who was always hurt because he jsut kamikazied like hell on every tackle. He got healthy in the 8th game the year the Colts won the Superbowl and should have been MVP for the season and the Superbowl game. He was brutal, didn’t last long, but he was prototypical of hte type of player, lite in the azz that the Colts brought on to play fast break NFL football.

      I think the Chiefs are not that far off with the speed guys they have, to being able to play fast break NFL football if they get the Tight ends.

      Just my opinion. Sorry about typos, eye infection.

    • harley says:

      chuck…chuck…chuck….you forgot to mention new englands receivers…
      including welker who was a huge reason for n.e. success…
      please do research on those past n.e. teams before making
      your friend

      • harley says:

        Harley (the right one’s) predictions for 2014…
        1. chiefs won’t take a qb….really only 4 good ones left
        with pro potential. manziel could be a real winner!
        but this is not the year to take a qb….long shots andthey’re
        not going to bench smith and I don’t know how daniels
        contract is structured at 3 million bucks…so they’re
        stuck there.
        get Charles back…another year of o line gives htem
        lots of experience and playing time together….but
        go get some great receivers…we saw what bowe can do
        but why wait til the playoffs…if he can catch 80 passes
        a year with 80-100 yards a game he’s worth the money.
        if he can’t trade him.
        receivers are a dime a dozen in nfl….avery/mccluster/
        Hemmingway might be second tier receivers but they
        let opposing team double team bowe. get another speedster
        stud receiver for the other side….4 million dollar range and
        not a rookie who takes times to develop….put him on other
        side and bowe improves dramatically.
        then you need a big tight end for 60-80 catches a year…
        opens up the outside for wide receivers…and even
        mccluster can get open one on one against lb.
        defense…the fools on here don’t get it. The speed in the
        nfl is about to look like Baylor/mu/osu/ with offense running
        70-80 plays a game if not more.
        chiefs…with just a few stars on d….need to get some
        college guys who are used to that upbeat style of play.
        It will rule the nfl before too long….because defenses
        can’t set up in nfl as quickly because of the huge number
        of different options a d plays today.
        linebackers are strong…you have 3 or 4 key positions
        filled for 2014….defensive backfield needs a leader…and
        probably for Sutton to use a more simplified defense against
        the nfl teams. too much confusion on the part of players
        with one year of working suttons defense…Sutton was
        with jets for all those years and outside one or two great
        players I don’t recall him doing much on the defensive side.
        I will need to check my facts/data later.
        the mccluster experiement might just jell in 2014…with
        another speedster outside (go the full width of field
        with receivers similar to Oregon)….Baylor….spread the
        defense out so much that Charles can drive atruck
        thru the huge holes that are created. By spreading out to
        the sidelines…opens up lots of slants…opens up screen
        passes….opoens up a mccluster to run crazy in the center of the
        field on his routes…and relieves all the pressure
        on bowe. Remember one thing (because you guys are
        really not thinking in this direction)…our receivers have
        done a great job of blocking downfield…a major rea
        son Charles has those big runs to the outside.
        they block great…but as far as play calling they need
        tp stretch the field out to take advantage of the speed
        they have in Charles.
        coaching…give them an A….putting together an 11 win
        season in a division tht had 3 palyoff teams and now 2 of the
        hottest teams in the playoffs facing each other (den/sd)…
        reid needs to make a play for Jeremy maclin/that type
        of receiver….because once they open the field even
        glaza could get 4 yards per rush.
        Kc can win the ball position war every game with
        Colquitt….just need to understand that the league is
        headed to the offense of (mouse davis…was that his name
        who ran up and down the field)….
        talent is there…need some more time together and to be
        less confusion on the defense side. Just too many plays for
        1-2 year players to take in in 8 weeks….
        go with a simple 10-13 play combination and play the
        right defense.
        As far as this season….anyone who complains about ths
        team is a complete freaking idiot. What did you expect.
        a rag tag team with 2 wins to 11wins (no matter who they
        played)….is a great forward stride.
        Kerwacky and glaza never wentto a a game this year.
        didn’t support team financially. Only bitched and howled
        about the weakness ofthis team. But if you 2 got out of the
        bars and stopped messing with the stupid young hotties
        you’d have seen the intensity of the fan support in this town.
        You both should be ashamed of yourself…not just for making
        some of the most stupidcomments…not just for not
        knowing how a team operates and functions…not knowing
        that every great team went thru years like this before they
        got good (I could mention 10)…..but next yar is key
        since they come off successful season and hopefully don’t
        fall on their face like other teams like Vikings etc.
        Lets support our teams…not run them down like glaza
        does…..and lets make sure they know we are their
        fans forever.
        I was totally disgusted with the so called “experts” and their
        shallow/inaccurate/fact less analysis of every game..pro
        and college.
        I will be starting my own blog on sports based on facts
        and data toshow these inaccurate so called experts that
        they know little if anything aboutsports.
        Just because you pick at an average rate for betting purposes..
        doesn’t mean you know anything.
        real handicappers looks at facts/past performance/matchups/
        etc. while the clowns of kcc shoot their mouth off just to get
        some reaction from those who know the real facts.

        • mike t. says:

          have to agree with you on this harley. good observations, imo.

          • harley says:

            thanks mike…this qb from orego has a
            cannon for an arm….I mean he can throw
            like no ones business….marriota?
            that’s the kind of player you take a chance
            on but not in the first round unless you
            trade a pick.
            glaze…answer my questions…………….

    • the dude says:

      Shore up the D line and D back positions and the O line and this team will compete. A healthy Charles would help too.

  8. CG says:

    How do we sum up this painful feeling about our Chiefs, again? I think all of us, fans, suffer from believing that somehow we are represented as a city by our two pro teams, the Royals and Chiefs. When we visit other places and say, “I’m from Kansas City,” then often we hear, “oh how about those Chiefs/Royals.” Then it kinda hurts. The reality is this..that’s often most of what they know about Kansas City. They don’t mean we as people are anything less because of the fact our pro teams have been poor for years. So have many other towns teams. Its just the other person’s way of saying hey I know something of where you are from, that’s all.

    Few of us have any relationship with players or staff of the Chiefs. We cheer on strangers who aren’t from here and when they end their career move away. Most players see the ‘fans’ as a pain in the ass, though they can’t say that for obvious reasons. Trust me they don’t enjoy doing the autographs, being slapped on the back by people they don’t know and often. They have their own real friends and family, that’s who they care about.

    We as Kansas City people put way too much of our emotion into these teams, especially the Chiefs. They have not earned that love and admiration, they just haven’t. The fans, the people of this city are more emotional than many of the players. We live for years with these failures and it bothers us greatly. We feel so let down. The players are usually worried more about, how much am getting paid, will I be here next year, how much longer can I play and be paid, what will it take for me to get more money and take care of my family and ME. Sure they want to win, but in the end it likely means more to YOU than it does to them. THEY AREN’T FROM HERE,THEY ARE NOT AS MUCH A LIFELONG CHIEF AS YOU ARE, in many ways. As you have learned they don’t know that much about the Chiefs past or really care…they pretend to for you, but hey they had nothing to do with the past..good or bad.

    So maybe we all have to take a deep breath, look around for better things in our lives to care so much about and watch the Chiefs and Royals more with a distant eye. It’s really just entertainment.

    I used to be like most fans, lived and died with these guys for a couple decades. In the 90’s I was friends with and involved with many players and staff of the Chiefs and the Royals. I got to know them in Westport, not only in the evening but a few became pals and we hung out…most of them are gone now, they moved back home. I slowly came to realize its a business and its just a big buck chance for these guys. Hey I’d like to make that kind of money, wouldn’t you. They don’t bleed Kansas City Red like we do. There are a few exceptions, but very few…they play for the team, the money, the glory and mostly themselves…not for you.

    We just need a reality check. It always comes hardest when the seasons over and we are let down, every year. I know winning this game in Indy would have validated this season to a great extent. They couldn’t do it. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. We need to quickly move on. You and I get no money or real glory from their winning or losing. The players checks remain the same win or lose. We lose money buying tickets, swag, gear, and parking passes. They make money. Again as we always hear the players say, “It’s a business”…one for them to make millions and one for us to spend our income on to help them do just that…win or lose we don’t get paid. Do we.

    We are one of Ameria’s few cities to have a pro football and baseball team, LA doesn’t. So we should continue to be proud of that and the stadiums we built. Kansas City is major league and maybe that’s all that matters in the end.

  9. harley says:

    another stupid comment from glaza…
    “The fans, the people of this city are more emotional than many of the players. We live for years with these failures and it bothers us greatly. We feel so let down. The players are usually worried more about, how much am getting paid, will I be here next year, how much longer can I play and be paid, what will it take for me to get more money and take care of my family and ME. Sure they want to win, but in the end it likely means more to YOU than it does to them. ”
    what b.s. glaza….you’ve obviously never been around players on this team..or
    the coaches or the staff or the front office….ever sat in hunts suite…or
    been in any suite…..this comment ranks as the worst of the entire season..
    to think these guys who play with massive injuries every week….play their
    hearts out…and side jockeys who never played a down in their lives
    come and say this crap…are you serious???????????????????????
    these players are serious…just like you are about your business…
    and they compete….the top pro athletes in the world….speed/agility/
    strength….and they don’t care about winning.
    come with me and see them workout in off season….you’re so wrong
    its pathetic.
    please stop comments asap…you are a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • CG says:

      P.S. never questioned their efforts, its for them not Kansas City..simple as that. Hey its a dangerous sport..they get paid truck loads…get it.

  10. CG says:

    Well friend Harley, looks like some agree with me, not you. To each his own…again, THEY MOVE AWAY, ALMOST ALL OF THEM, THEY DON’T GIVE TWO CENTS FOR THIS CITY…UNLESS ITS A CHECK, A HOMECOMING WHERE THEY GET ONE MORE CHEER AT ARROWHEAD, OR A CUTE GIRL..OTHERWISE KC IS A BIG BORE TO THEM…a fact..yes there are a few exceptions, Brett, Dawson, Ted McNight, and about 15 others..not too many out of a more than a thousand who wore the blue or red Harley, not many..riddle me that. WE ARE KANSAS CITY, NOT THEM. Get it?

  11. Dr. Oz says:

    Side effects of lithium may include:
    Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
    Increased thirst and increased need to urinate.
    Weight gain in the first few months of use.
    A metallic taste in the mouth.
    Abnormalities in kidney function.
    Abnormalities in thyroid function.

    More serious side effects of lithium can include blacking out, slurred speech, changes in heart rhythm or a heart block, and an increase in the number of white blood cells (not usually because of an infection).

    Side effects of valproate may include weight gain, drowsiness, low energy, stomach upset, changes in liver function, and problems with platelet functioning (thrombocytopenia). Uncommon side effects can include temporary hair loss, headaches, and confusion.

    I know that sounds bad Harley, but take the leap.

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