Sounds Good: Dumptruck Butterlips @ Granada, Noise FM @ RiotRoom

Is everyone primed up for the KCC Christmas Wilding?

If you don’t know, it’s going down on Monday, Dec. 23rd at the Conspiracy Room in the Uptown Theater.  Yes, there will be booze and food.  But more important than that, there will be entertainment.  No, I’m not talking live music.

I’m talking about the annual clash of writers and readers.  For most of the year, these two groups are kept separated for good reason.  But on this one special night, all bets are off.

Wanna wrestle Lefty?  We can arrange that.  Get a close-up view of Glazer’s mop?  Done.  Talk politics with Whinery?  No, no one wants that.

Anything goes folks.  See you there, but don’t forget to let us know if you’re coming…    


Friday, December 20th

Dumptruck Butterlips at the Granada in Lawrence

This here’s a little Christmas spirit coming your way in the form of gypsy-soul-grass.  And it’s a FREE show, so you have no excuses now.  This Lawrence band has been around for a few years now, and have done pretty well for themselves, touring and hitting up big festivals in the summer.  Their live show is an entertaining mix of harmonies, burlesque, and pickin’ and grinnin’.  And they’ve got the hottest accordion player I’ve seen.  Usually accordion players are not hot.


Saturday, December 21st

Noise FM at the Riot Room in KCphoto by Jim Vondruska / DoomsDayRobot

Yeah, this show normally is in Lawrence at the Bottleneck, but for some reason this year it’s migrated on to KC.  The Noise boys have been doing this Toys for Tots benefit for a bunch of years now, swooping into the Cowtown from Chicago to unleash their guitar-driven pop rock.  Disclaimer: there probably will be an ugly sweater competition, so that kinda sucks.  But if you can get past the most tired and overused Christmas party hi-jink, you’ll be treated to a night full of charity, booze, and good music.  Also on the bill are KC acts We Are Voices, Shy Boys, and Rooms Without Windows.
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