Glazer: Scribe Unleashes This Week’s NFL Picks

football-brainA few days ago I noted that the Chiefs were as high as No. 3 in the Power Rankings…

 I was wrong.  Since then I found a site where they were ranked as high as No 2, trailing only Seattle. Naturally, I was called every name in the book when people went on ESPN and found them listed at No 6.

Thus I became a liar.

Hey guys, there are over 50 different accredited Power Rankings. You can go on Google and type “NFL Power Rankings, Chiefs highest power rankings 2013” or a million other variations and find power rankings more (or less) to your liking. So fou find one you like and stick with it.

                                     Power Rankings don’t matter much. 

What matters is winning or losing in the post season. And the Chiefs are the hottest team in the AFC with two straight high scoring victories.  No other AFC playoff team has won two in a row these past two weeks.  And as of today, almost everyone ranks the Chiefs No. 2 in the AFC behind Denver.

The Chiefs will defeat the Indianapolis Colts Sunday at Arrowhead.

Unfortunately, Denver will also defeat Houston on the road and the big bowl games are still a couple weeks away. So this week it will be slim pickings with only NFL games again.


Chiefs (-1/2) over Colts teased with Denver (-4) over Houston

Seattle (-4) over Arizona teased Detroit (-3) over New York

San Francisco (-7) over Atlanta tease with Denver (-4) over Houston

I was  three and one last week and now stand at 53 wins and 32 losses.  So I’ve pretty much caught up to last year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Unleashes This Week’s NFL Picks

  1. Kerouac says:

    “The Chiefs will defeat the Indianapolis Colts Sunday at Arrowhead”

    – stranger things have happened (like the Luck-ies managing to beat DEN in IND), but I don’t think so case Colts vs Chiefs… KCinderella finishes 2013 11-5 after also losing to the Chargers in SD, final game regular season.

    Post season?

    Funeral pyre.

    [ Hit it Willie ]

    ‘On the road again –
    Defeat waits there for them on the road again.
    No pretend teams their opponents, not by then
    Be ‘L’ to pay when they get on the road again’.

    ‘On the road again –
    Goin’ places where they never win.
    KC pumpkined – “wait till next year” once again
    Clock strikes midnight/lose on the road again’.

    ‘On the road again –
    Defeat lay there
    Where Cinderella’s end waits for them.
    Season ends, nod Zen
    Cupcakes now all gone 11 wins can’t save them
    Upside down again…’

    [ so forth and so on ]

    Seeing Krazy George (Gallagher’s less strident brother?) causes me ponder: why does KC Wolf still exist? For the kiddies course, but, that he doesn’t fly through the air with the greatest of ease (of late) suggests that it’s time put old grey out to pasture too (or wherever it is old wolves go to… well, you know. Did retire ‘Warpaint’ the glue factory for many years; as it stands, guess wolves are an endangered species.

    • admin says:

      You know, I prolly ought to run down where Warpaint – the Chiefs touchdown running horse of the 1980s – and see where he’s buried.

      Pretty sure they snuck off someplace where Benjamin Stables was and buried out there illegally.

      Aren’t they about to dig all that up for redevelopment, like any day now?

      One of the better Warpaint stories was how they used to take him around to corporate meetings and banquets long after he was put out to pasture.

      I remember the manager of the Ritz Carlton on the Plaza telling me about the time they had him up on the stage at one of those events in their ballroom when he majorly went to the bathroom for all to see (and for someone to clean up).

      I also should track down that hottie who’s riding horseback at Arrowhead now

    • CG says:

      Kerouac, who knows. I have a kinda good feeling about our Chumps this year…maybe they will surprise us all. They have some talent, Charles is now a real weapon, Alex with time can throw, if our D can just stop giving up a million yards in the air a game, they could do damage. I say YES they beat Indy here Sunday. It’s a real start to the post season if they don’t, then maybe you are right. Lets see how much heart they have.

  2. Kerouac says:

    Speaking of ‘Warpaint’ and the riders who have, a nice story on the original horseman Bob Johnson is told in the video link below (he rode his steed from 1963-1980); about 15:41 in, the ‘hottie’ who rides ‘Warpaint’ today, Susie, makes an appearance.

    Johnson and former Chiefs players also talk about whether Bob ever had an accident… and whether ‘Warpaint’ did; watch where you step.

  3. Kerouac says:

    Not sayin’ I told you so Kansas City, but… real NFL team, real Chiefs show up – yet again… Colts 23 KCinderella 7; Cindy now 0-4 vs real teams, 11-0 vs the cupcakes.

    And then there were no more cupcakes left to flatten: next week they lose in SD to go 0-5/11-5 on the season. Then, it’s one & done the playoffs, per the usual (well, usual as a Chiefs post season appearance is.)

  4. CG says:

    Hail to Kerouac!!! You called it and your comment is on the button. The Chiefs can’t beat a good team, period. This was their worst loss of the year and at home and when they needed some more mojo. They are done as you said. They will not win another game this season, they will lose to SD and Indy and thats that. They got hot against bad teams, Oakland and Washington. All we have is Charles, a poor D, no pass rush and no receivers. Bowe needs to go next year, he is worthless again. I am sad that I kinda bought in to the ‘well now we have an offense.” We don’t. You were 100% right Kerouac, 100%. You are not a hater you are telling us what fans don’t want to hear, we still kinda stink. Sad but true. I was wrong you were right.

  5. Kerouac says:

    Yes… sad but true. I’ve seen this act since 1963, the good the bad and the ugly, so it is not to difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    They score 56 one week and 7 the next. The difference? 49 points, but more so miles of difference the opponents. One team a cupcake named the Raiders (though horrible, could have well won that game vs KC, storming back to within 35-31 ‘anyone’s game’, but again, OAK is a cupcake as their record attests. )

    Other team ‘real’ with a ‘real QB’, the Colts methodically d-o-m-i-n-a-t-e-d KC today’s game, Luck, Manning and Rivers (next week’s executioner) pedigrees don’t go down so easy as the teams led by Tuel, Keenum, McGloin etc. It’s really simple; home or away the Chiefs are mediocre; the Chiefs schedule/record is as Swiss as the Chiefs defense.

    And if folks believe next year will be better, think again. This current NFL made up above mediocre’s (DEN, SEAT, NO, NE, SF), medicore’s (KC + a few more) and then the rest the cupcakes, the difference between any of them is minute – there are ‘no’ GOOD teams in the NFL let alone great ones, period.

    Anyone can win on any given Sunday, but none of them could beat the 1960’s Packers (I don’t care how much bigger, faster, stronger yadda yadda etc etc players are today.)

  6. Super Dave says:

    Now Craig go tell all the weather forecasters you was wrong for trashing them.

    • CG says:

      I was not wrong, they have been wrong all winter, they got ONE right…the rest were wrong. Of course its gonna snow here and there. They have called for countless snows and ice storms already we got one.

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