Hearne: The Perks of Posting Knee-Jerk, Anonymous Comments

sickoLet the record show KC Confidential has been home-sweet-home to some of the most ridiculous, stupid, boring, obscene comments imaginable…

It’s also given birth to some of the best, funniest, quirkiest and informative comments. And unlike some sites, almost all of the commenters here use either real names or a recognizable nom de plume. That enables readers to develop a familiarity and to get to know and form opinions about the people behind the anonymous comments.

Like who doesn’t have a pretty strong opinion about Harley, whoever he or she may be. There’s the dude, balbonis, Mysterious J – the list goes on. They come and they go and you love them and/or you hate them.

But I think most of you will agree, it beats the heck out of  just “anonymous.”

With the odd exception, “anonymous” is mostly boring to me. It’s kinda like an out of date fashion that someone who doesn’t know any better still wears. I mean, it’s better than nothing and can be entertaining or informative, but…

Now allow me to share with you what anonymous posters on another blog wrote recently about specifically two named individuals. I’ll leave out their names, but tell me what was accomplished other than allowing some sicko to get his jollies courtesy of a website operator without the decency or common sense to know better.

“That asshole (Blank) was there last night whoring out his wife…Tell you what, just take her down to Troost that blond hair and chunky ass will make you rich in a week.”

“(Blank) can sing that well because while (her husband) is working I am coating her tonsils with my voice giving man juices.”

“I’d do (Blank’s) ole lady, I’d fuck her good in the ass then cum all over her face. That face to good to waste a load on her tits.”

Character-AssassinationClever shit, huh?

These are sterling examples of Free Speech by a website operator who was so supportive of them that when he got a complaint, pimped his readers twice more – without mentioning the names of course – knowing it was obvious to regular readers of the item the above comments appeared in days earlier.

I still haven’t opened up to comments my column yesterday – nor this one tonight – because I want readers to do a little more thinking and a little less knee-jerking.

However, one regular comments dude couldn’t stand the wait. He had to jam his two cents in via email ASAP, if only to lowly me. It provided a textbook example of the opening mouth before engaging brain syndrome.

I’ll share a bit of it with you:

“The comments you address about on Tony’s site surprised me as well since nothing said on Tony’s site said anything about the (Blank’s),” he wrote.

spoon-feed-twins-800x800Hold it right there…

It’s been a while since I had to spoon feed my twin girls, but that’s exactly what I had to do him. I had to email the comments in question that clearly gave the name of both the husband and the wife.

Funny thing, I didn’t hear from him after I sent him the comments in question.

I dunno, maybe he still couldn’t read them?

I won’t bore you with the rest of his email – trust me it was nearly as long as my entire column. The difference being that nearly half of what I wrote were quotes from a number of different sources – not just me blathering about a bunch of crap off the top of my head.

So here’s my overall take on the matter:

Comments are important and are not going anywhere on KC Confidential.

Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 9.08.05 PMBut times are changing and the days of hiding behind being “judgment proof broke” and/or obtaining free or nearly free legal services may be nearing an end.

Because other than empowering, slimebag smart-asses, what are we really talking about protecting? The right to bear thoughts or the right of sickos to needlessly offend?

Hey, I’m just asking…

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