Hearne: Scribe Unleashes Totally Legit, Post Denver ‘I Told You So’

waits-all-summer-for-football-season-favorite-team-is-the-chiefs-thumbLook, we all bleed Chiefs red -one way or another – right?

However some are a little more thin-skinned, and that’s okay. It’s understandable to be tragically bummed when your woman runs off with some Duck Dynasty wannabe or the home team loses. Shit happens.

And make no mistake, there’s no sin in reexamining the NFL team of  your choice midway through the season after having more time to evaluate them. And that’s what football Scribe Craig Glazer is guilty of.

But who doesn’t reassess things after receiving further information?

“Call me about the Chumps,” he said 45 minutes or so before the end of today’s Denver game. “Even when they were up 21-7 and people were calling me knowing I bet Denver, and telling me how dumb I was, I said, ‘They’ll lose’ – and now they are. They’re just not good enough. The offense is better but they have one of the worst defenses in football. Their big defense, that we talked about, now arguably is one of the worst defenses in football. Manning has thrown four bombs and will continue to.”

15875809-a-red-nametag-with-the-words-hello-i-am-a-genius-that-might-be-worn-by-a-brilliant-expert-or-very-smThere’s more…

“Well, I almost called the score,” Glazer says. “And listening to all the haters comments about I don’t know what I’m doing – the teases are stupid – in the meantime I refer you to my story and how I broke the game down. It’s almost as if I saw the game before I wrote it. Losers! Chiefs and Chopper.”

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9 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Unleashes Totally Legit, Post Denver ‘I Told You So’

  1. Jesse says:

    How many polish people does it take to make popcorn? 5, 1 to hold pan, 4 to shake stove. Barney miller great show

  2. BB says:


  3. CG says:

    To go along with that, we went 5-1 for the weekend beginning with the Pro wins on Thanksgiving night. We are now at 46-28. Very, very good and about where we needed to be to do what we did last season. Someone asked me this, “since you lost both Ohio State and Alabama on one tease isn’t that two losses?” No. If that were true the other 5 wins, which were mostly two team teases, a couple were not, lets say it was, would be ten wins instead of 5. You can push on a tease, but to get full win you need to win both games and that’s one bet, not two, or you lose one of two or two of two on a tease thats one bet not two.

    Look I left word for Hearne on this issue, the Chiefs losing again. I know some of you think I am being mean, or being a know it all on this football thing. We are doing this to have some fun. I know most of you don’t bet much at all, if anything. I was showing you a way to perhaps win more and win more often. For some of you readers its caused you to get mad at me for using a tease. This was so you could maybe win some money, not like TV or radio with pick a winner on some games. We see that on TV, like Red Zone or Fox Sunday pregame, or ESPN…its much easier to just pick winners without the spreads isn’t it. I’ll bet I’ve picked like 80% winners, but many of those didn’t cover so they are losses.

    AS for the Chiefs. It’s a hard pill to swallow, I know. LIKE ALL OF YOU I WANT THEM TO WIN and be a great team. They are having a good year overall, they will end up a winner, with 10 or 11 wins, maybe more. They are in the play-offs. So its been way better this year than in the past. They did get a ton of national attention for about 5 weeks. That didn’t happen in 2010.

    This is a team on the rise, we need some skill players to go with a very good quarterback in Alex Smith. NO he’s not a Brady or a Manning, but he’s darn good.
    Our defense was a phony, you kinda knew that early on, didn’t you? As I explained this was never a ‘shut down’ defense, which is way stronger than a big play defense, like the Panthers or Seattle when healthy.

    The Chiefs fake out six all pros last year also mislead even Andy Reid. Eric Berry and our entire backfield is suspect. They have way too often been beaten deep, this year a truckload, and same last year. Clearly Brandon Carr, now a Dallas Cowboy, was our best back on D. I think Cooper, who got torched, has talent and will be very good in time. The rest are just ok and a problem when facing elite quarterbacks, or even above average ones as we have seen. Brandon Flowers is way, way over rated, I think he is the Dwayne Bowe of the defesne…already past it.

    The Chiefs have much to fix for next year. So do most NFL teams. Today it takes way more than a good roster, its health, talent and luck…luck is huge and so is health. We just have not been too lucky around here with the Chiefs. We haven’t had a great receiver since Otis Taylor, half a century ago. Damn. Even the ‘great’ Tony G, didn’t get it done here really, he had not one big important game win, ever, in KC, not one. So I have always found this sure Hall of Famer a bit over rated too. You have to help win at least one big one guys. One.

    Hey maybe we get lucky this play off season, maybe we win a couple! Maybe it will happen, Alex Smith is good enough, if someone would just step up to help, like Charles has, that would be nice.

  4. chuck says:

    I can’t believe a guy got killed in the parking lot after the Chiefs got killed in the stadium.

    I used to go to Chief’s games and it was rowdy as heck, but I was young and thought it was funny. The NFL’s official descent is in place. Violence in the game, begets violence in the parking lot and the “National Felons League” is coming apart at the seams with Litigation and bad PR.

    Holy smokes, look at this.


  5. chuck says:

    The NFL is, however, very politically correct.


    The black guy at the end, NAILS IT!!

  6. the dude says:

    I want my article about Mizzou where all you clowns that kept crowing about how they made such a mistake by going to the SEC and leaving the Longhorn fail 12 get to eat that big plate of CROW.


    • CG says:

      You are right ‘dude’ MU is on the verge of their greatest season ever, need that win over Auburn to make that claim. I’m pulling for them. Great year, they deserve more attention from national media and from area media…they earned it.

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