Whinery: Just Legalize It, For Chrissakes

1297305958831_ORIGINALWith all the tumult and turmoil going on in the world – I don’t know about you guys – but I’ve found myself escaping further and further into the world of sports…

The Royals finally had a decent season and Sporting is progressing nicely in the MLS playoffs. But the “Big Kahuna” of KC Sports obviously is, was, and probably always will be the Kansas City Chiefs.

And here we now are in the midst of a 9-0 start to the season, and what rears its ugly head, threatening to derail things, but THE DRUG WAR!

Everybody probably knows by now that Dwayne Bowe, one of the highest paid players in the NFL and wide receiver for the Chiefs, was arrested for a CRUMMY 10 grams of pot in Riverside, MO.

Having grown up “Norte Del Rio” I know that not only is Riverside one giant speed trap, but I’m also pretty sure there are “de facto pseudo-quasi” customs which may place “extra scrutiny” on drivers through that fine town whose skin produces an “excess of melanin.”

If you know what I mean… 

I’m not trying to do my best impression of Al Sharpton here, but after being a criminal defense lawyer for around 15 years, the stories I hear from white drivers and those of “color” tend to skew towards far more scrutiny being placed on the latter.

I’m just saying, if Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was caught speeding through Riverside, with a few buddies,  would he have even gotten a speeding ticket let alone had his car searched for whatever probable cause the officers used to justify said search?

So here we are living in a world where basically practically everything sucks and one of the best things the denizens of Kansas City have going for us – our our beloved Chiefs – and one cop couldn’t use the same discretion he’s probably used in the past where marijuana is concerned. Just given Mr. Bowe a ticket and let him go.

Screen shot 2013-11-13 at 8.30.06 AMI know.

I’ve had a lot of clients tell me the cops have looked the “other way” where pot was concerned.

Mr. Bowe is now facing a possible four game suspension…for a blimey weed!

Although now we do know why he’s been dropping so many balls. And has anybody checked to see if the arresting officer is a Broncos Fan?

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  1. the dude says:

    Getting caught near a shift change makes a difference also, it got me out of a DWI one time. If I was of the persuasion of Mr. Bowe’s melanin content considering where I was (St. Charles, MO) I am not sure I would have squeaked out of it that time.

  2. the dude says:

    Yeah, they need to legalize and regulate it if they do the same for alcohol.
    The only problem is once they legalize, it will ruin the experience like they did with tobacco and cigarettes- add a bunch of crap to it to make it worse and more addictive.

    • Nick says:

      the dude –

      hasn’t happened yet in colorado; they sell weed of ,a href=”https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/colorado/colorado-springs/the-64-store?c=main”>medicinal quality out there that is no more physcally addictive than the nickle bags of yore.

      much better names, too – in september while we were in the mountains i got hold of a blend called ‘buddah’s sister’… nice, nice, very nice.

    • Jim says:

      Once legal, there will be nothing preventing you from growing your own. You can make your own beer and wine legally. You can grow your own tobacco legally. Can’t imagine you won’t be able to grow your own weed when that time comes.

    • harley says:

      dude…you tasted some of the stuff from Colorado?

      • the dude says:

        Yep, I’ll be taking a ski trip up there for New Years and I think I’ll need to try a little Blueberry or F-13 while I am up that way.

        Part of the problem with todays blends is they go for maximum THC content that melts your damn mind. I just want something that will mellow me out and I can still get some chores done around the house and chill to some tunes in the audio dojo. Not something that slams me down in the chair to where I can’t stand.

        • DSW-ESQ says:

          Agree- Whatever happened to “Mexican Press”

        • Nick says:

          Take some time and shop around; there’s a blend for every occasion.

          ; ‘ )

          Also? Not for nuthin’, but just west of Manhattan you MAY run into a dope check; the signage was still along the highway when we returned late in Spetember. Don’t know whether it’s just to ‘scare’ miltary returning to base, or Kansas is gearing up to grab some of the loose dope trade dinero, or the state needs to up its prison complex membership figure, but no way do you want to find out for sure….

          • the dude says:

            Ah, they run that same crap on I-70 and I-farty far in Miserry. The signs would say “Drug checkpoint ahead” and the stupid people would get off at the next exit when they freaked out and be promptly questioned when they exited at a checkpoint. K9’s and all that good stuff, we used to goof on those checkpoints in school and get super baked to where you could definitely smell smoke on our persons. Funny part of that was no matter how bad the car smelled the dogs would not do anything no matter how much the car smelled like left-handed smoke.

          • the dude says:

            Yeah, I saw some signage and road flares- ROAD FLARES?!?! in Salina on 70 right near the 135 intersection coming back from a ski trip a few years back. Had a good chuckle over that one but it also seemed potentially hazardous because until I read the signs I thought there might be a highway shutdown because of a wreck or I didn’t know what the hell was going on.

        • harley says:

          dude…you’re right…I want some skunk stuff..
          normal run of the mill backyard grown stuff.
          this engineered/modified/genetically high science/
          stuff just laysme out!
          those people in Colorado have taken this thing
          to a whole new level of crops.

  3. Dreamwriter326 says:

    The cops looked the other way early one early December morning less than a year ago when they came upon a Chiefs player they should have scrutinized more sitting in his idling Bentley parked on the street in front of a Kansas City apartment complex. A few hours later, the dude and his baby momma were dead.

    Jovan Belcher’s suicide and the resulting blame cast upon the KCPD for not busting his drunk ass that night might have cost some of his teammates a few get-out-of-jail-free cards around the area, even in Riverside.

    • DSW-ESQ says:

      That’s a great point… The Belcher thing probably has a lot to do with Bowe not getting a pass.

      • Jim says:

        Had it been someplace besides Riverside, MO I would tend to agree with you. I’m a native Northlander and I avoid that ‘burg like the plague. Those Barney-Fife-one-bullet D-Bags are the absolute worst.

  4. Libertarian says:

    When I got busted back in ’84, it wasnt on the evening news.

    • Leighroi says:

      You probably weren’t a multi-million dollar wide receiver for an undefeated NFL team either. 420 anyway.

  5. Davey Jones Locker says:

    Sure legalize it and and 30 years from now we will be dealing with the effects in the same way as cigarette’s and alcoholism. It’s harmless no different then alcohol. BS!! Second he should spend 4 games out if not more and to hell with the wins and losses. One need only look to the autograph lines for kids and aspiring teen athletes who figure a little weed won’t get them in trouble. If Bowe didn’t want the attention then don’t play the game. For a person that makes his living in being tip top physical shape and makes millions in the process seems a bit of a career risk to even touch the stuff. As for “profiling” let’s not forget that the stats support criminal activity is more apparent in the darker persuasion right or wrong that door swings both ways. If the chiefs season hinges on one player then it was never a team to begin with and 9-0 is nothing more then a fluke which is a bit of a dis-serving statement to the entire organization.

    • the dude says:

      Yeah man, doing drugs or booze when you are in season is just plain stupid when you are a well paid professional athlete.
      I wish I would have listened to older me when I was an athlete in college.
      I coulda been somebody! 😛

  6. bubba says:

    First I would like to make a point about use of pot. We have all watched episodes of cops. How often do the fucked up, bloody in a fight, just shot their roommate, what ever fucked up situation were found to be high on pot? Most of them are found to be raging drunk.

    Pot is not a panacea that some would like to make it out to be. There are bad things about pot but wasting all of this money trying to keep it outlawed is just stupid.

    Nobody has mentioned the JOCO case of the swat bust that was a bust. A family went and bought plant growing supplies in KCMO. I forget what agency was watching the store, but they wrote down the plate and forwarded it to the JOCO sheriff department.

    The JOCO sheriff department then went fishing for a pot growing operation. The start watching the house, the don’t see any signs of the type of traffic for a drug operation. So they start going through the trash, they say they go a positive for pot, turns out is was green tea.

    Wonder where in all of the cash spent on man hours investigating this went when they could even tell the difference between tea and pot. Unless you are like me and believe that they in fact could tell the difference but used bullshit lies about this to get a warrant.

    They served the warrant in the predawn hours with military type weapons and terrified a family. They are now suing for $7 million. Hope the judge likes round numbers and wants to send a message to law enforcement about violating peoples rights and ups it to $10 million.

    Sadly, our fearless crime fighters who like to storm homes and terrify children will be protected as they are necessary to protect us from this scourge on man kind known as pot.

    • the dude says:

      The war on drugs is as bogus as the war on poverty.

    • Davey Jones Locker says:

      Legalize it for the sake of not paying to enforce the unlawful use. Either way the cost is out of pocket. Pay to keep it illegal and the overhead there or pay it for the effects created by addiction, health effects, regulatory compliance and so forth. It’s the same as saying we spend too much to stop speeding so we should just lift the speed limit. The end doesn’t justify the means fact remains if prescribed it can alleviate suffering or discomfort but as a recreation you have to compare the costs of that activity to the cost of alcoholism, liver disease, lung cancer, social impacts, productivity impacts, escalation to harsher drugs, birth defects etc.. Neither is cheap but at least being illegal it has some deterrence.

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