Hearne: Scribe Calls Dwayne Bowe a Moron After Chiefs Star Busted for Pot

Dwayne Bowe Mug Shot

Dwayne Bowe Mug Shot

About Chiefs star Dwayne Bowe‘s pot bust Sunday in Riverside…

On one hand, it’s no big deal, on the other, it’s ridiculously stupid, the truth lying somewhere in between. So says comedy club impresario and sports scribe Craig Glazer.

“What a moron,” Glazer says. “The bottom line is Bowe was selfish. He knew he had a big game coming up and he could have stayed home and smoked pot. You know, if you’re going to be an idiot and you want to party, get on a plane – he’s a rich guy, he can afford it – and go somewhere you can do all that and nobody cares. But here he is driving along late at night in a flashy car with three big guys in it . He was asking for it.”

The flip side of Bowe’s pot bust:

“Well, it is just marijuana, which is a ridiculous law and part of the nation has legalized it,” Glazer says. “In and of itself, marijuana should be legal everywhere. However, it isn’t and Dwayne Bowe is one of the two most important weapons in this Chiefs team along with Jamaal Charles. And even though he’s not having a good year, him being out there means the other teams have to be careful because he’s a potentially dangerous receiver. But with him gone, the Chiefs already have an incredibly poor offense, so any hope of the team going very far in the playoffs would be unlikely, because he’s still helping the offense and doing things you can’t always see.”

And it’s not like other Chiefs players past and present haven’t or don’t smoke, Glazer says.

“I really think that’s one of the reasons Marty Scottenheimer‘s teams didn’t do very well in the playoffs,” Glazer adds. “Because the players partied way too much. And having been around the nightlife scene, I can tell you that on a regular, consistent basis, the majority of the Chiefs either smoke pot or do other illegal substances.

“It wasn’t a secret that Derrick Thomas had a drug problem. Conversely, Neil Smith didn’t do any drugs, to his credit. But he was the exception to the rule.”

UnknownAccording to Glaze, Bowe was a heavy pot user four years back or longer.

“I heard from reliable sources that were friends of his that he would smoke bong hits in the car on the way to games in 2009,” Glazer says. “And he got a four game suspension in 2009 for using illegal (performance enhancing) drugs. That’s a huge suspension. Remember Tamba Hali only got a one game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse police last year. So what does that tell you about Bowe?

“Here’s what’s probably coming next. The league could bring him in for drug testing tomorrow and it would still be in his system. And if he doesn’t pass that test, he’s got another NFL substance abuse violation and they could take him out for most of the rest of the year and possibly the playoffs. So it all depends on how the NFL wants to play it. Because the Chiefs are a Cinderella story and while the league knows this is really not that big of a deal, if they remove him from the team, it’s going to make it an uphill battle for the Chiefs – a mountain climb.”

The flip side of a small town Riverside cop with a drug dog in his car busting Bowe:

“It wasn’t really that big a deal, the police officers had the option of taking the drugs and letting him go,” Glazer says. “I know they’ve done it before, but obviously they weren’t big Chiefs fans. And it makes for great water cooler talk back at the station.”

Platte County Landmark publisher Ivan Foley tweeted a different take:

“On Bowe’s arrest: ‘Everybody gets treated the same. That’s the way we do business.’–Major Chris Skinrood, Riverside Police.

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20 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Calls Dwayne Bowe a Moron After Chiefs Star Busted for Pot

  1. Libertarian says:

    “That’s the way we do business.’–”

    Law enforcement a business? That, right there, is the problem.

  2. harley says:

    why they signed this worthless receiver to a big contract is beyond me.
    and everyone else.
    these guys are idiots…especially in riverside…home to many
    haters like chuck!
    if they do suspend bowe the chiefs should trade him. he’s
    worthless…slow….can’t catch sh*t…..can’t get open and
    he’s not agood blocker downfield…
    go after speed…
    look at Kenny stills now with new Orleans….guy is a burner…
    not first rounder…but the guy can catch the ball….

  3. mikem says:

    I’m not a Dwayne Bowe fan. He drops too many easy passes. The pot thing I could care less about.

  4. Libertarian says:

    This gives a whole new meaning to “the passing game”.

  5. CG says:

    I spoke with Hearne this morning, now we know more. A pot bust is a one game suspension. However Bowe may already be on the drug treatment program with the Chiefs as is Tamba. So who knows what they will do. It’s up to the league. They know weed is commonly used by most NFL players and its not a big deal, but the bust by cops is to a certain extent. My guess is he can delay all this for weeks or months if he wants too til he is convicted or found not guilty. However if he tests positive now, or makes a deal now he may have to sit out a couple games asasp..we’ll see.

    • admin says:

      And leave us not forget, it wasn’t merely a pot bust. The cop smelled smoke, so chances are they were smoking while driving.

      And that puts it into an entirely different category, a different league.

      Has there been any mention of whether a drug test was administered?

      • legendaryhog says:

        Ya…right. Every time a cop wants to search a car all he has to do is state in his report that he “smelled smoke” or “smelled alcohol” or “smell the presence of drugs” to show probable cause to search the vehicle without a warrant under the motor vehicle exception. Funny, these guys have the noses of a perfumer.

        As an aside, I don’t believe Bowe was charged with driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). I think it was just speeding (48 in a 35) and possession of a controlled substance. So perhaps one of the other passengers was smoking, or perhaps the search was total bullshit. I don’t know where they found the grass, on his person or in the vehicle. If it was on his person, they are usually only allowed to do a pat down for officer safety, ie, the officer has reasonable suspicion that the person he stopped has a weapon on him or something that may hurt the officer.

        • admin says:

          I’ll call the Riverside Police in a few and let you guys know what they say about Bowe being tested for drugs or not.

          Seems to me if they smelled it and they found it, testing for it would have been a no brainer.

  6. chuck says:

    Pot should be legalized. I am not saying Bowe should be driving while puffed up, but the draconian penalties, which are sometimes life altering and destroy youg people’s lives are counterproductive.

    I am 64 and probably half of my friends get puffed up regularly (Lawyers, progessionals of all types and blue collar guys like me.) and another 30% or so occasionally. I hate the stuff, but I don’t think it is as hard on you as whiskey. I get a half pint of Jameson in me and I am ready to charge up Seminary Ridge with a pool cue.

    Bowe, contrary to Harley’s in depth analysis, is a posession reciever who fights for the ball, kinda like A Boldin. He is a great downfield blocker in the mold of Keyshawn Johnson. He is NOT Megatron, but he ain’t bad and when he was signed, the Chiefs had little choice but to sign him, based on the talent available.

    I am not sure if there are “Haters” in Riverside, but they can probably block downfield at least as well as Harley expresses himself.


    • CG says:

      Agreed Chuck…In Bowes case I believe he is a daily heavy smoker and it has slowed him down, and made him off his game…big dif being 22 and smoking all the time and now he’s 30, seems to have made him play down.

    • harley says:

      oh wait…come on chuckles the worthless clown!!!!!
      bowe is not a #1 receiver as he pretends. Ask the professionals
      like dawson or any of the national commentators…they
      know more than chuckles the worthless CLOWN!!!!!
      chuck…bowe hasn[t been seen in a big game in months…but he’s
      listed as #1 receiver…..that’s not what you have your #1 receiver
      you dimwit…look at dez Bryant…welker….Johnson….that’s
      what they got bowe for….he’s busy smokingthe weed instead of
      studying tapes and film so he can get open 2 or 3 times
      a game for smith to throw to.
      I’m surprised you didn’t pull out one of your racist rants
      about bowe being a black man committing a crime.
      chuckles the sad old clown…hahahahaha!

  7. Hot Carl says:

    Legalize pot. This stuff is so stupid. My mom is 73 and the other day she said to me, “The next time I’m in Colorado I’m going to try pot.” I love that.

  8. bubba says:

    As usual Hearne goes to Glazer and misinforms. When there is a criminal charge, the league cannot act until there has been a ruling on the charge. My understanding is that only in extreme cases that tick several boxes, a simple possession charge is not enough to trigger a drug test. After all, the simple possession hasn’t been proven, he wasn’t cited for being under the influence, he handled the arrest in the best manner possible. The NFL is like the NBA, infrequent twice a year max per player completely random testing that even the dumbest jock can get around.

    So at worst, this will cost Bowe 4 games at the beginning of next year. But considering the physical talents that Bowe has vs his performance, he shouldn’t be smoking anything. If I was the coach, I would tell him, screw up with drugs or a route, you get a babysitter or benched.

    But this brings up an interesting point. Regardless of what people think, you still need a med card in Colorado until after the first of the year for reefer, pot, mary jane, what ever you call it is legal in Colorado for adults like booze is. What happens to teams that travel to Denver? Will they not only be playing at 5800 ft but also high in another way? If they do piss positive for THC, can they say, hey we played Denver last month?

    One last point, any adult that likes to toke should know the deal. More so if you have NFL money. Have your shit delivered. Don’t leave the house with it. Give it up for the season if you get paid millions per year to play a game. On these points I agree with Glazer, Bowe is a dumb ass.

    • admin says:

      Hey Bubba, Craig’s mission in life – and here on KCC – is not to be the absolute, final authority on any and all things but to inform, entertain and pique people’s interest.

      I remember discussing Bowe’s getting wasted on the way to Arrowhead at the time CRaig first told me. His source was impeccable by the way.

      Craig may not bat .1000 – who does – but his cup is almost always at the very least half full.

      That’s my view anyway.

      Plus you guys love to catch him on something and then pound on him.

      He’s the total package!

      • bubba says:

        First, read the first sentence of my comments. It was a jab at Hearne (btw since it is Hearne’s site who admin?). He seems to go to Craig when it get slow, just look at the last two weeks. If Hearne wasn’t lazy, you would think he would at least fact check some of Glazers statements. He doesn’t, he just shrugs it off and says “I was only quoting the wild man.”

        The idea that the great offensive weapon, Bowe was dumb by getting himself out of the biggest Chief’s game so far this is year has two problems. First he will play, second he just hasn’t lived up to the hype. I wish he was suspended, doubt it would make a difference.

        I posted everything else already. I do agree with Glazer that Bowe is a dumb ass.

  9. CG says:

    JUST so you will know, I did say to Hearne they likely will have to wait to see if he is even guilty. Nobody said he would surely miss the game coming up. Plus this interview with Hearne was done right when the news hit. Later we found out that he likely will not miss this weeks game and they usually, not always given the nature of the NFL guru Roger the dodger, do wait for a final result. His hearing is set for mid December, which likely will be postponed til whenever and there won’t be an ending for some time. It’s really all up to Roger on what will take place next. If he even cares deeply. Weed is used by most players and the league knows that as I stated. However police involvement changes the game…they don’t like that. So back to step one, they may put Bowe in drug program, test him often and even let this slide, but my guess is he will get a one game suspension, hopefully next year. If he is still a Chief, who knows, it will follow him where ever he goes.

    The bottom line is he was foolish, he was not thinking, he put his team in a possible bind, and so on. Bowe has proven to be overall in his career a bust to a certain extent. He has never been a top notch receiver and the team was forced to sign him to big bucks cause THEY DON’T HAVE A RECEIVER. HAVEN’T HAD AN ELITE WIDE OUT FOR 50 YEARS, NOT SINCE OTIS TAYLOR. THAT IS ONE MAIN REASON WE DONT GO TO THE SUPER BOWL GUYS, NO BIG TIME PASSING GAME, HAVEN’T REALLY HAD THAT ONE FOR SOME TIME. Bowe is an o.k. receiver on a team with none. End of that story. If we had a couple or one great one, Bowe’s days would be numbered here, they may be already.

  10. admin says:

    And for the record, while with the passage of time and further reporting things may appear more cut and dried on Bowe’s status for Sunday’s Denver game, there was nothing wrong with Glazer speculating on how the NFL might react.

    For example, an Associated Press story today describes Bowe’s bust as “throwing his status for a pivotal AFC West showdown against the Denver Broncos into question.”

    • bubba says:

      For example, an Associated Press story today describes Bowe’s bust as “throwing his status for a pivotal AFC West showdown against the Denver Broncos into question.”

      Want to give us a link? Was it updated today, just seen by you today, or just factually wrong. Don’t think you can take AP stories as fact anyway. A week or so ago they reported on Israel striking Syrian missiles that were being moved and Israel feared they could make their way to radicals in Lebanon. The report stated that the missiles could reach speeds of 300 kmph or 200 mph. Anybody who knows the tiniest amount about missiles knows this is standing still speed. The fact is that the missiles could reach Mach 3.7 and had a range of 300 clicks. Result is a missile that once setup can reach a target in less than half a minute. The reason Israel hit them, they could defeat the Iron Dome. To me this is a grossly sloppy. Point is that AP writers often don’t understand the subject they are writing about and make matters worse by looking things up on wikipedia and not understanding them either.

      I saw the Bowe story right when it broke. Never thought it would effect this season. A misdemeanor bust in the NFL seems to always result in good teams putting off action until the next season and bad teams taking their lumps ASAP so as to have a chance next year. I thought CG was mister sports, funny he didn’t tell Hearne nothing was going to happen anytime soon and it really was a non-story regarding Bowe’s starting. But that wouldn’t have made for a breathless story on a slow Monday. It did beat the stereo store closing story.

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