Hearne: The Predictable Unpredictability of Missouri’s Tigers

12159mizzouThe similarities between the Mizzou football team and the Chiefs is actually sickening…

Up to a point that is, but “Missouri has got more of an overall game,” says everybody’s favorite pigskin purveyor Craig Glazer. “Compared to the Chiefs they’re more talented and really, they’re closing in on what could be a historic year. I was a little hasty when I dunned them.”

That’s basically what passes for the good news right now.

“But it’s coming down to they need to beat Ole Miss,” Glazer says. “Because with the loss to Texas A&M, they’d be tied with South Carolina and South Carolina would play Alabama because they beat Missouri. But wait a minute, South Carolina has to play Clemson which may be better than them. So even though that game’s at South Carolina, Clemson may well beat them.”

Got that?

So that’s pretty much the bad news.

“But maybe Missouri is better off not playing Alabama at 10-2,” Glazer says. “Because then they’ll be 10-3 and if they’re 10-2 they might get a really good bowl game.”


The Scribe’s overall assessment of this year’s Mizzou squad?

“Well, it’s still hard to swallow that ridiculous field goal loss two weeks ago and their very weak shot at an undefeated season,” Glazer says.

What about the so-called Cinderella Factor?

“I think you could call Missouri Cinderella if they get in that SEC title game,” Glazer says. “I mean, they could get a big boost if they get (James) Franklin back at quarterback. But like the Chiefs, Missouri is having a way more interesting season at this point than anyone expected.”

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16 Responses to Hearne: The Predictable Unpredictability of Missouri’s Tigers

  1. DPW says:

    Isn’t Clemson in the ACC not the SEC?

    • CG says:

      Guess what you are right so now, oooops….even that loss and a worse record, gives the tie in conference to SC. You are correct. I don’t see another game S.C. would likely lose so MU has to beat A and M and Ole Miss…yikes.

    • the dude says:

      LULZ, LULZ, Galzer and LULZ.

  2. harley says:

    firstoff glaze…you know nothing about football.
    You’ve been wrong moretimes on your comments than anyone on here.
    SU about the chiefs/tigers/royals/hawks….your analysis is like
    that of a 10 year old.
    Please…don’t make these comments anymore.

    • Jim says:

      Don’t you just love the irony of a website that allows you to express your opinion freely while demanding that others stop doing the same thing? Beautiful.

    • CG says:

      I think my previews of games, players and results has been pretty darn good. Sure I can’t get everything right nobody can. To say I know nothing about football Harley is kinda lame given my presence in media on the subject, my picks, reasons and results. Sorry you feel that way. When you have to say what you think will happen and then defend what does, its not always easy is it. As we have seen from others picks and concepts on this site and tons more.

      KC is a town huge on sports. So its nice to have all the back and forth.

      • chuck says:

        Considering how many personalities Harley has, is it possible to steal his identity?

      • harley says:

        no glaze…you don’t have a single instance of how the
        race shakes out andwhat mu has to do to win their
        its that simple….so please keep your comments
        to betting/hotties/comedy…
        your comments about the chiefs/royals/tigers are
        so always off the mark that it’s irritating that
        hearne allows you to be quoted.
        if hearne wants to know whats happening in this
        town…whats going on….sports with chiefs/
        royals/mu tigers (I really don’t know much about
        ku…and I admit it….which is more than what many
        others on here say)..
        no/……glaze has a right to express an opinion…but
        it’s his facts that are always wrong…that’s the problem.
        no checking of facts…no insight into the team…just
        another couch potatoe who reads the vegas picks
        and makes some of the most incorrect statements.
        he can express his opinions…but the facts he uses
        are almost always wrong…..off….and makes him
        look foolish.
        get your facts straight…..

        • CG says:

          Harley like what I spelled Kobe wrong in a blaze, said Clemson could knock off SC and it could give MU the tie breaker only to have a reader remind me Clemson is in not in the SEC. If those are my mistakes out of hundreds of comments thus far..I’ll take it. Yes I made a couple errors. My fault. However my breakdowns on Chiefs and MU have been solid. The last few years I was out in front of everyone, I mean everyone about how bad the Chiefs would be, way bad when others all KC media said we’d win 8 or 9 or more and I said a couple and called them a clown show…remember? So come,come Harley if I can pick games to bet on I must have a bit of a clue huh? Lets be fair. I am fair with you. You have some great ideas and some good comments. You aren’t always correct, right.

  3. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Very good chance Franklin plays this week. Regardless, MU should destroy Kentucky and be sitting at 9-1, have a bye week, then head off to Ole Miss with a healthy squad.

    • harley says:

      guy…who told you franklin plays this week..
      please reveal who told you that…?

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        I’m sorry, did I say that Franklin was definitely playing this week? No. If you’ve been paying attention, even Pinkel himself said publicly that Franklin was very close to being ready to go.

    • admin says:

      Kentucky – my old state – could be a sleeper candidate if Mizzou isn’t totally ready and reverts to last year’s form.

      Don’t forget; Kentucky just barely lost to South Carolina away a couple weeks back.

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