Hearne: Scribe Worries Aloud About The Posers We Know as The Kansas City Chiefs

puddleofmudd459990Living on borrowed time…

That’s the uncomfortable feeling comedy club main man and football prognosticator Craig Glazer gets every time the Kansas City Chiefs live to tell the story after another squeaker.

“Well, they’re 9-0,” Glazer says. “It’s hard to explain being a Chiefs fan because every game looks the same. But it’s hard to swallow that winning by luck is what’s really going on. We all say it takes luck and talent to win a championship in the NFL and that’s true. but it’s beginning to look like it’s too much luck with the Chiefs and not enough talent – and that’s becoming painfully apparent.”

Take today’s win over Buffalo.

“Once again today the Chiefs faced an inferior team, but it was on the road and Buffalo was using an emergency quarterback who’d never started an NFL game,” Glazer says. “And for three weeks in a row that’s more-or-less been the case, and those teams have outplayed us, but we still won the game. Sure, it’s a possibility that a young quarterback can have a good game, but three in a row?

lennon0001“The fact that Kansas City left Buffalo with a win was almost shocking given how horrible our offense was. Our offense scored zero touchdowns, yet you look at the scoreboard and it’s a 10 point victory. But the list of lucky breaks that went the Chiefs way are almost too many to count. And because our offense has been so bad, we have to say we’re a great defensive team, but in our hearts we know that’s not true.

“Our defense gives up more big plays every week, but somehow – out of nowhere – they make the big interception or fumble recovery. Unfortunately, what’s becoming less and less frequent is our ability to make sacks and put pressure on the quarterback. In the last few weeks those have been few and far between.”

Crystal Ball Time:

“Luckily, the Chiefs have a bye this weekend and they get to rest,” Glazer says. “And yes, we’re 9-0 but it’s starting to get the feeling of 2003 when we were 9-0 and finished 13-3. But from 9-0 they went 4-3 and were embarrassed by Indianapolis at Arrowhead. The Colts went the entire game without punting one time – they scored every time they had the ball. That’s the reason there are so few references now to that team.

nfl_u_chiefs11_600“Look, it’s hard to feel bad when you’re 9-0, but I think Chiefs fans are getting that old, sinking feeling that yes, we’ll be in the playoffs, but we’ll probably lose in the first round and it’ll be another forgotten season.

“I also find it disturbing that a team that was 8-0 and desperately in need of help to make a playoff run made no moves. If Jamaal Charles gets hurt – which is sadly a real possibility in our situation – we’re done. I doubt we could win a game, because then we really would have no offense.

“But let me end with good news; we’re 9-0.”

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10 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Worries Aloud About The Posers We Know as The Kansas City Chiefs

  1. b12 says:

    Really? Chiefs were 2-14 last year. Human tragedy. GM is hated. Coach is riding out the clock. Fans in revolt.

    This year, 9-0. I think every rational Chiefs fan would have been happy with a 9 win season if you had taken a poll in July.

    This “column” is more like acknowledging that a string of 82 degree days have been nice, there were some clouds on those days…there was some humidity…and that like it or not, there could be thunderstorms in the future.

    My point: ENJOY IT!

  2. Lance The Intern says:

    What was Galzer’s preseason prediction for the Chief’s win-loss record for this season?

  3. Libertarian says:

    Its like this, folks-we havent ben a 4th quarter comeback team in oh, FIFTY YEARS.

    I too feel as if they “squeak by”…..that is until I remember that we CAN win in the 4th for a change.

  4. PB says:

    The 2003 team has absolutely ZERO to do with this team. Maybe, during this topsy-turvy NFL season, it’s the team like the Chiefs that is consistent and plays well enough in all three phases, that is really the best team.

    • CG says:

      Lance it was 7-9 wins. Like the nation I was wrong on this one, huh. Who said they’d go 9-0? Happens. I’m glad they did. It’s way more fun now for everyone. Hey only one team is happy in February. The one who wins it all.

  5. Rich says:

    We might be just squeaking by, but the other big dogs with better offenses are losing to mediocre teams. I can think of 31 other teams that’d be happy to have squeaked by to a 9-0 start.

  6. burl says:

    the reason the chiefs are winning is because of conditioning. in the 4th quarter in games this year chiefs have scored 70 points, the teams playing against the chiefs have scored 17 points in the 4th quarter. there not just beating them…there beating the snot bubbles out of every team they have played so far this year.

  7. Hot Carl says:

    Sure, the Chiefs could easily be 5-4 or 4-5 right now but they aren’t. I don’t care what happens in the playoffs (assuming we make it) I’m just enjoying the ride. And for the record, our offensive line sucks.

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