Hearne: KU Needs to ‘Judge’ Football Coach Charlie Weis Now

USATSI_7347720_220956_lowres“Charlie Weis; Wait until season’s end to judge,” reads the headline on KU Sports.com

While that’s likely how things will play out, football scribe Craig Glazer has a different take:

Ha! I heard that,” Glazer says. “Well, if his goal is to win one game in the Big 12 – which I suppose would be West Virginia -if that’s going to make everybody happy, start the parade.”

It’s like this:

alg_charlie_weis“I mean, Charlie’s entertaining and he’s a decent guy,” Glazer says. “But do I think he’s killing himself to win games? No. He’s collecting a big check, but I don’t get the feeling that the effort is 100 percent.”

The bottom line (for the time being):

“As long as he improves a little bit, KU will probably keep him,” Glazer says. “I mean, they’re not going to fire him this year. But KU is one of the worst college football teams in the nation.”

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8 Responses to Hearne: KU Needs to ‘Judge’ Football Coach Charlie Weis Now

  1. the dude says:

    Hopefully after KU fires him most people will realize this guy is a total poser.
    Bellicheck made this man and let him collect a lot of undeserved paychecks.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    You HAVE to be able to win at least two games in the God awful Big 12. Seriously. TCU – sucks. Iowa State – Sucks. WVU – sucks.

    • the dude says:

      Sorry Guy, I don’t think Chuckles is gonna pull that off this year. Building year and such, next couple a years also.

  3. admin says:

    Hmmm, how many football coaches will KU be stuck paying off their contracts if Weis bites the dust?

  4. PB says:

    Gill (contractually, within 60 days of his ouster) and Mangino are already paid off so that part isn’t really an issue. Paying out the remaining 3 years of Weis’ 5-year deal is probably still something they don’t want to burden themselves with though so unfortunarely Weis gets at least one more year. Either way, I’m with the dude, this guy’s resume is way overrated. Pats didn’t miss a beat w/o him, Notre Dame struggled with him as HC, how much of his success with the Chiefs was really Haley’s doing?, Florida’s offense totally blew with him at the helm and we all know about his current failures.

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Recruiting isn’t going well either. Grunhard certainly isn’t earning his pay in the KC metro area recruiting. His offensive line sucks too.

    • CG says:

      Now thats an interesting point about Tim. I have been friends with Tim for years, did his show on radio a ton. Fantastic person and now family man. I am surprised between his NFL status and Charlies they can’t attract some talent. Point well taken. I know Tim wants to one day be a head coach somewhere.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Tim shot off his big mouth early and often on KC radio about coming in and taking over the KC recruiting scene. Oh he was just going to come in and kick Andy Hill off his perch. Hasn’t happened, Tim. Isn’t going to happen, Tim. Not only are you recruiting to a shitty football program, you’re recruiting to a shitty football program in a down conference. It’s got to boil his bag that Shane Ray from Bishop Miege is kicking ass at Missouri.

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