Jack Goes Confidential: Geriatric ‘Last Vegas’—and Beyond!

last-vegasHeading to the screening of LAST VEGAS earlier this week I was primed for yet another version of THE HANGOVER

A geezer edition of what happens in Vega stays in Vegas, maybe?

At least that’s what the commercials for the comedy would have you believe. Senior citizens gone wild.

But guess what? Director Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure) takes things beyond the obvious—even as he joked about it recently telling an interviewer “the movie is rated PG-74.”

Here Michael Douglas is the driving force behind a senior quartet of best friends who all grew up together in Brooklyn. Matter of fact that’s how the movie begins with the Flatbush four as kids. Each with his own personality and character flaws.

Now some six decades later things aren’t what they used to be.

Morgan Freeman has health issues. Kevin Kline wouldn’t mind a final one night stand. And recently widowed Robert De Niro still holds a lifelong grudge against Douglas for reasons that fall into place near the movie’s conclusion.

But for young Michael Douglas life is good. He’s become a successful California attorney and has finally decided to settle down and get married—to a 32 year old hottie that is.

The nuptials to go down the following weekend in Sin City. So how can these four musketeers resist one final blow-out of a bachelor party?

last-vegas-trailer-01Easier said than done!

While the movie’s loaded with self deprecating jokes complete with our Stand Up Guys becoming judges in a poolside bikini contest—the tone and range of the proceedings go much deeper. And they become more poignant as the film’s 104 minutes long running time chugs along.

A good portion of the cranky Vegas wedding celebration comes courtesy of lounge singer Mary Steenburgen whose ways, wisdom and beauty steers matters towards an unexpected fork in the road. Throwing a wrench into these Grumpy Old Men’s bucket list.

So if you decide to check out this bachelor party that takes Medicare, be prepared to actually end up with MORE. And it’s all good.

Our screening audience of varied age groups thoughroughly enjoyed it. Lots of steady laughs throughout.

LAST VEGAS is new this weekend citywide—playing to a C+ grade.

(Reviewed at AMC 30, Olathe)

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