Hearne: Stanford’s on Broadway Mounts Comedy Comeback @ The Uptown

AJ Finney

AJ Finney

Now hear this…

At long last, it’s been awhile in the making, but now it’s official; after more than a decade, comedy is returning to midtown Kansas City on November 21st when Stanford’s on Broadway hits the Uptown.

“Despite all the difficult in putting this together, comedy is coming back to Westport and midtown,” says Uptown main man Larry Sells. “And now people can vote with their feet and come see some great comics.”

The club tips off with former KC comic AJ Finney.

“He started out as a local comic and was on KY with Max, Tanna and Moffitt,” says Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer. “Now he has a top 10 iTunes comedy album and is a regular on the Sirius comedy channel. He’s a cutting edge, hipster comic who first got noticed when he won the HBO comedy event in Las Vegas a few years ago.”

Speaking of which…

“The idea is there’s more of a cutting edge audience in the midtown area,” Glazer says. “A more energetic, going-out crowd. And we want to test the water and see if the more cutting edge comics will draw here. You know, we didn’t leave Westport because we wanted to. We lost our lease to a radio station that’s still there today.

epps-hc“And what this winter comedy series is about is we’re testing the waters to see if people want comedy back in midtown. And in addition to that, we’re looking at bringing bigger comedy acts to the big room at the Uptown. We’re going to do several months – mostly on weekends – and see how things go.

“I’m excited about it. You know, we don’t see a lot of people from Westport and midtown at The Legends. And I love the Conspiracy Room. It’s reminiscent of nightclubs like the Cotton Club in New York. It’s got that 1940s deco look.”



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17 Responses to Hearne: Stanford’s on Broadway Mounts Comedy Comeback @ The Uptown

  1. Hot Carl says:

    I’m pretty sure the Cotton Club closed in 1940 so I’m not sure how Glaze knows his new place will have that vibe (unless he’s even older than he lets on). Nevertheless, I hope it works out. It’d be nice to have.

    • CG says:

      As I told Hearne I was referring to the MOVIE COTTON CLUB WITH RICHARD GERE, the look that place had, that’s all….I would think they were not around much after the 30’s…Hearne didn’t see what I meant and changed it to the real Cotton Club, which is fine.

      Most important I hope mid town will come and support live comedy. They did before so we will soon see. Hey its fun, its different and we all need to smile and laugh.

  2. AE says:

    Good news. I remember some of the comics used to hang out in Westport after their gigs… …I saw Screech at Buzzard Beach!

  3. harley says:

    GOOD LUCK GLAZE….hope things work out.
    But don’t be like david glass and scrimp on the talent. People
    want you to be successful (except the haters on kcc and tkc)…so
    no more local comics…bring in the big hitters…people will pay
    for them…..look forward to this doing well….
    aj finney won’t fill a room….you’ve got to bring the names in
    but how can you not compete with your legends location?
    again….mazel tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chuck says:

    Should be a great venue.

    Mazel Tov.


  5. CG says:

    Thanks guys, gotta get it rolling first. AJ is a good name and does well or he wouldn’t be there. You know we are getting a bit older and the new stars or hot comics may not be familiar to our age group. We don’t watch Chelsea much or Comedy Central much, its an ever changing landscape. Harley you like Bobby Slayton, so do I, but comedy goers under 35 are not too familiar with him, they would rather see Josh Wolf or TJ Miller for example…its ever changing, still there is a place and following for all good comics.

  6. Sniffles says:

    So a new midtown coke source. Cool.

  7. Johnny Humdinger says:

    How long will this run be since it sounds like Hamburger Mary’s is going to be doing a build-out of the Conspiracy Room in order to move the restaurant into the space early next year?

  8. admin says:

    Remember? Craig called it a “winter comedy series.”

  9. CG says:

    Hamburger’s is opening a cocktail lounge next to us on Broadway…they are planning to open a restaurant in late summer using our current space…we then would have a comedy club in the Valentines shopping center across the street, built for us by then. So all winter we will be at 3700 Broadway, Stanfords on Broadway. It’s a great venue hope to see you all there soon.

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