Hearne: Mizzou Football, Vahe Unmasked; Scribe Looks for Bottom to Fall Out

hi-res-184220464-ldamian-washington-of-the-missouri-tigers-reacts-after_crop_northIt’s not polite to say, “I told you so,” but…

“Unfortunately, it looks like my original prediction about Missouri is more accurate,” says Stanford’s main man / football scribe Craig Glazer. “I think Missouri’s got a win or two left in them, but they got undressed Saturday. They had a cavalcade of embarrassing plays. Just everything was bad – poor coaching, playing not to lose, the Missouri quarterback in the fourth quarter stopped throwing the football. But once you start playing not to lose, you lose. And they lost to a good, not great South Carolina football team at home.”

Now the really bad news:

“The real Missouri showed up,” Glazer says. “I know KU fans love this but Missouri will drop like a bomb in the ratings because there’s no respect for them now. They’ll drop to around 15 – somewhere between 13 and 16  is where they belong. And they’ll play themselves out of the Top 25 before it’s all over.

“Sadly, what we deep down all knew that would happen did happen. What we saw with Missouri sadly is eventually the fate of the Kansas City Chiefs. Because in the end, the talent just isn’t there.”

vahe_2As for new Star columnist Vahe Gregorian‘s latest chant, echoing MU coach Gary Pinkel’s claim that Saturday’s loss to South Carolina did not define his team’s season…

“I totally disagree,” Grazer says. “That game did define them. He’s wrong, it defined them as who they are – a team that has not, cannot and will not ever win the big one.”

Why not?

“Because of the way they lost,” Glazer says. “If that had been a gut it out battle between two good teams, I could see it. But Pinkel gave the game away. They had a problem with the placekicker before and they knew it, but instead of looking around the school and the team for somebody else who could kick, they stuck with him and he did a Lin Elliott.

“I mean, Pinkel knew the guy wasn’t any good. I can understand missing a plus 40 yard field goal, but this was a junior high field goal. And he shanked another field goal earlier that would have won Missouri the game.”

As for suicidal MU fans and deliriously joyous KU fans, “Missouri fans were two things,” Glazer says. “Devastated and embarrassed. They wanted to put sacks over their heads. I mean, if they went up against Johnny Football and lost, it’d be one thing. But they let an average quarterback make their defense look like monkeys.”

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10 Responses to Hearne: Mizzou Football, Vahe Unmasked; Scribe Looks for Bottom to Fall Out

  1. the dude says:

    Last time I checked SC was and is a top 25 team so they are a little better than good.
    Not the best way to lose but they did take it to a 2nd overtime.

    As usual the Glazed doughynut doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about.

  2. Lance The Intern says:

    BCS, Harris and USA Today all have MU ranked in the top 10 ( BCS #9, Harris #9, USA Today #10)…Glazer’s a moron.

  3. harley says:

    stfu glaze…you continue to make a fool of yourself with this seasons
    you’re dying on thebetting line.
    your picks are dead.
    you were off on the royals..(of course once they win you change your
    colors…as always)
    you were off on the chiefs (again)…and you now change your
    mind on them also…
    and now you’ve eff3ctively shown yourself out of touch with the
    college football world by predicting (for the 100th time)
    the end of mu football.
    You know nothing about mu football…a missed fg kept the game
    from going on….
    s Carolina was a top ranked team and has some of the top nfl
    draft choices on its team.
    Please..please…no more info on mu or the chiefs.
    My dog has more intuitive nature about football than you.
    please….you know nothing besides these wishy washy back and
    forth change your mind daily…..make up crap stories that
    are showing you really don’t know what you’re talking about.
    sorry dude….please stop inserting your foot in your mouth.
    EVEN LANCE THE INTERN proved you wrong.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Glazer continues to be a know nothing BUFFOON. Last I checked, Mizzou was still sitting atop the SEC East, and heading for games against Tennessee (home) and Kentucky (road). Both should be wins, and Mizzou will be sitting at 9-1. Then coming out of the bye week, they’ll go to Ole Miss with James Franklin back under center. Oh and if you had any REAL inside knowledge (which you DON’T) you’d know that James Franklin is already throwing and due back sooner than expected. Possibly as soon as the Kentucky game.
    That being said, Andrew Baggett and Dave Steckel cost Missouri this game. Baggett for obvious reasons, and Steckel for some reason having Mizzou in man coverage on 4th and goal from the 15 when SC HAD to have a td and nothing else. Sheezus! Rush 3 guys (Ealy, Ray, & Sam) and put six at the goal line with the other two behind them. PLAY ZONE.

  5. CG says:

    I see, so I’M THE CRYBABY. Ok. By the way save MU I was perfect this weekend, perfect. Pro and college…so…

    • harley says:

      your picks are bogus….in the end you’ll lose….that’s
      the way the stack goes…
      the longer you stay in the game…the more you will lose…

      • CG says:

        Really hasn’t happened in four years. My record is public. So why do you say that? How is it bogus?

  6. speedy says:

    “I know KU fans love this but Missouri will drop like a bomb in the ratings because there’s no respect for them now.”

    Speaking of KU, let’s see an article about how their football season is going…

    • the dude says:

      Oh, well, if you must know Speedy the Lawrence JV college team is doing just ducky. Thanks fer asking.

  7. CG says:

    S.C. does have Clemson on their upcoming games, last game but it is non-con. and likely Clemson beats them.

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