Glazer: Scribe Sets Wobbily Sights on College, Pro Football Weekend

UnknownSomebody’s going to have to pinch us and wake us all up…

Because both the Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri are undefeated at 7 and 0.  We’ve heard the same conversations about our Chiefs over and over – great defense, weak offense.  Keep this in mind, with about half the quarterbacks in the league either injured or not playing due to injury. Right now, we are the lucky ones.  In fact our Chiefs may be the healthiest team out there as of right now.

With the season nearly to the halfway point, it’s become abundantly clear that our offense will continue to struggle scoring points.  All we seem to get is one or two scoring drives per game to go along with whatever our special teams or defense can create.  And there are just a few days left for the Chiefs to find a helpful trade or pick up outside help.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel like anything major will happen in that regard.

I mean, how bad is it out there when the Saint Louis Rams are calling Brett Favre who retired three years ago and now a high school football coach? As you may have heard, his answer was a resounding no.

Maybe it’s Tebow Time for the Rams. 

o-TIM-TEBOW-GQ-MAGAZINE-JESUS-POSE-570The Cleveland Browns have added Jason Campbell as their starting quarterback.

Hey, the breaks just keep coming our way.

So unless Cleveland’s defense can shut down our offense and score, look for the Chiefs to wake up Monday morning 8 and 0. 

I see the score as KC 24, Cleveland 9.

Meanwhile, the Missouri Tigers – ranked 5th in the nation and also undefeated – will face a very good South Carolina squad in Columbia.  The Tigers may be a two and a half point favorite, but Missouri have a much tougher task ahead of them this weekend than the Chiefs. At least they have a balanced offense and defense so they should win and go to 8 and 0.

1203_largeBelieve it or not, the Tigers are now in the National Championship picture.

The only team that will likely to be favored to beat them on the road is Texas A&M

If that is their only loss they will then face Alabama in the SEC Title Game.  And should the Tigers do the unthinkable and beat Alabama they would head to the National Championship to face either Florida State or Oregon.

We can dream, right?

There’s also a lot of noise coming out of Denver that Peyton Manning may have more damage to his body than we’ve been told.  Clearly, the Chiefs will need to win their division, to play all their post season games at home to have a shot at the Super Bowl.

Hey, dammit, maybe we get lucky this year.  It’s about time.  Why not us?

College Picks

MU (-2 ½ ) over South Carolina

Alabama (-21) over Tennessee teased with Florida State (-25) over North Carolina


KC (-1) over Cleveland teased with New Orleans Saints (-4) over Buffalo

Seattle (-4.5) over the Rams teased with the Packers (-2) over Minnesota

San Francisco (-8) over the Jaguars teased with Seattle (- 4 ½ ) over the Rams.

I’m having a down year so far at 24 and 19, so hopefully I’ll get back on top this week.

Have a great weekend and follow me on Twitter @KCKingofSting.

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17 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Sets Wobbily Sights on College, Pro Football Weekend

  1. the dude says:

    TeeBLOW! TeeBLOW!!

  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    4-2 last week for me (2-0 CFB, 1-1 NFL, 1-0 boxing, 0-1 rugby), Craig you appeared to take a bit of a licking last week….


    Akron +10 over Ball State. Akron the lovable losers who play everyone tough enough to lose will cover the spread. There is some danger with this one as BSU has a potent offense but hopefully the Zips squad that came within a last minute touchtown of beating Michigan will show up.

    Texas +2 over TCU: UT proved they aren’t as crap as everyone thought they were in the big win over OU in the Red River Shootout. Coming off a bye they have had a week to prepare for TCU who certainly doesn’t have an Andy Daulton under center this year. UT will be looking to avenge a rare loss last year against TCU. Colt McCoy’s younger brother has been good since being promoted to the starting QB job due to injury. Horns over Horny Toads

    Take KU + 35.5. The Big 12 losing streak continues for the FauxHawks but KU is good at getting garbage TDs and covering giant +20 spreads. Baylor wins but KU covers.


    SF -14.5 over Jacksonville at Wembley. J’Ville is almost as bat ATS as they are straight up, only covering the preposterous Denver spread of 28 two weeks ago. They still cannot score, and San Francisco will want to go out and show the Brits how we play real football. In an added bonus, Jacksonville owner Khan will have the distinction of being routed on two continents in front of his countrymen.

    Dallas +3 over the Lions. Dallas has done a fairly good job this year ATS due to low expectations and Romo-bashing. Stafford is having a great year but the Lions are always prone to be the Lions.

    Sweet Science (Iraq War edition or Brain Damage a go-go, Hopkins v. Murat):

    Hopkins has proven himself perhaps one of the best ever with his longevity and ring intelligence. He is also nearly a half century old. He is a 9 to 1 favorite over Iraqi born Murat at Boardwalk hall in Atlantic City so you can’t bet that.
    Hopkins hasn’t KO’ed anyone since De La Hoya in 2004 so expect this to be a decision win by Hopkins. Murat is a good light heavyweight who holds an intercontinental title belt but he is and will never be Hopkins, even a 48 year old Hopkins.

    TAKE THE OVER 9.5 rounds. You win if fighters answer the bell and the fight is not waived off before 1:30 in Round 9, regardless of victor.

    Obscure Sports Bet of the Week:

    Stade Toulousian will cover the -4 at home against their big league rival Toulon who have been complete crap on the road this year. I whiffed last week picking the London Saracens over Toulouse, who played inspired rugby and beat the Saracens 17-16. Toulouse are the reigning European club champs and they are looking to keep up their excellent form against an in-country rival in Toulon. Toulon is bigger but Stade plays better more uptempo rugby and is still skilled in the rucks despite being outweighed.

    AKRON +10, UT +2, SF -14.5, Dallas +3, Hopkins-Murat +9.5, Toulouse -4

  3. chuck says:

    Balbonis is runnig hot! Nice picks dude.

    I was 3 and 3 for a push 3 weeks in a row. I will hang my hat on nailing it every Monday night so far on the over and under and the winner. The gambler’s bane, injuries hurt me last week, but here we go— 🙂

    • chuck says:

      Oops, too much coffee, hit the post button—here we REALLY go–

      First, ya gotta love balbonis for having the nerve to bet the Dallas – Detroit game. Everyone is nicked up on both sides and there is no way to know how much each guy hurts at game time. Plus it is a hell of a big mid year game and as Christina Pagniacci says, “No intensity, no victory”. Who wants it more? I don’t know and don’t have the cajones to bet on it.

      Good luck buddy!

      Philly is 5.5 over the Giants, Vick is back, he loves come backs, the Eagles kill ’em. Take the Eagles.

      I don’t like the KC game, the other team’s QB has the initials JC and a good D. KC wins close. I am staying away.

      Arizona is a 2 point favorite over the Atlanta Falcons. Carson Palmer will feel no pash rush and Atlanta will feel the air going out of the baloon that was their season. Take AZ.

      Washington is a 12.5 underdog to the Donkeys. RGIII is back in the saddle, the Denver D is suspect and Peyton, while a stand up guy who lets negativity roll off of his back like water off of a duck, is tossing some quakers out there into mid air. Take the Washington Red Skins.

      Green Bay is a 9 point favorite over Minnisota. Take the Pack.

      The oh so important Monday night pick for all the offices, bars for Mr. and Mrs. America, border to border, coast to coast and all the ships at sea, here shi is–

      Seattle is a 11 point favorite. Take the Hawks they will kill ’em. The over and under is 42. Take the under. The best player on the Rams, is a guy named Zac Stacey. He actually is pretty good. He is a running back. The Rams were a long shot with a decent D before their very average QB got his knee bent backwards. Now there is Kellen Clemmons who last won a game in 2009 and last started a game in 2011. He sucks. Jeff Fischer will run the ball, eat up the clock and try to kill as much pain as he can for his guys with the running game. Seattle will score 3 touchdowns and a feild goal, St. Louis will score 10 junk time points. Take the UNDER!

      If there is an upset, it will be in Denver.

      “And David put his hand in the bag and took out a stone and slung it. And it struck the Philistine on the head and he fell to the ground. Amen.”


  4. chuck says:

    Ok, Peyton is not throwing “quakers” into the air, maybe some Amish, but NEVER a Quaker.



  5. CG says:

    Now this is what I’d hoped for in football. You guys making statements, picking teams and not all the hate mail at me or others. This is really great stuff, and hey some of you guys are winners!!! I like the picks and the information, well done.

  6. CG says:

    Not again!!!!!! Missouri just matched up with the Chase Daniels team, the overrated KU Orange Bowl winners and so on. I got to my hotel in time to see that joke of an ending. Missed two short field goals. I kid you not I could have kicked the overtime one, what 15 yards! Please Chiefs don’t do what MU did to us, Please!!!! MU will fall to number 15 in the nation or about that..yes its back to THE PINSTRIP BOWL…oh they could win out and face Alabama. RIGHT. Look for at least two more loses and 9-3 or 8-4, bye, bye MU. Christ. I can’t believe that game, can you?

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      Gary Pinkel has no clue how to properly kill a clock. They had such a nice lead with 12 minutes left in the game. Oh well, they are outperforming expectations this year anyway…

    • harley says:

      there you go again glaze…a ridiculous misplay on the field goal
      and you jump ship.
      Maybe that’s why your love life is always in transition.
      When you find something wrong (even something small) with one
      girl you jump to another. I don’t know ….but it seems you’re
      always switching ships before the voyage is over.
      Of course missour was going to eventually lose. the odds
      are against that team going undefeated…and if youthought
      they were you hadn’t looked at the stats. The stats don’t
      lie…in politics or sports.
      they can still beat their remaining opponents or lose
      1 or 2 games and still play Alabama in sec championship.
      and wouldn’t that be a incredible scene in their second year.
      Both the chiefs and tigers have gotten some incredible breaks
      this year with opponents injuries/poor play/and a lot of
      lucky calls/plays.
      It was their time…..remember life is all about streaks..
      some short…some long….you just gotta know when to
      sit back and analyze the stats that tell the story.
      Ican’t see kc playing with Denver…Denver scores too
      many points…kc will need 35plus to beat Denver in either
      game…and that amount of points to advance in the playoffs.
      its going to be a great November/December/January….
      and it sure beats last years horrible seasons.

      • CG says:

        Harley good points. Now that a week has gone by, yes MU has a decent shot to get back in this thing. I see Tenn. qb. is hurt so that looks to be a win for MU at home, so they move to 8-1, they will beat KY. so that’s 9-1, comes down to having to steal one from Ole Miss, which they could or Texas A and M, that is a toughie, kinda their Denver, like the Chiefs. But seeing that mess pissed me off so bad, it was just giving away a ‘lock’ game that would have likely sent them to see Bama. But yes they still have a decent shot, and looks like Franklin will play maybe some this week and start after if his arm is ok. That would be huge. So if MU goes 10-2 with the loss to S.C and they are 10-2, I think they likely would be, no? Who goes? Doesn’t the loss between them send S.C.?

  7. balbonis moleskine says:

    I was 4-3 this week

  8. CG says:

    Made a nice comeback this week, 4-1 only loss was MU…so we are now 28-20, moving back up…perfect in the pros got all three calls and won six games to do it, nice.

  9. chuck says:

    3 and 3 a push again.

    Vick killed me with the Eagles. RGIII got hit more that Jerry Quarry. He will last about 2 more games like this.

    Nice goin guys.


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