Hearne: Unapologetic Scribe Hitches Ride on Tigers, Chiefs’ Bandwagons

brad-willis-antlers-1It takes a big man to admit he made a mistake…

And that’s exactly what Stanford & Sons main man / football prognosticator Craig Glazer is here to do.

“I was wrong, Missouri is a very good football team,” Glazer says. “They’re beating SEC teams; they’re beating teams on the road and they’re beating them handily. All of a sudden, Missouri is a glamor team and nobody nationally knows anything about them.”

Kinda like the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Well, the Chiefs are 7-0 and no 7-0 team has ever missed the playoffs,” Glazer says. “And approximately 50 percent of the teams that have won their first seven games in a row have gone to the Super Bowl and 25 percent of the teams that go 7-0 have won the Super Bowl.”

bet-on-super-bowlThat said, Glazer remains unapologetic.

“A lot of people are giving me crap because I’ve been pissing on the Chiefs for several years, but I was just being honest,” Glazer says. “I’m not a homer but I want the team to win every game they can. But I was right to piss on them and I think being a Kansas City fan, people are always waiting for the other shoe to fall because it always does.

“Still this is a big sports day in Kansas City – Missouri’s ranked 5th in the nation and the Chiefs are undefeated. The difference between Missouri and the Chiefs is Missouri has an offense. And if this kid (freshman QB Maty Mauk) can run that offense the way he ran it Saturday – look out – they could win every regular season game and face Alabama undefeated. And if they beat ‘bama, how cool would that be? They would go to the title game.”

ikeepsitreal1Not so fast…

“Missouri, much like the Chiefs, are riding the waves of good fortune,” Glazer cautions. “And if their quarterback can continue and beat South Carolina at home this weekend and go to 8-0, that pretty much, almost locks them into facing Alabama for the SEC championship, which is mind boggling. And if Missouri faces Alabama and loses – which they probably will – they would still get a big bowl game like the Cotton Bowl. But just playing Alabama would be phenomenal for their program.

“They probably won’t get a BCS game though. The only way they get a BCS game is if they go into the Alabama game undefeated and have a close loss to Alabama. But Missouri is on the verge of having the best football season they’ve had in 100 years. It’s a baby miracle.”

Back to the Chiefs…

“They’re playing Cleveland at home this weekend, so they should win that one and go to 8-0,” Glazer says. “Then they go to Buffalo and that’s going to be a little bit of a task because Buffalo is kinda in the playoff hunt for a wild card berth. But my guess is the Chiefs will be favored and probably win and be 9-0 which unfortunately matches their 9-0 start in 2003 with coach Dick Vermeil in what I call the phony season.”

Stay tuned…

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20 Responses to Hearne: Unapologetic Scribe Hitches Ride on Tigers, Chiefs’ Bandwagons

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Craig, for God’s sake stop. If Missouri rolls into the SEC Championship game and loses and sits at 12-1, they’ll get a BCS game. That being said, we’re a long way from that. MU has some extremely hard games coming up.

    • Craig Glazer says:

      Guy, agreed. Yes its a strech today to say MU can win out. All their games are winable and most are surely ones they could lose especially SC, Texas A and M with Johnny Football so on…so losing a couple more is likely, but hey I hope they continue the ride. We all do. Its great for KC, so are The Chiefs. Nice to be in the big picture half way throught the season. Nice.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        I’ll say this….if Johnny Manziel goes down for aTm, they are HISTORY.

  2. Libertarian says:

    Funny thing is, our defense kind of stunk, save for Jared Allen, during the “phony season. Trent, however, had an O-line that has yet to be duplicated. (even Tom Brady was envious!)

    Today, we have a defense that makes most NFL QB’s crap in their drawers. Dont think for a second Peyton is looking forward to us!


  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Another poor week for the guy who has been on fire for a coupld years now. We did win both games, on a tease so one, Thurs. Hearne posted Friday and didn’t have it up, Tony did. However brutal college weekend and 2-1 in pros. soooooo….24-19, yikes not the standard we set. I am sorry to have let some of you guys down. It’s not terrible but below normal. Hoping we can improve in the weeks to come, but boy, this year is so hard with all the close games and upsets. Still, no excuse, I have to win at a higher rate than this one. I will do better. Hey isn’t that what the pros say, “we are trying to get better” yep.

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Craig, don’t feel bad; that’s why doctors say that are “in practice” or “have a practice.” Give that one some thought. Nothing is a science, not even the well worshipped Nate Silver!

    • harley says:

      nate silver….you picked rmoney to win the election and a majority
      of the electoral vote.
      You tried to prove me wrong Wilson when I (and no one elese)
      pick the exact electoral range for Obama in 2012.
      You’re kidding aren’t you…nate silver knows his stuff more tha n any
      other pundit.
      Unlike you and the resto f your kcc crew who use WND and
      druge report for you r research information….nate uses
      scientific data and fact based information…..
      don’t knock nate.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        Shut up you ass, I was talking to Craig.
        Your mentor Nate does fine where he has inside information.
        If you really dug into facts you’d do more than just blindly worship him, but thats what your best at, preconcieved opinions you call fact.
        Have any idea what Bayesian inference is? It got covered early on in your college probabilities courses if you took them, I did. Its a key math formula in his predictions, its almost 250 years old. Baysian works well where you have prior knowledge of the situation you are analyzing, as he did in the Obama campaign.
        You also over look his allegience to the administration, key to him getting that info.
        He doesnt do nearly as well with his international sooth saying, a la Scottland, GB. Why? No inside info; he has to go it alone.
        Sure he’s good, yeah he hit the election on the nose, but when you copied and pasted his numbers to claim your own, he was being bottle fed from the White House.
        I dont read WND, Drudge nor do I watch FOX, get something right for once.

  5. Mysterious J says:

    This is for real, but 9-0 in 2003 was phony?

  6. kUpaul says:

    Lets talk about Ku and Coach Weiss!!!! Anybody else think they are going to turn it around, like me?

  7. zippo says:


  8. Kerouac says:

    Chiefs continue to not impress, only thing less impressive the cupcakes on their schedule. Upshot: KC proved they are no better than an Texans team minus it’s starting QB Schaub & starting RB Foster, a player good as any RB in the AFC or perhaps NFL.

    Too, Houston’s former practice squad QB Keenum (who had never played an NFL game) clearly outplayed KC’s Alex Smith. Chiefs defense made Keenum look very good, poor man’s Johnny Manziel almost.

    So much for 7-0; yet another case not all records being the same, case Chiefs; merely serves make the inevitable fall harder come post season if KC manages make it there. Next year same thing will happen, another NFL team come out of nowhere become a ‘winner’, a paper tiger once post season shatters the illusion they are anything other.

    This is ‘deja vu all over again’ to borrow from Yogi Berra, shades of 2003 and 2010, substitute no defense ’03 for no offense ’13, not enough of either 2010. Here the plot thickens: the Broncos, still best team in the NFL, will molest the Chiefs twice and the Chargers too will win vs KC, at least once and maybe twice, I suspect. Enjoy the ride until it throws a rod…

    • bubba says:

      I was down on the Chief’s in the preseason. Each week they earn more respect from me. I just didn’t like a coach coming out of the situation in Philly. Felt like Marty all over. Thought that Smith was a Steve Deberg part II. I think the chiefs can take one from Denver and lose one more random game considering their schedule. It could be Denver and KC with the best records in the NFL. It will be interesting to see how that tie breaker would work out. SD just doesn’t seem to be the threat as you see it.

      But who knows. The combined record of the Chief’s opponents is terrible. But 7-0 and probably onto a 9-0 is pretty hard to argue with.

      • mike t. says:

        me, personally (because there isn’t another one of me, really), i see the chiefs losing at buffalo. we take cleveland at home, but it’ll be close again. in fact, i believe we’ll be playing from behind in that game.

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