Glazer: Hail to the Chiefs — This Week’s College & Pro Picks

nfl_g_bflowts_576Look at it this way…

If someone would have come up to you – say a Chiefs player or coach Andy Reid – the day before the season started and said, “Hey, after the first six games, I’ll let you be 4 and 2, or do you want to play out the six games?” I think everyone, including Andy, would have taken the 4 and 2.

However, the Chiefs are now six and 0. 

I’ll go you one better, had someone said to you, “Tell you what, put up $25,000 and I’ll put up a million and if the Chiefs gets to six and 0, I’ll give you the million. Otherwise, I’ll take your money.”

I don’t think anyone, including Andy Reid, would have taken that bet. 

The Chiefs are 6 and 0.

I guess the bottom line is, we all know the offense needs work, lots of it.  We all know it’s nearly impossible for the Chiefs defense to continue to play at this level, but quit your bitching, because the Chiefs are undefeated.

And come this Sunday, the Chiefs will defeat Houston and be 7 and 0. 

Missouri_Gabbert_Slum_owen_t670About Missouri, like the Chiefs, Missouri is undefeated at 6 and 0 and one of the bigger NCAA surprises. They’re ranked 14th in the nation.  Unfortunately, they lost their starting quarterback, James Franklin, and without him, future wins will likely be uphill.

We don’t have enough information on his backup to make an intelligent prediction. 

However, MU is at home against Florida and Florida’s offense is a bit shaky these days. They have their own injury list, yet they have one of the nation’s best defenses.  I will not pick them on my official list, but, this game is a toss up.  I’d go with Florida in a tight game.

KU stinks, fire Charlie Weiss.

K-State is a good also ran, nothing more, a nice little team.

Now to the picks.35547428001_1290391346001_vs-1290371489001



Georgia (-6) over Vanderbilt

LSU (-2) over Ol’ Miss on a tease with Alabama (-20) over Arkansas

Texas A & M (-6.5) over Auburn on a tease with Louisville (-6) over Central Florida


San Diego (-1.5) over Jacksonville on a tease with Chicago (+7) over Washington

Dallas (+9) over Philadelphia on a tease with Green Bay (-4) over Cleveland.

San Francisco (+2) over Tennessee on a tease with Denver (-.5) over Indianapolis.


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28 Responses to Glazer: Hail to the Chiefs — This Week’s College & Pro Picks

  1. Kerouac says:

    “quit your bitching, because the Chiefs are undefeated.”

    – call me a b***h, CG… all 6-0 or 7-0 or even 16-0 guarantees is that the fall will be harder when it comes, as it will/just as it always has/does, KC.

    Just enjoy the ride? To what end, i.e., famous last words, spoken every season since January 11, 1970 faded into memory, recent years 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2003 especially crushing wake-up calls in a modern day NFL where even expansion teams like the Buccaneers & Saints have raised the trophy courtesy NFL’s ‘parity scheme’.
    What type of organization can’t manage win a playoff game in two decades under such, even with the help such an altruistic system?

    Conversely baseball, my Dodgers won 42 of 50 games during one stretch the regular season, in the weakest division the NL. Now, they are about to get bounced out post season by the Cardinals, a team whose payroll is 1/2 the $ize LA’s, proving that the bigger they are, the harder they fall; NFL, Chiefs will suffer a similar fate, I suspect.

    Here’s a limus test for true gamblers: filed under the category ‘put your money where your mouth is’, how much in hard cold ca$h your own would a ‘true’ Chiefs fan (not to be confused with haters like Kerouac : ) wager on these ‘unbeaten’ Chiefs, right now? After 7-0, if they go? Post season? Isn’t about making money, rather football team’s merit, I’m just sayin…

    • CG says:

      Once again, well said, written K. Like you, I feel the same way about this organization and the Royals, decades of losing. Two poorly run outfits for years. However this is kinda fun. Do I see a Super Bowl, not at this point, but after all the bad years lately its only fair to give them a shot. The city needs to feel good about something that is ours, the Chiefs are beloved, yes due to the long ago past, so lets just see how this goes. Hey so far all the breaks are going KC’s way, all of them, maybe, just maybe this is going to continue. I know, I know, most likely won’t but for now….let them roll!!!

      • Kerouac says:

        Ok, yes, kinda fun etc. but that hard landing at the end is the killer, thus are my fantasies wisely tempered – call me a cynic.

        I used to live & die with the Chiefs, my younger years to be certain & even adulthood up until about 2003’s fiasco. That is when I said enough – fool me once shame on you Chiefs – fool me every season, shame on me.

    • chuck says:

      Look Kero, I get it, the Chiefs are once again, the beneficiary of a VERY easy schedule (Who knew the NFC East would crater like this??? ), and some lucky bounces, just like the phony 2010 Team which played stark naked in the playoffs against the Ravens, when it was determined, directly after the coin toss, that the Chiefs KINGdom had no cloths. That was brutal.

      That said, this team is, no matter what they do in the playoffs, if they get there, an ascending team. Romeo Crennel insisted on Dontari Poe, who looks like the 2nd coming of Haloti Ngata. Alex Smith is steady and has shown a capacity to win on the field and in the locker room, it matters in my opinion. The Chiefs RAPED San Fran with a broom stick handle when they got Marcus Cooper. If the General Managers in the NFL could look at the game film of the first 6 games, Cooper is a first round draft pick this last April. The Chief’s secondary is in really good shape (I know you hate Eric Berry, even so, they are good, not as good as Sherman and Thomas in Seattle, but almost.) The Offensive line is loaded with talent, albeit young, who will by the end of the year, I think, start to jell, just my opinion. J Charles is indeed, WAY overworked, but running backs in the NFL never last long, and are probably one of the easier positions to draft for. They will get him some help next year. I dissagree on every one’s assessment of Bowe, he was NEVER a burner, he is like A Boldin, just throw him the ball, in coverage or out. Smith is loathe to do that, he is no riverboat gambler, but Bowe is still Bowe in my opinion.


      Tip of the hat to balbonis, nice picks last week.

      Kansas City minus 6, take the Chiefs

      Denver is giving up 7.5 in Indy. I like the Colts to cover.

      San Diego is giving up 7.5 to Kerouac’s Bolts, I like the Jags to cover.

      Washington is a 1 point favorite over the Bears in Washington. Bears win.

      Once again, the Monday Night game is a big deal for all the folks who MUST bet not only the winner of the game, but get the points on the over under correct. This is the tie breaker for hundreds if not thousands of sheets all over every city in offices and bars all over the US where games are picked NOT against the spread and the winner is determined ALWAYS in the end, on Monday Night, with the win and the points as tie breaker.

      The Giants are 3 point favorites. The Vikings are starting Josh Freeman and I think he will be very motivated. That said, lemme ask ya something, who is Harrison Smith?

      Ya see? That is why you read kcconfidential.

      Harrison Smith is the starting Free Safety and the best defensive back the Vikes have. He is out with Turf Toe. Gone baby gone, just like the Vikes chances to win this game.

      Giants win 24 to 17

      • chuck says:

        By the way, Vegas has the Over Under on the Giants – Vikings at 47. I like the under obviously.

      • Kerouac says:

        Re: Cooper it’s too soon to tell… the 49ers aren’t in the habit of discarding talent, though mistakes do happen (like Lilja being waived in KC years ago.) If he is the ‘real deal’, the over-rated Flowers can perhaps slide inside to free safety/be a ballhawk, least cover the slot receivers.

        As for Berry, that guy was a #5 overall draft pick, and as such is a bust, to whom much i$ given hype, much is expected. Injuries are not excuse, or perhaps better put are just that – an excuse.

        A few sure tackles as well as an couple gift-wrapped ints cannot make up for his abysmal coverage skills. If he can neutralize the now ancient/high miled Chargers TE Gates I will reconsider my opinion. Then again, Berry should be able to cover Gates – he is younger, faster & has experience now. My prediction, SD Gates schools Berry once more, per the usual.

        For what said is worth, I see SD and KC on par as ‘team’s, each with different strengths/weaknesses, but neither is in the same league as the Broncos with Manning intact.

        • chuck says:

          Trap game for the Bolts, take the points and the Jags.


          • balbonis moleskine says:

            Thanks for the shout out for last weeks picks. I cant believe you took the jags! Chiefs minus 6 seems like a no brainer with a 3rd string Qb and a 49 year old ed reed.

          • chuck says:

            Yep. Risky stuff, I am out here on “Revis” Island today.


          • chuck says:

            1 outta 4 so far, we will see tonight if I can push yet again.

            Bears got injured, I wanted the Bolts to lose because I had some great Charger jokes to torture Kero with. Rats!!

            Had to take that bet, the jokes will keep.


  2. balbonis moleskine says:

    Michigan (-9.5) rolls in the big house vs IU who has been good enough to be respectable losers this season, which is a step up from their normal level of football play.

    Houston (+10 bovada, +9.5 at the big six in vegas) will stun BYU with their superior team speed. The cougs are usually an all or nothing proposition with their boom and bust years and this team is a boomer. This will also be an interesting game to watch as Houston is undefeated and BYU is 4-2

    In the Tebow-castoff bowl, NE Patriots (-3.5) roll over the NY JETS. Gronk is still out but no worries.

    San Diego SUUUUPPPPERRRR CHARGERS (-7) over the J’Ville Jaguars who have gone 1-5 ATS this spread, only covering the outrageous +27 last week against the donkeys.

    Take the over 7.5 rounds in Alvarado-Provodnikov. Look for Alvarado the more skilled fighter to take a step back and box Provodnikov, who is a skilled brawler but nothing more. Alvarado is favored but I prefer this bet instead. Alvarado took a step back and boxed in his rematch against Rios to obtain the victory. He will do the same.
    This is Colorado’s first major boxing event in years. Will the ring girls be repping Sensi Seeds Co. instead of Corona, la cerveza mas fina?

    Obscure Sports bet of the Week
    HEINEKEN CUP (European Rugby Club championships, group stage)
    Take the London Saracens, the best Rugby team in England over Stade Toulousian, the best Rugby team in France. The Saracens are loaded with talent (comprising most of the English national team) but barely covered last week.

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    The line for the J’ville game is +7.5 not +7, Senor Glaze. Hilton, Caesar’s, Stations, LVH and William Hill all have it at 7.5. Bovada has it at 9 which is folly but I think the proper spread on that one is 7.5 since you use the consensus usually.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      but MGM Mirage is giving -7….long story short nobody wants to bet on the Jaguars. You won’t need that extra half point you can get at the MGM that team is bad news. Surprised you felt the need to tease that one.

  4. harley says:

    glaze my man….my dog could pick those games…and he’s dead!
    you’re cherry picking again.
    what about my tigers versus gators…with franklin they roll into
    top 10…now its tough…but this mauk kid if he can shake
    the nerves can throw the ball like no one elese.
    Florida’s hurting..
    have you given up on mu since I kickedyour rear?
    i’m nervous…had franklin been healthy they could run out the
    sec converence with 1 or 2 losses…now its tough.
    muis back…but its gonna be a tough afternoon if mauk chokes.
    but mu is due this big win at home… heart says mu…my brain says

    • CG says:

      Harley everything you said is correct. It comes down to this kid, is he the real deal. Nobody knows yet…hey if he is good MU can roll, a win with Florida gets them to top ten and then a much better bowl even if they lose to A and M and SC…which is pretty likely with or without Franklin…Johnny Football is hard to stop…so MU would go likely to 9 wins for the season, worst 8 and bowls are better at 9…so the win at Georgia did save them, they don’t have to be in the Pin Strip Bowl now… doors open…like you, I want MU to win, but yeah my money says Florida in a close one…but I hope its MU…its fun to have two teams moving down the line that matter…both fooled me…I admit I had MU at 7 games and Chiefs winning 7 maybe 8 so I was wrong.

      Harely there are no cherry easy games anymore..not when you pick 6 or so..its hard, very hard.

      • harley says:

        glaze….HARLEY WAS RIGHT AGAIN…
        I mentioned that mauk….could be the next “johnny football”..
        one game doesn’t make him but against 4 nfl d backs
        he sure looked good along with those 4 huge receivers…
        2 games up in sec east…sc next week…I lookfor mu to
        remain undefeated…
        home game….probably bigger than florida….
        but i’m waiting for johnny and a and m to come to
        Columbia…..might be the game of the year.
        but as a mizzou fan itstough…games we should win we lose..
        and vice versa.
        being a mu fan requires lots of handwringing and
        being able to handle the roller coaster ride thru the season.

  5. PB says:

    As a Chiefs fan, I can certainly relate to kerouac’s trepidation and I’m in agreement that this current Chiefs team might find it difficult advancing through the playoffs, but past playoff failures have absolutely zero bearing on how this team might do in the postseason.

  6. CG says:

    Balb I didn’t take the Jags, did you think I was high? I took Chargers -1 over them…

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      I know, I wasnt clear earlier. Chuck took the jags. You were originally shorting yourself a point in the tease as the minus 7 line had run up to 9 at some books.

  7. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Craig continues to suck hind tit on his Mizzou predictions. MU destroys Florida, and Mauk impresses. Everything is on the table for MU at this point.

  8. CG says:

    Yes I was wrong on MU. I said that last week. By the way I didn’t make a pick in this weeks game, but felt MU had a good shot. With a win next week, MU enters the big picture with a likely title game against Alabama. MU is the ‘shocker’ team so far this year. The way they are playing you could see them win any game left they have. None are easy, but all possible now. How great would that be. My parents went to MU and I have always followed them, but lately been a bit uphill, outside the Chase Daniels years…good teams not great, this might be the GREAT ONE. Hope so. So yes my call of 7 wins was wrong. Other than Harley nobody really was high on this team earlier in the year.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      I believe your quote was “I’d go with Florida in a tight game.” So yes, you did make a pick, just not with your bets. Not trying to trash talk you or be an ass, just holding you accountable. 🙂

  9. RVM says:

    Damn Glazer you really shit the bed on those college picks didn’t you?

  10. balbonis moleskine says:

    I was 4-2 this week, losing the NE game and the Obscure Sports bet of the Week as Stade held off the Saracens at the end.

    I gotta give credit to Harley. I thought MU was dead in the water after Franklin was done but they have put together quite an impressive year. Who would have expected a 2 game SEC east lead with wins over UGA and UF?

  11. CG says:

    Well is this the Chiefs year? Finally. It takes talent and LUCK to go all the way. So far luck is on their side, and the defense is very talented. Teams who win 7 in a row and are undefeated at that point have ALL gone to the playoffs, in the Super Bowl era. Nearly 50 per cent went to the Super Bowl, and almost 24 per cent won the Super Bowl. Can it be? And yes MU is in shape to get a shot at Alabama for the chance to go to the big dance. Shocker….MU and the Chiefs are the two most surprising winners this fall. Has our luck changed? Our pro teams have never been real lucky, save that call in the world series that saved us, other than that, not much, cause we haven’t won much. Can it happen?

  12. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Mauk was good in his first start, but what really impresses me is Mizzou’s defensive line. Michael Sam, Kony Ealy, and Shane Ray have been flat out dominating. Oh they aren’t doing it against patchwork offensive lines either. Say whatever about FL and GA being injured, but it wasn’t on their offensive lines. They threw their best at those three guys and got slapped around.

  13. mike says:

    I think the Chiefs have a legitimate chance if they can win their division and have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. That looks very possible after watching the Broncos yesterday. Not only did they lose, they lost another starting offensive lineman and Manning was taking a beating late in the game. An offensive line held together with duct tape and bailing wire protecting a 37 year old quarterback with a surgically repaired neck is a nightmare scenario facing the Chiefs defense. I think we can at least split with them, if not sweep them and win our division with the best record in the AFC. If that happens, our odds will be really good to win out in the playoffs.

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