Hearne: Scribe Scratches, Recalculates Chiefs, Mizzou

Maty Mauk

Maty Mauk

Time for some navel-gazing…

Following the Missouri Tigers stunning (and impressive) win at Georgia this past Saturday, it’s time to re-read some of those early season tea leaves. As well as look ahead to the Chiefs historic 6-0 (going on 7-0) start.

“Missouri and the Chiefs are doing a lot of things very similarly,” says sports scribe Craig Glazer of Stanford & Sons. “The breaks have been going their way, but Missouri just caught a bad break and lost their starting quarterback. And the Chiefs are in a precarious position because they’re using a guy who’s little and good and they’re over-using him.”

That would be running back Jamaal Charles.

Next up?

“This is very typical of Missouri,” Glazer says. “They get the biggest win on the road in a couple of decades and guess what? They lose their starting quarterback. My prediction of them winning six or seven games is looking pretty good, but who are they going to beat now with this new freshman quarterback Maty MaukKentucky maybe? Tennessee?

franklin1“I watched the game and Mauk only threw like three times and one was a lateral to the halfback who threw the TD. I mean, it was a pretty small sample size. You know, with starting quarterback James Franklin they could have gone on to 9-2, but without Franklin, they’re probably going to lose to Florida, lose to South Carolina, lose to Ole Miss, lose to Texas A&M. I see four losses pretty likely. And Tennessee and Kentucky are going to be coin flip games. So they have a chance to be 8-4, but…”

As for the Chiefs, “They will beat Houston Sunday and be 7-0 and they are a playoff team, so they’ve already achieved their goal no matter what happens,” Glazer says. “Unlike the Royals, the Chiefs potential stars have all stepped up. The Royals potential stars have not stepped up – they’re just good, not great.”

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18 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Scratches, Recalculates Chiefs, Mizzou

  1. harley says:

    sorry glaze…you’re as old hat as romeo crenel…forgotten and wrong.
    You’re getting your ass kicked this year while i’m at 1000%!
    I kicked your real on mu vandy game and you welchd on the bet and that’s
    now being used against my past defenses of your character.
    you ‘re numbers are dying…and you know nothing about the chiefs
    nor the mu tigers. You’ve been wrong more times on them than
    Wilson is on his subjects.
    Sorry..your steak last a couple of years and that was obivious as
    nate silver pointed out thter were few if any upsets over that perdio.
    and you almost never take the dogs in the games which automotatically
    gives youa base correct per cent of 60-66%,,…so aftet examinging
    your record…ITS NOT THAT GOOD!!!!!
    AS far as franklin…he’s been very brittle physically andanyone who
    followed himfor his career knows he’s got a propensity to get hurt
    every season.
    So glaze…as I’ve said before…you’re old news and your predictions
    are way way off even though you had a decent 2 year run…not because
    of how you bet..but because of the stats that predominated in the college
    and pro lines….nothing big to continue with…its just the numbers turned
    on you.
    You don’t take dogs and that’s why you hit 60-70% but now that the
    lines have moved and dogs are taking some big games you’re

    • harley says:

      i’m not putting glaze down personally…just his picks…and from
      his lack of respect by others…he’s going to get it pretty bad.
      live by sword…die by sword!!!!
      but gambling in streaks…our famioy member ran the biggest
      casinos in vegas durinf the heyday…and always said manage
      your money like an investment.
      glaser didn’t do that. Everntually those sucker a$$ bets your
      reap on got him…and now the tide turns and the dogs come
      up to bite him…and all his b.s. about being great goes down
      the drain.
      In fact he’ll be tough busting 55 this year because of factors
      that he doesn’t take into and which hehas no knowledgeor
      Wewas wrong about the royals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      many time!!!!!!!!!!
      Wrong about the chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      wrong about mu/and sec teams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      sorry glaze nothing personal…you’re just another phony winner
      and top of the day guy whose going to lose big …big…..big….
      you can’t win with teaser playing like you do.
      Take your proceeds from miller/thesnl boys/the rest of your
      talent at your club and throw it in thebig garbage dump at the
      legends…you’ve finished your run..the streak is dying…and
      hold on to your cash.
      nice try…bu t theres no such thing as a winning gambler…
      you never own that money…you’re just holding on to it
      tilthe housecomesand steals itback.

      • chuck says:

        Harley sounds like a woman scorned.

        Jesus, give it a rest, you sound like a hormonal harpy with daddy issues.

        Tell ya what Harley, Balbonis is the only hot hand right now on this site, I have pushed the last two weekends. Pick 5 nfl winners against the spread and include the Monday Night Game with the over under pick. Pick the points for the Monday Night game. If ya win I will go away for a week, If I win YOU go away for a week.

        Or, if ya wanna bet cash, that is ok too.

        I’m dealing a cold hand these days, it should be easy to beat me.

        • harley says:

          chuckles….idiots bet on football games…I told you
          that long ago.
          I did a small fun bet with glaze but I learned
          you will never…never beat the books in football.
          glazer hasn’t …you wont with your 50 cent bets
          and neither will the so called pros who give
          you 4 picks for $50…(ANOTHER SCAM!!!)
          so save your nickels chuckiles….use them
          on bratwursts and colt 45 for your big weekend.

        • chuck says:


  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I might suggest that Glazer waits to see how long Franklin is out for before making further predictions. The early reports from ESPN/CBS citing “anonymous” sources saying that Franklin would be out at least 6 weeks were dead wrong. There was NO way of knowing that until an MRI was done, which didn’t happen until he got back to Columbia. Franklin could be back in 3 weeks, 5 at the most. And let’s see how Mauk does once he gets a bunch of snaps with the 1st team in practice. If you haven’t noticed, Florida is missing their starting qb too, and didn’t score much when he WAS healthy. Florida scored a grand total of SIX points this past week. Six. And if you haven’t noticed, Missouri’s defensive line is pretty salty. They routinely were slapping the Georgia line aside like they were high school kids. It’s going to be an interesting month.

  3. Jess says:

    glaze is re calculating until the first loss. Then he will tell everyone “told you so!”

    I guess that is what a tease is, you make it where you can almost can’t lose

  4. bubba says:

    The Chief’s will beat Houston? Maybe but it far from a sure thing.

    First a Raiders team that lacks the talent made it a game for 3 quarters. Teams are not looking past the Chief’s anymore and are game planning for them better. Part of this is because the Chief’s record and part is prior to this point there was just not a enough information about this team. I never thought with a new coach and QB could get it together this fast but I was wrong. A 6-0 start is outstanding in the NFL regardless of opponent.

    Second, it wasn’t until the 2nd half that Smith seemed to be able to find Bowe. I am not sure if this was because it takes them a while in a game situation to get on the same page or the D line of Oakland got wore down a bit and Smith got a few more seconds. If Smith doesn’t start finding Bowe sooner, there is only so far that Charles can carry the Chief’s

    Third, by the numbers, this season, Houston is going to be the toughest test that Chief’s game winning D has faced.

    Hey but at least the Chiefs are playing games that count and winning them for now. I don’t see the wheels coming off like in years past, but wild card is the best they will do and then they will have an off season to pickup personal where they are thin and make a real run.

  5. Kerouac says:

    [ As for the Chiefs . . . “they are a playoff team, so they’ve already achieved their goal no matter what happens,” Glazer says. ]

    – that’s the problem today’s NFL: the top is as close as the bottom, difference in teams one to the other minute, a better W/L record irrelevant the final analysis, post season. Mediocre, watered down, ‘half teams’ – too many & too little the talent spread too thin, only depth that of despair as parity on parade relegates them who can only try parody history’s better teams in record, if not greatness the field.

    Oh to watch again a team like the 60’s Packers, or even the 70’s Steelers, lesser extent the Dolphins or later modern era types 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots. In lieu said, what joy be there watching your (slightly tougher) brother beat up your slightly weaker sister? At least she tried, i.e., ‘at least we made post season’? Hardly suffices, ‘cept perhaps to long suffering Chiefs fans & more so even Cubs same, their ilk.

    One year up (KC 2010), next year down (nod their 2011), multiplied by several like teams in recent history who’ve done the same. The beat goes on, one or more down seasons in between till the (vicious) cycle begins anew. NFL loves it because it $ell$ – “every team a possible post season entrant/winner (no matter how crappy, no child/ team left behind)”. Fans embrace it because ‘something’ (an post season appearance, any) is better than ‘nuttin’ (see KC Chiefs 1972-1985)… this is what NFL ha$ come to. My perfect NFL (as sporting world in general), less teams & better ones. Now if could only erase the steroid era/stats from the record books MLB, et al.

    Waking up/back to reality such as it be the present, so much for being ‘a playoff team’, 2013. It’s deja vu all over again appears, defense sans offense 2013 to 2003’s offense sans defense, case Chiefs. If anyone expects them ‘get better’ on offense, appreciably or less so based results to date, your name is Norman Vincent Peale or your character is to be called into question, as in Jon Lovitz ‘Tommy Flanagan’ for example.

    Being a perennial post season entrant & champion exit grande (see Schottenheimer, Martin and Reid, Andrew) may be preferable being a doormat, alas, being but half a pair of scissors doesn’t cut it terms of success. Recall Hank Stram’s 1969 Chiefs, who limped into post season at all due a fluke of sorts, one-year wild card aberration that allowed them. Had that not transpired or had they otherwise not won an Superbowl regardless in Stram’s career, what reward those post season appearances, hindsight? ‘Some gave all but all gave some’, failed nonetheless, final analysis. Miracles are rare, nod 1980 US Olympic Hockey team & my 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers same, who had no business being on the field with the Oakland Athletics, as US with Russia’s hockey team same, on any given Sunday/World Series/Olympics notwithstanding.

    I equate being a playoff team the present NFL with taking steroids MLB recent past: it looks good on paper and in the won/loss column AND bottom line$, but, when all is said and done players don’t get into the Hall of Fame & teams don’t advance beyond a ‘damn good whacking’ post season, theirs a one & done courtesy a ‘better’ if not reality ‘good’ team, their betters.

    Resigning oneself the grim realization there are not any great teams (emphasis ‘teams’ as in complete), really no especially good ones even, again one side or the other offense or defense ne’er the twain to meet, “achieving their goal no matter what happens” for me equates crumbs sufficing, my opine.

    Nod Stuart Smalley, the Chiefs aren’t good enough and doggone it, only in today’s NFL could their fans (as other teams same) really like them, ditto poor man’s Kerouac opus, spontaneous prose.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    Kerouac is bitchin’ about Playoffs. PLAYOFFS?!?!!?

  7. harley says:

    stats don’t lie ..period. Nate sliver provedthat with his almost perfect
    prediction of the 2012 election.
    Behindthe magic wall ofthechiefs is a 6-0 record against really bad
    teams. tahnks to god they gota break in their schedule with their
    host of inept and terrible opponents.
    offensiviley/defensively…I’ve never see nthe chiefs playa bigger
    bag of crap teams than they did in their 6 games.
    But stats will lay out and bite them….great defense…but when they
    play the top5-6 teams in theleague they’ll have tokscore.
    too slow of recievers will kill them. they can be defended man on man
    leaving the center field flush with linebackers and then its over.
    they’ll havea great year…win 10-11 games…maybe 12 ( ilookat them
    clse with Denver in kc…blown out in mile high-players don’t know how
    to play in high altitudeand it will kill them!!!!!!)….
    but stats are not being fair to chiefs…6-0 withthat offense…incredible
    they can do it…but they are…
    go chiefs.

  8. CG says:

    Harley here I thought we were pals. Not always, but we have explained the fact I was on weekly…again I shouldn’t have made that type of bet. I said lets settle it another way where you get value. Comp tix, food, drinks, what? I think I am being fair. I do not welch, I am offering you much more. I couldn’t skip a week on calls…as it was, wish I did, worst week of the year for me.

    • buzz says:


    • harley says:

      donate 2 ticks and dinner at yardhouse down there in the
      legends for charity auction…then we’re even….
      goota take care of the kids today….
      not a big deal…and yes…i’m one of your biggest fans (did you hear
      that kcc loser…I said i’m a fan of glaze…whatj do you low life
      co*k suckers have to say now?????????????????/
      guys done it..lived it…no regrets…no excuses…balls to the floor
      ….business owner (which takes a bunch of guts in todays
      business world…small business guy fighting the midland/other clubs…
      other entertasinment spots)….write up front…not some chiseling
      low life rat hiding in the sewer…and then I go to tkc and read the
      garbage hate aned trash you losers write about him.
      uncalled for…unneeded…stick to the topic…discuss the facts…
      then talk nice!!!!!!1

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