Jack Goes Confidential: ‘GRAVITY’—Space Thriller of Incredible Endurance & Hope

640_Sandra_Bullock_Gravity_In ALIEN we were told that in space no one can hear you scream… 

The spectacular new space thriller GRAVITY begs to differ.

But not with the typical screams we’re used to. There are no aliens, monsters or space battles here. Instead director Alfonso Cuaron takes us on an astonishing journey into zero gravity some 300-plus miles above earth.

From the incredible almost 15 minute long opening sequence to the film’s final frame, viewers come to the realization that they’re part of something very special here.

In GRAVITY Sandra Bullock plays a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission with smug astronaut George Clooney in command of his last mission before retirement.

But on a routine space walk disaster strikes.

It’s Bullock and Clooney trying to come to terms with their unexpected hostilities in space. How will these two surviving team members of a crippled American space shuttle survive and return to earth BEFORE their oxygen runs out? And what of the approaching deadly space debris from a crippled Russian satellites?

It all feels incredibly real.

None of that usual CGI effects look for this high tension thriller.

And all in the stillness of breathtaking space.

I’m usually not much of a fan of 3D, but here the three dimensional process gives you total immersion.

Add the haunting musical score by Steve Price and voice of Mission Control’s Ed Harris (surely a tip of the hat to Apollo 13) and you’ve got 90 fast moving minutes of cutting edge cinematography, acting and storytelling.

gravity-trailer-geoge-clooneyMake no mistake, this IS Sandra Bullock’s show and should land her an Oscar nomination.

When all is said and done you’ll leave the theater wondering just how they pulled it all off?

Movie magic at its magnificent best.

GRAVITY boldly scoring an A- Grade

(Reviewed at Alamo Mainstreet Theatre)

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3 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘GRAVITY’—Space Thriller of Incredible Endurance & Hope

  1. PB says:

    This movie just has too much pedigree for me to pass up. Love Clooney and Cuaron is an outstanding director. Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien, the best Harry Potter movie in Prisoner of Azkaban and perhaps the best children’s film of the 20 years, A Little Princess…heck, I even thought his version of Great Expectations wasn’t half bad. Very interested to see how he handles this type of film.

  2. mike t. says:

    first review i’ve seen of this film and glad it’s a positive one. i love films like this and was hoping that bullock and clooney didn’t just phone it in and the film turned out silly.

    • jack p. says:

      Mike, you’ll be seeing many more RAVE reviews before the weekend is over! And by then ‘word of mouth’ should carry this film!

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