Glazer: The Super Bowl Bound Kansas City Chiefs & NFL / College Picks

Kansas City Chiefs Charles celebrates the Chiefs' overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Kansas CityEveryone in Kansas City is excited by the prospect of a 5 and 0 Chiefs team come this Sunday…

  For once the Chiefs seems to be leading a blessed life.  However they will play their strongest opponent of this season thus far on Sunday when they face the Tennessee Titans.  Tennessee is but a field goal away from being 4 and 0 as well, and they have a top rated defense and solid offense.  However the Titans have a problem in that they lost  star quarterback, Jake Locker to a hip injury.  So instead the Titans will have to start former Buffalo bust, Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick played well last week after replacing Locker near the end of the Jets game.

However, advantage Chiefs. 

In fact, KC is now favored by 3 on the road.  I picked the Chiefs last week in a walk and that’s exactly what happened.  I was even close on the final score which I had at 27 to 10, with the actual score being 31 to 7.

I hope and trust Chiefs coach Andy Reid, general manager  John Dorsey and owner Clark Hunt have been having lengthy meetings about finding a solid receiver, running back and an additional offensive lineman.  Like most teams, the Chiefs are thin on quality backup players, especially on offense.

Denver Broncos v Kansas City ChiefsNow that KC is the surprise team of the entire NFL and currently the second or third best team in the AFC behind Denver, we don’t want to waste this opportunity. 

If our defense holds up and the offense gets one step better, then yes, the Kansas City Chiefs are an AFC Championship contender.  What’s scary is that our offense is built around Jamaal Charles.  The problem is Jamaal is badly worn down by being overused and having no relief.  Clearly, Reid doesn’t trust any of the other backs because Charles is in on 90 percent of the plays.

But he needs help.

Everyone questions quarterback Alex Smith’s arm strength, but  I don’t.  It’s pretty tough to go deep when you have no receiver that can break open. And Dwayne Bowe is starting to look like an old man out there.  Bowe had a garbage touchdown at the end of the Giant’s game, but where was he the rest of the game?

DwayneBoweLargeChiefs’ fans often say, “Well he’s always double covered.”

First off, that isn’t true. Secondly so are all good receivers, it’s Bowe’s job to get open once in a while.  Donnie Avery played well against the Eagles but had a couple of drops last week.  It’s also scary to think our best receiver is Sean McGrath, a former third string tight end.  Hey, who knows? Maybe Avery’s the next superstar tight end in the league.

The best news was that the Chiefs found a top notch cornerback this past Sunday in Marcus Cooper, a rookie from Rutgers.  Frankly, Cooper looked better than Brandon Flowers has thus far.  He was one of the key reasons the Chiefs were able to shut the Giants down in the second half of the game.

So what have we learned? 

The Chiefs are definitely a solid playoff team, however, they will have to go outside of the current roster to improve their offense and take them to the elite level.  Alex Smith is good enough to get you into a Super Bowl and power Rankings have the Chiefs anywhere from 3rd to 6th, their best ranking since 2003.

Just win, baby!

NFL and College Picks

College football has more opportunities this week than the pros.

Vanderbilt should handle MU at home, Kansas has no shot at beating Texas Tech.  I like the big boys to win, Ohio State, Stanford, Oregon, Alabama…I see no likely upsets this week with the Top 10.

vandyx-largeCollege Picks

Vanderbilt (-1 ½) over Missouri

Texas Tech (-12) over Kansas on a tease with Georgia (-5 ½) at Tennessee

Ohio State (-1 ½ ) over Northwestern on a tease with Oregon (-33) over Colorado

LSU (-4) over Mississippi State on a tease with Georgia (-5 ½ ) over Tennessee

Stanford (-2) over Washington on a tease with LSU (-4) over Mississippi State

broncosmascot3Pro Picks

Indianapolis (+9) over Seattle teased with Denver (-3) over Dallas

KC Chiefs (+3) over Tennessee on a tease with New Orleans (+6) over Chicago

Atlanta (-4) over the Jets on a tease with Denver (-3) over Dallas.

Enjoy your weekend.  Follow me @KCKingofSting on Twitter.



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47 Responses to Glazer: The Super Bowl Bound Kansas City Chiefs & NFL / College Picks

  1. harley says:

    glaze…bet ya mu beat Vanderbilt…..loser has to stay off kcc for one week.
    ya got abet? no teasers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. admin says:

    Why don’t you two girls man-up and make the loser stay off Tony’s for a week?

    For one thing, it makes more sense.

    Because Craig can’t fully control staying off KCC because I’m the one doing most of the writing, He’s the only one writing about himself on TKC, which enables him to fully deliver on the bet.

    Just a thought.

  3. bschloz says:

    Solid college picks…but I think MU handles Vandy. Love me some DGB

  4. matchee says:

    Craig- I often lurk here and Tony’s site and read about the comments about you and think they are uncalled for. You are a little full of yourself- but confidence is kind of a necessity in your line of work. But I visited your club last Saturday and you were handing out tickets to next week’s show. The group that I was with didn’t really understand what you were doing so we stopped you to ask you what you were giving out and if we could have some. You gave my wife a dirty look and totally blew us off.

    I don’t have anything against you but it was a dick move and uncalled for and I won’t be going back to patronize your business ever again.

    • CG says:

      First off that never happened. I DONT GIVE OUT TICKETS AFTER SHOWS….EVER…ONLY ON STAGE..SO IT WASN’T ME, IF IT EVEN HAPPENED…AGAIN IN THE HISTORY OF THE CLUB I HAVE NEVER EVER, EVER STOOD ANYWHERE AFTER A SHOW AND GIVEN OUT TIX, other employees may have not me…only on stage…AGEIN IN THE HISTORY OF THE CLUB THAT NEVER HAPPENED…GOT IT..IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE AND YOU SOUND LIKE A HATER LIAR, CALL ME AT THE CLUB …. I DO REMEMBER A DRUNK LADY, A BLONDE WANTING ME TO GIVE HER SOME TICKETS AFTER A SHOW…THAT I DIDN’T HAVE…AND I TOLD HER SO, SHE WAS WITH A GUY AT THE BAR, IF THAT WAS YOU, I ALSO REMEMBER COMING UP TO YOU LATER AND EXPLAINING AND BEING NICE ABOUT IT…that’s the only thing about tickets that I have been involved with and AGAIN I WASN’T GIVING THEM OUT…ok…if you have issue and this is real, which I doubt…call the club and ask for me and we will straighten it out..which is what you should have done anyways not post here like a cry baby…I love people who have issue and then bitch and end it with DON’T FIX IT WE WONT BE BACK..fine, we will deal with the other million people…again if this is real simply call the club and ask for Craig…daytime is best. Thank you.

      • CG says:

        I now think it was you with the lady who was a bit drunk at TJ Millers show which was great by the way…and a lady came up to me and asked about tix, again I had none and don’t do that…and I did come over and later explain that…and as I remember you guys, if that was you were fine….so again, why didn’t you call me if this bothered you?

        • murican says:

          why are you fibbing? Your club runs on comps unless there is a headliner. People know this and expect comps. Especially after they actually paid money to see Lazy Cell Phone Guy.

          • CG says:

            We have headliners each week. Lazy phone guy makes millions a year and is one of the top comics on the planet today….that ‘lazy phone guy’ also stars in a small film calle TRANSFORMERS with Mark Whalberg…a 225 million dollar pix…We do give out passes but don’t run on them, when you pay guys like Lazy phone 10 grand for a few shows, you better sell some tix….dude if you don’t like it and clearly you have some issues…don’t come…I remember you now and I was nice to you guys after the drunk girl came up and asked for tix I didn’t have at the time…she was drunk rude casue she was drunk, but I came over and spoke to you guys at the bar with that nobody lazy phone guy, he also stars in SEARCH PARTY FOR UNIVERSAL probably got 1 million for that, what a loser huh…again all you had to do was call me if you had an issue, you didn’t

  5. Davey Jones Locker says:

    Well i’m inclined to believe the dude cause that was a dick response.

    • CG says:

      Same one you’d have gotten. The only dicks on here are the haters…LIKE YOU…see how that works. I’ve always said I never cause problems with anyone ever til pushed, then I make it their problem…I’m really a pretty nice guy.

  6. balbonis moleskine says:

    Take temple pls 32 at home against an overrated Louisville squad

    Take Lsu minus 9.5 on the road against miss state

    Take Penn Sate minus 2.5 at Indiana



    Bmore plus 3 on the road vs miami

    Seahawks minus 3 on the road vs indy

    Chiefs minus 3 on the road at Titans, but only bc I want to pick 3 nfl.



    Take the New Zealand All blacks to beat the South Africa Springboks in the second part of their home and away series for the rugby championship. It is a pick em game and thats a heck of a jet lag for the Kiwis but expect them to pull out a victory. (Take nz moneyline minus 110)

    • chuck says:

      I love “The Obscure Sports Bet Of The Week”.

      Especially the explanations for the bet. I am knoddin my head, “Fu*kin A man, that jet lag would be a killer for anyone but the Kiwis!!”


      Here is one of my favorite “Rugby Terms”.

      The “Blood Bin”.

      Blood bin

      It is also called blood replacement. A player who has a visible bleeding injury may be replaced for up to fifteen minutes (running time not game time), during which he or she may receive first-aid treatment to stop the flow of blood and dress the wound. The player may then to return to the pitch to continue playing.

      I had some friends who played Rugby out in Swope Park, jesus, it was brutal. They kept after me for years, “Come on Chuck, you gotta come out and play.”

      (Insert loud clucking noises from terrified chickens)

      I passed.


      • chuck says:

        Check out some of these Rugby Hits on the field. Unbelievable.

        Holy Cats!!!!!

        • balbonis moleskine says:

          That highlight reel was cool, some good hits there. That is from rugby league, which is distinct but similar to rugby union…which is the dominant code in the usa and worlwide. Union is flashier but league will be tougher. It is more fun as a forward to play union as scrums are taken out of league.

          New Zealand did beat South Africa in South Africa in front of 80,000 hostile springboks fans. Looks like NZ is now the undisputed favorite to win the Rugby world cup.

          I am only .500 on the year but I am 3 and 0 on the Obscure Sports bet of the week….I should stick to that only!

  7. chuck says:

    Good article Glaze, but one thing, Donnie Avery will NEVER be moved to Tight End. Jesus, the guy is 190 to 200 pounds and not really 6 ft tall. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Nice picks Balbonis!

    I like to make picks based on what guys do at work or in a bar on the weekend with their friends or in a pool.

    Here is the web site, it changes constantly, but should give you a chance to look at 5 major casinos and get a feel for where the money is coming in on.

    Vegas says the over under for Cincy and Pats is 45, I say it goes over. (I think Cincy wins, but not strongly enough to bet on it.)

    Detroit and Green Bay go overr the Vegas 53 number. (I think Detroit covers, but not that strong on this bet either.)

    Take Oakland plus 5 against San Diego.

    Vegas has Seattle giving up 3 at Indy. Indy kicks their azzes.

    Upset of the week, Chicago beats New Orleans.

    Atlanta is giving up 10 against the Jets. Take Atlanta, I think Geno folds bad under the lights. The over under on this game, is one that many folks in pools have to either guess correctly (Closest to the number wins) or have to pick over, or pick under. This is to break ties in pools between survivors on Monday Night. Vegas has the over under at 44, I think it will be 47.

    Let er rip…


  8. Kerouac says:

    ~ How the Chiefs 4-0 was built (beyond the cumulative 3-13 record of their opponents to date) ~

    Offense, you won’t find a Chiefs player in the top 10 in rushing – the best Charles can manage is 14th… the KC QB isn’t found among the best either/not even top 20 (Smith is 22nd). Receivers? Bowe knows 83 other guys are ahead of him. Charles leads the Chiefs in receptions & rushing yards, yet for all his touches per game ranks 41st in total yards overall/only 4th among non QB’s. KC’s much maligned offensive line ranks middle of the pack in sacks allowed & would probably rank lower if not for the nimble feet of their QB.

    Special teams, returner Demps ranks 3rd (only 4 returns), his results skewed as McCluster’s (as other returners too NFL early season), latter’s 2nd place rank courtesy his long return last week. Punter Colquitt is 7th overall & kicker Succop 19th in field goal %. Chiefs rank middle of the pack (14th) defending vs punt returns & bottom end the NFL (25th) defending vs kickoff returns. One specialized breakdown ranks KC 3rd best in the NFL terms points created by their special teams.

    On defense, the Chiefs rank 26th in total yards allowed – yet they’ve allowed the least points in the NFL to date (they are 25th against the run & 2nd against the pass.) The KC team leader in tackles ranks 29th NFL overall, while another Chief is tied with two other NFL players for most sacks, as is the team tied with two other teams same. Chiefs rank near the middle of the pack interceptions but turnover ratio Chiefs +9 ties them with their Sunday opponent Tennessee for best in NFL. Of note, the aggressive KC defense has committed more penalties than has the Chiefs sputtering offense.

    Their cream puff schedule to date aside, stats appear validate KC has benefited from teamwork, opportunism, clutch play & intangibles, the whole being greater than the sum its parts… synergy; how long said continues only time will tell.

    Sunday, the Titans enter play 3-1, making them the first non-winless and/or above .500 team the Chiefs have played. Though they’ll be playing without their starting QB, I believe Tennessee wins, Chiefs game of smoke & mirrors mix solved:

    @TEN 20
    KC 16

    • CG says:

      Good breakdown, its sure possible….as my article stated, Chiefs need some help not on their roster for the Offense, likely won’t get any and yes that could do them in soon…we’ll see…hey its fun for now…

    • chuck says:

      Kero, they gotta play the schedule. I dont think they are great, but I think the team is, for the first time in a long while, ascending.

      It is an away game they should win close.


    • harley says:

      excellent writing Kerouac…never knew the stats like that…
      knew gene wolowski at star who did the stats and he probably
      would be proud of you and how you did that.
      Stats don’t lie…and Nathan silver understands that in the end
      stats when looked at from different angles willdetermine the
      outcome 90% of the time.
      But you forgot momentum….and the fact that this team
      hasnot played together for very long so the winning record
      has been great to get them off on the right foot.
      but isn’t titans qb injured and when secon string qqb
      plays they lose 72% of the time…..
      check that out..
      chiefs 5-0, hopefully

  9. chuck says:

    “…never knew the stats like that…
    knew gene wolowski at star who did the stats and he probably
    would be proud of you and how you did that.”

    It was actually Harley who, in the booth that night, screamed, “Look at that little monkey run!!!”

  10. CG says:

    Well all my teams won, but two didn’t cover…Georgia lost all its stars by injury and barely won…so 2-3 in college, not so easy…18-10 now, lets see if pros help or hurt, still solid so far..

  11. Kerouac says:

    Ascending or pretending, ‘it seems to me I’ve heard this song before, it’s from an old familiar score’. Which is to say, the plot always thickens to the end – until the Chiefs football souffle implodes (or is it just other team/s – real one/s – who kick the ever-lovin **** outta KC post season, managing arrive there.)

    A Championship requires a big leap – not just from mediocre to above average present rung the ladder Chiefs appears, but good to great, then great to the best. Shy said, just a team like 31 others going through the motions: different season/s, same destination.

    Having picked the Chiefs to lose every game thus far (and been wrong, whether due their own efforts I give them too little credit for, or, more so to self-inflicted wounds their opponents), benefit hindsight can say what qualifies as good football is relative what it’s being measured against. 2003, 2010, 2013 as other years KC’s, suspect the relevance aforementioned ‘success’ in the form wins was/will be, final analysis, nil.

    Based on early returns, put this 2013 Chiefs defense with the 2010 offense & KC might actually have a chance of winning a game post season. Give the 2003 team the present defense (or any defense other than their own ’03, that matter) & they might have gone to a Superbowl.

    The retort of course is an annual one: ‘give them time, the season’s still young, they’ll improve’ etc. Just not enough (part 43 this installment); as Herm Edwards certified: “you play to win the game” – by definition, said applies to the ultimate game, season.

    2013 will be different.


    Andy Reid.

    Andy Reid?

    The Marty Schottenheimer of the post season gridiron?

    Gesundheit, X15 – never a Champion, forever a bridesmaid.

    2013 Chiefs are tantamount half a pair of scissors: post season (if they manage), just ain’t gonna cut it. So play out the string (fandom singing an annual theme of promise, “now we’re building in the right direction though”, an sad refrain heard every annum since post Superbowl IV.

    Enough singing.

    Nod ‘Show Me’ state: don’t tell me or tease me… please me. Marathon race that is the football season, Chiefs are what is known as ‘minute men’, suffering from terminal ‘PE’ in the parlance. Thus, the relevance 4-0 to start 2013 questionable, courtesy a punch-less offense & delightful D – flip side offensive juggernaut/toothless defense 9-0, 2003.

    Unless endless ‘baby steps’ (a KC football trek since January 1970) be panacea, going through the motions is just another page torn off the calendar, year after year. Chiefs have not had a complete ‘team’, since 1969 really (’71 proved a mirage too, when post season they, like every other Chiefs post season team since, did not get it done.)

    Denver (multiple times), Oakland (multiple times) & San Diego have all gone to and/or won a Superbowl/s since 1970…KC has done neither. Until/unless they do, the Chicago Cubs of the NFL are we, doppelgangers.

  12. Kerouac says:

    Well it’s looking grim: TEN giveth 7, KC tends (if not superintends) 6 their own, 13-0 exercise in futility the result, the deux; so much the 7-1 amalgam castrated Titans & impotent Chiefs. Two poseurs, no waiting. NFL 2013 (chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom – don’t you just love it.)

    : )

  13. Kerouac says:

    Well it’s looking grim: TEN giveth 7, KC tends (if not superintends) 6 their own, 13-0 exercise in futility the result, the deux; so much the 7-1 amalgam castrated Titans & impotent Chiefs. Two poseurs, no waiting. NFL 2013 (chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom – don’t you just love it.)

    : )

  14. Kerouac says:

    So profound a take had repeat self…

  15. Kerouac says:

    Another week another Houdini, KC… who knew Harry meant he’d return as a Chief; KCinderella escapes once more.

    Still waiting for the great illusionists to actually win a game in 2013 their own merits, rather than due their opponents generosity, ineptitude, unforced errors. Pending the outcome today’s DAL vs DEN game, KC’s opponents 2013 sport a cumulative record through 5 weeks 4-16. Subtract KC’s game results, their opponents are still but 4-11 (the marks JAC 0-5, NYG 0-5, PHL 2-3 & TEN 3-2, DALL 2-2 pending.) So whether 4-17/5-16 or 4-12/5-11, poor is the word and sub .500 the measure.

    How bad (NFL league office translation ‘good’ ) clubs are is apparent, no great ‘teams’ argument able to dissuade via evidence. Just as SEAT’s 7-9 2010 bettered NO’s 11-5 post season, and GB’s 8th best W/L record that year won it all, World Championship, it’s deja vu all over again, 2013.

    Next Sunday, the Raiders come to KC, where they’ve disposed of the hometown boys every game since 2007. Every year locals swear ‘it’ll be different this year’… never is.

    Not worth the heartache always comes, believe in the Chiefs:

    OAK 17
    @KC 13

  16. CG says:

    Hey Ker, you might be the best writer on both sites…at least this one…Hearne hire this man…five and zero is just that though Ker…its a new NFL there are no shut down D’s, Chiefs D is by far the best in the NFL, look at Seattel, Denver, SF….they give up way more points…bad news our offense is poor and in the end the Chiefs without finding some outside help can’t go deep in playoffs…we can’t score but one or maybe two TD’s with our offense against .. no way to beat a Denver… or likely a Houston or Indy those are the teams better than KC in the AFC by the end…Chiefs will win likely 11 games but no real threat to go to the dance, not with that offense…trade or buy two or three solid players, wide out, back, Off lineman…or end your season with zero or one win in post…P.S. with the shocking Denver win by just 3 I tie all but one Pro bet and now go to 19-11 with Falcon win over NY tomorrow and that will happen so good pacing at a two to one win ratio, with a bit of luck could have won every bet, all teams I picked won, ALL.

  17. Kerouac says:

    Holy Bandy & Stampley, Batman – ‘roll on big mamma’! 51-48, the unbeaten, untied & unmatched Denver Broncos juggernaut demolishes yet another, today on the Cowboys home field Dallas, no less. In the process, Denver increases their average points scored per game from 44.8 to 46 points – WOW.

    Chiefs points allowed increased from 10 to 12 points per game after the Titans second-string QB put 17 on KC. Six weeks hence, Denver’s offense (230 points/46 per game) meeting the KC defense (58 points/12 per), something’s gotta give… KC will, as every victim to date the Manning Steamroller.

    Defense, Denver allowing 28 per game while the Chiefs can only manage 26 (including tds courtesy defensive turnovers and special teams theirs too), the question presents:

    Can KC keep up with Denver? Or put another, did the Titanic carry enough lifeboats?

    Game analogy, “you (Broncos O) sunk my battleship!” (Chiefs D) likely result. With a point differential of 91 points Denver (compared KC’s 70), the game between the two team’s played @Denver & adding 3 points for home field advantage, a difference of 24 points. Injuries/circumstance not interceding, Kerouac’s pick: 45-10, Broncos.

    • chuck says:

      I’ll take that point spread all day and all night buddy.


      • Kerouac says:

        The Broncos play Jacksonville in Denver, this coming weekend… oww, my sides.

        The Broncos scored 51 points yesterday; Jacksonville scored 51 too – the entire season to date, 5 games.

        The line is currently 28 points, Denver; somehow, I don’t believe that’s enough

        : )

        Kerouac’s pick:

        Broncos 105 ~ Jaguars R.I.P. +

  18. chuck says:

    I was way off on the Cincy Pat number. ouch–

    Calvin Johnson sprians his knee in warm ups. That is not a bad bet, that is just a bad break. Sometimes sh*t happens, no one bets Detroit with CJ out of the line up.

    I killed it on Indy. Killed it on Oakland kicking Kero’s Charger’s azzes.

    Bad weekend for Vandy, Cutler will never win a championship.

    We will see what happens tonight, I though Santinio Holmes would be able to play, not gonna happen, Atlanta is looking great to beat the spread.

    Side note, this is the end of the line for Houston. That pick 6 last week against the Seahawks when the game was in hand was bad, Schaub’s performance will get him the bench and 2nd string status for his remaining career. The Colts will only get better.

    Remember when Dungy drafted all those “Light in the ass” guys because he knew the Colts would always have the lead?

    Deja Vu.

  19. CG says:

    In a league with no defense the Chiefs are the best overall. Denver gave up nearly 50, SF has been run on and passed on, Seattle got jacked by plus 30, so only KC has a kinda shut down D. But we all can see our offense is so average, that to win the big games with just D is unlikely. Still a fun team to watch and with 5 wins a very likely playoff team, that could win a game or two in the post, pending on who,what and where. Right now Denver and Indy look like the top two overall in the AFC, Saints and ? in the NFC…second spot is wide open, Packers, SF, Falcons, a long list that will take weeks to sort out. Houston is the big failed surprise of the AFC. A team KC could now beat.

    Its a long season, plenty of upsets and heartbreaks ahead for most teams. Maybe the Chiefs are blessed this year. To a point. Boy I’d like to see the front office trade, buy, steal some help for Alex Smith and the offense. You worry about Charles on almost every play he has the ball, that he will not get up. Without Charles, we have no offense at all. He needs rest and help. NOW. I’m sure they are looking but it will take a trade or giving up a 2 or 3 draft pick for someone outstanding…Bowe is Grandpa now..5 games and production is as low as it goes. I don’t see him getting much better, he’s slow and maybe back on the bong before games, he seems way off.

  20. Kerouac says:

    Filed under the category ‘fat chance in hell’, how would Dez Bryant look in red, white & yellow/gold KC’s offense? It will never happen of course but one can dream, rub being NFL trades are rare, rarer still in season.

    Based on his performance to date, Chiefs will likely lose their # 2 pick in 2014 for Alex Smith, so why not shoot the works to try & fix one of their offensive cavities – say WR -now instead of 2014?

    Alas, Smith’s penchant (more so survival instinct) scramble means he’s always just one hit from landing on the IR (enter Daniel or Bray – and pray), ending KC’s season before it naturally expires, blown out post season. So the risk is high ending back square one.

    Dallas might give up Bryant for two #1 draft picks, though the NFL cap hit makes said unlikely, both teams (unless KC could move Bowe, a poor man’s Bryant.) Truth is, KC’s offensive line & Smith’s less than rocket arm are in conjunction not allowing consistent down-field success, not Bowe (I don’t believe he’s descending player, just not the talent that a Bryant is and hasn’t the speed of Dez or KC’s own Avery, latter who manages get loose down-field every now and then.)

    KC’s popgun passing attack might not catch up with them during the regular season their cream puff schedule, but will break them post if they manage to get there. So, likely the Chiefs will wait and use their late (it’s looking like) # 1 choice 2014 on that special player, perhaps a WR not named Baldwin or an offensive lineman (or maybe five) not named Albert, Hudson, Allen, Asamoah or Fisher even, latter to this point.)

    No, I think the Chiefs win their gift-wrapped 7 (my original pick) games, perhaps more due NFL’s aid & assistance scheduling, but they’ll crash & burn post season, ’10 redux.
    The never-ending KC story continues: offense & defense, ne’er the twain to meet since Stram’s days, Schottenheimer’s D & Vermeil’s O born too late, half a decade apart.

  21. admin says:


    Craig told me to hire you.
    Email me at

  22. chuck says:

    A push this weekend for me.

    CJ out in pre game warm ups and Geno Smith comes to life. Kevin K has gotta love that.

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