New Jack City: Chiefs Blow Away ‘Don Jon,’ Clean Up On Field & Off

CashingInThe Kansas City Chiefs had a really great weekend…

They weren’t too shabby on the field either. The national media is obsessed with box office sales for the latest movie openings. Yet most of those grosses are dwarfed by entertainment sales for things like, oh, THE CHIEFS!

This past Sunday for example, the reported attendance was 76,416. You do the math.

Ticket prices ranged from $76 to $91. So let’s say the average price was $83. At that rate Chiefs ticket sales may have amounted to as much as $6,342,500.-.

Now let’s look at the parking.

If Arrowhead’s 19,000-plus parking spaces filled up at $27 a pop, that could make for another income stream of around half a million bucks.

1380208005000-don-jon-M-080-DJA-01945-rgbAnd then, what about those ridiculously inflated food and drink prices?

At an average per person sale of $7  – and I suspect that’s way low – that’s at least another half a million dollars.

So let’s see, that comes to about $7,342,500.

Then of course there’s the hefty network TV money flowing into those Dallas based coffers of the Hunt Family.

To my thinking, the Chiefs probably grossed as much—OR MORE—than the DON JON movie did for its entire three day national opening weekend on 2,422 north American screens.

Namely $9 million.

Of course those are estimated grosses and both entities have huge expenses against them.

Nevertheless all I can say is Hail to the Hunt$ — and their Chief$.



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4 Responses to New Jack City: Chiefs Blow Away ‘Don Jon,’ Clean Up On Field & Off

  1. chuck says:

    I have read somewhere, that Clark Hunt is the poorest NFL owner. Really.

    As for the Giants vis a vis Don Jon, they both proved to be jack-offs this weekend.

  2. admin says:


  3. jack p. says:

    According to Answers.Com, for the year 2010 each NFL team received an average of $118 million from TV.
    Now it’s three years later and it wouldn’t surprise me to see that annual total to be in the neighborhood of $130 to $140 million today.

    • Gassedup says:

      Makes you wonder why they only have about 20 people checking for weapons on any given sunday. Cheap Cheap.

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