Paul Wilson: The Weak in Review 9/27/13

IM_10_200It’s been a slow news week here in KC metro, but I’ll leave you with a few thoughts and a preview of coming attractions for this next week.

On Monday I’ll be tackling some interesting stories, digging into the real truth behind the dreaded “ObamaPhones.” We’ll focus on sorting out truth from rumor and the answers just may surprise you. In the meantime, watch this as a primer, she is the lady who started it all!

We’ll start an in-depth look into Aim4Peace and just what they do, or don’t do, in the prevention of crime in KCMO. It’s a division of the KCMO Department of Health with a seemingly dubious mission. I’ve had discussions with Alonzo Washington on this topic, he’ll be chiming in.

And I’ll be digging to the bottom of a couple of their budget line items that are begging for clarification and I can almost promise you there’ll be some eye opening surprises there.

la-na-nn-oj-simpson-not-caught-stealing-cookie-001OJ is Back in the News

You may remember him from his days as a professional football player or, after his retirement, when he became a private detective, looking for suspects in unsolved murder cases. At any rate, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to prison a few years ago for trying to steal his own crap, at gun point, in a Vegas hotel suite.

Just this week, under the category “once a thief always a thief but certainly not a killer”, OJ was caught trying to steal 19 oatmeal cookies from the prison kitchen. They were hidden under his XXL long, white t-shirt, tucked in his pants.

He was not punished for the crime but why would he be? He lopped off a couple people’s heads, what are a few oatmeal cookies? One crime shouldn’t be treated any worse than another. Finally, equal justice for all.

UnknownFalling Coconuts Kill 150 People a Year

That’s really all there is to the story, I’m not pushing for coconut reform, the banning or licensing of.

Police Cracking Down on Jay Walking Teens

No, this isn’t the latest racist Country Club Plaza police action, so simmer down race baiters. This is happening at North Kansas City High School. It’s an open campus with four buildings and 1,500 students, generating complaints from drivers that they can’t get through the streets during class change.

So take that, people, the Plaza mob control can no longer be called racist, but Hearne can do another story on the parking places in front of Latte Land. While not racist, it is discriminating towards old dudes and their cool bikes.

New World Population Stats Just Released

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter

Twitter fell from 3rd to 4th after it was announced that over 19 million of Obama’s followers do not exist and were fake Twitter accounts.

51nDWuJCRZLNew Bio Coming out About Helen Keller

I think this is going to be a great read where some little known facts about her life come to light for the first time. For one, by Keller’s own admission, she went through an extremely rebellious phase where she didn’t listen to a thing her parents said. I already have it on my Amazon Wish List, along with King of Sting and Dreams of My Father.

Have a great weekend, Kansas City…
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32 Responses to Paul Wilson: The Weak in Review 9/27/13

  1. chuck says:

    Looking forward to it!


    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Chuck, I always look forward to you looking forward to it.
      I spent years deeply involved in the Universal Service Fund and was talking to former staffers of mine at lunch about the whole ObamaPhone thing. As much as I’m not an O fan, I think it’s important to straighten out disinformation, even if its in favor of someone you may oppose on other issues; fair is fair. So after that lunch I thought it would make a good topic. Now watch the haters come out and call me an ObamaLover! Funny how people form their opinions of you when they have no facts of who you really are, but why lets facts get in the way of some good hate speak?
      Thanks, as usual.

      • harley says:

        paul…hearne would put my comments up early this
        morning…but I havea comment about this subject
        what the scam is….
        I think I beat you on this story…but before you go
        to print from here on out…email me info
        on your story..i have contacts in the highest levels
        tht can add information to your story that no one
        knows about.
        as far as the usf….iwill be providing more details
        and hopefully actual statsfrom the government
        insiderson who’s really getting that money…
        dollar by dollar.
        It will amaze you and the readers who’s getting
        I am also working with a new group….the biggest
        money men in kc and their hidden 15 billion dollar
        internet programs…..they were looking for investors
        and asked that I help them in their search.
        kc is becoming the biggest capital market for niche
        loans in the world….billions being operated right
        in overladn park…oerland park was once the
        800 line capital of the world….now they’ve taken
        over the financing for milllions and millions of americans…
        nothing like it ever seen before….

        and only Harley has the info…
        its bigger than the usf deal….

  2. mike says:

    How many people are killed per year by falling anvils?

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Chuck, I’ve seen that and equally worse examples. Getting ready for this story I’ve dug into SafeLink/Tracfone more than any other firms. Not to give away punch lines, since there are so many, but to see if it was as easy as they said, I got on line and in less than 5 minutes I answered three multiple choice questions, no verification needed and got my own free phone with 200 minutes. I say “got”, I cancelled the order at the final shipping confirmation.
      Ohio leads the nation in fraud, the video is pretty much why.
      More later.

  3. KCMonkey says:

    Here is a thorough report on the origin of Obamaphones.

    • the dude says:

      Where the hell is MY OBAMAPHONE!!
      I actually pay taxes, have a job, didn’t bankrupt the economy with imaginary banking products, where is my gubment bailout?

  4. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thanks KC Monkey; Snopes primary purpose is to prove in or debunk rumors. Having been involved with the arm that collects and administrates the funds for years, I’ve had a firm handle on what the ObamaPhone” is and isn’t, but as with any decent scandal, if you follow the money it takes you on a surprising journey!
    USF serves/served a good and noble cause. In the 30-40’s if you lived outside of town, maybe 10-15 miles from the phone companies central office exchange with only a hand full of neighbors, it may cost $50,000 or more to get dial tone to your house; a couple hundred telephone poles, miles and miles of copper. If not for the one arm of USF, you could never afford the phone bill and the phone company could never afford to provide it to you; it would NEVER amortize itself out. That was one part of one arm of the USF intent.
    That morphed into broadband then cellular. When you add that to the “Lifeline” part of the program and add people with questionable entrepreneurship motives, that’s where the train left the tracks.
    More later, but thanks!

  5. harley says:

    hey Wilson…I’ve been looking into tracphone for about a week for
    my blog writing…I was on the story a long time ago ….and mentioned
    it over a week ago.
    the money is enormous…and i’m getting my sourcesto give me
    the numbers (which are not open to the public) on this deal.
    But while I hateto see these types of programs…the corporations
    involved make big money with them….
    they get the addedminutes…the coverage…and yes…they get
    more data which I will discuss in my story and partial prints
    on kcc.
    I did receive an email from former sprint employee and
    a lobbyist from jeff city who gave me info that will blow
    this story up.
    and I did hear that private companies go out and solicit
    the customers…about $4.00 per customer….but it becaomse
    so easy to get a phone…
    Wilson..look into that 80 million a t and t is getting a year for
    rural service…thanks…
    I will be reporting my findings soon.

    • the dude says:

      Meds harlinator, meds.
      We all know these ‘sources’ are just the voices in your head when you get off your meds for too long.

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      I love it when hereferences his sources. You are barfing rainbows, sans rainbow.

      Any truth to the rumor you got your arm caught in the tilt a whirl at the Raytown Roundup? Because you were mesmerized by the flashing lights?

  6. CG says:

    Wilson, Harley just told me you did an attempt to put me down for writing a book, THE KING OF STING about my life, right. I see you did that. You say you aren’t a hater, but this again proves you are one. First off its not a good book, its an excellent book. All real reviews agree to that. Companies like Eisner, Eastwood, Lorenz, Roven(Batman THE DARK KNIGHT) DON’T offer you film deals if its not. Simple as that. Second how many people in America even have a hard cover, soft cover book publised by a New York company, they are owned by Barnes and Noble(Skyhorse), about their life? A few hundred, mostly household names like a president or movie star. Not many like one per cent of the one percent. It’s very rare indeed. It gives me and some people in the book a small place in history. That too is quite rare. It’s a lifetime achievement Paul and too make light of it shows you are not too cool a guy.

    Tell you what send me your address and I will send you the book, you read it and then comment. I am pretty sure you will change your mind, even though you don’t want too. How’s that. I have no reason to dislike you or you me. I don’t know you. You say we met years ago and I don’t remember. King of Sting is every bit as good as Donnie Broscoe, Catch Me If You Can and maybe just maybe as good a story as Butch and Sundance, my fav. So before you judge at least check it out.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Craig, lighten up and stop listening to Harley so much; it was a joke. There IS NO Helen Keller bio coming out, it’s Satire. You own a comedy club, do the math! Keller was deaf and blind; rebellious period, “didn’t LISTEN to a thing her parents SAID”. Humor, satire. It was a joke.
      I’m a voracious reader, read your book not too long after it came out. It’s a fine read, a little tedious, but if its all true, interesting read.
      You do own a comedy club don’t you?
      And you want to take your “who’s hating on whom” from who?
      Peace, brother.

      • the dude says:

        Wilsun, those are hours you can’t get back, why would you waste them on horrible literature like the King of Stink?
        Yeah, hilarious that a guy that owns a little yuk yuk shack in western EBF can’t take a joke.

        Oh bitter irony.

      • Libertarian says:

        The only person getting “stung” is the reader who paid for that book.

        • CG says:

          Yeah all the thousands who got took and kindle too…and now a soft copy…everyone knows the book is outstanding even Paul…you two, Dude and Libby, steal the book from the library, its in most of them, and look at the pictures of me with my shirt off and others in the bathroom..there you go…just what you too needed….since you don’t like girls.

          • the dude says:

            I just barfed in my mouth a little after that unhappy thought you planted in my head of your pudgy, hairy self in the mirror. I just barfed a little again.

  7. CG says:

    I know dude, I hear you often barf and smell like barf. Yuke.

  8. harley says:

    dude…totally uncalledfor….you’ve read glazes posts…you know his
    schtick….you know how he rolls..
    what purpose is it tto call his book KING OF STINK…
    have you read it? was it bad? if so move on…i’m usre like everyone
    else you’ve read an article or book that was bad and regretted
    writing it.
    yu’ve got 6 negative comments today…which ard intended not to discuss any of
    the subject on this story that Wilson wrote..but to just plain be
    vile and negative.
    lets all cutthis out…stick to stories…stick to the subject…
    and do what hearne said we should do.
    If you have negative comments toward me send them to me personally
    or to glaze at his club.
    Everyone wants to clean up the site…lets do it….now that obamacare is
    a law and the government is shut down….can we all get along?

    • the dude says:

      And what did I tell you about taking your meds harlinator?
      I will contemplate thinking about addressing your complaint when I know for sure you have been thorougly medicated, not before.

      And about reading Glazer’s excuse of a book, I don’t have to stick a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger to know it will have ill effects on my person.

    • the dude says:

      And you should know how I roll, I like to bash you and the Glazed one when you guys leave the door open for my comments and beg to be lamblasted. This should not come as a surprise you dunderhead.

      • harley says:

        be ready dude…the kosher nostra and the northeast crews
        are not happy with you… careful….very careful.
        see what happens when you screw with the glaze…
        see smarmyman!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahah

    • balbonis moleskine says:

      Is it true you once wandered into Buddys on Main because someone told you they give away free popsicles?

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        I was walking past that place one evening and heard the old disco hit “It’s Ranin MEN!”; always loved that old tune so I wandered in. To say I was shocked and bewildered was an understatement….

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