Glazer: Scribe Whips Out Pigskin Prognostications

chiefsLOGO_20110726060507_320_240The Kansas City Chiefs are the talk of the NFL…

  They haven’t received this much positive press in more than a decade.  Thanks to players like Justin Houston who is a two-time player of the week on defense, which normally qualifies for an All-Pro berth if he’s done that in an entire season, much less the first three weeks.  Houston’s seven and a half sacks leads the NFL, which in and of itself, is exciting.

While the Chiefs overall are a highly-rated defense, they still give up way too many big plays. For that reason, our rushing defense is ranked in the bottom tier of the NFL.  The Chiefs offense has been far from spectacular, but it’s been there when they needed it.

Hey, they’re 3 and 0, what a nice change. 

Eli-Manning-3Sunday the Chiefs face the New York Giants, a team with a recent elite pedigree, something absent from our Chiefs for several decades.  The Giants, however, have fallen on hard times and are a mere shadow of their former selves.  In fact, The Giants are 0 and 3.  With Eli Manning at quarterback that’s hard to believe.  Injuries and the loss of key players have decimated this perennial Super Bowl contender.  So this should be a good measuring stick for our Chiefs.

The Giants have no rushing game, no running game and their offensive line is horrible.  We should see several sacks and turnovers created by the Kansas City defense.  Manning is still dangerous with his passing attack, but with no running game he should fall prey to the Chiefs outstanding pass rush.  This should be Kansas City in a walk, something like Chiefs 27 Giants 10. 

As for area college football, only MU looks like a possible low-level bowl team by season’s end.  Kansas and K-State are not up to the task.  Soon all three will be playing conference games and losing way more than they win.  MU has a shot to win 7 games.  Oh joy.  The Pinstripe Bowl.

College Picks

LSU + 8.5 over Georgia on a tease with Alabama -8.5 over Mississippi

Miami -13.5 over Southern Florida on a tease with Fresno (-12) over Hawaii

Oregon -31 over California on a tease with Alabama -8.5 over Mississippi


Denver -5.5 over The Eagles on a tease with Colts -3.5 over the Jaguars

New England +8.5 over Atlanta on a tease with Chiefs +1.5 over Giants

Baltimore -3 over the Bills.

Have a Great Weekend.

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23 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Whips Out Pigskin Prognostications

  1. DSW-ESQ says:

    Just once- explain what a “tease” is…

  2. CG says:

    I have explained this many times on this site and others but will once more for you sir:

    THE tease was created to give the gambler a shot at making his odds seem a bit better. In a tease you must pick at least TWO WINNERS, not one. So at least two teams YOU choose are involved. Believe it or not the odds against you are only slightly higher like 5 or 10% at worst. So worth the risk, but picking two winners isn’t much easier than one.

    It is now very popular in Vegas, sports books and in online betting. Why you get to move the line.

    YOU PICK TWO TEAMS, YOU CAN MOVE THE POINT SPREAD OR THE OVER/UNDER POINTS BY SIX, example KANSAS CITY IS -5 OVER GIANTS AND THE OVER UNDER IS 42. YOU CAN TAKE KC + 1 and move the points to -36 and take the over…if you like…you must win both ways to win. Same game you could do this, take New York + 11 and make the line 48 and take the under…same rules apply. Now if you tie on one end its a push as lone as you win the other end of the bet.

    HERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE: TWO TEAMS NOT ONE AND TWO BETS..YOU MUST MAKE THE TWO BETS……SO KC -5 over Gianst and Denver -11.5 over Philly….now you take KC +1 and Denver -5.5….see you moved the line 6 points on each bet, you could take either game 6 points either way…you just have to call at least two games or two bets in one game(the score and the over/under) to win…its much like a parlay but with the six points.

    To make it a little more complicated Vegas offers up to 7 points at lower odds, and you can bet a TEASE on three, four, five or many games like a parley you must win or tie them all and the odds go up as does your winnings. You can read about tease and other Vegas bets online…the tease is now a top Vegas bet these days…I have done well with it, however the two teams you pick if you win, seem to normally cover anyways…but when this saves you boy does it save you.

  3. Lance The Intern says:

    So…The Giants have no rushing game AND no running game? How does that work?

    • CG says:

      Yes a mistake obviously. However….I went 3-0 today in college ball, picking six wins to gain 3 on teases, I now stand at 15-6, I’d say damn good heading into pros tomorrow, damn good. It ain’t no accident.

  4. bschloz says:

    Good College day Craig…. I guess Fresno melted down in 2nd half blew a 30 point lead.

  5. CG says:

    Wow I went to sleep and they were up like 35-0 or more going into the 4th quarter, what a comeback, what a bad team they must be…I thought that was a win, so you never know. Damn. Had you not said that I would have thought I covered, hah. So I was wrong my record is 14-7

  6. chuck says:

    Not bad at all.

    I figure if you win 3 out of 5, on 3 out of 5 weekends you are doing ok.


    • CG says:

      yeah as you know Chuck its very hard to win all the time, keeping up the pace is so tough. So far so good, but boy a couple that should have gone my way didn’t but what you gonna do, its gambling.

  7. KCMonkey says:

    That teaser bet sounds like something you made up. You are 0-1 in the game you picked against the spread. Buffalo won outright.

    • CG says:

      Yeah I made it up fool. I have the best pick record of all media pickers right now, I am 15-8 going into the final game tonight with Atlanta…yes you are right I made it up the teaser…I make everything up…I have used the made up teaser on two blogs including this one, all season and on this site for three years. Isn’t that crazy. Dig this, people believe it like you. Dumb ass. Why would you make such a statement that shows how much of a moron you are? I don’t get it…it’s like saying you live in Russia not the U.S. its that stupid.

  8. CG says:

    So you can keep track we went into this weekend at 12-6 and won two of three in college and two of three in the pros…so we are now 16-8. So anyone following these picks and taking my advice would be winning at a solid rate right now. That’s what its about. As I have said many times, its not a ‘who do you like to win the game’ its about who do you like to win you the bets. I listen to the picks on radio and TV and from what I have heard my picks are overall doing better and I have to use the point spread TV guys just pick winners usually. Radio guys do use the spread more.

    You may have noticed the other guys who were going to make picks on here, have all quit. Why? It’s hard and when they have to do it over and over, can make you look bad. Doesn’t mean they don’t know anything about the game, they do, its a grind and upsets are everywhere, more than you realize til you put some money up on a regular bases or you pick and get exposed. Hey if I can have this rate all year, would be wonderful. As the season goes on it gets harder and harder cause there are less mis matches, more even games especially in college. As you can see other than Denver, nobody is a safe call in the NFL.

    I think the Chiefs are on their way to a nice, nice year. Way better than any of us thought, certainly me. Barring injury to Smith or Charles. With the Tenn. QB going down Sunday it nearly gives KC another win, 5-0. The Chiefs went from underdog to fav, likely 4 point favorite on the road, nice. At 5-0 with 11 left, we should be able to win at least 5 more so post season is looking better than good. Denver is a monster right now, so passing them is unlikely meaning ‘wild card’ even with maybe 11 wins.

  9. harley says:

    even the haters (like Wilson who made reference to glaze in his comments)
    have to applaud glaze.
    16-8 is good. I don’t bet football…was in vegas last week and to be
    honest only had a few hours to gamble. Was at craps table at wynn (my
    hangout) and one older woman held the dice for 40 minutes.
    I was not focused on the table but did win $350 for the trip.
    I walked into one of sports books and looked at thegames on the
    schedule. It seemed that the games were easy picks…I mean pretty
    obvious that the points were not well thought out. (just my opinion).
    But glaze is doing well…just don’t know if his money management
    is well thought out with his bets….and if the losing games cost him
    more than he made on the winners.
    gotta give him credit..he is tearing it up.
    He’s running at 66% which if he was really watching his money
    and focusing on his management he’d be up some big money.
    I was at chiefs game sunday….wow!!!!! reminds me of the
    old arrowhead days. It was fun but heck it’s a lot of work
    with the food/booze/tailgating/and then the game…and the
    partying after the game…the incredible people in our
    banker’s booth….great time…but i’m starting to like
    the 60 inch hd tv at home and being able to not waste an entire
    day at the stadium.
    I can see the chiefs at 6-0….wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. CG says:

    I saw Harley’s comment on my email Admin. Its not up here, I was going to respond to it, decent comment by Harley. But its not up here, is he in the bad boy circle. You have to moderate him? I don’t know.

    • harley says:

      glaze…I write a lot of comments that hearne cuts out and edits.
      I 99% of the time respond to the point…but usually someone like
      or-fun or Wilson or dude has to inject a rude harsh comment
      after I write my comment trying to come aafter me personally.
      As a matter of fact that’s what strarts theback and forth
      angry/hostile comments.
      I’ll write something…not directed to anyone person (except chuckles
      and his hate mongering remarks)….then someon like mark smith
      or orphas will chime inwith a rude comment…even though they'[ve
      been off kcc for weeks/months.
      I finally offered pr-fun a bet of $10,000to be handled thru an
      administrator and I would prove all my facts that have been
      contested by other readers (mu j schoolgrad/value of my home/
      writings/anything the kcc crew wanted within reason I would
      provide proof of). But orphaned (as always) backeddown.
      I offered to have the exchange done at butch’s place…and that
      we use an escrow account to handle this.
      But again…lots of…talk…and no walk.
      Wilson has tried to discredit my writings and I offered him the
      same bet….but got no response.
      Hey its cool guys..i understand…I can prove what I say is true
      and willing to do it to get you to shut your mouths. But
      its got to be a bet where I get some compensation and satisfaction
      that these people have to pay for insulting me.
      Look…we know who’s for real and who’s not. We found out about
      smartman although I knew months before his untimely death
      his entire story because I was emailed his name. Not my place
      to “out” the guy…if he wants to remain anonymous that’s cool..
      I have no problem with that.
      Many people have emailed me letters and correspondence to
      discuss issues/finance/mutual friends etc. and it’s been
      fun…but people like Wilson have tried to discredit what
      I say without putting his wallet where his mouth is.
      I would love to debate points of interest with the kcc crew.
      But I don’t think they’ve got the brains or ability to iintellectually
      discuss an issue.
      As you saw in my discussion with glaze and hearne intheir
      recent anti-mu article I provided details/facts/background
      info on why I thought they were wrong. Noname calling…just
      a few jabs at their writing about things they know little
      So if after reading my posts you can keep to debate style
      without the smart a$$ comments it would maket
      the entire website more fulfilling/interesting and informative.
      Look atwhat I wrote about the USF fund…never mentioned
      it on this site til I brought it up in my comment.
      I would love to debate anyone. But the constant hate filled
      vile language directed toward others has always been
      my sore point. I see the constant hate and vitriol directed
      to glazer and wonder why he still writes here after his
      family/business/friends and past have been beat down
      by a bunch of people who havedone nothingiin their lives.


      • admin says:


        I appreciate your comments but when you go on and on and on, over and over and over – ad nauseam – about the same boring stuff. It’s just too much.

        Frankly, some of those comments offer unfounded criticism, libelous-seeming statements about KCC writers. And then there’s your ding-dong school attempts to explain over and again how you think KCC’s readership should best be measured. You’ve been harping on that one for like five years.

        How about something fresh and new? How about something succinct rather than War & Peace in length?

        You’ve gotten in your licks – plenty of ’em – on me, Whinery, Wilson, Orphan, Chuck, even your good buddy The Glaze. And that’s fine. But as Bill O’Reilly (your hero) likes to say, “Keep it pithy.”

        Would you like for me to define that for you? No problem.

        “Brief, forceful and meaningful.”

        Again, I appreciate what you do…up to the point of ridiculous excess and at times, meaningless, hollow criticism. You’re better than that. And I truly believe that.


        • harley says:

          hearne…no one besides glaze gets more
          hateful comments than I get.
          Just follow the pattern. I’ll post something…then
          immediately someone will come on (like orphan)
          and say something nasty.
          some of your crew have threatened to put my
          house on you tube which is a joke. They’ve
          threated other actions against me which are
          wrong and spiteful. And against the law.
          If you’re going to post hateful/vile message
          against anyone on deserve to be
          attacked. chuck’s comments are beyond decency.
          I take many emails and write many of the people
          on the internet with information/fun stuff/and
          we share intelligent comments….without
          In my mu essay I pointed out that you and glaze
          were wrong and provided extensive facts and
          figure and info to back up my argument.
          No personal attacks…maybe some fun jabbing..
          and I said you two were wrong (and since you’re
          writers you shold be able to take the heat…)
          so don’t say I carry on….as I tell others…this is
          an open forum that you’ve created.
          As glaze says…if you don’t like what we write our
          names are at the top of the comment so just
          move on to the next one. DON’T READ IT.
          but I know i’mone of the most read commentators
          on this blog…I know from the emails I get fro
          readers who want information or want to discuss
          an issue.
          Now…i’m providing Wilson with information for
          stories….like the “Obama” phone story that I
          mentioned over a week ago and which he is now
          going to do an article about which should
          be interesting.
          I am important to this blog. You need people to
          create controversy…you don’t need the hate
          and vile comments that populate this and other
          I appreciate your writing…but I feel “you’re better
          than” the site you’re putting out now. You could
          do much better trying to keep the personal attacks
          off and getting more intellectual conversations
          going….your policy should be “if you use intimidating
          or harassing or threatening language ” your comment
          is deleted.
          I ‘d love to see more political articles…current
          events news like the shutdown…aca…where people
          exchange ideas on subject……
          but check the comments…no one besides glaze
          gets more hateful comments directed to them than
          I do.
          lets clean the place up….I know you can do better…
          its not fair to glaze or myself to allow these
          totally flagrant and hurtful comments to be
          published…you’re better than that..i believe that!!!!1

        • CG says:

          Harley I see your point. Hearne has a couple good ones too. You have a ton to say, but some of your comments are a bit long, you might say less and check spelling and clear errors you make but don’t fix cause you are on a roll, I get it but it opens the haters to more attacks. I used to do it as well, now less. Doesn’t stop the hate, but you come off stronger. Harley you are a trip, I like your comments even when you don’t agree with me, its cool. You are a major player on both sites. People love your stuff or love to hate on it. Keep up the good work,just clean it up one step and shorten it down a bit ok. Other than that, KEEP UP THE COMMENTS HARLEY.

  11. electric snake pliskin says:

    It is week 4 and he is alreadt cheating and calling his individual teaser wins wins for the purpose of his record.

    Hey wig,

    If you go 1 and 1 on a 2 team tease your pick record is 0 and 1 not 1 and 1.

    • CG says:

      NO CLUE what you are talking about dork. What are game or games do you mean….everyone sees my picks, thousands of readers and now you and only you see an error, where is it? I am 16-8…with teases and all games. If in a tease you win one and lose one you lose…if you win one and tie you push, you need both wins to win…which is what the record reps. Thanks for your help.

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