Paul Wilson: Hillary Clinton Not Down With Weiner

 Huma Abedin (R), aide to US Secretary ofHuma Abedin, wife of Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner, top aid to Hillary Clinton has been told to dump her hubby or leave the Clinton team…

That’s the word anyway.

Why, you ask?

There are more than enough reasons. Especially were the Clintons the shining example of what defines monogamous, married, moral mates… but of course they’re not. Not even close.

And yes, Anthony Weiner has been spanked twice for sexting, the second time after he swore he’d stopped and had gotten “treatment” for his “disorder.” The newest damage, according to Hillary insiders was Weiner’s embarrassing loss of the New York Mayor’s race. And of course there was the middle finger flip off he gave the crowd as he drove away from his defeat party.

So it makes perfect sense to me, how about you?

6505093-MHillary has suffered through a bevy of, uh, beauties who pursued and bedded her hubby; Monica, Jennifer Flowers, the abuse of perfectly good cigars and panties, accused rape charges, the list goes on.

Yeah, I can understand how Weiner flipping people off could be a deal breaker for Hillary; that’s got to be highly objectionable moral behavior in her world, huh?

I’ve searched for the proper words to describe Hillary’s “it’s us or him” demand.

Hypocritical or disingenuous don’t quite get it done. Because as we all know, there are no standards in politics. There are no black and white lines. What’s good for the gander is hardly ever good for the goose.

What the Clintons have apparently found most egregious is the comparison of the Weiner’s marriage to their own when the media says Huma, too, is “standing by her man” just like Hillary did.

bill-and-hillary-clintonThe Clintons argue forcefully, it’s not the same thing.

The Dangers aren’t the same as the Royal Family, they’re different.

And, I’d assume they’re correct.

Jennifer Flowers wants to do a major network sit down and tell her story beyond what she had in her earlier  book. What was in it the book? Oh, just a paragraph where she tries to warn Bill of the Hillary bisexuality rumors.

Which brings us to our next point; Hillary has been linked to Huma, in DC circles, as long time lesbian lovers. Could this plot thicken anymore? Or any worse?

“Huma has a choice to make,” an unnamed source said, to New York magazine. “Does she go with Anthony or does she go with Hillary?” This is the “biggest question among Hillary’s circle,” the magazine said, as the former first lady takes the stage as the Democratic Party’s most likely White House candidate for 2016.

1374695421376.cachedThen if the final straw wasn’t enough, Weiner was asked recently if he had any insight into a potential role for his wife in the Hillary 2016 Presidential plans where he answered, “I do, but I’m not going to tell you.”

The Clinton camp, enraged at his answer, immediately responded Weiner knew nothing of any plans and that they were not amused by his comment indicating he did. Weiner responded that it was a joke. “Have you ever heard people say, ‘Yes, but if I tell you I’d have to kill you?’ It was a joke, everyone laughed, it was a joke. I’ll try to make the jokes more obvious.”

“The Clintons”, syndicated columnist Maureen Dowd writes, “are not happy about getting dragged into the lewd spectacle that is a low-budget movie version of their masterpiece.”

Hillary blamed Bill’s scandals on the “vast right wing conspiracy” and stood by her man. But when Bill had to come clean, she continued to stand by him; it’s a clause in their marriage vows, I assume, which includes a full section on long term political partnership for the greater good.

Hillary made the statement over and over; she was “committed to the marriage” but, when it comes to Huma, she apparently doesn’t have the same option if she wants to stay on board the 2016 Hillary Express to the White House.

In summary, Weiner sexts his junk to a couple of women. Bill, on the other hand, has parked his junk in any available space, likely even the no parking zone in front of the Plaza’s Latte Land.

Hillary has long been rumored to be bedding Weiners wife. But they don’t want to be compared to each other and Huma needs to make a choice; leave your dirt ball husband if you want to stay with the even bigger dirt ball couple.

I suppose the most accurate term would be “politics as usual.” Move along, everyone, nothing to see here.”
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30 Responses to Paul Wilson: Hillary Clinton Not Down With Weiner

  1. Oprah says:

    Hey Gail, did ya read this?

  2. chuck says:

    If I send a picture of my junk to some one, does it have to include the elevator and the waiting room?

  3. Stomper says:

    Exceptional topic, especially for a political junkie. Election still 3 years out but I could stayed glued to every media source to follow each incremental step as it plays out. Detected some republican leanings in there but I still luv ya man.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Stomper, thanks for joining the ranks of my favorite commenters. And, actually, I would not describe myself as “Republican”, what was at the basis of my fascination over this was the juxtaposition of us vs. them, Clinton vs. Weiners. What Carlos Danger has done looks beyond limp, compared to Bill and his actions.
      And, add to that, the possibility of Hillary “involved” with Huma, but castigating Carlos for his sexting. “I’m doing your wife, my husband as done every breathing female, but you took a picture of your package and flipped some people off, we just simply can’t have that kind of thing going on around the Hillary 2016 camp!”
      Think about that for a minute, I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat; if you look into the smart side of your brain and take it all on balance, party affiliation aside, preconceived notions aside, if you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention!
      I’m going to be attacked soon about this being old news, positioning the story as a Republican attack on Hillary, it’s all the dirt Republicans have, but just as disingenuous as that personal attack on me will be, the person will not have the personal integrity to say, in the same breath, “these people really are reprobates!” I’m good with criticism on any level, but I don’t suffer fools well who can’t take a topic, on balance, and see it for what it is. Blind party loyalty is worse than being an uninformed voter.
      This story broke yesterday in the Washington Times, I’ve been too busy to get to it, and so, it’s pretty current stuff and well worth visiting.

      • The Stomper says:

        Geez Paul, your comments are better than your post. Much to absorb but I have to drop a few thoughts here. Random and relatively brief as it takes me time to organize. But I’ll be back.

        A political news cycle is about 24 hours or less so there will be at least 1,000 more stories like this. And they’ll get better as we get closer.

        My naivete in politics ended sometime during the early 70’s when I went back to DC to study politics and got a up front view of the slime. I force myself to overlook the dark side and accept the fact that reprobates can do good things for the country. People who think Bill .Clinton was “active” need to consider JFK. Press looked the other way so he had no restrictions. Hate to say but it sure seems like my party has cornered the market on moral degenerates. A political hero of mine, a long time legislator, had close friends on both sides of the aisle, probably got more progressive legislation through Congress than anyone, is arguably the standard setter for being a total moral vacuum. Edward M. Kennedy. You don’t think I’m conflicted ???? It will take me years of counseling to reconcile having him as a political hero.

        If we excluded people from politics based on their morals, it would be a very thin field. We have to hold our noses for sure.

        Good spin doctors are worth their weight in platinum.

        Stay on this. You had me at Huma.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          I’ll agree with you and provide a similar example. You said even reprobates do some good; even a blind pig stumbles into an acorn from time to time.
          In the same vein; I’ve covered egomaniacal Rev Jerry Johnston, hooker hiring Jimmy Swaggart and dementia ridden Pat Robertson. The Bible makes a similar point; even though the messenger may be greatly flawed….the message goes forth and people receive it, regardless.
          That’s no more palatable to me, but obviously correct.
          Thanks once again; it’s a breath of fresh air to have another well reasoned person in the comment section; even if and when you totally disagree and need to tell me I’m more full of crap than a Christmas turkey!

  4. the dude says:

    Oh no Bubba didint park his junk in Hearne’s personal parking spot at Latteland!!!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Dude, Im investigating that now, but I have it from reliable sources that he did, and it was a Vespa that was involved. More later.

  5. harley says:

    people in glass houses should not throw stones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    who cares. Fact is that they might be lesbians gives the republicans something
    to try and attack Hilary with. And what would the Clintons be without
    a scandal when in the white house. come on boys…stop this stuff!!!!!!!
    What are they going to attack her with Wilson? Benghazi ? remember that?
    no one cares and no one ever did…except for you and about 9 other house
    Weiner….what a loser…but he’ll probably get his own show on cnn or
    msnbc…maybe to boost ratings on fox they’ll put him across from
    Hannity (now that would make pay per view)!!!!!
    So here starts 2016….lesbian rumors….because the republicans ain’t
    got nothing to run on…and Hilary is already heading to collect
    about 1.5 billion dollars for her campaign!!!!!! with no primary opposition.
    The drama/soap opera never ends
    and Wilson…this same information was on huff post/red state/all the
    big blogs including drudge a long time ago.

  6. harley says:

    who wrote that headline….that is pretty funny Wilson!

  7. harley says:

    Wiener hung out at my house. In fact several wieners were there at the time. Family reunion. Im actually related to wiener, from my fathers side. The Dicks. So know you know who I am. A Dick. See you losers later. Jetting out to Marthas Vineyard, hang with Ted Jr. Might take the Yacht out on the water, or the car, same difference.

  8. Jimbo OPKS says:

    Should I wear my tux or a business suit to the opera tomorrow?

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Jimbo, your Sponge Bob boxers and tux t shirt would be fine.

      • Jimbo OPKS says:

        No I’m serious. You sounded like you knew and I have both. Btw, I’m sure we’ve met at bots. I’m a fed.

        • paulwilsonkc says:

          Jumbo, I’m really sorry; you tend to get used to commenters yanking your chain and I wrongfully assumed that’s what you were doing.
          If you’re looking for a reason to tux it up, you won’t be out of place. At the same time, a suit is totally fine.
          Nice to know you’re at BOTTS. Betsy and Brandon are my two chief project managers out there, Bryan at origin.
          I was the chief consultant to KCRIMS, Lavlock and crew for 3 years before the RFP came out.
          Email me at and we’ll connect.

  9. John Altevogt says:

    Was Hillary ever down with weiner? I always thought that they only thing she and Clinton had in common was that they both liked women.

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      John, I have several friends and contacts inside the beltway. It’s funny what we think/know out here in the real world and what’s thought/known inside that ring. It’s been a open secret about her for years and the Huma relationship extends back to the whitehouse days.
      That’s the juxtaposition of all this I find so fascinating.

  10. balbonis moleskine says:

    The question remains whether she will run as a gay or bisexual woman in 2016.

    I bet in retrospect she is regretting not squashing Obama like a bug during primary season.

    Now she has to deflect the Reagan question…is she too old to be president?

    • the dude says:

      C’mon Baloney, the Bildebergers decided who would get the spoils when they (Barry and Hillary) both disappeared for two days in 2008. Hillary had no say in that.

    • harley says:

      makes no difference…she will win by landslide in 2016…
      with one million volunteers already signed up 3 years in advance.
      with 1.5 billion dollars in her campaign chest….she will break all
      recrods…with new laws money will be coming in boatloads from
      overseas and from south America….repubs will have no
      way to fight this!!!!!
      she won’t have a primary fight….repubs will killeach other off
      all the way thru the convention while Hilary sits picking out the
      new drapes for the oval office.
      Hillary will take us into the next decade but bill will be
      really calling a lot of the shots.
      no one cares what her preference is….I mean do you think
      George w. was actually doing his wife? Or that his dad didn’t
      have something on the side? these guys are all players!!!!!!!!!
      make glaze look like amateur.

  11. Libertarian says:

    I equate voting for democrats and republicans to entering the outhouse, sticking one leg in each hole, and crapping your pants.

    You know its going to make a mess before you ever get started, but you do it anyway.

    Have a great weekend, folks!

  12. Orphan of the Road says:

    Had the public had 0.000001% the interest in the businesses Spritzer was investigating as they had in his sex life, we might have averted the financial meltdown and have seen a few of the criminals prosecuted.

    Instead after the meltdown, we returned control to them and continued the process of lessening oversight on very questionable business practices.

    Bob Barr was agast at President Clintons behavior, while wearing a leather tutu. And Bob Dole decried Clinton’s perjury though he committed perjury himself during his divorce proceedings.

    Cue The Beatles

    Your inside is out when your outside is in
    Your outside is in when your inside is out
    So come on come on
    Come on is such a joy
    Come on is such a joy
    Come on lets make it easy
    Come on lets make it easy
    Make it easy make it easy
    Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and
    my monkey.

    • the dude says:

      Hear, hear.
      The foxes threw out the dog protecting the hen house ’cause he slept with the farmer’s daughter.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    I guess my bottom line is, these are the people WE elect to run OUR country. And not one of them, if using moral and ethics as a measuring stick, would you pick as a personal friend. Not one of them would you want to be the only person you had to “have your back” if the chips were down and you needed something. Yet, we elect them, over and over again.
    Reminds me of the bumper sticker I saw here while back, “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.”

    • mike says:

      It doesn’t mean that we have to accept and settle for it. Good people doing nothing is how Hitler and others of his kind got into power.

    • harley says:

      I disagree very much with your comment Wilson.
      Most of these people are very good people. Having worked in national
      campaigns/state campaigns even one local mayoral election
      I can tell you most of these people are not only good hard working
      people but they are great citizens.
      They worked for charities…they worked for the betterment of their
      communities…the worked on special boards…they worked on projects
      most people would not take the time to do. While the “voters” sat on
      their asses…these people worked endless hours for almost no pay
      on committees and projects without getting any thanks or ink.
      They are good people Wilson. Many doing thankless jobs their
      entire lives.
      Its a system that’s been created that forces them to change.
      If you’re elected to u.s. house ….they tell you the day you’re
      elecyted that your reelection campaign starts.
      Money…citizens united really kicked it in…requires them to
      campaign day after day begging for money. Many that I worked
      with on both sides of the aisle hated it….it wasn’t fun having to
      constantly harass and beg for campaign money.
      But that was the system. To getthe money they had to become
      slaves to those who gave them the money.
      Having worked in d.c. I saw many house reps couldn’t afford
      their homes in d.c. and in their home district. Some had to take
      second jobs to make ends meet like you have.
      some sleep in their offices…some have 3 or 4 members in one room.
      With expenses…cost of flying home…living costs etc…many members
      of the house had to financially stretch themselves to stay above water.
      It’s not an easy job. Especially now!!!!
      I worked with some of the most intelligent people in the world during
      my political work days. Not many citizens/voters could do it….
      nor have the energy to withstand the hours and work load
      of beingin those positions.
      I’ve seen it first hand. I have great friends in the Kansas legislature/
      senate…worked with many of the political people in d.c…and they
      were some of the most outstanding people not just in their
      communities/churches/synagogues/etc. but also outstanding
      family people.
      To say you wouldn’t depend onthese people is a lack of knowledge
      on your part.
      Evven the political people I worked against I still would hold in
      high regard.
      To make a comment like that is wrong!
      It’s the system that’s been built that makes it so tough …..but
      as far as the personal characteristics of the officeholders…there
      are many…democrat and republican that are outstanding high
      achievers and people I would never have a problem calling
      If I even need anything…if I ever had a problem that needed
      immediate action…or needed to cut red tape in one of my
      companies….I always had people I could depend on to help
      I guess you never had a chance to be friendswith these people…
      but to categorize them as you often do into a single bad bunch
      of apples is absolutely wrong.

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