Whinery: Cruz Control vs. ObamaCare

ted_cruz2-620x412ObamaCare: The biggest job killing piece of legislation is about to
“partially” take effect October 1st…

And Ted Cruz, one of the few politicians who is actually trying to save us from this monstrosity is on the Senate Floor at the time of this writing railing against the evils of the “Affordable Care Act.” Because it’s not “affordable” and it limits the amount of “care” that only the plebians in society are subjected to in the “act.”

Our RULERS in Washington are either exempt from its dictates or are subsidized in
paying for its exorbitant costs.

And who wants this law anyway?

I’ve read that even the unions don’t want it. I can’t find one recent opinion poll that shows that most Americans are in favor of it. Corporations are throwing families off healthcare plans or are getting rid of them all together. Most of the only new jobs being created are part-time and existing ones are being cut to less than 30 hours a week in order to avoid ObamaCare. Families are seeing their health insurance premiums double, triple or even quadruple in some cases.

So why does the “Political Class” in Washington continue to shove this
law down our throats?

The simple answer is their overwhelming egos won’t allow them to admit they’re wrong.

Max Baucus

Max Baucus

They’re more interested in protecting the President’s signature legislation than doing what’s right and repealing this “trainwreck” as Democrat senator Max Baucus so eloquently refers to it.

What I don’t understand is why the President didn’t just expand Medicare and Medicaid to cover the poor and uninsured and leave the private insurance industry alone?

The main error I make in postulating that opinion is that a course of action like that would involve a “common sense” approach and wouldn’t fit in the grandiose and socialist vision of “Dear Leader.”

There is a silver lining to this mess that cynics can embrace.

And that’s that the “Nationalization” of the healthcare industry – about one seventh of
the US Economy – will lead us even faster into full fledged economic collapse. And that’s probably the only thing that may restore freedom to this, once, Great Nation.

pelosi_oh_no_apIt’s becoming painfully clear that there are not enough Ted Cruz’s in Washington and too many Nancy Pelosi’s to ever fundamentally fix what is wrong in the capital.

So the only hope we plebians have is that the Beast/DC goes bankrupt a la how the Soviet Union and Moscow did in the 1980s. The former Soviet Republics are not necessarily bastions of freedom and liberty, but they are doing a lot better economically since the collapse of centralized, communist rule.

One can only hope that when DC falls the states – the “red” ones especially – will economically flourish and freedom will return, after the central government folds.

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  1. kansas karl says:

    I cannot buy at any price health insurance and when it comes time you will PAY through higher rates when I have to go to the emergency room for any health problem. I have high blood pressure, a bad back from work over the years and kidney issues. I will die and what have you and your ilk done to help the folks like me who are screwed by for profit health care?

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      I totally get that. Not to open myself to more Harley attacks by being honest and transparent enough to admit I hit a rough spot 13 YEARS ago, even though he likes to use people’s honesty against them and pretend that’s still where they are, regardless of fact; I found myself in that position. You make a choice of taking on a monstrous uninsured debt or ignore the issue.
      When I was rushed to the hospital at 220/110, such were the choices. You’re faxed with do you die from the heart issue of the potential $500K bill?
      Luckily that was a 14 month window of my life and, but by the grace of god, it could be visited by anyone!
      There was NO State provided care, no nothing, when you’re caught in that temporary window.
      Consulting with one of the largest insurance company execs in this town, a close friend, he said under Obama Care and my SAME EXACT CIRCUMSTANCE, I still would not have affordable care.
      Universal health care? Doesn’t sound like it.

      • harley says:

        weneed to talk with that insurance dude…becasuse
        I think his facts are wrong….but again…you took the
        gamble not having insurance.
        I will investiage what you can get under the new
        rpgram with the same situation…but unlike years
        ago you wold not be left out because of avpre existing

  2. harley says:

    Kansas karl…nice question…and the anser is nothing.
    See whiney boy is a low dollar version of the republican clowns.
    Lets be honest…whiney boy hasn’t got a single thing right in his
    columns since 2011.
    And worst of all he’s not kept upwith the information about obamacare.
    FIRST OFF IT WAS HIS BUDDIES IDEA. OKAY whiney…in 3 years you’ve
    not offered one alternative on your own…just a no nono no no guy.
    Have you read whats happening…..rates are going down…and people
    who were cut off by home depot etc.will now get better health insurance
    under this plan than they had under home depot.
    Its time for the companies making billions to stop forcing American
    taxpayers to subsidize their employees (wal mart) with health care
    at the taxpayers expense.
    Karl..whineys not too good at investments either…he got his $3,000 pic
    taken with loser mitt before the electin and now that investment is
    worth maybe $5 on ebay. Not a good sign of a smart investor.
    explain whiney what economic collapse you’re talking about…
    because you and your buddies haven’t given a sh*t about
    the nation since they took over the house. No jobs bill…no
    bills to create any kind of economic stimulus….nothing to
    reallystimulate the economy…but 40 votes to kill obamacare!!!!
    see karl…people like whiney are in for themselves. We know whineys
    jewish but he never read the torah. Maybe he should and follow it
    like his ancestors did.
    Karl…these people don’t care about you. To whiney boy and the
    rest of their ilk…the dying white male population…they have just
    a few more years to hold onto a small piece of the power structure.
    their ideas are old…they are old…they hate social security and
    medicare (omg…what would Wilson/chuck/etc. do without those
    monthly checks coming in>)))))
    And with all the mistakes whiney man makes inthis article its
    clear that hearne doesn’t care about accuracy..he just wants someone
    to fill some space on his bloggy blog.
    With orphan on ss….Wilson and the rest of the kcc gang hanging on
    til they get their free medical and living checks…we’re in a world
    of hurt.
    orphan is the worst…he has no retirement so he’s sure to be
    on the public teat for a long time taking the money he never paid in.
    So karl…we tried hard. We tried to help people like you. But the
    old white guys now on the way out are so vile and gross in their
    attacks on the aca that they can’t believe its going to come into affect.
    OH…AND WHINEY….you failed to mention the 12 million americans
    who already have benefited from athe aca even before the exchange.
    DID YOUSEE THE PREMIMUM FOR TEXAS…lower than before…
    27 insurane companys are competing in some states ring costs way
    way down.
    whiney…I love you…you’re a member of the tribe…but I suggest you stick
    to law and not medical care insurancepolicy in your columns.
    But his last comment part is precious….he hopes the red states
    will flourish and freedom returns. That’s pure b.s. whiney man.
    The red states are where the real medical problems are…lowest
    quality of medical care is where…Alabama…Mississippi…goergia…
    the Midwest…and wheres the best? In the blue states.
    In other words whiney boy the blue states are the ones subsidizing
    the lackof good medical care in the red states. But that’s not what it
    is to us.
    Karl…good luck buddy…hope your medical problems improve but
    these right win nut tea nuts have no idea what the real world is about.
    and Karl…remember the republicans and people like whineys
    advice to you…IF YOU GET REALLY SICK…DIE QUICK!!!!!!
    thank god someone had the balls to change this nations system.
    it will work out…it will have some intial problems to get thru…but
    it will work for America……..

    • Orphan of the Road says:

      The King of Renege again launches a missive from deep beneath the sludge drying beds of the Overland Park Sewage Authority.

      Funny how I spent 20-years at the world headquarters of ACC without a pension or a 401k. Oh yeah, that didn’t happen.

      Now engulfed in an insider-trading suit for my dealings in LYO’s buyout by the Russians. Of course I was long gone from the company when all of this went down and hadn’t made a trade since 2000. Couple of us peons were included for some reason along with those in top management.

      So again, you pull something out of your arse and the only thing solid is whatever scat clings to your hand.

  3. kinder says:

    you and all your teabag whiners need to jump on the jesus wagon
    what the president wanted was Universal Coverage, but when that failed
    what we got was the Affordable Care Act, which does a lot of good to regulate
    the Insurance Industry like not being able to deny anyone coverage and mandated spending 80% of their premiums on health care and not CEOs pay.
    I will never for the life of me understand how the NeoCons and Teabaggers insist that this is a Christian Nation and do everything that they can to act as opposite as Christ as they possibly can. What we should have is free universal care, but since the NON-ChristianNEOTARDS wouldn’t let us have that, we’re stuck with the Affordable Care Act, which though not perfect, is a pretty good start to help out those less fortunate in this country. I’m not a christian and even I know that bullshit the Right Wing is serving to the sheep that follow behind them is about as far from the teachings of Christ as Hitler and Ghandi. If Missouri and Kansas hadn’t been such dillholes about the expanded Medicare option, people who fell in the cracks would have been covered too. Dear M

    • the dude says:

      Christian in theory but way different in practice kinder, that is the right chickenh-hawk ideology. They’ll haul out the entire bible to beat you with when it suits their pocketbook or when it comes to a woman’s uterus.

  4. Stomper says:

    Thanks for all the red meat here David. Lots for us “socialists” to chew on. A few quick points before I begin MY rant.

    First off, “we plebians” ??? Check the definition of plebian, counselor. I’d hazard a guess that you are firmly planted among the patricians on that scale.

    Second, Ted Cruz is this cycles’ version of Sarah Palin. Cruz is only grandstanding to the far right, Tea Party wing of the GOP. He’ll get his 15 minutes of fame as a result but even GOP leadership has distanced themselves from him. He IS doing a great job of positioning himself for the speakers circuit and the big bucks that will come with it.

    Third, your closing sentence said it all. Advocating for the fall of the central government ???? I guess we all need to start stockpiling water and weapons.

    Clearly we disagree on the role of government. You want us to leave the private insurance industry alone. I’ve stated before in many of my posts that I’m a free market guy that likes to give the private sector the first shot at any issue. The private sector’s number one job is to maximize share holder value. Nothing more or less. I have no problem with that. Before the ACA came about, and still today prior to the first steps of its’ implementation, health care costs make up almost 20% of our GDP. More than double that of about all first world countries. Health care costs, AND PREMIUMS, are escalating big time. Kansas Karl makes a very important point here. Who do you think is paying for the costs when uninsured people need care and go to the emergency room? Its’ getting passed right back to all of us through higher premiums. To me, the government has a responsibility to step in when major problems confront our country and the private sector can’t or won’t address it. Do you honestly think that 20% of our GDP going to health care with premiums rocketing is not a problem? I think this current situation has a lot more to do with the financial crisis in our country than does the impending arrival of the ACA.

    Interesting that a couple of the immediate benefits of the ACA; the removal of pre-existing conditions in order to get health insurance, and the ability for parents to keep their children on their policies until the age of 26, were embraced by Republicans. These two benefits were never offered by the private insurance industry because they had a negative effect on the bottom line profits. If the republicans ever get around to offering a plan of their own, as opposed to taking shots at the ACA, I’m pretty sure that those two parts will be included. You talk about the plan “limiting” access to health care under the ACA. Some even call them “death panels”. Tell that to the family of a cancer patient looking for any treatment to help their loved one and their insurance company says NO. We already have limits and death panels in operation. Counselor, you ask why the president doesn’t just expand Medicare and Medicaid to cover the poor and uninsured? That’s exactly what he has tried to do through the state exchanges!!!! Red state legislatures are more focused on fighting windmills than they are helping their own citizens. I think I have posted Senator Moynihan’s quote to you before. You are entitled to your own opinions, just not your own facts.

    Teddy Roosevelt was probably the first U.S. President to advocate for government involvement in addressing the cost and availability of health care for all citizens. Nixon made it a priority as well. I wouldn’t put either of them in the category of “socialists”.

    I agree, the ACA is the signature piece of legislation for Obama during his first term. If the country was so outraged by this, my gut tells me that he would not have won a second term and the Senate would be Red today. Every poll I have seen shows that Americans are against Cruz’s Don Quixote efforts to draw the line in the sand here.

    I am not so naive to think that the ACA is 100% great and is the complete answer. But it is a very necessary start. I am convinced that the founding fathers meant for the central government and the private sector to work together to solve problems. The federal government has a critical role to play. I’m not a socialist but I do expect the government to act when critical issues arise that the private sector can’t or won’t address.

    Other than that, counselor, great article.

    • the dude says:

      I have a big problem when a majority of the healthcare of this country is left to for profit companies. In this scenario what do you think comes first, health or profit?

      That being said we should have a single payer system much like Canada or Great Britain, there I said it.

      For profit insurance companies and healthcare providers can still exist in this system, just in a much diminished role.

      So go ahead, call me a pinko commie or a red, I don’t care, all I know is the current system is busted and when I talk to people from Canada or GB they have very small complaints about their health system and don’t understand the hulabaloo about ours except it is freakin’ expensive for what you get or don’t get.

      • the dude says:

        And the current form of the ACA is unacceptable, when the insurance companies and for profit providers write the damn thing you know it reeks of crap for the hoi paloi.

  5. Nick says:

    You know, watching Cruz yammer on all night in the face of the world’s massive indifference made for tragicomic theater on an Aristotelian scale…

    I called down to the kitchen for popcorn three separate times.

    And once for hot cocoa.

  6. mark smith says:

    Harley has spoken. End of discussion. It’s going to be good because Obama said so. Never mind the 196000 shlubs that work for walgreens who just lost their current health care provider. Never mind all of the formerly full time workers who have become part time. Never mind that the people who passed it want to opt out of the public exchanges. It’s going to be good for 20 pct of America. I feel better already.

  7. mark smith says:

    As for Cruz, he is regarded as slime for taking a stand against a program that polls show over half of the country doesnt want. Not long ago a progressive congress woman stood on the floor in defense of late term abortion and was hailed as a hero. You liberals have some twisted ideology.

    • the dude says:

      We both know what that filibuster was really about Mark, and for you to try and write it off as only a defense of late term abortion is really twisting the facts.

    • david says:

      Enhanced firearm background checks poll at +80%. I don’t see our patriot Mr. Cruz yammering on about how that needs to be passed.

  8. mark smith says:

    I respect you even though we disagree on much, unlike some you don’t resort to Jr high school yard name calling. So here’s the rub, if any of part of her intent was funding late term or abortion of convenience then it taints her entire position for me. So I’m not being dishonest just closed minded, which I readily cop to.

    • harley says:

      hey mark….read some information dummy.
      the people who walgreens…home dept….etc. cut off from insurance..
      they’re getting better policies thru aca.
      Okay…the part timers…see what happens to those companies..
      down the tubes because of their greed!!!!!!!!

      mark…another moon with a keyboard and ain’t got a pot
      to piss in…weak…broke….mentally deficient without any
      facts or figures.
      smith…when you wake up…contact me at law4life@yahoo.com
      so I can update you on the world. You’re old and behind the
      times…get with it…the world has passed you by.

      • mark smith says:

        sure thing harley. Let me know when you want to have a beer summit. Might want to tone down some of that jaw ratcheting. I hear someone is about to release your name and personal info on TKC comment section. You pissed off the wrong person is what Im hearing. Scary people on the web. You need some advice about how to not be a retarded douche nozzle, feel free to contact me at Eat-a-sackOdicks.com You be careful Suzy.

        • the dude says:

          I want in on this juicy info, I want to know if he really does lives under one of Overland Park’s finest sewage treatment plants.

          • harley says:

            no dude…600K house (almost paid off…maybe worth more…will get appraisal when
            orphan gets 10K for our bet)…decorated by
            the top interior designer in kc…tons of incredible art….entire main floor was designed by top painter in city…impeccable and even
            though 9 years old…looks new.
            state of the art sound system…furnished by
            top decorator….neighbors are the
            top movers and shakers in the city…
            you’re invited to come by…just email me
            at law4life1000@yahoo.com
            you seem like a decent dude when you’re
            not trying to bring good people down.
            so come on by….I’ve got some great wine
            (although I don’t drink much)… or bring
            some hot damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mark smith says:

    One final thought, then I’m done.
    Why is it that those who support Obama care ignore the negative effects to the economy, jobs, and added cost? If its so good, why not refute through facts rather than infantile nanny nanny boo boo name calling and vitrial?

    • david says:

      because the ‘facts’ depend on the perspective of who is stating them.

      Example: Small business A no longer provides two bad choices of employer subsidized health care, instead lets the employees go to the exchange where they have dozens of choices.
      a) Teddy Cruz says ‘OMG, Employers throwing people off insurance because of Obamacare.
      b) Obama says ‘People are getting better choices for their health care’

      They’re both right

    • Stomper says:

      Mark, I’ll take a brief shot at that one. Can’t speak for all of us on the left side of the aisle, but I dispute what you seem to think will be a negative effect on the economy, jobs, and added cost. Let’s make that call a little bit down the road when the plan has had a chance to work. With regards to the economy, the current plan is clearly not working. The private insurance industry hasn’t solved what is clearly a problem. And in their defense, solving the problem isn’t their job. Again, almost 20% of the GDP going to health care and rapidly rising premiums is a major drag on our economy. The economy is already a house on fire, and much of that is out of control health costs that are killing us. The plan tries to identify what is driving that cost, try to control it and properly fund it. Let’s talk about costs, hidden costs ( Like the one that Kansas Karl described above, costs for those not currently covered by healthcare but paid by all of us through our premiums) bring those to the surface and fund them honestly. Those costs are not considered by those who say the new program is more expensive. The uninsured that go to ERs to address problems or just don’t address their health issues and wait until the situation is dire, and much more expensive to deal with, put huge burdens on the existing structure. I don’t think many on the right seem to consider those costs. When those people are placed in the state exchanges, with existing medicare and medicaid controls, that huge, hidden cost is removed from the responsibility of private insurers. Loss costs will drop and premiums will drop with them. That corresponding cost for covering those under the state exchanges should be substantially less than the hidden costs now passed on to us in higher premiums through private insurers. We are all still paying the bill, but the goal here is to identify those costs, fund them honestly and openly, and control what ERs, and doctors charge. That’s the goal for lowering costs.

      I’m not enough of an economist to intelligently talk about ACA and jobs. I hear what you are saying about Walgreens. ACA was intended to address health care costs, and availability of health care for a much broader base. It was not a jobs bill. My personal hope is that Congress puts together a jobs bill that would fund individual states with stimulus money to rebuild the infrastructure. I know stimulus is a bad word to conservatives but money going into the economy, whether through the private sector or the public sector, is still money going into the economy. The private sector won’t start hiring until there is an increased demand for their product or service. Lower taxes don’t make employers hire people. Demand makes employers hire people. Our highways and ports need immediate attention and that would be a method to address jobs. Another fight for another day.

      Again, I’m not about to say that Obamacare is the total answer that will result in the end of all our problems. What I am saying is that the current situation will drown us if something isn’t done and who else besides the government has the responsibility to act. Not the private sectors responsibility here.

      Are you buying any of that ? I appreciate your honesty above where you say you are close minded, but you strike me as a civil and rational guy.

  10. chuck says:

    Every time Obama or any hive-mind liberal makes a speech and hypnotizes the chickens, the one thing you can count on, is Harley clucking all over the kcconfidential barn yard screaming “RACIST!!!” “LOW LIFE TEA PARTY LOSER WHITES!!!” “WHITES ARE DYING OFF!!!”

    Harley ethnomasochistically fullfilled and full of the sh*t covered corn he just pecked up into his beak off pages ripped out of Das Kapital struts and frets for his hour on the stage with his usual preconcieved emotional commitment to a liberal narrative at 110 metronomic decibels, signifying, as usual, na fu*kin da and ze fu*kin ro.

    Hey Harley, at least we conservatives don’t wish you dead. I would fix you up with Aileen Wournos’ sister though.

    Seriously, although I don’t pretend to be an expert on this issue and if fact, as many of you know, I am the fool whose money soon departs, I think there are some great comments and passion on both sides of this issue in this thread.

    It would seem, that the conservative view is, that sure, better health care and more affordable health care is necessary, but this measure, this initiative which does indeed encompass 1/7th of our economy, is so bad, that we are throwing the American Baby out with the bath water when we scrap what exists, or don’t try to improve it.

    The counter points, understandably, seem mostly affective, emotional (Again, completely understandable and relavent.) anecdotal and from a dollars and cents point, less tenable.

    Recently, on this blog, we have discussed the KC Streetcar and the KCI Airport. One of the points for the creation of same is a straght line reference from KC to other Cities that just does not hold water. Some of the comparisons of our America to Canada and other countries, might need to be further explored in terms of demographics, culture etc. Denmark, Sweeden etc are a far cry from the myriad nooks, crannies and streets of this country.

    Again, it seems to me, that this move is so dramatic, so radical, that there is and should be blow back.

    Just my opinion.

    • harley says:

      chuck…go back to the beater truck of yours and stop
      being an old foggie for once. And you are a racist…need I
      only pick one of hundreds of comments about your racist
      rants. The teaparty…they are falling apart…read the net or
      paper…they’re falling apart at the seams.
      Never would wish you dead…your comments are so far out
      there they’ve become ammo for everything that’s wrong with
      this country and the right wing nut cases…see other’s on kcc also!!!!

      never wished you dead chuck…but your vile/disgusting/horrid
      comments and racist remarks rank as the worst most wretched
      comments I’ve seen on any blog. Your continued hate and
      disturbing comments are beyond anything anyone who reads
      these blogs as seen.
      as one email to my account said “chuck is very scary. He’s the
      kind of man you read about on the front pages of he paper
      who’s gone crazy. Watch out. this man is out of control and
      his rage is beyond anything I’ve read in any blog on the net”

      not me…someone else wrote that chuck….

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    The Affordable Care Act is great. If you are an insurance company. When we face the facts, all legislation is designed to funnel money through others into the pockets of supporters.

    The saddest fact is there will not be enough doctors to provide health care for those who finally get insurance. Doctors are already scaring their present patients with threats of no longer accepting Medicare or Medicaid.

    ACA isn’t perfect or even close to adequate. But it is a start towards making sure all the people have access to health care. And anyone who predicts anything with any claims of “this is what will happen”, especially politians, are just pulling their wanker and trying to look omnipotent.

    Had I not had health insurance, meager as it was, I would have been devastated by my first bout with cancer. Crushed by the second.

    As Adam Smith said, Capitalism without a heart is the cruelest -ism of all.

    • chuck says:

      Orphan, I think I read that Cerner will double in size in 5 years.

      • harley says:

        sure will….neal has a great deal…but his funding may
        be slowing down ….
        otherwise aca will be great for America. it will have
        its bugs and kinks but over the long haul it will
        be good for this nation. Its the best Obama could get
        with right wing nuts and rapepublicans fighting him
        every step of the way.
        orphan…get your money together now!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Orphan of the Road says:

          Step up to the plate, King of Renege.

          There are a number of people you have guaranteed this or that or bet this or that.

          And still nothing but hot air from you.

          But that is how cyber bullies like you operate. Obfusacate events into a muddle of lies and the urine running down your leg until you have convinced yourself that you have stood tall.

          Meanwhile people observe your behavior, lack of scrupples and inability to prove one iota of anything you post.

          Keep digging your hole, eventually you will hit bedrock and then there will be no place for you to hide your miserable carcass.

          • harley says:

            get your 10K cash loser…lets finish
            this bet…we’ll meet at butch’s place and
            i’ll walk with the money.
            put up or shut up…this is getting old.

  12. chuck says:

    By the way, nice article Whinery.

  13. chuck says:

    Do we inflict the cost of the last 60 years, the welfare state on young people now?


  14. chuck says:

    It could be, that the Tea Party has the high ground in KC.


    Disgusting, yet predictable in my opinion.

  15. Real simple: (1) Ted Cruz = flash in the pan deranged right-winger whose 15 minutes of fame will endure a few more years, but not much longer — he has no nationwide appeal; and (2) Obamacare = The most massive Monstrosity of far leftist 20 percenter legislation in American history ever to be foisted through into law by pure party-line votes against the will of the American people using every ounce of democrat party corruption and procedural gimmicks known to man. On the whole scale of evil incarnate, methinks Ted Cruz < Obamacare by about the 2X-3X higher amount that virtually every Middle Class American will soon be paying per year for their health insurance under said Obamacare Monstrosity. Viva His Majesty!

    • harley says:

      you’ve not beenreading the results and whats happening in
      hopefully you will become more educated on this program.
      Yes…there will be some problems initially…but it will
      prove to be effective…
      especially for the 12 million americans who NOW HAVE
      INSURANCE THAT DID NOT BEFORE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jimbo OPKS says:

    Let’s review the bidding.
    A right of center think tank comes up with the idea to mandate insurance purchase.
    A center Republican governor implements that mandate in a very Democratic state, a state that already has 94% health insurance coverage.
    The Republicans manage to get the Democrats to enact the plan nationally and LEAVE NO FINGERPRINTS ON THE PLAN! This is totally a Democratic baby. Ask yourself why?
    Here is why. National Health Insurance involves denying people every thing that they want. There is no way this country can afford to buy everything everybody thinks they want in health care. Do you remember the movie “As Good As it Gets?” The villain is the HMO. They are the Daddy that has to tell the Mommy no.
    Ted Cruz’s filibuster is the last minute reminder that this program is a Democratic program. When the pain hits, and it will, they will own it.
    Oh, and Single Payer is DEAD!

    • harley says:

      Jimbo…some nice comments but single payer is not dead.
      may have to wait til 2016 to get it done but the political
      winds will soon move in that direction.
      why? the republicans are imploding as we speak.
      just a matter of time til they are strictly a regional
      party in the south and with little if any power.
      May not happen in 2014…but the demographics
      are so powerful in the dems direction that
      it will make the dems the nations strongest party and
      really only meaningful party when Hilary takes office
      in 2017.
      also…I’ve read much about the “free stuff” Obama gives out.
      Those “obamaphones” that the right wing nuts are so famous
      for bringing up….they’ve been paid for for many years long
      before Obama took over. The money comes from the universal
      service fund that I think is on all our phone bills. The money
      (which I saw on an ad) goes to virgin/sprint for those phones..
      I don’t understand them and hope someone with details
      can explain it to me…but its not free phones from Obama…
      its free phones from the taxes on phone bills that have been
      on those bills for many years before Obama took office.
      I’d hope someon will provide details on thijs because I think
      this is another phony claim made bythe right wing people.
      its interesting where that money comes from.
      I din’t know it came from that universal taxon the bills…
      how clever of the politicians to hide this entire thing from
      us with a tax that few of us pay attention to.

      • Stomper says:

        Harley; I pretty much agree with you as far as the GOP having shrinking demographics but that is only with regards to the White House in my opinion. Until they realize they have to appeal to women and hispanics, any shot at the WH will be a long one. However, the red state legislatures did exactly what they should have after the last census. They “gerrymandered” the House districts to play to their own demographics, It’s going to be very tough for the Dems to win back the House anytime soon. Smart move and the Dems would have done the exact same thing if they had a shot.

        • harley says:

          stomper…i’ll get you the stats on repubs elected
          in districts Obama won…
          if theres a shutdown the repubs give the house
          i’m still poring over the stats on the senate…
          it depends on the mood of the nation…
          but yes it will be tough to win the house…but
          nate silver is looking at the demographic changes
          in the repub districts…may not be 2016…but
          even nate is saying TEXAS COULD BE BLUE/PURPLE…
          this demographic explosion that I talk about I believe
          is much bigger than thought.
          Just was on phone with client in Lubbock and with
          the huge numbers of Hispanics moving into
          outlying areas of Lubbock and the outlying areas
          of midland and the growing Hispanic population
          in dallas/Houston/Austin and other big
          cities in texas…I think this is being underestmimated
          by the republicans.
          Texas will be a blue state…regardless of
          gerrymandering come 2020…maybe sooner.
          and the repubs are just shooting themselves in the
          foot trying to fight it…………
          nice points tho.

  17. mike t. says:

    heh. we complain about what’s going on in washington – gridlock, partisan politics, backstabbing and outright ignorance – when right here is a microcosm of the very same thing. good job, fellas, good job.

  18. harley says:

    also…stomper…..fact remains if ya aint got the white house…you really aint got

  19. paulwilsonkc says:

    Nicely done, DSW! Great story, 40+ comments and none of them because of 30 Glazer bashing comments! Always enjoy your stuff.

  20. legendaryhog says:

    What were we talking about? boobs? I hope it was boobs…and beer.

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