Glazer: Scribe Unleashes This Week’s NFL & College Sure Bets

cowboys-cheerleaders-frontAll week we’ve been hearing about tonight’s Kansas City Chiefs – Philadelphia Eagles game…

And the Chiefs have had more positive national media attention this week than they’ve had in nearly a decade.

Now let’s look at their two wins honestly.

The Chiefs dominated the Jacksonville Jaguars at Jacksonville two weeks ago.  However, the Jags clearly are a team that might go 0 and 16.  Still, it was a solid win on the road.  More impressive, KC edged out the Dallas Cowboys Sunday at Arrowhead.  And frankly, that game could have gone either way.

S0 while we are all happy KC won, it was far from a dominant victory. 

michael-vick-buffalo-billsNow the Chiefs are on the road with a short week of practice and a banged up tight end and a wounded running back in Jamaal Charles. In short, the Chiefs offense is very much in question.  The Eagles on the other hand, have an explosive offense led by the aging Mike Vick who is also known to be erratic and injury prone.

And the Philly defense is horrible.  It will come down to the KC defense being for real or over-rated.

I say this one’s a coin flip. 

Advantage goes to the Eagles since they’re at home with a complicated offense that the Chiefs must find a way to stop.  Chiefs QB Alex Smith has to step up a notch or two in both running and passing because we will need more offense than we’ve seen in the first two games.  My advice is to tease this game, get the Chiefs +9 and Clemson -8 over Carolina State.

Johnny Football

Johnny Football

College Picks

Florida (-10) over Tennessee on a tease with Clemson (-8) over NC State.

Baylor (-27) over Monroe on a tease with Alabama (-32) over Colorado State.

Texas A&M (-28) over SMU

peyton-manning-steelers-1NFL Football

Chicago Bears (-2 ½ ) over Pittsburgh

New England (-1) over Tampa Bay on a tease with Minnesota (- ½ ) over Cleveland

Seattle Seahawks (-13) over Jacksonville on a tease with Denver (-9) over Oakland.


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34 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Unleashes This Week’s NFL & College Sure Bets

  1. John says:

    Hey Craig, remember last week on your picks blog? You used the KCMonarch screen name and talked to yourself? You misspelled a name using that screen name, and then, unable to keep your lies straight, you apologized for misspelling that name with your CG screen name. If your going to use fake names and anom profiles to make it look as if you have fans, at least try keeping them straight.

    • KCMonarch says:

      While I have no doubt CG has on multiple occasions commented on his blogs under assumed names, I assure you that the KCMonarch post was NOT from Glaysure and The Monarch is no fan of Craig’s. Never trust an ex-con. Especially one who demonstrates unwavering self assurance on topics speculative in nature.

      The post was scribed in tongue-in-cheek fashion to point out mistakes an 8th grader wouldn’t have made.

      Carry on.

      btw, it’s Receiving “corps” not “core”

      • John says:

        Oh, now come on. That can’t possibly be the best story you can come up with. The conversation is very plain to see. I give you a zero on creativity on this attempt to cover yourself. It’s as if you’re not even putting effort into your lies anymore. I expect more from a man as experienced in the art as you.

    • the dude says:

      You do realize this is the glazed one you are talking to here. You would have better luck communicating with the nearest potted plant and having it understand and fully comprehend what you just wrote down.

  2. chuck says:

    No way the Chiefs should have won that game last week. Jason Garrett should have been fired after the game. Dez Bryant beat Brandon Flowers like a rented mule the first half, so in the second half, zilch. They toss the ball all over the field and Dez gets zilch.

    I am glad Garrett is an idiot, but we were lucky.

    Philly’s D is terrible, but this game is a toss up. Vegas has the Chiefs by 3.

    No way I would bet on this game.

  3. MD in KC says:

    I picked Philadelphia (-3) earlier. My other picks for the week:

    MIN -6
    ATL +2
    SD +3
    GB -2.5
    HOU -2.5

    CG — are you counting the Chiefs/Clemson teaser as one of your picks?


  4. CG says:

    Chuck as always good point. This is not a good game to bet. With the Chiefs having no tight end at all, that really makes this uphill. Big loss. I still give the Chiefs a good shot, but losing their tight end is huge. As for this nut who wants me to be the KCmonkey, sorry not me. Who cares and why in hell would I make fun of myself, for what. I did spell the name wrong, happens to everyone at times. Not a big deal. Haters just love to hate and sound as stupid as they always do.

    I really hope the Chiefs pull this out and become a real play off contender for the first time in forever with a legit team. Would be nice for our city, we need it.

  5. Mysterious J says:

    Grow a pair and pick the Chiefs game AS THE SPREAD appears, not as a part of a “teaser”.

    • the dude says:

      Now, now J, you should know by now that this blowhard would never adhere to the standards that 99% of people use for betting the books. He has to use some flaky cake system that nets zero money after you push numbers to win so he can bloviate about what a wunkerkind better he is when we all know better.

      • harley says:

        dudes wrong…teasers are used by some of the top
        books in vegas….in fact some casinos
        are not happy with them….they’re called sucker
        bets…but when I was in vegas…was with some
        serious football bettors and they usethem…one
        even said he did well with them…
        so lay off glaze….he’s using financial management
        when he bets.
        you don’t have to take the straight bets with
        vegas….although i’m not into sports betting…some of
        the bigger players do use teasers and have done
        well with them.
        yes…they’re hard to work…but theres a system to betting
        them…something about 3 and 7 point games..not sure
        what these guys were talking about when we met them
        …sports betting is too long…gotta wait to see if ya win…

  6. harley says:

    what we’re seeing at arrowhead is what the glass family has failed to see.
    The coach/manager is a huge difference maker for a team like this.
    Reid has 30 new players..over half the team and it looks like they’ve
    played together for a long time. and he knows how to use the talent.
    HOW TO WIN….he’s been a winner and when you’ve been a winner
    its hard to lose. His decisions seem to be made with ease…he
    s organized….and he’s just seems to be a great great guy and the
    way he handled going back to philly for a game was true class.
    The royals are a manager away from being playoff team….really
    yost hasn’t won…he doesn’t get it….he’s got talent on this team
    but his managing is suspect. His play calling is so disjointed…
    he ‘s not following the best route…..and you can see that
    he’s not really knowledgable about individual situation
    calls…..the royals next year will have a ton of talent…they’ve
    got some players rady to come up to major leagues…bullpen
    is full of possible trade bait….but nothing happens with
    yost at the helm. Look at what clint hurdle has done…incredible.
    Glass..oyou want to fill that stadium in 2014….get a new manager…
    these winning and losing streaks shouldn’t be happening.
    Yes…the royals have gotten some lucky breaks…but yost is
    not a proven winning manager.

    • the dude says:

      Before you go and blow a load all over your new trousers, give this a bit of thought. Three games does not a good sample size make. Talk to me after they play the Broncos and if they win that game then we can talk about this team being for reals or not.

  7. harley says:

    dude…no one said this was a top 5-10 team in league. But we are
    saying that this teams attitude is different than many of the others
    after vermeil. This team is organized…4 days to prepare for the
    phillyoffensive machine (although I question why people are so
    impressed with their offense) and they shut it down.
    yes…w3e’ll have to wait…anyone who follows sports know its
    a long long season.
    will they beat Denver…maybe in kc…not in mile high.
    new players haven’t played there and its a tough road to hoe.
    Its just nice to see the city excited again….
    except for glaze…who’se likethe wind…blows one way one day..
    another way another day….never sticks with his ie nitial look….
    he’ll change his perception of everything ….ever day is a new
    prediction from him on the royals oon the chiefs….everything.

  8. CG says:

    Nice win by KC Thursday. This team so far is much better than what I expected. At 3-0 barring injuries to Charles and Smith, likely a play off team. They should beat the Giants at home, Chiefs will be a 3 1/2 to 5 point favorite in that one. D looks good with big plays, we can see the offense needs work, that may or may not happen, lots of nicks and slight injuries, should be fine in 9 days before the game back here. I give this team credit. Very much like the Marty teams of the 90’s good D and ok offense.

  9. balbonis moleskine says:


    Minnesota minus 4 over san jose state
    Purdue plus 22.5 covering against wisconsin
    Usc minus 7 over utah state


    Cowboys minus 4 over rams
    Packers minus 3 over bengals
    Minnesota minus 7 over cleveland

    International rugby

    Aviva english league
    22.5 is a lot to cover for the leichester tigers on a soupy newcastle falcons pitch on a cold north england night. Take the newcastle falcons plus the points.

    French top 14 rugby…

    Look for stade toulousian to show their dominance in the french league over an overmatched castres olympique. Take toulousian even though you give up 10.5

    Look for mediocre british boxing contender dereck chisora to tko german edmund gerber in london. Over under round 9.5 take the under. Chisora doesnt need to win, the fight just needs to be over before the openibg bell to the 9th rings.

    Happy fun betting….

    • CG says:

      So far so good, Chiefs and Clemson won,then we have Clemson and Florida winning, so right now our record has moved up to 9-4 overall, we are waiting on Baylor who is winning big, Alabama and then Texas A and M to see if we can go perfect in college and Thurs. night game. Tomorrow the pros.

      • balbonis moleskine says:

        Chisora tko gerber in the 8th so that under won.
        Stade toulousain won and covered easily over castres
        Newcastle managed zero points in the second half allowing leichester to barely cover the massive for rugby 22.5 spread so thats a loss….

        1 and 2 for me as minnesota won easily, purdue was unable to slow wisconsin. Usc barely even won straight up against utah state, which is pretty disgraceful considering everyone at utah state couldnt have played at usc. Perhaps those sanctions hit the trojans harder than I thought.
        So 3 and 3 going into the nfl. We will see…

  10. Anonymous says:

    More B.S. teaser bets from Karnak.

    New England (-1) at home against Tampa Bay, with Minnesota (-.5) against a team that just traded their best player. What a joke.

    Seattle (-13) at home against the worst team in the league, with Denver (-9), the best team in the league, at home against the Raiders. Another joke.

    Ballsy picks, Karnak. In straight bets, you’re a big fat 2-2. You’re nothing without the teasers. #padyourstats #growapair #changethatrug

  11. CG says:

    Well Alabama, of all teams, didn’t cover, won but didn’t cover so my college day was not perfect. The others did cover and win. so we are standing at 10-5. Now the NFL. As some of you now see, it’s a bit harder than it looks, huh. But if you are following my advice so far, well done. Upsets happen all the time, or Vegas wouldn’t be there.

  12. CG says:

    What a few readers don’t want to get is this. It’s not about style points in putting your money up, its about winning. There are no sure things and if it was ‘so easy’ and anyone could have done that, oh teasers are silly. Really, hey Vegas has millions, no billions of dollars to give out if you pick those ‘silly, easy games’….so why isn’t everyone doing that? Cause its hard to win on a regular bases. Very hard. Like trading oil contracts. Oh oil is at 108 and there is plenty oil it will fall hard…the Syria went up…who knew.

  13. Rick Singer says:

    Glazer is a conman making con bets, when are you people going to figure this out? He picks the sure wins on the college side as a rule while claiming it’s all about the winning. Well goollly conman so you win bragging rights on a blog to win what? Nothing that’s what, because those of us, who know, know Vegas isn’t paying squat on your so called winning tease picks. A huge nothing, who wins nothing.
    Your so called fans can brag about you all they want, but the smart people quickly see you for the loser you are.

    • CG says:

      Rick whoever you are, what planet do you live on. Vegas pays the same on a tease as it does on any other bet. You have never made a real football bet in your life. This comment shows how ignorant you are about all this. Rather make a fool of yourself don’t ever comment again on football ok. And pal I’ll put my house against yours today if tease bets aren’t as real as they come and pay as what I said they pay. You pick two teams you can have 6 points on either team either way including the overall total points as a bet. Just like a one on one bet you must win them both or push them to push…same as a regular one on one bet. Odds very as they do with the one on one, but they are about the same cause you have to win both as opposed to just the one to be paid.

      Who are you haters that would even write anything here about gaming when I am expert, you people are rubes. Just stop ok. Your childish comments show you just fell off a truck in Belton. Please.

      • CG says:

        Hey rube Rick I’m serious you can bet anything you want on this we can have Hearne hold the bets and pay off just email him, I’m happy to do that. Your comment is like saying this, “you are a conman they don’t give you cocktails for money at a bar, gosh what a liar.” You are that dumb.

  14. balbonis moleskine says:

    vegas doesn’t pay the same money on teaser bets, they pay a reduced amount. You have to get 2 right to get paid out near-even money. Without a teaser you get paid out near-even money winning one game.

    The real surprise of the day is the Colts. They have a thunder and lightning attack now with Cleveland trading away Richardson and with their pickup of Bradshaw. The 49ers may not even make the playoffs.

  15. balbonis moleskine says:

    You have had a hot start and nice job with that. But you are 9-5 not 10-5. You also have 2 more teasers left on the board that are unfinished.

    mu oregon tease- win
    Michigan – win

    patriots- colts loss
    tampa – loss
    chiefs-houston tease win

    south carolina-tosu tease win
    louisville-oregon tease win
    alabama- loss

    cowboys-houston win
    atanta-houston win
    san francisco-green bay loss

    UF-Clemson tease win
    baylor-alabama tease loss
    A&M – win

    NE-Minnesota tease loss
    seahawks-jville tease unfinished
    denver-oakland tease unfinished


    • CG says:

      Pssst, I am 10-5 I posted in the story Chiefs and Clemson…look and see, but thanks for the nod, however I won one NFL game and lost one so now its 11-6 with Denver on the board still…very good start, lots of upsets…now you guys see how hard it is…

      I love it when some people say “you picked the easy games’…there are no easy games, look at all the upsets and no covers in the NFL…all of us picked Minn. to beat lowly Cleveland, problem Vikings are not too good either…its a very

      even league for the most part…just Denver and Seattle look super elite as of
      now…and yes Balb…SF is in trouble, they don’t have last years weapons…so right now they are a .500 type team, but with guys getting back they should be a wild card…

      Chiefs and Miami are the two darlings…the Chiefs now do look good compared to everyone else and I was wrong about them…so far and I hope I stay wrong…they look like an 11 win team with their sched…they play Giants Sunday and will be about a 5 or 6 point fav..then to Tenn next week, a 2 point dog I suspect…should win both…or at least the Giants game here….4-0 wow..I know none of these teams were in last years play offs and so on..but a 4-0 start barring injury puts them in the post almost for sure…

      Chiefs will be top 7 in power rankings now and yes B

  16. balbonis moleskine says:

    excuse my counting skills, 9-6

    • CG says:

      I see you counted the Minn loss but we won the Chicago game so it is 11-6…with Denver left tonight, and I feel good about that one, but who knows..MD lost all his games in the NFL though they looked like good picks I had some of those but with tease pulled off wins, in some personal picks off board like Atlanta who with tease covered…thats why I often tease it can pull you out of a loss by a couple points…it does make it hard to pick two but overall I’ve done well with it…by the way MD don’t feel bad, I liked most of your picks myself, but the spreads were too tough…we all liked the Vikes…I see SD did you didn’t lose that one…BUT NOW READERS CAN SEE WHY I DO WHAT I DO..EVEN THEN…ITS HARD…VERY HARD…THE NFL IS SO EQUAL TODAY…NO REAL DOMINANT TEAMS…AND THE GOOD TEAMS DROP OFF LIKE HOUSTON AND SF AND BAD TEAMS MOVE UP LIKE KC AND MIAMI…then it all changes again latter in the year with injuries and teams figuring out other teams…

  17. CG says:

    With Denver win we are at 12-6. Nice.

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