Hearne: Scribe Sings Chiefs Praises After Dallas Win…Cautiously

1stjQ8.St.81Hey, it’s about time…

No way is this year’s Kansas City Chiefs┬áteam a first tier NFL squad, says betting-man-turned-scribe Craig Glazer. Still after beginning the season 2-0, he’ll take it.

“What’s nice about it is the Chiefs are not a joke,” Glazer says. “They’re not the clown team they were last year. There’s hope for the Chiefs.”

Super (Bowl) hope?

“No, I don’t think they’re an elite team, they just don’t have the weapons,” Glazer says. “I think the Chiefs might be a 9 game winner but they’re just a Jamaal Charles injury away from everything going kabooey.”

But in the interest of waxing positive after today’s win over Dallas

“The Chumps won,” Glazer says. “They were impressive and they had some big plays.”

And lucky too, huh?

Chiefs Fan“Well, the big play was Romo hitting a bomb to Dez Bryant and him dropping it,” Glazer says. “But in the NFL, there are no style points; a win is a win. I mean, it’s time to give the Chiefs a little credit.

“The Chiefs are the real deal. But let me make it clear to readers, because they’re 2-0 and because they have such an easy schedule, they are officially a playoff contender. Now because the Chiefs won, when they play Philly Thursday night in Philadelphia, the focus has changed from being just on the return of coach Andy Reid, to being on Kansas City. Had the Chiefs lost, it would have been all about Andy Reid coming home and not the Chiefs.”

The Scribe’s prediction:

“I think it’s going to be a helluva game and Kansas city could beat ’em. There is no line, but my guess is Philly will be a 3 or 4 point favorite at home. Because people don’t really trust the Chiefs yet, but I kinda like the Chiefs.”




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11 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Sings Chiefs Praises After Dallas Win…Cautiously

  1. Jess says:

    Until the next game if the do not do as well. Blow and hookers must damage brain cells more than scientist previously thought

  2. harley says:

    glaze…you’re disappointing…you change your opinion of the
    sports teams on a weekly basis.
    anyone who looked at this team understood they could make
    the playoffs. Yet they still lack the outside speedsters at receivers
    who can carry them there.
    bowe can follow patterns and the rest of the receivers are too slow
    to get out on their routes.
    Denver will stomp the league…just too much talent on offense
    and defense….
    so hopefully the chiefs win their 9-10 games…
    I will tell you this…you never really support the local teams….probably
    like the resto f the people on here who never go out and spend money
    to cheer the team on. That sucks.
    the stadium rocked today…and it will rock at the next home game…
    headed to vegas….talk with you boys upon return.

  3. Mysterious J says:

    Can I look forward to reading what “the scribe” thinks of Miss America tomorrow?

  4. Rick Nichols says:

    Yes, we’ll just have to wait and see if the Chiefs can “fly like an eagle” in Philly.

  5. mike says:

    The Chiefs look right now to have a middle of the road offense and a top tier defense. If the Chiefs offensive line play tightens up as Eric Fisher gets more experience, even their offense will improve as the season moves along. So far, Alex Smith has not been protected very well and has had to use his feet to make plays. The biggest obstacle to them will be Denver. It will be interesting to see how well our defense does against their offense which is probably the best in the NFL.

    • mike t. says:

      unfortunately, it’ll be a while to see denver crush us. i have little hope that even with improvement we can stand toe-to-toe with them. not too damn sure about the eagles for that matter. it won’t be a gimme esp with them losing to SD.

  6. CG says:

    Harley, interesting points. I do want our local teams to prosper. They, the Royals and Chiefs have been clown acts for years, hard to support that. Has nothing to do with money. I just had no reason to watch two horrible teams play. Nobody to cheer for..thats all. As far as betting the Chiefs made me most of my big wins by losing over the last several years. I was a huge fan from as a kid in the 60’s season tix holder til 03. Same with the Royals. After a couple decades of ‘ugly’ I just couldn’t stand them anymore. That’s all. I am glad both teams are moving in the right direction.

    As for Eagles game. I like the Chiefs chances. Vick is way too old now what 37, to run this fast paced offense, and he is a proven screw up as well as injury prone. If the Chiefs win this one, the Giants at home is very winnable. The Chiefs at 4-0 would be a strong post season candidate. We’ll see. Need to stay healthy with Smith and Charles, not many weapons so far.

  7. Stomper says:

    Hearne; Different topic but figured you see this quickest here. If Dawson, Watson, Brett, and Morrison are Kansas City’s local stars with a national presence in the field of sports, then Joe Granville is at that same level in the milieu of finance and investments. In one of your previous lives, you worked with him, making you one of the more qualified people to write about him. A Kansas City star in his field. The Granville Letter was widely read and respected. He was a colorful guy and I know you could share some great stories about him.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Does losing beget winning? Case the Chiefs, it has the former occurring earlier, and the latter outcome following.

    The 1962 Chiefs (Texans) went 2-1 to start on their way to 11-3 and a ‘road’ WIN for the AFL Championship.

    The 1966 Chiefs went 3-0 to start on their way to 11-2-1… and a Superbowl LOSS.

    The 1969 Chiefs went 2-1 to start on their way to 11-3 and 2nd place, a wild card post season berth and 3 straight ‘road’ WINS including the World Championship.

    The 2003 Chiefs went 3-0 (moreso in fact, 9-0) to start on their way to 13-3… and one & done post season LOSS at ‘home’ to the Colts.

    The 2010 Chiefs went 3-0 to start on their way to 10-6… and a one & done post season LOSS at ‘home’ to the Ravens.

    The 2013 club has gone 2-0 to start on their way to?… oblivion historically, unless they start losing Thursday. When the Chiefs have been at their best terms ultimate success, they’ve done so on the road post season after less than perfect starts, crashes & burns @KC in ’97 & ’71 at minimum affirming that, while may be ever so humble, usually is no place like the road terms of success, Chiefly speaking.


    As for Sunday’s game, color Kerouac still less than impressed by KC. Reiterating, while it may look the same in the standings, all wins are not created equal, Chiefs 2-0 wholly suspect based on more than the W/L alone.

    With everything going for them (momentum a game 1 road win, their home opener in front of a large crowd, sporting curious (translation – ‘horrendous’) red on red threads (which probably scared Dallas to death – or gave them side aches), KC managed to not lose by one point, Cowboys self-inflicted wounds and questionable calls a few courtesy the officials the impetus turn agony of defeat into thrill of victory.

    Offense: Alex Smith will not last the season if he keeps imitating Ben Gazzara in ‘Run For Your Life’ behind KC’s offensive (double entendre) line. The Bowe Show is ‘no mo’, appears, and Charles days of 5+ ypc average season & career are now but memory.

    Defense: Woe to he who has to block Poe… he’s hungry & not for BBQ, appears. As for Houston – we have a problem: too much hype, too little action (3 sacks to none; HOF LB Bobby Bell always said he strove for consistency… #50 take heed.) Flowers: third degree burns, copious salve needed for this too ‘overhype’ of renown, KC. As Kerouac said elsewhere, Flowers looked like CB Willie Mitchell trying to cover WR Max McGee in Superbowl 1, and had Bryant not dropped a long (certain) td pass and had an official not taken away another 30 yarder, Flowers might well be on waivers today.

    Special Teams: Colquitt single-handedly kept the Chiefs in the game 1st half with his punts. He won’t ever be as good as former Raider Shane Lechler was but then no one ever has been, likely.

    @PHIL 27 KC 16

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