Glazer: Scribe Bellies Up to Betting Window for NFL & College Weekend

jimmy-the-greek-jesusWell sports fans, last week I had a winning record of 3 and 2…

 Not a spectacular start but a decent one.  As you can see, there were lots of very close games and while I picked the winners of every game except the Jets, I still lost a few because my winning team didn’t cover the spread.  From what I saw on TV and heard from radio analysts picks, three and two was darn good.

Remember, I’m trying to win games, not just focus on the big or popular games, some of those are just too close to call.

That said, let’s talk about the Kansas City Chiefs. 

With a convincing victory over Jacksonville, our Chiefs are now the darlings of Kansas City.  Right behind the Kansas City Royals that just two games off a Wild Card playoff spot. Wow. For the first time in years I expect to see nearly every seat full as the Chiefs welcome America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys to Arrowhead.  Still, I find it a bit odd that KC is a three point favorite over the Cowboys who beat a much better Giant’s team last week.  All I can think is Tony Romo got banged up pretty bad last week and maybe his ribs are worse than we’ve been told.  So I suspect this is the reason the Chiefs are favored.

7a16c1bb-8239-4504-9a40-7153bbffb1caHiResDallas has way more weapons than the Chiefs on offense.  From Dez Brian to Jason Witten, while the Chiefs defense played one of their best games in years, you still have to be suspicious of what appears to be a Dink and Dunk offense.  Though Alex Smith looked solid in the first half, he was unable to move the team at all in the second against a weak Jaguar defense, not impressive.

Also of concern is the fact that the Chiefs offense is built around Jamaal Charles both running and passing.  But it would appear his season ending injury is always just a play or two away – let’s hope not, but…  Also of deep concern is the fact that Smith has yet to throw a deep ball completion to anyone either in pre-season or regular season play.

And while the receiving core looks improved, there’s still no home run hitter.  Smith’s going to have to take off and run with the football more often than he may have been planning.  The Dallas runs a Tampa 2 system which is built to stop the short pass that the Chiefs offense relies on.

On the bright side, the Chiefs defense was great, especially Justin Houston and Arrowhead will be rocking. This is arguably the biggest game the Chiefs have played in 10 years.  There’s a chance the Chiefs can win this game and become a legitimate playoff contender, a team that could win 10 plus games. Remember, they have a weak schedule.  A loss likely means the Chiefs will battle to be .500 team.

What do I think?

 I say take the Dallas Cowboys +9 and tease it with the Oakland Raiders over the terrible Jags at even. 

College-Football-Week-11-PicksCollege Picks

South Carolina (-7) over Vanderbilt on a tease with Ohio State (-8) over Cal

Louisville (-10) over Kentucky tease with Oregon (-18) over Tennessee

Alabama (-8) over Texas A&M

cowboys-cheerleadersNFL Picks

Dallas Cowboys (+9) over Kansas City tease with Houston (-1) over Tennessee

Atlanta (-1) over the Rams on a tease with Oakland (even) over Jacksonville

San Francisco (+9) over Seattle on a tease with Green Bay (-1) over Washington

Enjoy the weekend, follow me on Twitter @KCKingofSting.  



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48 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Bellies Up to Betting Window for NFL & College Weekend

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  2. rkcal says:

    I’m surprised you’re betting the Chiefs’ game. I think your analysis is spot on, but the emotion of the season opener combined with doubts about Romo’s health would put this in the “don’t touch” category for me. Too many variables.

  3. MD in KC says:

    My picks:

    Baltimore -6.5
    Indianapolis -3
    New Orleans -3
    Oakland -5.5
    Atlanta -6.5
    Cincinnati -7


    • chuck says:

      Ok MD, lets do this–

      Philly is a 6.5 fave and I expect them to cover—Take Philly.

      Houston is an 8 point fave, take Houston to cover.

      The rest of your picks look like winners, I will add some you didn’t pick for the hell of it. 🙂

      Green Bay is a 7 point fave over Washington, they will cover.

      Chicago is a 6 point fave over Minn, they cover.


      By the way, Chip Kelly tricked me last week and RG3 looks slow, cost me 2 Bills, NOT Buffalo Bills.


      • MD in KC says:

        Some good picks, Chuck. What, no teasers?


        • chuck says:

          I had a 280ZX in the 80’s and dated a chick who teased her hair. You couldn’t see anything to the right and I kept hitting the curb.

          Now, I ONLY see the Right and I never hit the curb.

      • CG says:

        Chuck it ain’t easy is it. This year will be even harder in college and pros, less overpowering teams more equal play, hard to choose.

  4. Mysterious J says:

    Nobody on planet Earth is offering Dallas +9…but then again we all know “The scribe” lives in a different world.

    • CG says:

      Mister never made a bet…its a tease how many times we got to tell you on a tease you pick two teams to win, both must win or tie(push) you can move the line up to 6 points(7 in Vegas)…so the Cowboys are 3 point dogs, lets see add 6 and bang you get 9…see how that works. Please be quiet from now on, ok.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dallas opened at +3, Houston at -9.5. If you got six points per game across the board on the teaser, how do you explain getting Houston down to -1? Bullshit.

    Vegas will give you, at most, seven points a game. You got 14.5 points on a two-team teaser? Again, bullshit.

  6. nothing like an exclusive says:

    From TKC “Remember, I am trying to win games, not make decisions on what are necessarily big or popular games, some of those are too close to call. However, let’s talk about the Kansas City Chiefs. With a convincing victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, our KC Chiefs are the darlings of the Kansas City …….

    Least you could do is change the wording a little.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dallas opened at +3, Houston at -9.5. If CG got six points per game across the board on the teaser, how does he explain getting Houston down to -1?

    Vegas will give you, at most, seven points a game. How did CG get 14.5 points on a two-team teaser?

    • CG says:

      You are a moron. I’ve explained how this works 99 times, we are done with that. You need to go find something else to do with your time rather than try and say stupid things alright. Odds change hourly, you get 6 points per game, at one point Houston was a -7, now they are -9, happens everyday. So stop trying to look smart when you are a fool. Ok. Thanks

      • Mysterious J says:

        No other oddsmaker in America works with “teasers”. Pick the games with the odds as they are.

        Also, didn’t you promise to limit your garbage to TKC?

        • CG says:

          Hey Monkey this is the way it works, has for now three years. Teasers are a major bet in any sports book anywhere, again those of you who attack that…are people who don’t know anything about sports betting. You are the guys who watch TV and listen to those sports picks who usually just pick who will win, if I could do that I’d hit closer to 80%, but it doesn’t work that way… you have to use the spreads unless you bet the money line.

          What you readers have here are a couple of hateful guys who just want to complain about anything, when its not there they invent it. Of course I can’t make up the spreads, real people would know that and say so…after doing this for a couple seasons now..

          Even with the tease and every move its tough to win. You see the upsets on a daily bases. Today a team that jacked up Notre Dame last week, Michigan, barely beat a nobody at home, won by 3, they were a 26 point favorite…so its not easy.

          I want this to be a fun thing. People like Chuck make good comments and understand how it works, cause he really makes bets these other people likely don’t.

          • chuck says:

            I was in a pot where ya had to pick 5 college and 5 pros last week was winning until Monday night.

            The Skins looked lethargic and uninterested until the 2nd half.

            The Rat should have played RGIII in the last pre season game.

            I don’t bet the tease bets cause the bar I bet in doesn’t do them.


            It wasn’t that hard to pick the winners actually. you jsut bet the huge spreads in college and picked 5 pro teams out the 16 games. Three of us were tied going into Monday night. 2 were girls!!!

            What can I tell ya?

            We laughed pretty hard.

            Oh yeah, a chick won.


            And yes, people are making fun of me.

          • chuck says:

            In 1992 I put 200.00 on the San Diego Chargers (Remember Stan Humphries?) to win the Superbowl (91 or 92 something like that).

            I jsut missed, I remember I think I was gonna win 5 large, something like that.


          • Mysterious J says:

            First of all, you could not pick a straight winner 80% of the time.

            Second of all, just use the same spread published in the newspaper.

  8. BS says:

    teasers are for girls.

    • CG says:

      I know girls like you. Guess Vegas is set up for ladies only gambling, but you have never made a sports bet in Vegas in your life.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the conversation at TKC:

    Houston opened at -8.5. At no point in the week were they -7. And Dallas opened at +1.

    MD said last week that he made his picks based on

    Pretty convenient for CG to come with “lines” and not say where they’re coming from, or to come up with “teasers” that can’t be verified out of thin air. Looks like he decided to just pick and choose what sounded good. That’s one way for CG to win 60 percent of his bets.

    • CG says:

      I look at and then the Vegas line which is on there at several casino hotels and they do very but of course I take the best one for me or my bet…they change all the time. Again I realize most of you have never bet in a real casino other than maybe something easy. Just a small wager on a game of your favorite team. So I understand you don’t follow all this…its pretty easy .. go online to learn…alright. Thanks.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just made a 57-point two team teaser. If Miami and Tampa Bay don’t lose by 60, I win. I’ll be at 100% for the week.

  11. DSW-ESQ says:

    Just love seeing the “Glaze” back on KCC- Even if I still don’t know what a tease is…

    • chuck says:

      I know a tease named “Bambi” she works out at Bonita Flats.

      She has a rack that picks up Ham Radio frequencies from Tokyo and pulls small objects into her orbit (INSERT your own joke here.).

      “Bambi” is taking the Chiefs to cover.

      GO CHIEFS!!!!

  12. KCMonarch says:

    Glaze, should I add “Dez Brian” to my fantasy team? My receiver “core” is a little weak. It’s always good to get advice from someone who really knows and studies the game. Thanks.

    • CG says:

      Yes if he is available. Well sports fans, a good start to the week I had to pick 4 winners to get 2 wins, thats why teases aren’t as easy as they look…missed the Bama win by 1 darn point, thats the way it goes…so 2-1 and now we are at 5-3 so far this season…

      • CG says:

        PS yes I realize I spelled it Brian not Bryant. Doesn’t make my take wrong just the spelling of his name incorrect. My bad.

        • Davey Jones Locker says:

          So are we to understand you posted as KC Monarch. Replied to KC Monarch then corrected KC Monarch spelling as if it were your own? Hmmm leads me to believe your padding some comments. Sure sign of desperation..

          • CG says:

            Hey locked up Hearne wrote this story not me. I am not KC Monarch, I don’t usually make fun of my own mistakes.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Teasers are for padding stats and bragging to people who don’t know about betting.

    Say there’s a guy named Grover. He picks three two-team teasers. On the first teaser, he gets both games right (a win). On the second teaser, he only picks one game right. On the third teaser, he also gets only one game right. Now, he’s picked four games correctly (4-2 overall), but how many bets did he win? One — and because it’s a teaser, the payout isn’t as great as a straight bet (not to mention he’s in the hole for missing the other two teasers).

    Another guy named Hank picks the same six games using just the spread. He also picks four games correctly. He’s got the same won-loss record as Grover (4-2). How many bets did he win? Four, and with a much higher payoff than any teaser. He’s using the winnings to buy Grover a pair of balls.

  14. Balbonis Moleskine says:

    Just to remind you, when you lose a two team teaser that counts as 0-1 for your record of pics, not 1-1. You tend to fudge on that when you tell us you hit 70% right. 🙂 So you went 2-1 on the college games.

    Didnt have time to get mine in before CFB kickoff but here are NFL picks:

    Take the Under in Detroit at Ariz (o/u 48.5)
    Take the Colts at home (-3) vs the Dolphins
    Take the Saints (-3.5) at Tampa Bay

    Obscure foreign sports bet of the week:

    Take the London Saracens -11 over Glouchester in week 2 of the Aviva English Rugby Union Premiership. Glouchester is gonna have to skip their yearly downhill cheese roll if they want to beat the Men in Black.

  15. CG says:

    Bal>what? I think that’s what I reported old buddy. I was explaining how we got there. I said I had to pick four wins to win two cause its a teaser bet. So we went 2-1 yesterday so far, last week we were 3-2…hey that adds up to 5-3 so far…we have NFL today so that will change it again…all these attacks, calling me names, liar, there is no tease, its for pussies, they don’t pay as much, they are easy…are of course B.S. now I’m not saying you said all that…the numbers are right there. Total now is could be good or bad on the calls. I’m only human, and I didn’t fudge on anything. Geez/come on.

    • Balbonis Moleskine says:

      Take it easy, people are just teasing you. You do occasionally inflate your win percentage- like all gamblers. I enjoy these bet threads so keep it up.

      The reason why people are so aggravated about the teaser thing is it makes it hard to follow your overall win % and in online bet houses they really do restrict the amount of teasing you can do/severly limit your payout odds more than usual. That’s why they are saying you are being cheeky.

      That being said, I liked your pics. Mine were uninteresting but I’m telling you the Saracens (-11) in Aviva Premiership Rugby are my STONE COLD RUCK EM OVER LOCK (5 & 6) OF THE WEEK

      • CG says:

        Hey I don’t know you but I’m glad all or many of my detractors are being more normal now…what you just wrote makes sense. I know most readers and folks don’t really bet much and want to just know ‘who will win’ or cover. I put this together cause I just feel teases give the bettor an edge, sometimes, not always. Yes it is harder to follow. I will make an effort to pick some games that are not teases like Alabama over A and M…in real life I would tease that with like Oregan…and that would have won…but I felt Bama would cover the 8, they didn’t…it ain’t easy.

  16. CG says:

    NFL looking good so far after first games won all of far, need SF to cover plus 9 and Oakland to just win, Oak is up, SF later tonight…

  17. CG says:

    WEll 4-2 THIS WEEK, last week was 3-2, we are doing well, just one game off the mark, total now is 7-4. Some good comments, it gets harder.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re 6-2 in teasers and 1-2 in betting the line (also known as REAL bets). Without the teasers, you’re nothing.

      • CG says:

        Any bet for a buck is a real bet. AS it turned out nearly all if not all my NFL bets except Houston would have won anyways. That’s the good and bad of a two team teaser.

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s a pussy bet.

          No one in the business writes or talks about using teasers. NO ONE. Not the guys at ESPN, not the guys on Fox or Comcast. You know who makes teaser bets? Frat boys in Vegas for the first time and women. And old men who like to pop off.

          • CG says:

            WEll HAVE IT YOUR WAY mister no name. I have done this for a few years using the tease, straight up bets, so forth. I am giving readers my advice on betting to win, not on who will win a game on tv, like ESPN guys do. They don’t use the point spread either they just say who will win. Hey nobody asked you to bet or use my advice so don’t. In Vegas tease bets are huge, HUGE. Again few people who bet online or with pals or mommies like you, have ever been in a sports room in Vegas. Its intimidating and only for those with some skills, unlike you, so I try and provide that. Online sites all have tease bets. You are just a disgruntled clown.

  18. Davey Jones Locker says:

    Whew… I need a crap and a nap shame this isn’t in print so I could wipe with it

  19. MD in KC says:

    It looks like Glazer and I tied this week, with both of us going 4-2.

    This week:
    MD in KC 4-2
    CG 4-2

    Picks to date:
    MD in KC: 5-6
    CG: 7-4

    I will pick the early game this week. I’ll take Philadelphia -3.


  20. Anonymous says:

    Who wants to bet that Karnak the Glazerian claims he knows a place that will give him a 10-point teaser and goes with Jacksonville (+30) and the Colts (+21.5)? Nice pick, Einstein. #padthosestats #getanewrug

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