New Jack City: What’s Next, Weight Controlled Boarding?

obese-airplanesLooking ahead to that big vacation next year?

Or maybe a big trip overseas? Better set aside some extra coin as travel pricing for 2014 is definitely on the rise—with some exceptions.

Those increases coming up. But first something that bugs me.

When your checked luggage exceeds 50 pounds the airlines hit you with hefty weight penalty fees.

Their reasoning? Extra weight burns extra fuel. Hence extra cost.

If you buy into that money grab then here’s one that (I’m surprised) the big carriers HAVEN’T implemented yet.

It would go like this.

80822564The price of the ticket would entitle a passenger up to say 200 pounds in body weight a seat. Then for each additional 25 pounds, a surcharge of $25.00 would be assessed. And after reaching 275 pounds the fee would evolve to $50.00 per each additional 25 pound increment.

(Hey, my 198 pounds isn’t costing the airline as much fuel burn as that of the hefty Wal-Mart shopper yesterday in front of me.)

Scales at the check-in counter would keep passengers honest.

Brilliant idea, isn’t it?

Weight controlled boarding would mean millions of additional revenue for the airlines.

Just a thought. Wonder when it will go into actual practice?

Meanwhile about those predicted travel increases for next year.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s ‘2014 Travel Price Forecast’ suggests U.S. hotel rates will rise by nearly 5% with U.S. airfares and car rentals bumping up by 1.2% and 1.3% respectively.

Certain Latin American and Asia/Pacific countries are forecast to experience even higher increases when it comes to airfares, hotel rates and ground transportation.


Prices could actually decrease due to continued economic uncertainty. My suggestion for best pricing is to lock in major 2014 travel—especially Spring Break and European river cruises—by Thanksgiving or at the latest by Christmas.
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7 Responses to New Jack City: What’s Next, Weight Controlled Boarding?

  1. the dude says:

    Fatty, fatty two by four,
    Don’tcha know that ticket’s gonna cost ya more?

  2. mike t. says:

    buy that gal a moo-moo. someone. please.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    I did NOT authorize you to use that picture of me in the plane seat! You will hear from Stan Greenburg, my attorney. He’s retired now after winning the largest class action fat ass on a plane lawsuit to date, but he still represents me because we are close friends.

  4. legendaryhog says:

    Actually, not only does a pay-what-you-weigh make sense, it could be a huge moneymaker for the airlines. Just under 70 percent of American adults (20+ years) are considered overweight or obese, with the obesity rate at around 36 percent. So depending on where you set the mark, you could have 70 percent of Americans paying extra weight fees.

    Or, it actually could be like a grocery store fare competition in this model. Flight A is .99 cents per pound. Flight B is $1.09 per pound, etc. Comparison shop and chose your carrier.

    However, consider this. Obesity is now considered a disease by the AMA. The EEOC now claims obesity is a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) EEOC v. Resources for Human Development (E.D. LA.2010). See where this is going?

    Now that obesity is becoming a protected disability, there is no way an airline will do this pay-what-you-weigh in America because it will likely be an instant lawsuit.

  5. jack p. says:

    We’ve been scooped!
    There already is an airline charging by weight. It’s SAMOA AIR whose slogan says it all: “A KILO IS A KILO IS A KILO.”
    The carriers’ C.E.O. puts it this way: “Planes are run by weight and not by seat……it’s the fairest system for payment of carriage of anything by air. Pay only for what you weigh.”

    Body facism?

    Maybe. Maybe not. But you pay $.93 to $1.06 for each kilogram—or 2.2 pounds.
    You do the math.
    V E R Y Interesting…..

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