Hearne: Scribe Wonders Aloud If Jason ‘Big Sexy’ Whitlock Ever Matter Again?

NDIzNjQ3MzYxMjQ_o_jason-whitlock-on-ncaa-systemWord that former Kansas City Star lightning rod Jason Whitlock had escaped the low-paying gravitational pull of Fox Sports raises a few questions…

Will his return to ESPN to blog and head up a site that aims to discover and develop young, African American sports bloggers – in essence, future Jason Whitlocks – bring JW the fat paycheck and fame he enjoyed here in the Cowtown?

“I’m going to guess Jason may be finally making over $100,000,” says Whitlock pal and sports / media observer Craig Glazer. “Because ESPN is such a monster now and they want Whitlock to be to be a scout now. And they think that five or ten years down the road online blogging will be a big deal. I don’t think it is right now – I think it’s just like you and Tony right now.”

Glazer pegs Whitlock’s paycheck at Fox Sports the past three years @ $50 Grand tops.

“I think that’s exactly what he was making with maybe some expense money,” Glazer says. “I think he’s probably making something like $90,000 now – maybe as high as $150,000. But he’s still not an established, national figure in sports yet. You know, he’s guested on several shows, but until he’s a regular on something, I just think he’s a nobody to most people outside of Kansas City.”

whitlock2That’s the bad news…the somewhat good?

“He’s still relatively young,” Glazer says. “But I  don’t think his presence is going to take him to that next level.”

It may tho be a ticket out of cramped apartments and houses into something respectable.

“Yeah, $100,000 to $125,000, that’s not a highly paid job in LA,” Glazer says. “In Kansas City if you can make $125,000 to $150,000, you can live pretty well. You can do almost what I do, but a step below. Now that Jason’s sold his home here – that’s off his back – that was like a black hole.

“But in LA Jason’s a ghost – he’s not even one percent of what he was here – but who knows? The glory days of Jason, I don’t think, ever will return. Because in Kansas City he was the biggest name in sports – everyone was scared of him. And he’s not going to be able to do that in LA. Not if you’re not on all the time. It’s hard to see Whitlock becoming Whitlock like he was here, but he could make a good living.”

A few personal asides…

“Jason hung out with a gorgeous model here in the mid 1990s,” Glazer says. “I went out with her too and I’d see her with Whitlock from time to time. I don’t think she (did) him – she swore she didn’t – but she hung with him because he took her to big events.

denzel-washington-in-chair“But give the guy credit, at least he has a national presence. Saying he’s not Brad Pitt or Denzel Washington isn’t fair because he was born with the body he has and his looks – he’s a big boy. And when you have that body size and you go and marry somebody, it’s fraught with alligators.”

Could the Scribe see Big Sexy landing a hottie and settling down in a few years?

“Well, I think that’d be tough for anybody in today’s society,” Glazer hedges. “But it’s possible if he gets with the media people out there, but in Kansas City Jason was a lone wolf.”

How about could Whitlock pull off a Craig Glazer lifestyle?

“Can I see that?” Glazer asks. “It’s possible, but I date multiple women and that’s pretty unusual for someone my age. Can Jason do what I’m doing? No. he might be able to find one.

Unknown-1“You need to have the complete package to do what I do. Be great looking and look 20 or more years younger than you are. But there’s someone out there for everyone and Jason could become the Mark Mangino of ESPN writers.

“Look, from a national standpoint he’s doing better than us. And he can live a decent life in LA and he may get ESPN expense money and be able to eat for free – god forbid – but I think he’s on the right track for success. He’s in the youthful future.”



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33 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Wonders Aloud If Jason ‘Big Sexy’ Whitlock Ever Matter Again?

  1. the dude says:

    Oh good sweet lord where to start with this.

    • tiad says:

      the dude says:
      “Oh good sweet lord where to start with this.”

      I’m pretty sure that Jr. just has “The Scribe” app loaded on his phone. Jr. then types in a question/statement and “The Scribe” just replies back with a selection from a limited list of possible responses.

  2. CG says:

    Remember Hearne likes to center on the kinda negative when we talk..I always liked Jason and he is doing just fine. I do agree with ‘me’ it will be impossible to duplicate his media power there like here in a small market, but he can make much more money in time. I also think if he gets with the media types out there he will climb into some fun events and parties, he is AN ESPN guy now, that maters and helps. He does have some good points, funny and smart.

    We should all be doing as well as Jason…he is national, he is ESPN and I think in the end thats better than he had here, in time.

  3. Jess says:

    I may have to un-bookmark this site. The constant Glazer crap is just getting old. I honestly don’t give a single solitary crap what he thinks, what his football picks are, or which hooker he is getting hot freckles from. Maybe Lefty and a couple others can start writing with Greg on his site and this place can mercifully be put to pasture.

  4. Three straight posts featuring Glaze? I thought Glazer was exclusive to TKC? I guess he’s wanting double exposure.


  5. GB says:

    still owned by Whitlock I see.

  6. mike t. says:

    i’m beginning to think hearne needs to change his tagline to “The in-your-face website that hits with mullet force.”

  7. Grover says:

    Guys you just wait in a few years this online blogging thing is going to be a big deal. So far it hasn’t caught up to the offline web logging. But any minute now you could work from home and make 50 or maybe 125K asking the 64 million dollar questions just like Hearne. Of course to be the real McCoy and bed multiple single moms you are gonna need to look 20 years younger, which in my case, being 30 and all, would make me look 10. The nice thing about the prospects of young bucks like Tony, Hearne and Jason is online blogging doesn’t lead to HIV even if a girl accidentally logged on to kcconfidential during that time of the month and you happened to be leaving a comment at the same time. You guys should see what passes for news at the Star and Lawrence Journal these days. If you want the real scoop stick around TKC, KCC or go take a ride in the Lotus and you will get a tantalizing glimpse at the youthful future that awaits all of us uber-chic sports fans.

  8. Mysterious J says:

    Didn’t “the scribe” announce he wouldn’t be contributing here anymore?

  9. Mark Z-man says:


    We put Fannin I’m rehab. Have you guys considered kicking your crack habits? 50-something, stupid and high is no way to do your glory years. Greg Hall has tried to get over his Whitlock obsession. Give it a whirl, guys. There’s life after Whitlock.

    Again, just put the N-word and Whitlock in a headline and he might take pity on you and acknowledge this web site.

    • chuck says:

      I seem to remember Whitlock ahving a laugh at Jeremy Lin’s expense.

      “In just the past week, Mr. Lin has received two racial taunts. The first was from black Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlock. While Mr. Lin was torching Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers for 38 points last Friday, Mr. Whitlock tweeted “some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight,” and was roundly condemned by the Asian American Journalists Association. Three nights later, black professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. tweeted, “Jeremy Lin is a good player, but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”

      No sense of humor, those folks.

      Jason on his version of the need for Gun Control.

      “You know, I did not go as far as I’d like to go because my thoughts on the NRA and America’s gun culture—I believe the NRA is the new KKK. ”

      I’m not sure Jason needs your help with respect to race relations.

    • admin says:

      Gee, Mark…ya think?

  10. harley says:

    Jason will do fine.
    Glaze retakes kcc.
    Harley shows that most of the dudes on here ain’t got no backbone or
    bones (cash)!!!
    and when will Hearne do astory about the guy he wrote a book about
    when he had his column at the star…Mr. Rod Anderson?
    I’d be interested to know what mr. hearne thinks of rod…a really good
    guy who went to the wrong side. How did he get involved in this
    deal? Hearne….lets hear your side. You knew this guy well
    Actually I met you at dinner down at his restaurant…sad story
    about a guy who went too far.
    thanks…look forward to your takeon his sentencing today.

  11. Hipsy we roll says:

    I dunno, $192,800/yr. is a lot to walk away from.

  12. The Truth says:

    That just did it, never getting that time back from reading this crap…. Un-Bookmarked!

  13. Need To Know says:

    Mr. Glazer since it appears you know everything there is to know would you please tell me when I will need to take a dump each day the rest of the week so I can plan my time to better increase my earnings, as a student this would be very important to me.

  14. Kid Dyno-Mite says:

    Gotta admit Craig is killing it with the jokes I gave him. Keep throwing out the bait, Craig. Whitlock will eventually respond. He can’t help it. Try some yo-mama jokes. Black dudes always get upset when you crack on their mamas. Craig/ Hearne/Flanny, what would you guys give to be Whitlock? If it wasn’t for fucking Obama and affirmative action, you guys would have it all and Whitlock would be running GregHearneFlannyCraigKC.com.

    Save me a bump tonight. I’ll be at Stanford’s around 10.

  15. Fike Mannin says:


    Settle a bet I got with a friend. I contend you guys are just trolling Whitlock trying to get him to acknowledge you. My friend says you guys are just stupid and racist and actually believe this crap you’re writing. Even with all the years of cocaine abuse, I don’t believe you guys are this stupid. Tell me I’m right. I got $100 riding on it.

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