Sounds Good: (Lowercase) KANSAS @ Bottleneck, MGMT @ Crossroads

Big weekend around these parts. 

Between the Chiefs getting going, KU’s season opener, Sporting KC‘s home game on Saturday night, and the Royals at home vs. Detroit, there’s plenty of sports to get fired up about.

But have you considered jamming a crapton of meat in your mouth?  If not, please do – at Grinder’s 1st Annual Fustercluck Chicken Wing Eating Competition on Sunday at 3:00.  Only there can you shovel down dozens of wings coated with something called “Death Nectar.”  Mmmmm…

Or, if you’re in the mood for something a bit classier, you can head to the Prairie Village Jazz Festival on Saturday.  It features Marilyn Maye, Bobby Watson’s All-Star Big Band, and a bunch of other musicians.

But, oh, there’s more… 

Friday, September 6th

lowercase KANSAS at the Bottleneck in Lawrencelowercase KANSAS, an all-ages rap party, will host its first of many events at the Bottleneck on Friday, Sept. 6. The cost is $7 for under 21; $5 for over 21.

This is a brand spanking new, recurring, all-ages hip-hop show that’s being masterminded by none other than Ebony Tusks a/k/a Marty Hillard, one fourth of local favorites Cowboy Indian Bear.  Far as I can tell, the lineup is going to change up a little bit each show, but this first one is jam packed with local and regional talent – from KC: Heartfelt Anarchy, D/Will, Milkdrop, and Young Forest; from Lawrence: LiOn; and from Tulsa: Algebra and 1st Verse.

“I was eager to fill a void that I saw between quality local and regional artists and a town full of folks that enjoy this type of music and culture but don’t necessarily engage it on a local level,” Hillard recently told  “I’m fortunate enough to recall a time in Lawrence when things were really fertile for rap music and hip-hop culture. Nowadays it’s evident that there is a stigma attached to local rap shows and the artists that host them.”


Saturday, September 7th

MGMT at Crossroads KC

This gig was booked in the ashes of the tire-fire that was the Kanrocksas festival – MGMT was one of the headliners for the defunct Kansas Speedway party.  But I think it’s a bonus for you music lovers since this psych-pop duo will likely play a longer set in the wood chips than they would have out in the Legends.  And they’re just about to drop a new, much anticipated album – their first since 2010’s lauded Congratulations.   Check out a trailer for the new album here.
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