Hearne: Will The Real Mrs. Tommy Morrison Please Stand Up?

Tommy M KC Fight screenMuch has been said about the woman who calls herself Tommy Morrison‘s wife…

Some of which has come in the form of her offbeat quotes backing Morrison’s claim of not having HIV or AIDS and boasts of unprotected sex. Not that the latter is unusual since Tommy said the same of ex wife Dawn 2.

However aside from being there for Tommy at the end, backing his dubious assertions and reportedly pissing off his family with her macabre necklace and funeral tour plan, who really is Trisha Morrison and what, if anything, is she up to?

“I really don’t know her,” says longtime Morrison pal Stephen Bayer. “I can only tell you a little about this Trisha gal because I only met her two times and she was pretty standoffish. So I really don’t know much about her which is unusual because I know just about everything about all of Tommy’s past girlfriends.”

Here’s what Bayer thinks he knows.

“She really came out of the blue about two years ago,” he says. “I guess I met her down in Wichita. I haven’t talked to her in about two months, and she was pretty angry and rude (then) because she wanted to lump me in with the hangers on that used Tommy. But I never (did). We were just friends. He was Tom to me, not Tommy. I’ve known him since 1989 or so. His girlfriend at the time was roommates with my girlfriend and we’ve been friends ever since.”

831275652001_lBayer’s gut level on Morrison’s “widow”:

“I think she has a good heart because she’s been there for Tommy 24/7. But I think there might also be some ulterior motives. And I’m like, ‘What’s the real truth? What’s the reality? Does she want to do a book or a movie deal? What’s the real truth?”

As for Trisha’s reportedly aborted plan to distribute Morrison ashes-filled, boxing glove necklaces to his friends and family, then conduct a farewell tour of cities like Kansas City and Las Vegas with the remaining ashes, “I talked to Tommy’s mom and there’s just a powder keg brewing down there,” Bayer says guardedly.

A powder keg that seemed to explode earlier this week with the Morrison family’s nixing the necklace tour.

“Tommy’s mom would like to have the service and everything just outside of Jay (Oklahoma). And she’d like to have his ashes buried where all the Morrison’s are buried in a special plot in the cemetery.”

Adding to the awkward relationship between Morrison’s wife and family is the manner in which Tommy’s mom was notified of his death, Bayer says.

“The only thing Tommy’s mother got was a text that Tommy passed away at 11:50,” Bayer says. “Can you imagine telling someone’s mother like that? I mean, people can say what they want about the Morrison family – they’ve got plenty of skeletons in their closet – but on the other hand, they’re the salt of the earth. And now for the past two years (Trisha’s) kept everyone at arm’s length. They want their son and brother to come home and this is how the story should end all of the pain and all of the hurt.”

Trisha’s emailed take on Bayer:

“Steve bayer? The want to be friend?
I want free tickets
i want to give you pot?
I want free boxing lessons?

That guy?”

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21 Responses to Hearne: Will The Real Mrs. Tommy Morrison Please Stand Up?

  1. Skeptic says:

    This poor expired horse is now unrecognizable. Please stop the beating.
    Obsess much?

    • admin says:

      Still reading, eh?

      This story is unfolding as we speak on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis.

      Apparently you don’t get that.

      • Orphan of the Road says:

        I remember a young man from Seattle telling us, don’t step in front of my car if you don’t wanna fly…

        Those who suggest Junior (may I call you Junior?) follow in the lead of those writers who wrote of Watson, Dawson and Brett, they were merely being PR men or jock-sniffers.

        Dawson’s relationship with the Civella and Brett’s douchebaggery going unreported is why folks think so highly of them.

        Once you enter the public domain, make sure you are wearing a cup and protect yourself at all times.

        • admin says:

          That’s pretty much true, Orphan.

          Dawson, Brett and Watson were far better at concealing their missteps than Tommy Morrison (who seemed to not even try to).

          And most journalists I’ve worked with and met were entirely human and susceptible to courting favor with local celebrities. Big time.

  2. Amy says:

    WOW. What a bitch!

    • the dude says:

      Yeah, dude wants to give out free pot and she turns her nose up to it?
      I guess she was waiting for the Death World Tour so she could legally buy the dank in Colorado(!)

    • I think it would’ve been preferable for Morrison to instead brag that he’d NEVER had sex with that broad. Or, if he had to admit it, then at least claim that he was smart enough to protect himself.

  3. JohnnyG says:

    Her maiden name was Trisha Harding. According to one interview she gave they met in Wichita when she was working for a hotel there or something. She’s given several interviews. They are out there. She was in touch with Boxing news24.com on 9/19/2011 asking Tommy’s fans for money to get him out of jail. Then again on the 21st to say thanks. Someone, I take it was her provided a picture of a “negative” HIV test for Tommy to MMADIRT.com . In one of her interviews she states that she and Tommy have been “writing books” . She states that he would “talk into a recorder and she would type it up”. She’s been busy alright. Of course she’s been with him 24/7, she’s been taking notes. When Tommy started telling his story, hell that’s better than Hollywood can cook up. If she has not done any of this for profit then she should sign a legal document stating that any future proceeds from Tommy’s work product and such should go directly to his kids…then I would believe her.

  4. JohnnyG says:

    Also according to Mayo Clinic criteria on HIV test results I don’t read that as a negative result. Negative for HIV-2 but positive for HIV-1. HIV-2 is very rare in the US and usually found in western Africa. And I know Tommy got around. But not that far.

  5. Rich says:

    Did she put TM up to doing that PlayStation commercial while he was meth’d up?

    • Anthony Jenkins says:

      Did you see his fingers in teat video? Was that b/c of meth or karposis sarcoma?

      • Rich says:

        Meeting with a reporter in 2011, he tried to pass of the marks on his hands and arms as mosquito bites. The interview was in the winter. I wonder if his persistent denial of his HIV/AIDS condition was an attempt to avoid taking responsibility and prosecuted for what he’d done to women after his infection – “Hey, Ah’m just a simple dumb country boy who din’t know any better.” There are many cities and states where you can be brought up on charges for knowingly having a venereal disease and then engaging in unprotected sex with someone who doesn’t know. Just ask Robin Williams. He was sued and paid a nice settlement to a mistress who he infected with herpes in the 80s.

        That said, it’s chilling to watch TM in the PlayStation video. You’re looking at a dead man walking who left a trail of carnage behind him. What a crazy and wasted life that didn’t have to be.

    • the dude says:

      I dunno, I watched that last night, he was definitely on some stuff and his hands looked jacked up.

  6. dan says:

    Trisha is entitled to all assets and future royalies. She was his wife.

  7. The Truth says:

    Official cause of death for TM .. Pseudomonas aeruginosa septicemia…. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    John Rule
    My microbe is Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the most common gram-negative bacterium found in nosocomial infections. Some basic information is that it comes from the Pseudomonadaceae family, and is a motile, gram-negative, aerobe rod. It lives primarily in water, soil and vegetation. This pathogen is viewed as opportunistic since it has the ability to spread abundantly but doesn’t except in immunocompromised patients.

    A group of these people are patients with neutropenic cancer or bone marrow transplant patients. P. aeruginosa is responsible for 30% of the deaths in these people, usually from the development of either pneumonia or septicemia. Burn patients are another common group to encounter this problem, with P. aeruginosa accounting for 60% of the death rate. It is also associated with 50% of the deaths in the AIDS population. Chronic infection in cystic fibrosis is responsible for the deadly illness that occurs.

    One reason that P. aeruginosa is an opportunist pathogen is that it is deficient in the ability to carry out the initial steps of infections. To initiate the infection there must be a break in the first-line defenses (due to trauma, surgery, serious burns, defects from cystic fibrosis and AIDS sysdrome). An important thing for colonization by P.aeruginosa is the ability to adhere to epithelial cells, by using things like flagella, which are usually responsible for motility. There are other processes responsible for adheson but most are still unclear.

    The ability of these bacteria to produce overwhelming infections is due to its arsenal of virulence factors and excreted enzymes. These extracellular products cause extensive tissue damage, bloodstream invasion, and dissemination, as shown in Figure 1 (2). I will discuss some of the more prevalent extracellular virulence factors. Exotoxin A is responsible for local tissue damage, bacterial invasion and immunosuppression. Exotoxin A catalyzes ADP-ribosylation and inactivation of elongation factor 2 which leads to inhibition of protein biosynthesis and cell death. Exoenzyme S is responsible for tissue destruction in lung infection. Exoenzyme S is produced by the bacteria growing in the burned area and is detectable in blood before the bacteria is. This enzyme may also be important in bacterial dissemination. A hemolysin, Rhamnolipid, a rhamnose-containing glycolipid biosurfactant, has a detergentlike structure that is able to dissolve phospholipids of the lungs making them able to be cleaved by phospholipase C. P.aeruginosa also produces some proteases (LasB elastase,LasA elastase and alkaline protease) which are able to destroy the protein elastin (which is a big part of human lung tissue which is responsible for lung expansion and contraction).

    An extremely interesting aspect of P. aeruginosa is it’s ablility to do Cell-to-Cell signaling. Through this cell-to-cell signaling the bacteria is able to control the production of its extracellular virulence factors and control cell density. One of the best known cell-to-cell signaling systems is the lux system in Vibrio fischeri, which responds to the cell-density. In P. aeruginosa the cell-to-cell system is called the las system, because it regulated the expression of LasB elastase. This system is composed of lasI and lasR. The las system also helps in the optimal production of other extracellular virulence factors like LasA protease and exotoxin A. The las system also activates the xcpP and xcpR genes that encode for the secretory pathway for P. aeruginosa. The las system is positively controlled by GacA and Vfr, and inhibited by RsaL. A second cell-to-cell signaling system is the rhl system. Thus named for its ability to control the production of rhamnolipid. This system is composed of rhl1 and rhlR genes. The rhl system regulates the expression of rhlAB operon that is required for rhamnolipid production. For the optimal production of LasB elastase, LasA protease, pyocyanin, cyanide and alkaline protease the rhl system is required. For the optimization characteristics of the las and rhs cell-to-cell signaling systems they are called virulence secondary metabolites. These two systems regulate the expression of various extracellular virulence factors. Another interesting fact is that the las and rhl signaling systems interact. The importance of cell-to-cell signaling is that through the coordinated expression of virulence genes by the entire bacterial population they secrete extracellular factors only when they could be useful, thus allowing it to overcome host defense mechanisms and save its strength for when it could efficiently fight.

    One aspect of the P. aeruginosa pathogen that I found extremely interesting is that mucoid mutants produce a exopolysaccharide called alginate. They produce a slime matrix, a biofilm (which are microcolonies surrounded by an exopolysaccharide) in which the mutant bacteria grows. This biofilm is resistant to antibiotics and disinfectants, which allows the bacteria to survive in harsh conditions.

    The last topic I’ll discuss is this bacteria high resistance to antibacterial drugs. P. aeruginosa is a particularly dangerous pathogen due to the fact that few antibiotics are effective (a few effective ones are fluoroquinolones, amikacin and gentamicin, and certain broad-spectrum Beta-lactam antibiotics like imipenim). Resistance is due to outer membrane permeablility or mulitdrug efflux pumps, and the ability of it to create new resistant strains on exposure to antibiotics. This is especially a problem in cystic fibrosis patients. Since it’s difficult to deal with P. aeruginosa directly, a tempting approach is to reduce the production of extracellular virulence factors. Also, as elements that are essential for the synthesis of autoinducers become known, drugs inhibiting the biosynthesis process could be designed. Also, drugs that interfere with biofilm differentiation could make these colonies more susceptible to antibiotics and biocides.

  8. Susan Martin says:

    Johnny G, since you seem to have followed Trisha Harding’s career of contacting the press and what happened between her and Tommy the last two years of his life, can you tell me, was Trisha a US citizen when she met Tommy at the hotel or did she file for US citizenship after she got him to sign the marriage certificate?
    If Tommy has been talking into a recording device for the last two years, why couldn’t he talk to family and friends on the phone? Plus making the statement about Stephen Bayer that he “asked for tickets”, which he NEVER had to do, he traveled with Tommy on his staff, no need to EVER ask for tickets. Also she states “I want to give you pot?” She says this as if it’s a bad thing to have a medical marijuana card, but ask Tommy if he wants pot? Please, Stephen saw a foot high pile of blow on Tommy’s desk when he owned the ranch. She also states “I want free boxing lessons”. As if Bayer ever said this. Stephen was too busy buying new cars, corvettes for Tommy when Tommy would send him the cash to buy what he needed.
    None of these are Tommy’s words and Trisha was not one of the women around these last 25 years Stephen has been best friends with Tommy.
    Trisha, release the tapes with Tommy’s story, not your “notes”, the tapes.
    And Dan, no Trisha does not deserve to receive everything, his children do.

  9. JohnnyG says:

    Susan, in answer to your questions I really don’t know. I do know that Hearne has the ability and the connections to investigative reporters such as the one that did the piece for ESPN. The point that I’m trying to make is I think there is a much bigger picture than who get Tommy Morrison’s ashes.

    I have been a caregiver for someone dying because they didn’t take their meds. Been there, done that. Tommy had a self-professed “caregiver and girlfriend”. When in that position and they show lesions on their skin and periods of dementia, do you: A: Take them and get the best medical care for an illness that they have repeatedly been diagnosed OR B: Marry them, exploit them once again, merchandise them and help them sell all the shorts they got left ? At some point do you stop being a caregiver and become an opportunist in my opinion?

    In the boxing ring there is a referee, to make sure it is a fair fight and the rules are followed as well as each opponent has someone qualified in their corner. In the latter couple of years of Tommy’s last match all I’m asking is for someone way more qualified than I to look over whatever information possible to make sure he had a fair match. Because from all that see thus far is in my opinion Tommy had a bad ref.

    If it weren’t for the fact that Tommy has minor children to look out for I would feel completely different.

  10. Susan Martin says:

    JohnnyG, I agree. One becomes an opportunist if one is to begin with, that trait when you are a caregiver doesn’t suddenly appear. My father is 91, Mom died 3 years ago, I know. When you love someone you get the best care possible and you do not isolate them from the outside world. Something is very wrong with this whole picture. Hopefully Hearne will be able to do a background check and find out what facility Tommy was in and when he went on hospice. Also, where Trisha came from and when.
    What’s done is done. But Tommy’s real story needs to be told.
    Also, why would anyone need to take notes if everything is being recorded? You give the recordings to the scribe to put together the book. Someone would believe this woman’s notes as the gospel truth? I wouldn’t not unless I heard it straight from Tommy.

  11. Blipp Blapp says:

    So…… who is gonna start writing a screenplay so this can become a movie?

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