Leftridge: Chiefs’ Preseason Comes to Merciful Conclusion

brayEven though it’s a thousand degrees and may not officially feel like it, football season is here.

The Kansas City Chiefs trounced the Green Bay Packers last night (putting up 30 points, even—their most in a preseason contest since 2003), thereby completing the most uninteresting time of the year: The Time When Games Don’t Count.

It doesn’t really matter that they end August with a record of 2-2, or that Tyler Bray threw three touchdown passes, or that Chase Daniel looked horrid against mostly backup defenders. No one should care that the starters didn’t play a lick, or that the Packers finished the preseason 1-3, or that Cyrus Gray had a standout effort in the victory. (Well, except for Gray; he’s battling for a roster spot on a squad fairly heavy in the RB department.)

All that REALLY matters is that the Chiefs remained relatively healthy (save Tony Moeaki, who I’m now convinced would be able to injure himself reading a periodical, or, I don’t know… standing completely still) and primed for the season opener September 8th against the miserable Jacksonville Jaguars.

You know, When Games Start Counting.

To be honest, I’ve spent more time aimlessly staring at my socks over the past month than I have watching any of the preseason games. I know that I SHOULD care about what on-the-bubble third string wide receiver shows promise, but come on. The Royals have been playing (mostly) winning baseball, and that’s a whole heck of a lot more intriguing than whether some scrappy young kid from the mean streets of Duluth can lock down a spot as backup, backup left guard/emergency long snapper.

HBO’s Hard Knocks make this kind of thing compelling, but just watching the games is a total waste of time.

Andy+Reid+ChiefsAdditionally, every Keyboard Quarterback from Liberty to Lawrence has hard-hitting, well-informed analysis that they’re ALL too willing to share with the world through various social media platforms. Here are some takeaways that I’ve culled from aimlessly wandering the internet:

1) Alex Smith is the worst.

2) Alex Smith is the best.

3) Alex Smith is dreamy.

4) The offensive line is going to be awful.

5) Tight End depth is an issue.

6) Andy Reidwhat a fatty!

7) Hey Andy Reid, nice mustache, fatty!

8) The defense will be much better this year (but we’re not sure why).

9) This team will finish (insert anything between 2-14 and 11-5).

10) Camarohead.

11) Andy Reid: Still fat.

I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen people so wildly speculative before the beginning of any Chiefs season. That’s a testament to roster turnover, mostly, but it’s also indicative of a fanbase’s disappointment, conditioning, and years of shattered hope.

The thing is, Andy Reid can coach players, and there’s a lot of talent on this roster. Yes, he has problems with game management, but did a questionable timeout kill this team last season? Hardly. You’ve gotta be IN games to have in-game decisions matter; my hope is that Reid can coach his talent pool into situations where his time-clock concerns might actually count. That would mean that the team is in a position to win. And that’s exciting.

My analysis is this: The Kansas City Chiefs will play at least 16 games this season, and they’ll win more than they did last year. (And yes, I recognize that this is a perennial “D” student celebrating a solid C in Current Events, but whatever.) I think Alex Smith will be much, MUCH better than his predecessor—again, D Student Syndrome—and I think that they’ll keep things interesting until late in the season, at least.

alex-smith-chiefsAnd although anything short of a Super Bowl IS COMPLETE AND UTTER HORSESHIT, THIS ISN’T BALLET YOU PUSSIES AND THERE AIN’T NO SECOND PLACE, ETC.—I think that after last year’s carnival of terror (both on the field and, sadly, in the parking lot), most people will be happy with something a little better than mediocrity.

I know I will.

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8 Responses to Leftridge: Chiefs’ Preseason Comes to Merciful Conclusion

  1. Oh, Moeaki and Draughn were both cut, by the way. You know, in case KCC is your sole source of news. (Which would be very, very weird.)

  2. CG says:

    Now you sound like me lefty. I agree the Chiefs are a mystery for this season. Even if they luck out and things fall into place they are not a true post season type team. Way too many holes and question marks. No super star other than maybe at a low level Charles, to this point. Nobody on defense is a rock star either, to this point. I think Eric Berry is the most over rated player in the NFL, to me he is close to a bust so far. No big plays, EVER. He is more of a light outside linebacker, his cover deep stinks. Flowers is good, not great, so far. Our linebackers are good, not great, so far. The offense to this point has no receivers, so far. Outside of Charles, nobody to score, so far…way too many question marks.

    They might be team like 2010 that backs in and stinks or is average, due to a light sched. Remember how bad that team was by playoff time, horrible. I can see that here, if all went WELL.

    I’d have to say 6-9 game winner as you did. Mostly due to hopefully improvements on both sides of the ball, but not enough to matter.

    I think Denver could win our division without Manning. San Diego is bad and so is Oakland and we are at best average. Your story is dead on.

    Once again its wait til next year for Royals, Chiefs, K-State, MU and KU in football, well KU doesn’t have to wait they will always be bad.

    • chuck says:

      Glaze, the odds on the over-under for the Chiefs is now at 7 NOT 7.5. The odds have gone down. The Chiefs are 75 to 1 to win the Superbowl on this site, which is kinda cool.


      The bet I really like is the Cowboys to win the NFC Championship at 16 to 1. I could see the Bears, Vikings, Detroit and Greenbay serioulsy injuring each other all year long, the same with the Hawks and 9ers.

      What the heck, 16 to 1 and I kinda feel like it should be 8 or 9 to 1.

      I want $100.00 on the Cowboys and $100.00 on the Chiefs to go over 7.


    • chuck says:

      Oh yeah, see where they have the Chargers at 7.5 now.

      River’s arm and his head are both shot and there are no studs on that team either.

      Take the under.

  3. CG says:

    Agreed Chuck. I think Chargers are likely to win only 5 games…like KC they have a soft sched. Our own division. If you go to scoresandodds.com you will see future props and the listing of odds on everything, including who will be the worst, thats Oakland at only 2 to 1, chiefs are 25 to 1 for worst record…Chargers are 30 to 1…Jags are I think 4 to 1..so on…I am just not sure on the Chiefs yet…hard to call…not a strong team but maybe a decent one, also could stink, hard to say.

  4. chuck says:

    The Raiders cut Tyler Wilson.


    That will leave a mark.

    • CG says:

      Hey I’m all over Colts beating Oakland and New England over Bills, my other two likes are Houston over Chargers and oh boy yes, Chiefs over Jags…I will tease the big one Pats and Colts to bring it down to -6 and -4…I’d do the Chiefs even on the money line and straight up on Houston over Chargers…two sleeper bets Tampa Bay over Jets likely and Atlanta should cover over Saints but will not pick those too many bets…

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