New Jack City: The End is Near, In Fact, It’s Now

win-tickets-star-trek-into-darkness-hollywood-premiereTake my Labor Day weekend quiz…

Aside from a barrage of mattress sales, what else is this end of summer weekend generally known for?

When it comes to movies it’s the clearing of the shelves. A last ditch effort by the studios to get rid of spring and summer leftovers.

Point in case are these holiday ‘WEAK-end’ titles:

* ‘CLOSED CIRCUIT’—A low grade British crime thriller set against a deadly London terrorist attack. Ex lovers (and defense barristers) Erica Bana and Rebecca Hall now uncovering an M.I. 5 cover up.

Ethan-Hawke-Getaway1* ‘GETAWAY’—Race car driver Ethan Hawke trying to save his kidnapped wife by following instructions from the mysterious voice of Jon Voight who’s watching his every move through cameras mounted on his car.

One of today’s great talents Selena Gomez adds her acting chops to this loser.

* ‘THE GRANDMASTER’—The story of the legendary martial arts master Ip Man who trained Bruce Lee.

25SPURLOCK-articleLarge* ‘ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US’—Director Morgan Spurlock’s all access backstage pass to the current teen girl phenoms.

 But as they say: “There’s MORE!”

* Disney is re-releasing its Pixar Animation summer hit MONSTERS UNIVERSITY for one final shot at the big screen.

* And Paramount gets into reissue mode by DOUBLE FEATURING its two summer blockbusters before they hit video in mid September.

J.J. Abrams’ STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS with Chris Pine is being double billed this holiday weekend with Brad Pitt’s sci-fi hit WORLD WAR Z on many screens throughout the metro.

TWO good movies for the price of just one.

And that’s probably your best bet this Labor Day weekend at the movies.

I rest my case.




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5 Responses to New Jack City: The End is Near, In Fact, It’s Now

  1. Balbonis Moleskine says:

    Eric Bana, the foreign actor who played Chopper, not Erica.

  2. Harry says:

    Do you have a list or link to where this Double Feature is playing in KC? Neither Regal or AMC’s .

    I went to Paramounts site:
    and they do not list any theaters in the KC area.

    I went to AMC and Regals site and they said they have it, but no theaters in KC.

    If I cannot look it up, how do I find out when the movies are playing?

  3. jack p. says:

    Hey Harry,
    You didn’t check the other major LOCAL theater circuit, did you?

    If you check Dickinson Theatres website ( you’ll find the double feature program now playing at their Palazzo, Westglen and Northglen theatres.

    …You’re welcome.

  4. jack p. says:

    Harry, here’s another thought.
    There’s another reissue this weekend in K.C.
    And it’s of MY favorite film of the entire summer season.
    It’s “THE WAY, WAY BACK” with Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allyson Janney and Sam Rockwell among others.
    The film re-opens today at Barrywoods, Towe Center, Studio 30, Glenwood @ Red Bridge, Leawood and Stadium 18 theatres.

    I think you’ll enjoy it!

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