Hearne: JJ’s Eyes New Plaza Digs, to Hold ‘Anniversary’ Bash Sunday

JJ's main man Jimmy Frantze

JJ’s main man Jimmy Frantze

Think of it as a match made in restaurant heaven…

Word on the street is that  JJ’s Restaurant is poised to initiate a second coming at 616 Ward Parkway in the space currently occupied by the wine and pizza bar Coal Vines.

Sources say the popular, upscale, off-Plaza eatery – the one that famously blew up last February – has been looking into and may be about to ink a deal to take over the space that once was home to re-Verse, Loy Edge‘s No Name Bar and before that (for 19 years), French bakery La Bonne Bouchee.

Here’s the deal.

According to sources it could cost in the neighborhood of $3 million to resurrect JJ’s on the site of its former home. It’s also believed JJ’s that received a $2 million settlement (plus loss of business insurance) and coupled with the time it would take to rebuild and reopen, it makes the Coal Vines location far more appealing.

6255_114892769482_1485260_nFor starters, it’s near JJ’s old digs and reportedly has five years left on its lease.

Meanwhile the owners of Coal Vines – who have been rumored to be moving – just signed a deal to take over the former Pennylane and Streetside Records space in Westport.

“It all works,” says a source. “I think it’s a great size for JJ’s and all of their staff know about the space and are down with it.”

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

JJ’s has decided to go ahead with its annual “28 1/2 Year” anniversary party on 48th Street this Sunday starting at noon.

“People continue to ask, ‘What are you going to do?'” reads a Facebook flyer for JJ’s promotion. “Jimmy has made no decision regarding JJ’s, though he has decided we will have our ‘Anniversary Party’ this year. We hope all our friends and neighbors and the community will attend this event.”

Stay tuned…

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  1. It’s been 30 fuc*in years, when do I get a day off?

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