Hearne: The Third Coming of ‘Big Sexy’ & Why He Hasn’t Made It Yet in Big Time Sports

whitlock(1)There are reasons why former Star sports scribe Jason Whitlock hasn’t made it yet…

Why he doesn’t appear to yet have cashed his once-rumored $2 million, three year paycheck. And why after blogging in the shadows the past three years since leaving the newspaper, he’s leaving Fox Sports and mounting a new campaign to achieve fame and fortune on ESPN.

“Part of the problem is he just wasn’t that good on television.” says sports scribe and Whitlock pal Craig Glazer. “Or even on radio. He wasn’t horrible but…He spoke real slow and he wasn’t funny.  I mean, he’s clever and smart but…”

In an interview yesterday on the B.S. Report podcast, a jovial Whitlock said he’d met with ESPN head dude John Skipper and  he was chomping at the bit to start a new website where he would work with young writers and help “shape the conversation surrounding sports.”

“The big question is will he just be online as a writer, or will he have other duties,” Glazer says. “When he went to Fox everybody thought he would be doing something besides blogging, but he never did.”

whitlock2Leaving Whitlock to try and carve out a living in LA blogging for peanuts on Fox.

“Making $50,000 to $70,000 tops a year is not enough to live very well in LA,” Glazer says. “It’s tough. I had to leave there and I was making over $100,000 and I was broke and couldn’t pay my bills. I heard about all (Jason) had out there was his car and his chunky monkey wardrobe and that’s about it.”

480x270_16111All of that said, that Whitlock will be heading up a website for ESPN may be a blessing.

“I don’t think Jason had a very good TV or radio presence.” Glazer reiterates. “He’s a really big guy who talks real slow – and that’s OK if he was a former NFL star but…”

The bottom line on Whitlock’s reascension:

“The jury’s out on Jason but give the guy credit, it’s tough out there in Las Angeles,” Glazer says. “But sports is so big now, I can see him getting his shot now…I mean, in a minute, ESPN’s going to be covering high school football – it’s that big right now.”

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27 Responses to Hearne: The Third Coming of ‘Big Sexy’ & Why He Hasn’t Made It Yet in Big Time Sports

  1. cheech says:

    Why he hasn’t Whitjock made it yet? Hearne, you’re so far off base on this you don’t deserve your own blog!

    harley says:
    August 15, 2013 at 4:57 pm
    all you guys at the bottom of the breeding line wish you had whitlocks
    money and name. Maybe then you guys would not have to sell boxes…
    clean pools….have police records (hahahaha) and not be the
    losers like you are.
    Maybe you’ll be half the personality
    whitlock is. He’s now with espn…probably takes over Douglas’s place
    making the big buck while you guys drive beater trucks and try to
    act like you’re something living in section 8 housing!!!!!! hahahahaha

    (I’m sure you dont know what that post means, but I spent my own $$ to have an app developed that takes his posts and converts them to English then translates the meaning.)

    I come here to read Harley, not you. Thank God he gives us the always right all the time 100% always right information. I’d put my faith in that anonymous wind farm with a big mouth and fake existance any day.

    Why don’t you go count your money and play with your hot “Oriental” wife? You got this one all wrong. Thats why you are playing with this tiny little blog and others are selling boxes and cleaning infested toilets. You’ll never be Harley or Whitjock.

    Whitjock is hot, on top; he’s got all the bank, all the fame, all the time.
    You’re pathetic.

    • admin says:

      “Oriental,” huh?

    • harley says:

      learn to read chuckles the clown. if you followed any news outside
      the KKK daily diatribes and you stop hating people 24/7 you might
      find some good news in the world beside your bigoted
      and racist rants that are getting pretty close to the edge.
      Keep hating chuckles….because the world has passed you by
      and the your bus left the station.
      By the way…your linguistic talent appears to be way above the
      head of your contemporaries and fellow workers.

  2. Fresh says:

    ““Making $50,000 to $70,000 tops a year is not enough to live very well in LA,””

    Glaze is back to snorting if he thinks Whitlock wasn’t making six figures for Fox.

    • Not...Jason Whitloxk. says:

      He isn’t. He got bloggers pay at Fox. He lives in a small shack in LA.

      • paulwilsonkc says:

        $50-70K would set him up tight with a crib in Compton.
        That’s NOT racist, its just where the income will leave you hanging. Wouldn’t be any place Jason be bringing MTV over to show them where the MAGIC happens…. that’s fo sho. When Jason makes the MAGIC happen… it happens alllllll over.

    • admin says:

      Blogging a couple three times a week?

      Remember, the rumor Whitlock floated when he left three years ago was he had a $2 million three year deal. At that point in time it was thought that he would be taking on some radio and or television gigs.

      You think he maybe raked in a couple mill doing pretty much what he was already doing while making low six-figure at The Star?

  3. Chuck Fish says:

    Due respect, Hearne, but I’d like to know exactly what makes Glazer an authority on whether someone is good on TV or how good of a writer he is.

    Whitlock has been published in the Star, ESPN The Magazine, Vibe, and The Sporting News and Playboy (to name a few). Glazer watches ESPN and “reads” Playboy.

    Whitlock has had several radio shows, guest-hosted Jim Rome’s show, was a regular contributor to The Sports Reporters, and is about to have a new program on ESPN. Glazer gets made fun of by Johnny Dare.

    Glazer DID have a book published. I know because most of that Pitch feature was about how desperate Glazer is to have it turned into a movie. I haven’t read it, but associates of mine who have read it say it’s a great cure for insomnia.

    Whitlock has more talent and creativity in his pinky than Glazer has in his entire body. He’s more successful in his field, he’s more well-known locally and nationally, and he’s still young enough to have an incredibly rich, poignant and successful career. Glazer is a relic, stuck in the past and afraid of the future, still living off of his dad’s success and ambition, and unable (or unwilling) to accept that he’ll never be more than a minor footnote in the history of Kansas City. He’s sort of like a 21st-century comedy club owner version of Loverboy. Their act is old, tired, and painful to watch. You wonder how (and why) they’re still around, and how they managed to achieve even the small level of notoriety that they did.

    • Super Dave says:

      Nice comment

    • admin says:

      Glazer works with a ton of talent agents. Guys who work for the same agencies that represent lots of different types of celebrities.

      He lived out there and was in the biz, negotiated a real deal book deal and movie deals and he’s hung out and talked with tons of local sports stars over the years.

      Does he absolutely know for sure? No. But his educated guess is better than most imho

  4. CG says:

    my book sucked so much everyone from Eisner to Roven(Batman) offered deals on the movie…might read it before you make a jackass out of yourself loser. I do alot more than Dare, Entertainment Tonight, Today Show, national radio and six other stations in KC…Dare is number one, but I don’t just do Dare…and I have done his show for 20 years mister nobody who has done zip.

  5. BS says:

    hahahahahahahaha. You guys are obsessed. Whitlock owns you. You spend your trust funds to interview each other for about 100 readers who can’t help but gawk at this train wreck of a blog. Whitlock has an audience and someone willing to actually pay him for his work.

  6. Hearne says:

    You’re right.

    Whitlock owns us. Speaking of trust funds – Hey Craig, lets get together over lunch at the country club next week and compare financials.

  7. Snappietom says:

    Hearne – Financials…… that was funny. No one has more bank than you.

  8. Rick Nichols says:

    Whitlock here, Skipper, reporting for duty –
    Just need a desk and, hey, can you line me up with a cutie?

    Heck, unlike Roger Miller, Whitlock wasn’t even a “Kansas City Star”, so why should anyone believe he’ll be the next big thing (pun intended) with ESPN?

    • harley says:

      hopefully the guy does well….maybe a spot on PTI…maybe a show…
      but whatever folks he got a position on the top cable sports network.
      and i’m guessing they tied him down because with the new
      fox sports network…nbc sports network and a couple other sports
      netwroks set to come on the cable systems whitlock offer them
      a chance to get a commentator.
      they are hard to come by as these new networks come on…and
      the competition for them will get fierce as the sports netwoks
      look for people to fill up their huge amounts of open programming time.
      Good luck whit. Hope youdo well.
      Asusual the bottom feeders at kcc are hoping you don’t succeede…
      just because they never made it out of kcc and tkc!

  9. BeeHonest says:

    “Las Angeles”?

    Congrats to Jason on the ESPN gig.

  10. PucKChaser says:

    This coming from the guy who thought Kelly Jones was the new “it” girl in KC. If “it” means moving to Mobile, market #60, then, yeah, she was “it”.

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