Hearne: Scribe Bullish on Royals Despite Ups & Downs

A-rollercoaster-ride-001Roller coaster ride, anyone?

It’s not easy being “The Scribe.” There are hotties to bed, football teaser bets to be sorted out, nasty comments section dudes to be dealt with and – oh yeah – Royals and Chiefs teams to be divined and fretted over, comics to be promoted, a new midtown club to be opened.

All in a week’s work for Stanford’s main man Craig Glazer.  

It’s good work if you can get it.

As for the Royals, “I think yesterday was a devastating loss,” Glazer said the day after the team’s 7-zip loss last week to the Twins. “Here’s why, your team’s on fire and you’re playing one of the worst teams in baseball and we really needed to sweep that series and our ace pitcher loses to a rookie pitcher and gets blasted. It’s a psychological knockout shot. It’s imperative that KC wins tonight, because if they lose this tonight and go into the Boston series, it’s probably over unless the Royals win three our of four against Boston.”


Ask and you shall receive.

Not only did the Royals top the Twins, they also took three out of four from a Red Sox team that played 17 games in 17 days and slipped into second place, albeit fleetingly.

Glazer’s still not over trading budding superstar Wil Myers to Tampa for pitcher James Shields.

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 10.20.46 AM“Myers just came up to the majors and already he’s one of the best hitters in baseball,” Glazer laments. “And he’s hitting mammoth home runs. So if Shields falls apart the rest of the year – and it looks like he might – it looks like a bad trade.”

Would Glazer undo it if he could?

“At this point, probably,” he says. “But I mean, it really depends on what we get out of James Shields.”

That brings us to the Chiefs…

“The Chiefs have a lot of questions, but if I had to pick it today, I’d put them at 7-9, because even if they’re an average team, they’re going to win some games because they have an easy schedule,” Glazer says. “But outside of Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles they have not proven they have any other weapons, and as good as those two are, they cannot win if they are the only weapons. And the defense is not proven, so there are a lot of questions.”

Stay tuned…

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8 Responses to Hearne: Scribe Bullish on Royals Despite Ups & Downs

  1. Hot Carl says:

    Nothing new to see here. Move along…

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Come on, Hot Carl, what do you mean? Its Craig talking about the Royals and Chefs; thats totally original.

  2. admin says:


    We don’t call him The Scribe for nuthin’

  3. Rick Nichols says:

    As I write the Royals are in the process of dropping two out of three games at home to the lowly Miami Marlins and this just ahead of the 5-game series with the Tigers in Motown. I predict that the Tigers will effectively take the Boys in Blue out of the race for the AL Central title within the next few days. It’s been a nice run for KC but I’m afraid the “party” is about to come to an end.

  4. Sergent Shriver Stedenko says:

    Is he going to submit his ‘picks’, ineligible to be teased, a half hour after kickoff like last year?

    He’s the party star, he’s got his own car, he makes football bets, he’s Hearne’s little pet…

  5. dreamwriter326 says:

    This Scribe stuff has me all confused. I saw the headline and thought Paul had gotten on board the bandwagon, even though he professes to be far from a sports fan. Then I saw Glazer’s name and thought that must be wrong, since Craig wrote the boys in blue off months ago. So maybe the Scribe is now Brandon, since he seems to be leaning optimistic and is as Scribelike as anyone? Then I did the noble thing and read the rest of the column and I’m now pretty someone has ser himself up to be able to proclaim “I told you so” no matter how things turn out.

    My take on this team is that they made it fun to watch baseball again, live, in a very nice stadium, and things are only going to get better these next four or five years. If I’m wrong, c’est la vie!

    • paulwilsonkc says:

      Dream, you always make me laugh.

      “I saw the headline and thought Paul had gotten on board the bandwagon, even though he professes to be far from a sports fan.”

      Look, that’s no rouge, I know SO little about sports I can barely tell you what season it is! My Dad put me in some lame ass form of little league when I was a kid because I thought he was afraid I’d end up totally gay. I was taken out of my first game for sitting on the outfield picking 4 leaf clovers!

      Yeah, I’m THAT kind of uninterested in sports…. yet a couple local pro and college teams are my clients. Makes for far more interesting conversations than what they normally have to put up with from jock sniffers….

  6. dreamwriter326 says:

    I have to now get used to typing on a smartphone and its tiny-ass keyboard.

    I meant to say I’m now pretty sure someone has set himself up…

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