Hearne: The Top 25 Teen Idols of All Time & Faded KC Heartthrob Ryan Cabrera

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Word in GQ magazine that rapper Jay-Z wears “Best New Mensware Designer” Matt Baldwin of Standard Style’s pants calls to mind one of Baldwin’s earlier celebrity devotees, Ryan Cabrera.

Remember him? No? Maybe when you see the hair.

David-CassidyLong story short, quite by accident I was perusing  TV Guide’s list of the 25 Greatest Teen Idols when Cabrera’s name leapt into my head. Largely because of his close affiliation with Standard his appearances in KC at the Beaumont Club and Uptown.

“He was cute and he had a hot song,” says former Beaumont co-owner Bill Nigro. “He had that bad boy look.”

Cabrera didn’t make TV Guide’s top 25 but it’s an interesting (and controversial) list.

More on Cabrera in a minute, but check it out.


1. David Cassidy
2. Ricky Nelson
3. John Travolta
4. Johnny Depp
5. Edd Byrnes
6. Luke Perry
7. Richard Chamberlain
8. Bobby Sherman
9. Davy Jones
10. Troy Donahue
11. Jason Priestly
12. Rick Springfield
13. Leif Garrett
14. Donny Osmond
15. Will Smith
16. Scott Baio
17. Ashton Kutcher
18. Clay Aiken
19. Kirk Cameron
20. Ricky Schroder
21. David Boreanaz
22. Chad Michael Murray
23. Michael J. Fox
24. Carson Daly
25. Joey Lawrence

Richard Chamberlain

How many did you recognize?

My magic number is 21 but I drew a complete blank on four.

As for Cabrera, despite his popularity with Standard, he seems to have fallen on totally hard times.

Cabrera’s last album in 2008 peaked at a meager 177 and his last single to chart was in 2005. He’s actually best remembered for his tabloid romances with Ashlee Simpson,  Audrina Patridge (The Hills)Riley Keough (Elvis’s grandkid) and Lisa Marie Origliasso (The Veronicas) – who dissed Cabrera mercilessly after a 2008 concert here at the Uptown.

In fact, pretty much all that’s left of Cabrera – although he’s thought to be working on a new album, good luck with that one – is his hair and the online zingers making fun it and his new tattoo.

1297397953201_ORIGINAL“I have to say, this is probably the worst hairstyle I’ve ever seen on a human male,” ask.com’s Dave Alexander says. “I think a great hairstyle for a guy should be one that doesn’t look like he’s spent hours fussing with it. It should have movement and be touchable. Not that he likely cares about my opinion, but this style is simply awful — he should fire his hairstylist.”

Then there’s the Ryan Gosling tattoo Cabrera got on his right calf this spring

“The On the Way Down hitmaker was vacationing in Las Vegas with his pals when he lost a game of roulette and ended up with a sketch of Gosling on his calf,” writes standard-freeholder.com.

“I’m not showing it to Ryan,” Cabrera is quoted as saying. “I do show it off at the pool, though. I’m very proud of it … The best part is (the tattoo artist) did it portrait style, so it looks like the president in silhouette.”

Ah yes, yet another fallen teen idol with a nine year (and counting) bad hair day.




yes indeedy do

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