Starbeams: McCaskill Hits Iowa, Shark Week & ‘Million Dollar Quiz’

hillary19n-4-webMissouri Senator Claire McCaskill looks to be one of the first candidates to venture into Iowa. Speculation is, she has hopes for a run for president in 2016.  Iowa residents love her because she’s from the state that gave them our international airport.


A 25-year-old Iowa woman spent the night in jail after she allegedly became intoxicated and ran through the water spectacular at Kauffman Stadium.  I’m not trying to read too much into this but her bail was paid by Claire McCaskill.


SharkWeek25SIGN OF THE TIMES: It’s that time of the month;  my wife refuses to swim because it’s Shark Week.


Ryan Seacrest will be paid millions to host a bizarre new game show for NBC called, “Million Second Quiz.”  I occasionally make free appearances on KCTV 5′s Better Kansas City, so you tell me who the real winner is?


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  1. lil birdie says:

    her skeleton is the Meth scandal when she was prosecutor. she was able to blame an aide and an ex husband but it’ll all come out in the wash.

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