Jack Goes Confidential: ‘We’re The Millers’—Griswold’s Eat Your Heart Out

were_the_millers_trailer_screengrab_-_h_2013Think updated NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION

Except here they cross the border and things get a hell of a lot raunchier. WE’RE THE MILLERS is a hilarious road comedy that works. Its premise maybe far flung but its execution makes for an hour and 50 minutes of (often) laugh out loud sequences and happenings.

But be forewarned; some of the material said and shown would make the Griswold’s blush!

What we’ve got here is nice and easygoing, small time drug dealer – Kansas City refugee Jason Sudeikis – living the laid back neighborhood life.

That is until he’s robbed of his stash (and especially cash) which now leaves him with a major debt to his supplier. He’s Sudeikis old college classmate Ed Helms who’s become an eccentric, multi, MULTI millionaire and he’s not taking Sudeikis’ non-payment lightly.

Ah, but Helms puts a proposal on the table to even things out.

Round up a fake family and drive an RV into Mexico to pick up a “smidge” of weed. To make Sudeikis a faux-family transporter of sorts.

Brilliant idea!

But who to recruit as family members? Well, there’s the goofy teenage neighbor kid played to the hilt by Will Poulter. And street runaway chick Emma Roberts could (and does) pass for the daughter.

imagesAnd the mom?

Another neighbor, jilted stripper Jennifer Aniston as Rose, who career wise is near the end of her G-string and plays it as crude, rude and sexy as one could ask for.

Together WE’RE THE MILLERS is the perfect middle class American family seemingly off to a Mexican vacation.

However the trip BACK is something else.

An RV chock full of bricks of weed with bad guys chasing them. Then there’s the swinging couple they encounter en route and the U.S. border entry crossing from hell.

Anything that can go wrong—does.

And then there’s the scene when a spider bites the son’s ………………

No, I’m not giving THAT one away here. Suffice it to say our (screening) auditorium was filled with screaming laughter.

UnknownHey, let’s just say, IT’S MILLER TIME!  

A few additional observations:

When Aniston has to prove her real profession to the bad guys and breaks into a mouth watering striptease, all I could think was: What was Brad Pitt thinking when he dumped her several years back? Oh yeah, Angelina Jolie.

Also keep a sharp eye on former O.P. good guy Jason Sudeikis’ wardrobe. Specifically his t-shirts which are both Oklahoma Joe’s and Bryan’t BBQ branded.

And finally when things wind down and you’re about to exit the auditorium, you’ll be treated to some great outtakes from this Mexican road trip.


It’s raunchy and crude—yet very funny proportions.

(Reviewed at AMC, Olathe)

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5 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: ‘We’re The Millers’—Griswold’s Eat Your Heart Out

  1. It seems Sudeikis is really striving to become the next leading funny man. Hopefully he’ll join the ranks of Will Ferrell and other comedic big shots. This may very well be the make-it-or-break-it role for him. Doesn’t help to be engaged to Hollywood’s it girl, either. (She always gets a lot of roles.) He was brilliantly understated in “Hall Pass”, too. Best of luck to him and he has made KC proud.

    As for Aniston: Give it up. Your time is over. You’re approaching 50. Stop trying to be the sexpot. Do more modest roles that could garner some credibility. I mean, “The Good Girl” was an awesome performance by her. She should try other roles for a change instead of being the usual co-headliner of some rom com.

    • admin says:

      Approaching 50?

      She’s like 44. Guess she’s approaching 70, too.

      Saw this movie tonight with my 16 year-old daughter. I wanted to like it but only gave it a 6.5 to 7 out of 10. My daughter gave it a 7.

      Not sure if Jason loomed large enough to propel him too the next level, but I will say one thing Jack forgot to mention:

      He wears an Arthur Bryant Barbecue T-shirt a ton in the first 10 or 20 minutes of the movie.

      A true KC guy who knew we’d all notice.

  2. chuck says:

    I gotta go with Team Jen. She is too old for Glaze, but I see anything with her in it. (Insert your own jokes here.)

    Every day I work with JR, an African American with 10 kids who is a movie buff and says, without fail, everytime Angel Jolie’s name comes up, “I’da given that dumb bi*ch half of my kids for the plane fare to Africa.”

    It’s a new day in Amerika.

  3. PB says:

    Give up the sexpot role?! I don’t think so as she just reinvented herself with it in Horrible Bosses, which was one of my favorite comedies of the last couple of years. Why not milk that comedic territory while she still physically can for the next few years? I think she’s actually been very good in comedies that have strayed from typical rom com territory such as Office Space, Friends With Money, Bosses and The Breakup, which was the anti-rom com. Good pedigree here with her, Sudeikis, Helms and the director of Dodgeball. I’m all in for this tonight!

  4. PB says:

    As guess I’ll give a solid B based on my low expectation comedy curve. I thought they should have done more with their R rating, but that said, a well-acted, thoroughly enjoyable picture. Never really side-splitting funny, but unlike most comedies, it was consistently funny throughout. And to whoever suggested Aniston resist these types of roles going forward…for shame as she was absolutely smokin’! Damn, she is well-preserved. And oh yeah, Ed Helms is awful.

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